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Salisbury News: Detective caught on tape detaining teen ‘because your white. police are now getting into the hate whitey thing these days

Salisbury News: Detective caught on tape detaining teen ‘because y...: A police detective in Illinois was facing disciplinary action this week after being caught on camera telling a teenager he was being detaine...

"Disgraceful Verdict" After San Francisco Jury Acquits "Kate's Law"-Victim's Killer

As we detailed earlier, in a verdict that has shocked many in the Bay Area (and across America), a jury of six men and six women in sanctuary city San Francisco found illegal immigrant (and five-time deportee) Jose Ines Garcia Zarate not guilty in the death of Kate Steinle.
Robbed, murdered, and now, set free because of a law passed in California that allows illegal aliens TO NOT BE CHARGED FOR FELONIES OF ANY KIND AND ARE THEREFORE, DEFACTO FREE IF ARRESTED.
Mr. Garcia Zarate had been homeless at the time of the shooting and had multiple felony convictions and five prior deportations to Mexico. He had been set free from jail only months before the shooting, in defiance of requests by federal immigration authorities, who had asked that he be held longer so he could be deported again.
MANY felonies, many arrests, and murders and now free again to kill more pretty white girls.
The backlash to his release into the community crescendoed when Donald Trump invoked Ms. Steinle’s killing as he campaigned for president.
As The New York Times reports, Ms. Steinle’s death in July 2015 fed into a fierce debate over whether immigrants without legal status should be deported more aggressively, and over the role local law enforcement should play.
Ms. Steinle, known as Kate, a 32-year-old medical equipment saleswoman, was walking along Pier 14 in San Francisco when she was struck by a bullet and collapsed into her father’s arms.
Dead for being white
Mr. Garcia Zarate acknowledged firing the weapon, but said it was an accident.
Zarate and his defense team maintained the argument that the suspect found the stolen weapon on the pier that day and it "just fired."

The gun belonged to a federal Bureau of Land Management ranger and was stolen from his parked car a week earlier.

The bullet ricocheted on the pier's concrete walkway before it struck Steinle, killing her. Zarate has admitted to shooting Steinle, but says it was an accident.
Defense attorney Matt Gonzalez said Garcia Zarate found the gun at the pier... but the stories of what happened copntradicted one another...
He said it was wrapped in cloth, and when Garcia Zarate unwrapped it, the gun accidentally discharged.

But in a police interrogation, Garcia Zarate admitted to firing the gun, saying he was aiming at a seal.

He also told police that he stepped on the gun, causing it to fire.
But still, after six days of deliberation, the illegal Mexcian immigrant was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges and also found not guilty of assault with a firearm.
Garcia Zarate was found guilty of illegal firearms possession, which carries a sentence of 16 months to three years.
*  *  *
The public defender wasted no time in focusing his thoughts on President Trump and his administration...saying Zarate was "extremely relieved" by the outcome and that while Steinle's death "was a horrible tragedy," it was used as "political fodder for then candidate Donald Trump's anti-immigration agenda."
 Adachi added, "Despite the unfairly politicized atmosphere surrounding this case, jurors focused on the evidence, which was clear and convincing, and rendered a just verdict."
In a response to the verdict, Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a statement saying that despite California's attempt at a murder conviction, Zarate was able to walk away with only a firearm possession conviction because he was not turned over by San Francisco to ICE.
"When jurisdictions choose to return criminal aliens to the streets rather than turning them over to federal immigration authorities, they put the public's safety at risk," the statement said.

"San Francisco's decision to protect criminal aliens led to the preventable and heartbreaking death of Kate Steinle."

Sessions continued, "I urge the leaders of the nation's communities to reflect on the outcome of this case and consider carefully the harm they are doing to their citizens by refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement officers."
Social media erupted with outrage at the verdict (with very few - if any attempting to defend the verdict)...
And even politically-correct politicians piped in...

The NWO fears its people more than any other single thing or reality.

