Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Sweden: Culture Of Silence - 296 terror bombings in the first 60 days and only 7 arrests

by Don Bradley

Because when the main goal is to let Jihadists take out churches and Christians, the goal of getting rid of the killers who are doing JUST THAT, is counter productive. And the only one's arrested are the ones bombing the WRONG TARGETS, like banks and tranny bars. Don't blame the aknods for doing what they do. That's why they were brought in by  the hundreds of thousands and who regularly
  • kidnap young girls under 11 and rape and murder them
  • gun down Christians and white people
  • go on knife rampages, injuring and killing scores of white people, just for the hell of it
  • Set over 2000 fires to churches and other buildings they don't like, year in and year out
  • spit on natural born Swedes
  • destroy 1200 year old landmarks with christian symbols
  • move about in large gangs, armed with guns and knives
  • routinely attack lesbian cops who cannot even take down a teenage Somali
With an arrest and conviction rate of less than 1%, it's easy to see whom and what is running Sweden and it's not the girl scouts. It's the satanic network and they brought in the Jihadists to do their dirty work. And Islam, a creature of the Jesuits, is completely anti Christ and they are proud of that fact. 

It also helps to know that Sweden had one of the lowest rates of rape in the world.  About 4 years ago, last I checked (after "diversity" had been allowed in), rapes had spiked so much, that they were 15th in the world for rapes.  & tons and tons of rapes aren't even being filed, and even more aren't being admitted by police.  Its like that all across Europe.

Frankly, I'm surprised the plague isn't wiping the place out, but then again, the network is making sure the Aknods are not exposed to it, by keeping plague carriers out of the country. 

How the Swedish people can tolerate the government and police force that lets this happen is beyond any rational tolerance.

Well, not if you live in Sweden you won't.

April 1 2020 Plague coverage

Because it's that deadly and China makes the stuff, we make nothing. Not anymore. Because we let satanic bastardos do this to our once great country.

the 1918 Flu is to be the pattern this time, we haven't seen anything yet!  The second and third waves killed far more people than the first wave in 1918.

Here We Go Again: China Puts Entire County On Lock down After New Corona Cluster Emerges

China is no longer fixed. Frankly, it was never fixed. It lied about the plague and everything in its existence.

Having lied for the past two months about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, eager to convey the message that the crisis "under control" just so people return to work, full of hope and enthusiasm, rejoicing at the surge in China's just as fabricated PMI numbers, and willing to work their asses off (with Beijing generously willing to risk everyone's lives as the alternative is a complete collapse in China's economy) earlier today the US finally cracked down on the relentless barrage of Chinese lies, when US intelligence accused China of deliberately lying about its coronavirus figures.

Then, in a miraculous coincidence, just moments later Reuters reported that a county in central China's Henan province announced on Wednesday it had "virtually banned all outbound movement of people, following several cases of coronavirus infection in the area."
According to a post on its social media account, Jia county - which has a population of about 600,000 - said that no one can travel out of Jia county without proper authorization. Additionally, residents are not allowed to leave their homes for work unless they have clearance to do so.


Hey witches? More and more Americans are praying than ever before. And you actually thought your 80 years of globular, evolution based nonsense really seated in this great land? How wrong you are and were.

Here, at this time, it's a suggestion. In India, Iran, SK, and China. it's an order or ELSE.

Beaten for being outside in India, even with mask


— 4.2 billion people put under lockdown —
— 206 countries and territories infected —
— 2.5x more confirmed deaths than swine flu pandemic —
— 2,544 different strains have been sequenced —

0.4% of all Bergamo died to COVID within a month, despite lock downs

Brazil confirms first indigenous COVID case in the Amazon

COVID-associated acute bleeding necrotizing brain damage

US intelligence says China concealed cases and deaths

Patient reinfects himself after "recovery"

70% of 600 contacts without symptoms test positive

Type-A blood more likely to catch virus than type-O

48% of cases originate from pre-symptomatic transmission

White House admits they lack tests

France doesn't report deaths at home and nursing homes

Trump: We are going through the worst thing ever seen
https://youtu.be/zpbEyfl3vpg [Embed]

Many "mild cases" might be HCoV false positives

US states give up tracing contacts, won't follow South Korea

Virus can travel 8 meters, stay in air for hours, says MIT

12 year old in Belgium dies, no previous conditions

Heart attack main cause of death, not respiratory issues

Survivors will need rehabilitation due to neuromuscular damage

Virus thrives in lower respiratory tract, causes pneumonia


"Recovered" drops dead, surge of reinfections

Testicular damage and offensive vaginal  smell that is detectable for over 15 meters (45 feet) even after so called "recovery"

China cremates observed and suspected patients immediately

US testing delayed, short on crucial chemicals

21 million fewer cellphone users in China, in each of the 5 regions, January alone 2020 - DOCUMENTED. Chicoms lie, and those are just dead cellular users.

