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Pretrib Rapture a false teaching


APOSTASY, The spiritual lights are ready to be switched off.


shared by Fritz Springmeier on Oct. 31, 2001

titled: APOSTASY, The spiritual lights are ready to be switched off.

Christianity in North America could be marginalized very quickly, & collapse

like the WTC. It would feel like someone had simply flipped the light switch


YHWH God was stronger than Baal, but most Israelites ceased to think so when

the world's superpower Babylon first took their children from their parents &

homes for a proper re-education, next took their skilled workers & educated

nobles for slaves, then looted their nation's food, and finally demolished

Solomon's temple, blinded the high priest and murdered his sons. Israelites

felt abandoned by God & returned Him the "favor".

Apostasy-- the word comes from the Greek word apostasia and is the noun form

of "to desert, abandon, or rebel", in other words "desertion, rebellion,

abandonment". Christianity has nothing to protect its demise (short of YHWH's

intervention), which is not likely due to the corruption already in the

churches. It is ready to be abandoned, and deserted.

History repeatedly shows us that a nation can discard its faith in God rather

quickly if its leaders desire. King Ahaz, who is written about in the Bible

books of 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles, will be used to illustrate this point. King

Ahaz (the long form of his name is Jehoahaz, & the Assyrian form was Yauhazi)

was King of the southern kingdom of Israel called Judah from c. 735 B.C. to

c.720 B.C. King Ahaz led his people into apostasy, even going so far as to

carry out the human sacrifices of his two sons. (2 KG 16:3,4; 2 CH 28:3,4).

Besides ruining the nation morally, he destroyed it financially as well. He

also managed through his sloppy misrule to allow the northern kingdom to raid

his nation and kill 120,000 of his people and take back 200,000 others as

slaves. (That makes the WTC attack look puny in comparison.) He closed the

Temple of Solomon's in Jerusalem, and built pagan altars (modeled after the

Assyrian King Tiglathpileser III's alters) all over Jerusalem, like ATM

machines they were on every street corner.

Jeroboam is another leader, who once he became king, took the 10 northern

tribes into apostasy (the cult of Dan) very quickly. (See 1 KG 12)

Inciting Apostasy under the law of God carried the death penalty (DE 13:1-15).

Treason carried the death penalty in the United States, but Bill Clinton,

whose traitorous acts did more harm than huge armies and hundreds of enemy

spies could ever have accomplished to this nation's security walked away

without a scratch. Many of our loyal military officers who plotted to arrest

him and try him with their overwhelming evidence of his traitorship paid for

their patriotism with death.

While the World Order doesn't mind Christianity any more than Joseph Stalin

did, it does want to see witchcraft become the dominant practice. Notice that

Gorbachev, in a speech to Hollywood notables, said the U.N. should enforce the

Ten Environmental Commandments. We see the outlines of a new Mother Gaia

religion being birthed by these world leaders.

Today, we have an illusion that our Christian churches are spiritually strong.

The honest truth, and this is no theory, I know it as a solid fact, over 99%

of the churches are infiltrated by double agents, who are simply waiting for

the command to follow the World Orders wishes. (The Illuminati are masters at

overkill.) In terms of church membership, I would estimate about 98% of the

church members go to churches that have pastors who are controlled by the

World Order. (By the way, do you know where you pastor is tonight?) Some small

churches have escaped the control and have real Christian pastors, but from my

interviews with these pastors, most have little concept about what is going

on, and their training to become a pastor has taught them to avoid people like

me who might educate them.

After the Russian tanks had rolled into Rumania, and the Russians took

political control of the nation, Stalin called a meeting of all the ministers

and pastors of Rumania. They numbered 4,000, and they almost unanimously

elected this persecutor of the faith as the religious leader of their

Congress. (Never mind he held leadership positions in Atheist organizations at

the time. Not to mention that he was quietly a type of Freemason as well as a

Satanist). Richard Wurmbrand's wife goaded him into taking the mike at this

large meeting and saying our allegiance is to Christ first, which was a bold

statement in the situation, and laid the foundation for his eventual 14 years

of torture by the communists. The President of the Baptists said that Stalin

was such a saint that his activities only followed the ten commandments (i.e.

sinless), and was a great teacher of the Bible. Various ministers ran to get

the communist hammer and sickle placed on their garments. Deputy bishop of the

Lutherans (second in that church's hierarchy) preached that Stalin was the

third great prophet after Moses and Jesus, and that Stalin's revelations

superceded Christ's! Can you see how they fell all over themselves to

apostasize! Kiss the butt of Satan. (They probably did that in secret. There

are really ceremonies where that is done.)

