Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Yay! is restored


Thanks to the tireless efforts of someone who has been there helping all these years, my old site has been restored and moved over to the new servers and stuffs.

 All the links work. A long 5 days of patience and waiting.

This fellow has kindly provided a way all these years, since my homeless days at the end of 2007, for there to be a website at all. I owe him a great deal. He chooses to remain anonymous and is retiring. 

They've chained how things are done so much my old html skills and ease of use of ftp software that no longer works with anything, anywhere makes his knowledge invaluable to such as I. 

So...thank you R.O.

Thank you.


I've been meaning to update the whole thing with all new stuffs, but other work has kept me from it. That, and the fact that for whatever reason, I've never been able to personally change things without help in 5 years. 


Windows 10 sucks. It's an evil platform.