Is Earth a Globe Whirling in Space? (Videobook)

The Curse Of "Progressive" Feminism

A Guide To The Dark Side

Europe Is Killing Itself

Britain's Hate Speech Police

A Flat Earth Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

satan saw me with my head down and thought he'd won...until I said AMEN

We were given dominion over the Earth and all things in it, yet governments deny it to the people to stifle beauty and life and making us exiles in our own world, except to drive through for a day. Oh happy day this great truth...those that deny the Father, deny the son, and deny the gifts of Earth, it shall be denied to them, for all time. For the laws are just and righteous and the wicked shall be rightfully punished who serve evil with gleeful passion.
Hebrews 1 1

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You haven't done anything wrong. You haven't been asked for permission. You aren't suspected of any crime.

Authored by Olivia Donaldson via The Foundation for Economic Education,
Imagine you are in the middle of your typical day-to-day activities. Maybe you are driving, spending time with family, or working. If you are like most people, your phone is at your side on a daily basis. Little do you know that, at any time, police and law enforcement could be looking at information stored on your phone.

You haven't done anything wrong. You haven't been asked for permission. You aren't suspected of any crime.

The StingRay

Police have the power to collect your location along with the numbers of your incoming and outgoing calls and intercept the content of call and text communication. They can do all of this without you ever knowing about it.
How? They use a shoebox-sized device called a StingRay. This device (also called an IMSI catcher) mimics cell phone towers, prompting all the phones in the area to connect to it even if the phones aren't in use.
The police use StingRays to track down and implicate perpetrators of mainly domestic crimes. The devices can be mounted in vehicles, drones, helicopters, and airplanes, allowing police to gain highly specific information on the location of any particular phone, down to a particular apartment complex or hotel room.
Quietly, StingRay use is growing throughout local and federal law enforcement with little to no oversight. The ACLU has discovered that at least 68 agencies in 23 different states own StingRays, but says that this "dramatically underrepresents the actual use of StingRays by law enforcement agencies nationwide."

The Violation

Information from potentially thousands of phones is being collected every time a StingRay is used. Signals are sent into the homes, bags, and pockets of innocent individuals. The Electronic Frontier Foundation likens this to the Pre-Revolutionary War practice of soldiers going door-to-door, searching without suspicion.
Richard Tynan, a technologist with Privacy International notes that, “there really isn’t any place for innocent people to hide from a device such as this.”
The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution states that, “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
The StingRay clearly violates these standards. The drafters of the Constitution recognized that restricting the government from violating privacy is essential for a free society. That's why the Fourth Amendment exists. The StingRay is creating a dangerous precedent that tells the government that it's okay for them to violate our rights. Because of this, freedom is quietly slipping out the window.

Little Regulation

Law Enforcement is using StingRays without a warrant in most cases. For example, the San Bernardino Police Department used their StingRay 300 times without a warrant in a little over a year.
In 2010, the Tallahassee Police Department used a StingRay in a warrantless search to track down the suspect of a crime. A testimony from an unsealed hearing transcript talks about how police went about finding their target. The ACLU sums it up well:
"Police drove through the area using the vehicle-based device until they found the apartment complex in which the target phone was located, and then they walked around with the handheld device and stood ‘at every door and every window in that complex’ until they figured out which apartment the phone was located in. In other words, police were lurking outside people’s windows and sending powerful electronic signals into their private homes in order to collect information from within."
A handful of states have passed laws requiring police and federal agents to get a warrant before using a StingRay. They must show probable cause for one of the thousands of phones that they are actually searching. This is far from enough.
Additionally, there are many concerns that agents are withholding information from federal judges to monitor subjects without approval - bypassing the probable cause standard laid out in the Constitution. They even go as far as to let criminals go to avoid disclosing information about these devices to the courts.
If the public doesn’t become aware of this issue, the police will continue to use StingRays to infringe on our rights in secret and with impunity.

Campus newspaper 'Your white DNA is an abomination'

The modern rape of the middle class, to steal its wealth

25 years ago, healthcare was the SMALLEST expense of a household, as healthcare was free and part of your employment package and a typical deductible was $50.00 Now, the average deductible is 9,000.00 per policy, per person.