Over half of China shuts down: 80% of GDP, 90% of exports

CDC lab for test kits contaminated, non functioning, many already have viral strains. Like they want you infected, with the damn kit they stick in your arm and shove up your nose. This is mass murder, by the Epstein type Satanists. KVNTS.
https://youtu.be/qgylp3Td1Bw [Embed]

China is now admitting to what has already become obvious in Hong Kong and Seoul.  As soon as you stop quarantining people in their homes, the virus reemerges.

The same thing is going to happen everywhere, which means that social distancing is not a viable strategy.  We need to give serious thought to following the Swedish strategy.  Put America and, indeed, the entire world back to work, and let the chips fall where they may.


Empire State Building Debuts Dystopian Red "Siren" Light

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,
The Empire State Building debuted what appeared to be a spinning red ‘siren’ light atop the iconic structure in what many observers saw as a dystopian sign of the times.
Blood red and for a reason

Scientist Rita J. King explained that the light was not actually spinning but was made to look that way.
“It’s the way the light is being used to create the illusion of a spin,” King said.
Many respondents complained that the light was “anxiety inducing,” an observation shared by King, who said it should be swapped out “for the soothing, beautiful heartbeat pulse they use for Valentine’s Day.”

“Are they going to sound an air raid siren too?” asked another respondent.
While many saw the light as a dystopian touch that wouldn’t look out of place in an apocalyptic zombie movie, the Empire State Building itself claimed the light was supposed to represent the “heartbeat of America.”

“Starting tonight through the COVID-19 battle, our signature white lights will be replaced by the heartbeat of America with a white and red siren in the mast for heroic emergency workers on the front line of the fight,” the Empire State Building tweeted.
For some reason this reminds me of Cuomo's recent order to celebrate full-term abortion with pink lights at the World Trade Center...

This is intended to terrorize you, it is government terror.

March 31 2020


Getting a beating for being outside of home, even with a mask in India.

UC Tells Students "Do Not" Say "Chinese Virus" (And "Do Not Allow" Others To Say It Either)

...we need to resist the global effort of the gooks to bury its responsibility in concealing the facts of the outbreak, including barring disclosure during the early critical months of the outbreak... We can't have people blaming the covens in Chinkoland for their deadliest crime against the Almighty's creation, now can we?" Chancellor Phuckstein III

 The death toll exceeds the number reported by the CCP


 bodies in NYC Mt. Sinai hospital in Brooklyn, New York City

bodies in NYC being loaded onto semi truck trailer...to where?


Report from friend in Italy

Today 837 dead, 2107 contagiated, 1109 recovery, 61 doctors died so far, 4 suicide among staff

— 3.8 billion people put under lockdown —
— 204 countries and territories infected —
— 2.1x more confirmed deaths than swine flu pandemic —
— 2,434 different strains have been sequenced —

Dead bodies are loaded onto refrigeration trucks in New York
 Now we are China and Italy


Japan finance minister calls out WHO, praises Taiwan

Trump's best-case scenario is 200,000 dead Americans

25% of Britain's NHS doctors are out sick or in isolation

Austria forbids entrance to supermarkets without masks

USA should have been doing this in February


Growing number of "recovered" patients test positive again - 68%

In France, half in intensive care under 40 years old

Heart attack main cause of death, not respiratory issues, after flu weapon weakens heart

r0 between 6.11 and 8.18, higher than expected and still LOW


28 year old doctor dies in Spain, no previous conditions. 72 doctors now dead in that country.

China admits local officials were hiding new numbers

White House admits they lack tests

China province covers up "viral pneumonia" explosion

China covering up "second wave" of infections

Nurses refused testing by CDC

1. How many critical patients recover ? 
2. How many patients on ventilators recover ? 
    What % of people are getting saved ?
And who will give us the real numbers? The CDC?

That'll be the day.

I'm fairly certain that its been here for several months before it was reported. Back in early January, several people I know got hit hard by a respiratory virus, myself included. It felt very different from any flu Ive ever experienced. Net result was, it translated into walking pneumonia. My doctor knew about, and the woman who I visited doctor knew about it. We were all prescribed Erythromycin. It worked. That and colloidal silver, which got rid of other things that came with the bug.