Now the situation in America is much worse than Rumania when that religious

Congress was called. Many of our pastors are programmed multiple slaves of the

Illuminati. Many of the other ones are totally blackmailed. I had a friend who

saw some of the blackmail files on these pastors. Cisco, who I brought out of

the Illuminati, was involved while a member in blackmailing pastors. Long

story short, I know what's happening. Any time the World Order wants to repeat

what Stalin did, they can do it in this nation. We have a programmed multiple

as our President, who calls himself a Christian, but comes from a generational

satanic bloodline. I have worked with the Illuminati's programming. Remember

that George Orwell said the future could be envisioned as "a boot stamping on

a human face-forever."(1984, p. 270) And Aldous Huxley said that slaves in

the future would "love their servitude" (Brave New World, p. xii) Both were

right. They use the boot (trauma) to trauma bond the slave to his master whom

he loves. When the master wants to, he can rotate the alter systems of his

slaves (with codes), and in minutes all these tens of thousands of Christian

pastors could be switched into personalities that sacrifice children in

satanic rituals. But they won't need to show their hand. Just call a meeting

and everyone will follow along with the World Order's agenda.

It never ceases to amaze me that some people have bought one of the

Illuminati's spins that the Pope will protect them. Yeah, just like he

protected people from Hitler and Stalin. Have you noticed the New Cath.

Encyclopedia has articles on "Masturbation" and "Merovingian Art" but not the

"Mark of the Beast"? They must not consider that an important issue for our


And whatever these traitors decide, it will force the real Christians back

into a corner. "Don't you want to respect your leaders? Your Bible teaches you

to follow them. You need to be accountable." They'll use our religious leaders

to lead us into apostasy and more compromise. It will really make the rest of

us stand out as crazy rebels. Some of us may stand up like Daniel, & this

faithfulness will bring honor to God. Let's not forget how truly helpless we

are independent of God. Sure you can join the rebellion against God, but that

is a death march down a dead end street.

What form of "Christianity" will they condescend to let us have? What mold

will they squeeze us into? What defilements are planned to eat away at our


It's sad that these ministers will not likely heed the warning of history, the

biblical accounts of the kings of Israel (and its smaller southern kingdom

called Judah), who jumped into apostasy as fast as they could pervert

themselves: Ahab, Ahaz, Ahaziah, Amon, Jehoram, Jeroboam, and Saul. And then

there were some of the others who began well but gradually slipped like

Solomon. For if they read these accounts, they would discover that evil

contains the seed of its own destruction. These men ruined their nations.

They ruined their own reputations. Paraphrasing a modern Christian patriot,

These corrupt leaders today are polishing brass on the Titanic. The question

is how long will it take for evil to run its course and destroy itself? or

will they push things to the limit, and bring God's wrath down? Either way

they are infatuated with destruction, and their evil carries the seeds of its

own destruction. Evil is a dead end. Who doesn't know what a mass murderer

and monster Stalin was? Who left more of a legacy and a better one at that,

Daniel with his faithfulness, or Nebuchadnezzar with his incredible city with

its amazing canals, gardens, artwork and architecture?

If we stand firm in our conscience, the battles get easier down the line.

Sadly "mature" Christians are not warning young Christians that holiness will

cost them (even the house built on the rock got tested). The up side of

holiness is that your insides don't have to feel like a mushroom full of

maggots. Christians are so carelessly defiling their crippled consciences they

can't even recognize compromise, look at all the churches with Halloween

garbage in them. You don't even want to hear what will go on tonight!

The point of this article is then twofold:

First, to warn those who have ears to hear that there is nothing between this

nation and total apostasy. If the world's leaders wanted to, they could

demolish Christendom tomorrow like splitting a rotten log. On the other hand,

the elite are all robots to the Illuminati's 10, 20, and 30-year plans, and

they carry out their actions according to strict orders and plans. That is no

real reprieve, for when and if they move, it will mean a chance to suffer for

righteousness for the rest of us. It will be a good time to plead for God's

mercy. Hey! Daniel & his friends did it.

Second, I can't promise you that if you stand up for what is right that you'll

become a prime minister of some empire like Joseph and Daniel did. But I can

promise you based both on the Word of God, and a 100% historical track record,

evil self-destructs. So take courage, by God's grace, we stand a chance to

either overcome or bring honor to God, or both.