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Idolatry: Demons Cause Statues to Move Caught on Camera

Planned Parenthood Whistleblower Says They Could Only Harvest Tissue From Babies Alive Before Abortion

Gathering of witches, whores of Moloch

A former procurement technician of body parts from aborted babies explained that the company she worked for wouldn’t allow them to take parts from babies who died before the abortions, according to a Tuesday video.
Another video released from the Center for Medical Progress features Holly O’Donnell, a whistleblower and former StemExpress procurement technician. O’Donell said they were only allowed to take fetal tissue from babies who were alive before they were aborted.
“Let’s say a woman comes in for a medication abortion. And sometimes it doesn’t work and when it doesn’t work the baby will, its kinda hard to describe, but it will die. NFT [no fetal heart tones] we can’t use that because technically it’s dead tissue,” O’Donnell said in the video.
“There were a couple of times where I would have a specimen that was waiting to come out and I would go to the back lab and the medical assistant would say ‘you can’t use this one, this is a NFT,'” O’Donnell said.
StemExpress, a “life-science company,” once had a business arrangement with Planned Parenthood to gain fetal tissue from abortions the clinic would provide. The company ended the partnership after a series of videos sparked a congressional inquiry into Planned Parenthood’s practices.
“We value our various partnerships but, due to the increased questions that have arisen over the past few weeks, we feel it prudent to terminate activities with Planned Parenthood,” the company said previously.

Almost Every Graduate Of DC High School Was Truant, D average, AND BLACK, Yet All Of Them Were Accepted To TOP Colleges

 Only 3% could pass the reading and writing exams on a basic level, the rest were functionally illiterate. BUT ALL got into college with free tuition. Must be nice...

The majority of graduating students at a Washington, D.C. high school did not attend more than six weeks of high school, but still managed to get into college, an investigation into the students’ records found.

NPR and WAMU looked into the seniors who graduated from Ballou High School in 2017, a school located in a poverty stricken area of the nation’s capitol, to see how much school the graduating students missed. Ballou High School was previously heavily praised for all students in its senior class getting into college.

Almost half of the graduates had unexcused absences that totaled to more than three months of missed school, documents obtained by NPR and WAMU reveal. About 20 percent of the high school graduates were absent more times than they were present for classes, emails and records also show.
The District of Columbia Public Schools system policy states that students who misses a class more than 30 times should fail that class, according to WAMU.
Despite these absences, all of the 2017 seniors got into a college, a feat for which the school received high praise. One student said the class-wide acceptance was a repudiation of all those who said the school — where at one point only 3 percent of students met the reading standards — couldn’t do it.
“Everybody just, they was betting on us failing, and we all came together and we graduated,” said student Me’Ashja Hamilton.

Some teachers who spoke to the outlet said they felt they had to graduate failing students due to pressure from the high school administration. Other teachers said the lack of expectations allowed students to do what they wanted and not show up for class.

“This is [the] biggest way to keep a community down. To graduate students who aren’t qualified, send them off to college unprepared, so they return to the community to continue the cycle,” the teacher said.

The Ballou High School principal did not agree to an interview with WAMU, but two DCPS officials gave a statement to the outlet.

“It is expected that our students will be here every day,” DCPS Chief of Secondary Schools Jane Spence said. “But we also know that students learn material in lots of different ways. So we’ve started to recognize that students can have mastered material even if they’re not sitting in a physical space.”
Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. 

Welcome to America, everything is free for people of color...white people are homeless though

Cherokee Genealogist Slams Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Lied About Being Cherokee

The media has attacked President Donald Trump for calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” and has said little of the many lies Sen. Warren has told about her “Cherokee” heritage.
Various media members and Warren herself have feigned offense at the “racial slur,” but the real offense is in Warren faking her ancestry to get ahead professionally and politically.
Legal Insurrection created a Wiki page documenting the full saga that followed the discovery of Warren’s “heritage,” and the story is absolutely insane.
In 1996, a Harvard Crimson article referred to Warren as Native American. Warren claimed that she had no idea why the school was labeling her as such and that it never came up during the hiring process. Then, in 1997, a Fordham Law Review article described her as Harvard Law’s “first woman of color,” based on a “telephone interview with Michael Chmura, News Director, Harvard Law.”
Warren later acknowledged that Harvard had singled her out as a Native American professor because she identified herself as a minority in an Association of American Law Schools directory from 1986-1994. She stopped listing herself as such when she gained tenure at Harvard.
Warren claimed that she checked herself off as a Native American in the hopes of meeting other people like herself, and had no intentions of using it to boost her employment options.
“That was clearly not the use for it and so I stopped checking it off,” said Warren, chalking up her Native American history to family lore. “These are my family stories, I have lived in a family that has talked about Native Americans and talked about tribes since I was a little girl.
However, this explanation doesn’t make sense because the AALS directory only listed her as a “minority” and not as a “Native American.”
Reporters later uncovered that Warren identified herself as Native American to the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard for federal reporting purposes. Both schools made federal filings based on Warren’s claim, even though she admitted she did not have the documentation to prove her ancestry.
A group of Cherokee genealogists  decided to do a thorough investigation of Warren’s family tree to settle the matter once and for all. They researched her entire family line and were unable to find ancestors that were identified as anything other than white, including Warren’s mother and Aunt Bea. Their investigation went all the way back to before the Trail of Tears.
Nonetheless, Warren claimed in a television interview that her parents had to elope because of her mother’s Cherokee and Delaware ancestry. She said it was “an issue” throughout her childhood and that the issue was raised at her mother’s funeral.
Not only was Warren’s mother listed as “white” on her death certificate, but there were a number of marriage announcements for her parents in local papers, suggesting they did not elope as Warren claimed.
Warren’s next dubious piece of “proof” is that her Aunt Bea would point to her family members having “high cheekbones like all of the Indians do.”