Although the symptoms were not very severe, the cough stayed with me for a good 6 weeks. 

virus mutation map...if you trust CDC.

Mandatory vaccines...that do nothing to stop the flu, but do everything to stop you.

  • US reports more than 500 deaths for first time
  • US confirms largest one-day case jump
  • Russia reports jump in cases, deaths
  • Maryland, Virginia and DC all locked down
  • Thailand warns it will prosecute all "April Fools Day" coronavirus jokers
  • China plans to announce "asymptomatic" carriers of the novel coronavirus
  • Dr. Fauci warns virus will return this fall
  • Ford, GE warn 100-day window for producing 50k ventilators doesn't start until April 20
  • Tokyo reports another rash of new cases tied to travelers
  • Spain reports third straight 'deadliest day yet;'
  • CDC weighs asking Americans to wear masks outside their homes at all times
  • Orban takes unilateral power in Hungary

Hospital Exec Fired After Discussing Ways Of Ensuring Trump Supporters Get Coronavirus


Sunday, March 29, 2020

UK goes China, living in the bag as though dead



There are epidemics of tuberculosis together with this flu. Sorocaba is having one. It's likely they are using multiple pathogens/toxins to cause mass death of target populations. In the case chemicals, masks will not protect unless they have activated charcoal. The lack of tests and the rush and secrecy because of the pandemic would make it very easy to hide this in plain sight. Despite some high profile deaths, assuming they weren't faked, most people dying are poor wage slaves.

There seems to be two different kinds of pneumonia: one with yellow sputum and fever and another with clear sputum and no fever that kills very quickly once it starts.

I think it's possible the weapon has versions that are targeted to specific populations. Or perhaps there are components that are very deadly only when combined. Despite the cemetery reports, we still don't see mass deaths on streets. There has been pressure from some politicians to get back to work and end the voluntary lockdowns. It's possible the lockdowns are being too effective and they want people to expose themselves more.

Italy has reached over 10000 deceased to Covid. 

Today 889 dead 3651 contagiated and 1434 recovery.

I went to the pharmacy today, Sunday. Most of the customers were wearing protection, but NONE of the staff were, except for gloves and spraying down surfaces touched by those people not wearing gloves. The very height of insanity.





In this video from Britain, people in haz mat suits show up to an apartment complex where a woman knew and cared for an "undesirable". The people in haz mat arrived to post notices that undesirable was dead from coronavirus, and the woman who took care of that "undesirable" saw him taken away by police "to the hospital" perfectly healthy immediately before the haz mat guys showed up to hang the death notices. They stated he'd been dead for hours and they were sent to put the notices up on people's doors. Obviously that can't happen unless there's a genocide going on under the cover of "coronavirus" and they screwed up the timing for this guy.

The woman is confused at first and thinks the police arrived minutes earlier to take him to the hospital in her own words "perfectly healthy" but seems to figure out what is really going on right at the end. In this case, the haz mat suit was a disguise to fool people into believing the guy died of coronavirus. Where did he really go?. If it really was to a "hospital" he no doubt got a lethal injection or an equivalent. They did not come around to announce him dead for nothing.

I have stated right from the beginning that a large number of "coronavirus" deaths were too convenient. I have this video saved and I already ripped an MP3 of the audio which is HERE, to save bandwidth if the Youtube video vanishes.


How much of this happened in China? It looks like the queen screwed up!



Interesting development from yesterday about the suspect deaths. Mass media is reporting them discretely at the moment. The rumors about unreported deaths grows.


Even unconfirmed cases of death from infection have burials with a sealed coffin and a 10-minute wake, with no time for farewells."



Friday, March 27, 2020

March 27 2020

Rhode Island is now using the National Guard to stop incoming vehicles from New York and requesting the occupants to either to turn back or register for a 2 week quarantine. Martial Law.

I went through town at noon. Traffic was less than usual, many shops closed. But also, lots of people on the bike trails, hanging out in groups, at eateries, etc.

If the plague is hitting California, it sure isn't showing at our hospital or any of the doctor's offices.

Even tax people are open.

I can see why people, in this country, are singing hoax. Nothing is happening here.

Of which, I am very grateful. Matt is feeling much better and is up and around. Thank you for your prayers, very grateful for that, too.

Don't let them poison your babies, who rely on YOU to protect them.

