Saturday, July 2, 2022

Turning the fate of this country around, so the severity of inbound judgment might be abated

Turning the fate of this country around, so the severity of inbound judgment might be abated


I understand what they are doing. That's very wise, for He is most merciful that way and in all things. But it has to real and lasting. Nothing is hidden from Him. Nothing. If done for appearances sake, no soap.

11 states now protect babies from Moloch sacrifices in the womb:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arkansas
  3. Kentucky
  4. Louisiana
  5. Mississippi
  6. Missouri
  7. Ohio
  8. Oklahoma
  9. South Dakota
  10. Texas
  11. Utah

States that will soon protect very young children of YHVH our Adonai:

North Dakota
South Carolina

 Abortion is a human sacrifice ritual -- the most powerful known to exist. It was invented by eugenics operatives within the occult elite to curry Satan's favor while gaining his protection of their war making, usury, currency manipulation, and control over the minds of men.

Why is abortion the most powerful form of ritual human sacrifice? Because it entails the most defenseless victims conceivable (the unborn) being murdered by the very persons most duty-bound to love and protect them from harm -- their own mothers, and medical doctors who've sworn oaths to their gods to do no harm.

These ritual murders which society misnames abortions are, furthermore, carried out in a nonchalant and routinized fashion exclusively to facilitate hedonistic apathy, laziness and convenience; symbolically placing ten seconds of vaginal pleasure above the value of a human lifetime's worth of a living, breathing human being's consciousness.

In short, Satan loves abortion because it symbolizes evil within cruelty within evil. It proffers that a few seconds of vaginal contractions mean more than human life itself, and it does this using the greatest symbols of love and compassion (mothers and doctors), satanically inverted spiritual numbed, unfeeling executioners.

So the next time you see a western woman screeching about her abortion rights on the steps of some state capitol, look into her empty eyes and know that you're seeing more than a simple murderer. Look into her eyes and know that you're seeing a demon, the very definition of evil. And know that steady stream of death she inflicts on the unborn is what powers the elite's satanic karma.

This edomite crone below is a serial killer for Lucifer. She is. (the body count is 8, not 21, for she is a compulsive liar as well.) Like ALL THE WITCHES THAT ARE THE PRO ABORTION CROWD, none of them were women who couldn't afford it, or were raped, or any of the checklist items for their histrionic/satanic GUILT ATTACKS they use against the weak and fearful. Every one of them are dyed in the wool witches who kill and want this greatest of all sins - murdering a child of God for Satan to continue to be codified under the color of law, as it was in the days of Ahab and Jezebel.

Well, first, the bish is dead; ol' Hildebeast has been dead for six years. And second, they forget how that all turned out for the priests of BAAL in those days; they were all slaughtered, their altars and temples destroyed and their evil queen fed to the dogs. Keep it up, make it all happen as it was, by just being your nasty selves. And you cannot help yourselves.

She's the rule in the satanic witch/wiccan world, not the exception.


Friday, July 1, 2022

NO MORE CLINICAL TRIALS required for any new or existing drugs

 This means they can make up any potion they like and sell it from now on without trials, studies, or testing. The FDA AUTOMATICALLY WILL APPROVE ALL DRUGS OF ANY KIND henceforth.

This is a great and terrible thing they have done.

And pharmakiea cannot be trusted now, going forward.

2020 Mass Shooters - the media never reports these, because they are not WhITE.

 Sure, there are a couple of white guys and the MSM made a big deal about the evil white race needing to be destroyed. But the real mass shooters with HUGE body counts, the public never, ever hears about.


Coven parents the MAKE trans children, ruined for life


It was always about destroying a family culture in favor of BAAL's system of hedonistic evil.

People wonder how these phreaks come to be? It's the parents. It's always the parents, unless the school witches are doing an MKultra level con on some sweet, decent child at school. But the bulk of the nasties, are MADE BY THEIR coven MOMS and her witch groomer friends.

Evil  and rising in the coven slug turning her son into a phreak.



Thursday, June 30, 2022

It dances and grooms under 6 year olds at libraries and elementary schools




As a school teacher, it demands obedience

 Or it gets the hose again.


Tamuz 1 2022



The Parental Rights in Education law will force teachers to remove blatant LGBT propaganda from their classrooms as the law

Finally, an actual decent and wholesome thing in education. DB


According to reports, Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) announced it will “impose strict restrictions on classroom behavior” in order to abide by the Parental Rights in Education law. The law itself, which left-wing critics grossly mischaracterized, bars classroom discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity for children in kindergarten through third grade. The bill also makes it so that parents will be “notified about healthcare services offered at the school, with the right to decline any service offered,” and it ensures that “whenever a questionnaire or health screening is given to K-3 students, parents receive it first and provide permission for the school to administer the questionnaire or health screening to their child,” according to a press release on the measure from the governor’s office.