Descendant Of Pocahontas Not Offended By Trump [VIDEO] Photo of Amber Athey Amber Athey

It turns out that an actual descendant of Pocahontas does not take any offense to President Donald Trump jokingly referring to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas.”
In a September interview with Sky News, Debbie “White Dove” Porreco said that Trump once asked her if it offended her that he used the name “Pocahontas” to refer to the Democratic senator.
“I know that he uses ‘Pocahontas’ sometimes with Elizabeth Warren,” Porreco explained. “He said, ‘well does that offend you when I use that?’ And I told him no, it doesn’t offend me.” What offends me is all those liberal white women who pretend to be Native Americans so they can get into Harvard and Yale, like warren did.
“If Pocahontas were alive today, she would be very proud of President Trump,” Porreco said. “Just like Pocahontas was a heroine, Donald Trump is going to be our hero.”
The media and Sen. Warren, who has very dubious claims of a Native American ancestry, have called Trump’s use of Pocahontas a “slur.”

Black Widow Hillary Clintons' "Liberated" Libya is a Hellhole of Slavery an...

Why Do the Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Keep Dying?

the Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Keep Dying?

November 28, 2017

Does it seem mysterious to anyone else that the Las Vegas shooting survivors just keep dropping dead in one way or another? Being a witness seems almost as deadly as being at that ill-fated concert.
While there’s no hard evidence that anything hinky is going on, it sure seems like the Grim Reaper – or someone – is after these folks.
I always hesitate to join the chorus of conspiracy about these horrific events, because what we must learn from these is how to survive if we ever have the misfortune to be present in such a catastrophe. But it’s impossible to deny that there certainly is a very strange series of coincidences.
Before we delve into these deaths, let’s recap some other strange facts:
  • Witnesses kept disappearing, including the #1 eyewitness Jesus Campo who was somehow allowed to leave the country while wounded and under questioning.
  • The timeline of the event kept changing, not just a little bit, but dramatically.
  • The recordings from police scanners do NOT match the official story.
  • The laptops and phones of witnesses were completely wiped by authorities.
  • A number of tactical scenarios being provided to us absolutely do not add up.
  • Two months later, we STILL don’t know why. A bunch of lame theories were presented, but none of them told us why this wealthy gambler with no religious or political ties would do such a horrific thing.
I went into more detail about these oddities here.
And after all that, witnesses keep dying – five people now – two of whom were publicly challenging the one-shooter story.

Kymberley Suchomel

First, Kymberley Suchomel, age 28, suddenly died in her sleep about a week after the attack. Now, Suchomel had a pituitary tumor, so it isn’t completely out of the question that she might die. What was so peculiar was the fact that she died after posting a compelling eyewitness report that digresses wildly from the official story. She also talked about forming a group for survivors to discuss what truly happened. But, then she died. You can read her first-hand report here. (It has since been removed from Facebook.) Suchomel left behind a husband and a 3-year-old little girl.

Dennis and Lorraine Carver

The Carvers also narrowly escaped the shooting with their lives, only to die shortly after the ill-fated concert. Two weeks after the massacre, they had a terrible car accident less than a mile from their home. Their Mercedes crashed into the metal gate and brick pillars that cordoned off their community. The car instantly erupted into a fireball that took more than an hour to contain. They left behind two daughters, Brook and Madison. Their youngest daughter was the one who discovered her parent’s car engulfed in flames.