In Italy today 969 dead 4401 contagiated 589 recovery.
51 doctors died from the beginning, 6414 paramedics positive.
10000 new cases in Spain.
Many dead are unaccountad under the Covid, because they died without havng a test done, in certain cities they use comparison from actual dead in the present versus the last year. 
How the weapon works
The nervous system: This is where it gets interesting. The ability to infect nerve cells is, while not unheard of, extremely rare. It is common knowledge that HSV integrates itself into nerve cells, effectively “hiding” beyond the reach of the immune system. HIV similarly hides in immune CD4+ T-cells and remains latent for years. Herpes is mildly symptomatic; breakouts occur occasionally, the immune system handles them, and the virus remains dormant. HIV, through a different mechanism, acts similarly, remaining dormant and latent for so long as the immune system, and any medical treatments, can keep it in check. Neither of these diseases, however, cause such severe symptoms while in latency. SARS-CoV-2 acts very differently.Rather than remaining dormant, it continues to replicate, spreading throughout nerve tissue, no longer vulnerable to the immune system. While doing so, it also spreads back into the body and causes reinfection,100% of the time. Due to the way the virus attacks CD4 immune cells, in the same manner as HIV, the body is unable to develop immunity. Reinfection is just as deadly, perhaps more so, and inevitable.Heart damage continues, and can be lethal. Pneumonia is actually milder upon reinfection, as the immune system is largely exhausted


As for all the mass deaths and bodies lying in the streets, we still are lagging far behind China, Italy, Iran, Spain, Brazil, South Korea, etc in levels of magnitude. For that, I am very grateful. It is heart rending to see what footage there is of these events - the machinery of censorship is working very hard to keep you all from seeing it.

In point of fact, Bitchute no longer allows me to upload plague footage. I have several videos in for processing, which never comes to completion. So after a week, I just delete them from the que. Best and last thing I can do is to put up tiny clips here, via video thingie, but that is extremely limited, and I expect those to not last.

Spring is hard by the door. Of course we are officially in it, but the weather is still, even in Cali, cold at night and day, with rain, snow, whatever. Yesterday I had thunderstorms and hail that covered the ground. Looks like we are waiting for April before we can catch a break. I am hoping for sunny, warmer, weather to break the spell and the flue season, as it always does.

Interesting that the bulk of celebrities and politicians getting the plague, are all enemies of the satanic cabal. Most of them. That's no coincidence. People are definitely being targeted, so be mindful of that, and where you stand as a threat to people who care little about the sanctity of human life, as these monsters do. 

Vaccinated people are more likely to get and die from corona virus than non vaxxed. Those of us who are vaccine aware and for years now, know that vaccines are time bombs, planted in bodies.

  • UK PM Boris Johnson tests positive
  • US stock futures turn lower after 3-day rebound
  • Global case total nears 538k
  • US case total nears 86k, with ~1300 deaths
  • China border closure begins
  • 1 in 10 Americans say they know somebody with the virus
  • South Africa lockdown begins as country confirms first 2 deaths
  • Hong Kong reports 65 new cases, largest daily jump
  • Singapore makes standing too close to somebody else illegal
  • North Korea says 2,280 people still in quarantine
  • All of Russia placed on lockdown
  • Hungary PM announces lockdown plans
  • Israel mobilizes army to enforce lockdowns
  • President Xi, Trump promise to "unite" to fight virus during call
Plaguers Politicians:

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK
Charles, Prince of Wales
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
Karl von Habsburg, Archduke of Austria (Descendant of the Austrian Emperor)
First Lady of Canada, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau
First Lady of Spain, María Begoña Gómez Fernández
Friedrich Merz (Leader of CDU and expected next chancellor of Germany)
US Senator Rand Paul
Carmen Calvo (First Deputy Prime Minister of Spain)
Quim Torra (President of Catalonia)
Francis Suarez (Mayor of Miami)
Mario Diaz-Balart (US Congressman)
Ben McAdams (US Congressman)

A-list celebrities
Tom Hanks
Harvey Weinstein
Kevin Durant
Idris Elba

B-list celebrities
Andy Cohen
Kristofer Hivju
Jackson Brown
Daniel Dae Kim
Slim Thug
Callum Hudson-Odoi
Paolo Maldini
Sean Payton

Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music
Jeff Shell, CEO of NBC Universal
Lorenzo Sanz, former Real Madrid President (dead)

Gov. Gavin Newsom said half of the 2,102 people in California are between the ages of 18 and 49

The family said the teen was complaining of respiratory distress when he first went to an HMO facility, but officials there declined to test him
he , was then treated at a second hospital, where he died, the mayor said.
The positive test results did not come back until after his death

The boy’s father, an Uber driver, is also sick, has been trying to get tested but to no avail, the mayor said. “He has just been told to self-quarantine,”

Gov. Gavin Newsom said half of the 2,102 people who have tested positive for the virus in California are between the ages of 18 and 49.