An edomite blurts out its objection to decency, something that is quite beyond its understanding. Putting some lipstick on your mug and taking blunt objects up your rectum is not what makes you a woman. It just means you are a degenerate phreak.

Mom who was cuffed by cops before she managed to jump the fence and save her son and his friends from Uvalde gunman claims she is now being harassed by officers who 'park outside her home and flicker their headlights'

Most of you think the cops are just wonderful. Now why would the cops harass a woman who saved people, WHEN THEY DID NOTHING BUT MAKE SURE CHILDREN DIED THAT DAY. What? Did your cop coven need a big total for the CIA and lucifer?

Sounds exactly right, as per usual.

  • Angeli Rose Gomez was cuffed by police outside Robb Elementary School
  • In the hour before cops confronted the gunman she got free and saved her sons
  • The mom-of-two said officers have harassed her following the Uvalde massacre
  • The Texas school shooting on May 24 left 19 children and two teachers dead 

A mom who was cuffed by cops at Uvalde before she was able to save her two sons from the gunman at Robb Elementary has claimed officers have been harassing her since the massacre.

The Texas elementary school shooting on May 24 left 19 children and two teachers dead. 

On the day of the shooting, Angeli Rose Gomez rushed to the school and saved her kids even though officers tried to stop her.

A total of 77 minutes elapsed between police arriving at the scene and their confrontation with the gunman. 

In that time, Angeli Rose Gomez rushed to the school and was cuffed outside it as she tried to rescue her children. 

She convinced a Uvalde officer she knew to ask a US Marshal to let her out of the cuffs. 

As soon as she was free she ran to the school, saving her kids, all while police were still allowing shooter Salvador Rolando Ramos, 18, to roam with an assault rifle.

Uvalde School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo in particular faces stinging criticism over his response to the mass shooting and was put on administrative leave after last week.

Since the shooting, Gomez said she has faced 'harassment' from officers.


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Half of us will be dead by January they insist

On certain witches black sabbaths, young children are hunted naked in the forest and are cut to pieces until weak...then fed upon. This is the elite. These are the murderers killing us all.

Shell oil cancels all oil and gas shipments worldwide over some BS excuse...

There you go, ten dollar gas guaranteed.

Whatever their limited hangout lie is, keep shouting for climate hoax agenda and while I expose der Greta for the phreak witch she is.

The stage and grounds after the big environment climate hoax thing last weekend featuring der Greta the nasty phreak witch. Let's break this down.

1. mountains and miles of trash. I guess being gluttonous pigs by a half million makes it okay to reveal exactly how you feel about the climate. They don't. The bulk of these head cases are coven. It's all a lie, like their lives. A LIE.

2. Stage is a giant black pyramid. The 13 steps of damnation, with a glowie capstone for lucifer.

3. At the 9th step, is a giant witches foot or broken cross symbol, meaning that they stand with satan, and are using the broken cross as their sign of damnation. A broken cross or peace sign, so called, is a ritual among witches for those coming into a coven that are NOT born into it (multi-generational). They have to take a cross, break its arms downward and urinate on it, while saying blasphemous words and screaming allegiance to satanism. This gets them written out of the book of life. FYI. This is what der Greta IS REALLY FRONTING.

4. Fallen Angel wings ala Mount Hermon, when the angels came down and sinned against YHVH by mating with women.

Now do you understand what you are REALLY DEALING WITH and it's not about global warming or any other bs.

You thought this was a little girl?

Uvalde School Shooter Had The Same Phone Number As "Victim" Relatives

 An investigation into phone records reveals the "alleged shooter" had the SAME PHONE NUMBER as relatives of the "victims"? Wasn’t he supposed to be a random stranger? With ’no motive’? Nothing in EVER random. It is always FOR A PURPOSE. Phone records don't lie but governments do.


Monday, June 27, 2022

They get likes, shares and subscribers, or they can just pay for them - CLICK FARMS

Go phreak yourself

Our Spiritual World: Nephilim Reptoids are quite real

Our Spiritual World: Nephilim Reptoids are quite real:

Reptoid nephilim hand you've never seen before (un...

Our Spiritual World: Reptoid nephilim hand you've never seen before (un...: People are stressing about pride flags when the damned walk among them. When o when will the ...

Satanists program children with Tranny dolls

Evil pushed by satanist corporations. 

That's how bad things are. Government run by demonic pedophiles in dresses.

insanity rules this witch's roost


Optical microscopic analysis of a Pfizer vial: graphene oxide and homunculi