Danny Contreras

A month after the shooting, another eyewitness who claimed there were multiple shooters was found dead in a vacant house in Las Vegas.
The day after the attack, Contreras said on a Twitter account (that has since been mysteriously suspended) that he had been chased from the concert by two men with guns.

Police said that Contreras had been shot multiple times. The report mentioned his “possible gang tattoos” but discerned “the killing likely was related to narcotics rather than gang activity.” (source)

Roy McClellan

Finally, a gentleman named Roy McClellan who escaped the shooting with his wife was killed this weekend in a hit-and-run accident. He was hitchhiking on State Route 160 in Pahrump, Nevada when he was struck by a Chevrolet Camaro that sped off. The Nevada highway patrol reported that he was illegally walking down the wrong side of the road when he was hit.
McClellan had a history of depression, according to one report, that was exacerbated by the horrific shooting in Las Vegas. After getting his wife to safety, he returned to the scene of the shooting to see if he could help. He had been in therapy after the doomed concert. This report states that the driver of the Camaro has been found and charges are pending, but I was unable to find any other details about the culprit, who is still unnamed by the media.

Coincidence or something darker?

So, after surviving a deadly massacre, 5 people have died.
  • A 28-year-old woman (admittedly with some health issues died in her sleep.
  • A couple crashed into a gate they had driven through hundreds of times before and their car burst into flames, leaving no chance of survival.
  • A man was shot multiple times but no neighbors heard any gunshots.
  • A man was hit while walking down the road by an unnamed driver.
These are the faces of the witnesses who have passed away since the shooting. If they were my family members, I’d want some answers.

There is nothing that gives any proof of a coverup, but the sheer number of coincidences is certainly enough to make any critical thinker question the situation. It sure looks like there are things we aren’t being told, and if that is the case, there has to be a reason that the truth is being hidden.


Flu Vaccine is the most Dangerous Vaccine in the US and World

Juicing and Raw Foods: Flu Vaccine is the most Dangerous Vaccine in the U...: Source: Health Impact News The last report issued in 2013 by the Department of Justice (Vaccine Court), for compensatio...

Our Spiritual World: .but also that the temple of the great goddess Dia...

Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton Would've Been "More Dangerous" Than Trump

In an interview with the Guardian published Sunday night, actress Susan Sarandon – a noted anti-war and climate progressive – described her former friend Hillary Clinton as “very dangerous” in response to an interviewer’s question about why she supported Green Party candidate Jill Stein.
Furthermore, Sarandon, who has been the subject of vicious and persistent attacks by leftists for supporting a third-party candidate that many blame, wrongly, for throwing the election to Trump. She said she had to change her phone number because – get this – angry Clinton supporters left a torrent of death and rape threats on her voicemail.
A woman vs a nasty blood drinking witch with dead eyes
Sarandon, who first became involved in activism as a young woman when she became an early and vocal proponent of the anti-War movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s, even said that Clinton would have been “more dangerous” than Trump.
Did she really say that Hillary was more dangerous than Trump?

“Not exactly, but I don’t mind that quote,” she says. “I did think she was very, very dangerous. We would still be fracking, we would be at war [if she was president]. Her foundations are money laundering fronts. She owned companies that trafficked in children, slavery. It wouldn’t be much smoother. Look what happened under Obama that we didn’t notice. More wars and death than ever before."
Though she supported Clinton’s first bid for the senate in 2001, Sarandon said her support for Clinton evaporated when the then-senator voted in favor of the war in Iraq. And then helped start war in 5 more countries, while raking in millions in "donations" from war lords and drug runners from all over the globe, including Russia.
It is often overlooked that in 2001, Sarandon supported Hillary Clinton’s run for the Senate. There are photos of them posing chummily together, grinning. Then Clinton voted for the war in Iraq and it all went downhill. During the last election, Sarandon supported Bernie Sanders, then wouldn’t support Clinton after she won the nomination, and now all the moderates hate her, to the extent, she says, that she had to change her phone number because people she identifies as Hillary trolls sent her threatening messages. “I got from Hillary people ‘I hope your crotch is grabbed’, ‘I hope you’re raped’. Misogynistic attacks. Recently, I said ‘I stand with Dreamers’ [children brought illegally to the US, whose path to legal citizenship – an Obama-era provision – Trump has threatened to revoke] and that started another wave."