>17-year-old healthy boy dies of Covid-19 in Louisiana

Thursday, March 26, 2020


That and the 20 million cell phone accts that went dead in China in Jan alone

This just came out of italy, looking at the total number of deaths, many cities had spikes much higher than their official covid19 death toll, which means THE ACTUAL MUMBER OF DEATHS IS 4 TO 10 TIMES HOGHER THAN THE OFFICIAL NUMBERS.


Guy gets the plague, sucks.

The grim numbers for today in Italy
4400 contagiated 662 deceased 1039 recovery
They news tells that the increased contagiated, the inversion in trend is due to the increased number of swabs done. Increase in all Lombardy including the city of Milan. They expect the curve of the numbers to go down again soon.

Slidell, LA, not far from New Orleans, the remaining family still there says there is something that was nicknamed "3 month cough" going back to November. 

From Brazil

More than 3 new dead in the Sorocaba cemetery, no word from media or authorities. They come in locked coffin. They don't even call the cause of the death pneumonia anymore. The dead come with obit certificates WITHOUT ANY CAUSE OF DEATH, only with the doctor signature. They are being outright criminal now. The cemetery is now locked down to the public. They are burring the truth with the dead.

One acquaintance of mine is friend a Brazilian Deputy. The deputy said the situation is chaotic, necessary notifications are not being made and there are no tests for everybody. The people is being kept in the dark on purpose. The government is clearly guilty of negligence.

Our retarded president captain Bozo said the pandemic is being exaggerated and called for people to ignore the lock-down two days ago and get back to work for the sake of the economy. Some of our retarded people naturally did it. In time this will be used to democratically place the military in power by the impeachment of the president. We are clearly heading to a bloody banana republic military dictatorship again in the following months, as the situation will degenerate quickly.

Planning for running out of ventilators

That means planning for an unthinkable situation, where the hospital may have to choose who gets a ventilator and who doesn’t.

The experience in Italy suggests that the hospital would have to do mass triage, and determine “who are the best patients that need mechanical ventilation, who are the patients that may not benefit from it.”

There it is, from a Nor Cal Hospital, that only certain groups of people will get treatment, the rest, get to...die.


Approximately half of the patients at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in San Jose, California are either confirmed or suspected coronavirus cases, according to a hospital vice president.
A drive-through COVID-19 testing site is operational at Kaiser Permanente - San Jose Main Campus Tuesday, March 17, 2020, in San Jose, Calif. Photo: Jim Gensheimer via the San Francisco Chronicle
"Our San Jose facility in California actually has almost half of the hospital filled either with COVID-confirmed or persons under investigation," Dr. Stephen Parodi told the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). "So we’ve literally had to revamp the hospital to make sure that we’ve got enough capacity from a personnel standpoint. Because to provide the care to these patients requires resource intensive personnel."
Parodi, a Kaiser executive VP, is an infectious disease expert and national incident commander for the company's COVID-19 response.
Santa Clara County is currently the hardest-hit area in the state in terms of fatalities, which currently stand at 17 - whole total case count is 459. There are 3,166 cases in California as of this writing. In terms of infected, Los Angeles County is the worst-hit, with 662 cases and 13 fatalities.
Based on Oakland, Kaiser has 12 million patients and 39 hospitals, as well as 706 medical offices across the US. They also operate in Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Georgia, Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Hawaii.
The Los Angeles Times has summarized the rest of Parodi's interview (emphasis ours):

Younger adults also unable to breathe on their own

It’s not just the elderly who have deteriorated clinically, Parodi said; it’s also younger adults who are unable to breathe on their own and require being placed on a mechanical ventilator, in which a tube is placed into the throat of a patient so the machine can push oxygen directly into the lungs.
“I think the jury’s still out about who is actually going to end up being the cohort that ends up in the hospitals. We have people that are as young as in their 30s and 40s who have clinically deteriorated and required mechanical ventilation,” Parodi said.
“There is, of course, the other cohort, the older cohort, in their 80s and 70s that are also in our ICUs,” Parodi said.

Big increases in coronavirus positive tests in NorCal and Washington

Kaiser has been seeing significant increases in the number of patients confirmed positive in its hospitals, particularly in Washington state and Northern California. “Those appear to be the current hot spot,” Parodi said.
The number of calls Kaiser is receiving from patients complaining of cold-like symptoms has been rising dramatically. Typically, at this time of year, Kaiser gets about 4,000 calls daily complaining of cough and cold; on Friday, they were getting 14,000 to 15,000 calls a day.
And that comes as positive flu tests have been significantly dropping.
That tells me we’ve got COVID circulating. I can’t tell you what percentage of those calls are actually COVID positive. But I can tell you that this is the most calls we’ve ever gotten, period, writ large, over the last 10 years that I’ve been following the data,” Parodi said.