Wait, from the right?

“No, from the left! ‘How dare you! You who are responsible for this!’ The right hasn't said a word, all my attacks are from the mostly LGBTFUKO crowd and avowed satanists."
In a jab at her critics on the left, Sarandon said she isn’t worried about the threats or the criticism from people who bizarrely blame her for throwing the election to Trump. Instead, she’s worried that the left’s refusal to reckon with the true nature of the problem – that the DNC rigged an election to favor a flawed, unpopular candidate - will harm progressive causes in the long run.
“Well, that’s why we’re going to lose again if we depend on the DNC [the Democratic National Committee]. Because the amount of denial ... I mean it’s very flattering to think that I, on my own, cost the election. That my little voice was the deciding factor."

Is it upsetting to be attacked?

“It’s upsetting to me more from the point of view of thinking they haven’t learned. I don’t need to be vindicated."

But it’s upsetting that they’re still feeding the same misinformation to people. When Obama got the nomination, 25% of [Hillary’s] people didn’t vote for him. Only 12% of Bernie’s people didn’t vote for her."

But she didn’t advocate voting for Hillary! Come on.


Didn’t she advocate voting for Jill Stein?

“I didn’t advocate people voting for anything. I said get your information, I’m going to vote for change, because I was hoping that Stein was going to get whatever percentage she needed – but I knew she wasn’t going to make the difference in the election.”
Luckily, Sarandon said her friends have stood by her, at least.
Has she lost friends over all this? “No. My friends have a right to their opinions. It’s disappointing but that’s their business. It’s like in the lead-up to Vietnam, and then later they say: ‘You were right.’ Or strangely, some of my gay friends were like: ‘Oh, I just feel bad for [Clinton]. And I said: ‘She’s not authentic. She’s been terrible to gay people for the longest time. She’s an opportunist.’ And then I’m like: ‘OK, let’s not talk about it any more.’"

Still, I think while there was vast political error on both sides, the inability of Sarandon and her ilk to embrace the lesser of two evils permitted the greater of the two evils to rise. And yet I like Sarandon. It takes real courage to go against the mob. Her inconsistencies are a little wild, but in the age of social-media enforced conformity, I have never met anyone so uninterested in toeing the line.
When it comes to deportations, Sarandon said a hypothetical Clinton administration probably have continued with Obama’s strategy of “sneakily” deporting immigrants.
Given his record on immigration and extrajudicial drone-enabled murder, Sarandon said she was shocked that he won the Nobel Peace Prize.
It seems absurd to argue that healthcare, childcare, taxation for the non-rich wouldn’t be better now under President Clinton, and that’s before we get to the threat of deportation hanging over millions of immigrants. “She would’ve done it the way Obama did it,” says Sarandon, “which was sneakily. He deported more people than have been deported now. How he got the Nobel peace prize I don’t know. I think it was very important to have a black family in the White House and I think some of the stuff he did was good. He tried really hard about healthcare. But he didn’t go all the way because of big pharma."
This isn’t the first time Sarandon has suggested that Clinton could be a greater national security risk than Trump. She made similar comments in June 2016, just as Clinton was clinching the nomination. At that time, Trump’s “America First” foreign policy pledge – which was based on a philosophy of noninterventionism – was arguably more dovish than his rival.
Of course, Trump has pivoted away from that stance since taking office, authorizing more troop deployments in Afghanistan and threatening North Korea with nuclear annihilation, chagrining many of his early supporters.

With the ugly, nasty Hildebeast, it was a great day for this country when she died on 9-11-16. Sarandon always speaks of the Hillary Beast in the PAST TENSE. That should tell you something. But are you listening?