An intensive care unit just for COVID patients

“Essentially we have filled one entire ICU just with COVID patients, which means that we have had to repurpose another unit to take care of the regular ICU patients as well,” Parodi said.
Of Kaiser’s two hospitals in Santa Clara County — San Jose and Santa Clara — “about a quarter of the patients are in the ICU relative to the others that are not,” Parodi said.

A two-week stay in the ICU

Once in the ICU, patients typically need somewhere between 10 to 14 days of mechanical ventilation, Parodi said.
“So this is a long-term proposition, in terms of vent days, ICU days and personnel days,” he said. “And I am concerned about planning for having enough ventilators — I’m talking about across the country — to be able to have this level of response.

Preparing for a sudden surge in ICU patients

There can be a sudden increase in intensive care patients. “This thing can come on very quickly. So when you go from zero to having 10 patients — that happened for us ... in the ICU within one week,” Parodi said. “So you’ve got to be prepared for that level of surge.”

Planning for running out of ventilators

That means planning for an unthinkable situation, where the hospital may have to choose who gets a ventilator and who doesn’t.
The experience in Italy suggests that the hospital would have to do mass triage, and determine “who are the best patients that need mechanical ventilation, who are the patients that may not benefit from it.”

A sudden deterioration after a week of mild illness

Some of those who end up in the intensive care unit actually come in as outpatients a week earlier before they need ICU care, Parodi said.
“They were relatively doing well,” Parodi said. “They had a cold and cough. And then they rapidly deteriorated the second week.
The deterioration can be rapid — within hours. And patients suffering from difficulty breathing can suddenly need a breathing tube inserted into their throat and need to be hooked up to a mechanical ventilator to push oxygen into their lungs.

Slow coronavirus tests

Current testing is a slow. Most areas across the country are still limited by manual testing, Parodi said. Depending on the state you’re in, it can take one to two days before a test for an in-patient test result to come back, and five days or longer for an outpatient.

How to deal with N95 mask shortages

To deal with the national shortage of tightly fitting N95 masks, also known as respirators, that are designed to filter out 95% of airborne particles, Kaiser is moving toward reusing them, and getting some from a national strategic stockpile, some of which have expired.
N95 masks are particularly important when healthcare workers do procedures that aerosolize a patient’s saliva into tiny airborne particles that can float in the air, which happens when a breathing tube is inserted down a throat to hook up the patient to a mechanical ventilator to help them breathe when they can no longer do so.
Kaiser’s cancellation of elective surgeries earlier in March is also helping preserve masks and other personal protective equipment. Doing so has reduced the number of patients in the hospital by 15%, Parodi said, and instead of having just five to 10 days on hand of personal protective equipment, that’s increased to more than 30 days of supply.
Kaiser is also resorting to unorthodox measures — “literally going to hardware stores” to pick up personal protective equipment and finding “different vendors local to us to be able to provide masks and literally surgical masks, sewing them together, [and] getting the face shields made from hardware store material.”


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

March 25 2020

 In Spain and Italy, if you are over 65 you are medically executed and disposed of, if in a hospital for the Corona Virus. As they did and are doing, In China.

This is mass murder. Period.
What choices will they make here, when we have daily dead of 500 or more, per city. 
 My son Matthew has come down with the virus, today. Any prayers for his recovery are most appreciated.
In Italy Today

683 deceased today, 1036 recovery 3491 contagiated.

31 doctors died so far, includes family doctors.
  • Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus
  • House delays stimulus-bill vote until tomorrow
  • Singapore, Tokyo report largest daily jump in new cases
  • Lombardy cases report another decline
  • Global total ~438k, 19,600 deaths
  • Spain deaths pass mainland China total
  • 1/3 of global population facing movement restriction
  • Spain asks NATO for assistance
  • Spanish deputy PM tests positive
  • France issues 100,000 fines
  • Deal struck on $2 trillion US rescue bill
  • Thailand latest to announce lockdown
  • Germany, Japan scramble to pass their own rescue legislation
  • US case total ~55k, death toll ~750
  • Indian governor defies lockdown
  • Pakistan PM facing "increased pressure" to impose lockdown
  • Switzerland tightens borders
  • ECB says it's in favor of activating OMT if necessary
  • Putin tells Russians to stay home
  • Bank of Spain warns about economic fallout
  • Maryland requests disaster declaration after Trump declares La. "major disaster"
  • Taiwan announces 19 new cases
  • WHO expresses concerns about US outbreak
  • 3 Navy sailors test positive
  • Britain's NHS recruits more than 150k volunteers overnight
  • UK shuts Parliament Wednesday night
  • Mali becomes 44th African country to confirm COVID-19
 Spain turns ice skating rink into a morgue

India under complete lockdown, 1.33 billion people

China didn't add 43,000 new cases since hitting 80,000

Hong Kong tries to go back to normal, "third wave" stops it

Virus infects bacteria, lives in guts indefinitely

nCoV manifests as lung abnormalities

Teen death without previous conditions suspected in South Korea

Italy first case tests positive again after "recovery"

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

chat with the family doctor just now

They lie about the numbers...
They murder the helpless...
And no one is the wiser?


Just off the blower with our family doctor. 

The word they are getting is to expect a massive surge in cases, infections, in the next two weeks with an expected mortality of around 15%.

I guess I got my answer.


March 24, 2020 Concerned about lethality

Finally, the mayor said L.A. is six to 12 days behind New York in being hit with a wave of positive cases.
“The peak is not here yet,” he said.
“It will be bad... We need to be prepared for some of the darkness that is ahead.”

They are shutting down boat ramps in many areas, including those that go to the ocean and are also blocking marinas
After discovering this on social media I looked into it more closely. This is a new development, and because of this, the data is incomplete. Here's what we have now. Oregon has barricaded all boat ramps to the ocean and all boat ramps to inland waters. Central states have blocked boat ramps to lakes and reservoirs. California and Florida are also confirmed to have closed boat ramps leading to the ocean. The problem is too widespread to be coincidental.
There is a huge lie being fronted by the government about this, and that is "we are closing boat ramps to keep people off the beach". That is a totally transparent lie, you don't launch a boat into the ocean and then put up a beach umbrella. There's something else going on with this and it is obvious that "something else" is possibly the closure of escape routes. Someone at a high level has something planned, and they may not want people escaping on boats.
Worse: They are closing off marinas. For those who already have boats in the water, they can't head out to sea either in at least some areas because "due to coronavirus" they are closing down marinas. There are mixed reports on this, where some are ordering people to get their boats out of the marina and others are simply not allowing people into the marina at all.
There is no reason to shut down boat ramps and marinas other than to contain a population for nefarious purposes. FACT: If you have a yacht, there's no better quarantine possible than to simply head out to deserted islands and play around for a couple months, out on the ocean where there is absolutely no one within eyeshot. They are definitely not closing the marinas and ramps for any legit reason, people should instead be encouraged to quarantine this way if they have the means to.

At this time, all we have is evidence, which is not sufficient proof something nefarious is planned
It could just be local dirt bags with barely functional Iq's issuing stupid orders to boost their self importance. There will be a LOT of this type of behavior with Coronavirus. The fact that it is only 3 states cutting off national escape routes via the sea so far is a bit of relief. There are a couple inland states that closed ramps, plus California, Oregon and Florida closing access to the ocean. I am not sure as to whether or not ALL access is cut off, but the fact any at all is cut is enough to sound an alarm, this is something to keep an eye on. If we start seeing more closures, it may be time to duck and cover, nothing could possibly signal a TSHTF commie takeover more than this.

LA Mayor To Cut Off Water & Power Of "Irresponsible, Selfish" Stores That Remain Open

Hello all

There are seriously ugly news each day...always, somewhere else.

Chatting with people who have and do and then have got over a flu of some kind (2 of my sons recently. and the I had picked up pneumonia in December at a friend's house, which a course of antibiotics removed within a few days.) Plus, no one is dropping over dead, as they are and did do, in China and other places.

This tells me that the secondary infection rates are, of a truth, not the level of pandemic plague, the vaccinated Chinese received, nor the huge quantity of Asian tourists/students to Italy and Iran that found themselves sick in a foreign land.

The biggest single wave of deaths and infections, came from those Asians who came down ill while vacationing or on school break over winter. I'm talking about Iran and Italy, mainly.

People are getting the flu. But, apparently, it's not wiping them off the face of the Earth as it has and is doing in China, Iran, Italy. 

Did we get a pass? We shouldn't have much longer to wait. Conservative estimates put corona infection between 2-4 million already in the west of the USA. But, our local hospitals are not stuffing bodies in hundreds of trucks every day like Italy or Iran.

Be interesting to see how the next 2 weeks plays out.

India Orders "Biggest Lockdown In World History", 1.3 Billion Told To Stay Home For 21 Days

Italy has gone full "Wuhan" with a massive lockdown across the country amid a virus crisis that has paralyzed its economy. So far, 63,927 confirmed cases of COVID-19 had been reported, with 6,077 deaths. 

 New York's Javits Center Will Be A 2,000 Bed Hospital Within A Week

119 new cases and 3 new deaths in Los Angeles County, California, United States. Some of the other new cases mentioned in the source were previously added to our tracker.
19:36: First death and 205 new cases in Saudi Arabia.
19:35: 60 new cases in Iceland.
19:32: 343 new cases and 7 new deaths in Turkey.
19:28: 463 new cases and 9 new deaths in Michigan, United States.
19:13: 61 new cases and 1 new death in Maryland, United States.
19:07: 27 new deaths in New York state, United States. 

Today in Italy 3612 contagiated yesterday was 3780
743 dead today (highest so far)
894 recovery

Doctor from Niguarda Hospital in Milan, expect the actual number of contagiated people to be four times more, (Which in a way makes the epidemic perhaps much widespread but less strong).

  • 30k ICU cases in NY caused by Coronavirus.
    Only 3k beds and 4k ventilators. Tens of thousands are likely to die in the state from lack of equipment and beds.
    Supplies also expected to completely run out in <10 days="" span="">

"Someone Is Gonna Get Shot" - LA County Sheriff Orders All Gun Stores Closed

Los Angeles County to be contained and lock down from adjacent counties Thursday. Borders sealed off.

Situation On Riker's Island "Unimaginably Bad" As COVID-19 Tears Through Prison


India under complete lockdown, 1.33 billion people

China didn't add 43,000 new cases since hitting 80,000

Greece to be put on lockdown, 10 million

Spain turns ice skating rink into a morgue

Children die from corona, WHO confirms
https://youtu.be/9SSYviES-rI?t=2514 [Embed]

Coronavirus (SARS), not influenza (flu), not rhinovirus (cold)

Virus invades nervous systems

Young cases end up hospitalized too, it just takes longer

Malaysia under lockdown, 31 million affected

Duterte places Manila under lockdown, 13 million affected

Indian man tests negative, dies of pneumonia next day

China "lost" 15 million phone users since 2020 started



  • US reports more than 10k new cases in largest daily jump yet
  • Vote on stimulus bill won't come tonight
  • Number of new coronavirus cases confirmed over last 2 days largest yet
  • NY Gov Cuomo says cases in his state doubling every 3 days
  • The first minor to die of COVID-19 in the US has passed away in LA
  • Pentagon says 174 service members have coronavirus
  • Dr. Birx warns anybody leaving New York should self-quarantine
  • Harvard president tests positive
  • Alaska orders visitors to quarantine
  • UK reports another jump in cases
  • US records more than 100 deaths in a day
  • India PM Modi announces 21-day nationwide lockdown that will be largest world has ever seen
  • India expands lockdown
  • Italian designers making coronavirus face masks
  • Pakistan deploys army
  • Italy shuts down gas stations
  • Albania imposes 16-hour daily lockdown
  • Washington DC orders 'non-essential' businesses to close
  • Russia, Poland close more businesses, tighten restrictions
  • Myanmar, Laos confirm first cases
  • Dr. Birx says NY efforts will take 1-2 weeks to show progress
  • Steny Hoyer says 2-3 more economic stimulus bills could be on the way
  • Vatican refuses to close as 4 employees sickened Hey, where is the pope?
  • India bans export of ventilators
  • Trump to invoke DPA to produce 60k masks
  • Lagarde supports coronabonds
  • G7 promises 'whatever is necessary' to save global economy
  • Thailand to declare state of emergency
  • Macau, Hong Kong tighten restrictions
  • Beijing lifts lockdowns on Hubei, Wuhan (because they are all dead now)
  • Nearly half of UK watched Johnson's Monday night address
  • Belgium reports 500+ new cases
  • European PMI offer first indicator of economic damage
  • German finance minister says more stimulus to come
  • Hawaii reports first death
  •  From January til Febuary, there is a decline of China mobile phone users, from the data of their own homepage
    China Mobile
    January 2020:-862,000
    Febuary 2020:-7,254,000

    China Unicom:
    January 2020:-1,186,000
    Fabuary 2020:no data

    China Telecom
    January 2020:+430,000
    Febuary 2020:-5,600,000

    The total sum of the 3 biggest telecommunications corporation's users change
    The change from January 2020 til Febuary 2020= -862000-7254000-1186000+430000-5600000
    = -14472000 (No data on Fabuary for China UnicoM)