Black congressman calling for Trump impeachment-for being white-raped and blackmailed his staffers, lawsuit alleges

Rep Al Green (D-TX) Reportedly Had Sex With Drugged Out Staffer - Then Sued Her For Blackmail

Content originally published at
One of the strongest voices advocating for a Trump impeachment, Al Green (D-TX), reportedly had sex with a drug-addicted employee in 2008, then sued her when she threatened to go public with claims of a hostile work environment and sexual harassment – stating at the time he “will not be extorted or blackmailed.
Luke Rosiak of The Daily Caller reports:
Lucinda Daniels, his onetime district director, claimed she suffered a hostile work environment, claimed sexual harassment and demanded $1.8 million. Green sued her, saying she was using their sexual relationship to shake him down at the behest of other unnamed conspirators.
Daniels has threatened to go public with her complaints if the Congressman does not per [sic] her money. Green has done nothing wrong and refuses to pay ‘hush money’ just for political expediency. Green will not be extorted or blackmailed by Daniels. He will not be the victim of a shakedown by Daniels and her agents. Green demands vindication of his actions and now sues Daniels for declaratory judgment relief relating to her workplace allegations and her quest for money,” documents Green filed in federal court in 2008 say.
Daniels also reportedly left a voicemail on Green’s phone on accident while trying to reach her cocaine dealer, which Green submitted as sealed evidence in the lawsuit.
Daniels can be heard snorting cocaine in the recording, asking if it was ‘cut’ with some other substance before someone else reassures her it was “straight off the ki[lo].” She then asks for her ‘Tuesday Special’ price, after which her dealer sold her the drugs for $40.
Drugged out
I rapes the white wimmin
Green claims that Daniels “act[ed] sluggish at work as through under the influence of drugs” and “slurr[ed] her speech as if under drug influence,” before adding that she fell “asleep on the phone in the middle of telephone conversations with staff and the Congressman” and had “a general appearance of incoherence at times due to apparent drug use.”
After Green confronted Daniels over the drug use, she began claiming “the Congressman retaliated against her in the workplace because of her gender and because she refused additional romantic requests.” Green has denied Daniels’ claims.
In a Monday statement, Green claimed that the issue was resolved: 
In the present climate, we wish to jointly quiet any curious minds about our former and present relationship with one another. We are friends, and have long been friends. At an unfortunate time in our lives, when both of our feelings were hurt, we hastily made allegations and charges against one another that have been absolutely resolved.
This matter has been resolved without payment of any money or transfer of any consideration of any kind by either of us to the other. As friends, we have both agreed that we see no need to make further statements regarding this absolutely resolved matter.
In September, Green threatened to force a vote on the House floor to impeach President Trump following attacks on NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem, exclaiming “I rise tonight to make one point…a president need not be convicted of a criminal offenses to be impeached.” 
Well, how about raping your doped up staffers? You know, the WHITE STAFFERS?
And last month Green claimed that, “[Trump] has undermined the integrity of his office, has brought disrepute onto the presidency, has betrayed his trust as president to the manifest injury of the people of the United States of America and as a result is unfit to be president.”
“He warrants impeachment, trial and removal from office,” Green added.
I wonder if banging a drugged out staffer undermined the integrity of Green’s office?

Flat Earth and Other Shill Potatoes Episode 3 THE WELL POISONERS CIA CUT OUTS

FBI Whistleblower Says Gülen Is a Terror Kingpin working with CIA in middle east

The mainstream narrative is that squeaky-clean special prosecutor Robert Mueller is going to indict Trump’s one-time foreign policy advisor Michael Flynn because Flynn is in the pocket of the Russians and the Turks.
But the truth might be totally different
After all, Flynn’s meeting with Russian diplomats was completely normal, according to a prominent U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union.
So why is Mueller really going after Flynn?
When Flynn was head of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and afterwards, he blew the whistle on the U.S. and its allies willfully allowing Islamic terrorists to flourish in Syria.
That didn’t ingratiate him with the Deep State …
Then last November, Flynn ruffled more feathers by writing:
The primary bone of contention between the U.S. and Turkey is Fethullah Gülen, a shady Islamic mullah residing in Pennsylvania whom former President Clinton once called his “friend” in a well circulated video.
Gülen portrays himself as a moderate, but he is in fact a radical Islamist. He has publicly boasted about his “soldiers” waiting for his orders to do whatever he directs them to do.


To professionals in the intelligence community, the stamp of terror is all over Mullah Gülen’s statements in the tradition of Qutb and al Bana. Gülen’s vast global network has all the right markings to fit the description of a dangerous sleeper terror network.


To add insult to injury, American taxpayers are helping finance Gülen’s 160 charter schools in the United States. These schools have been granted more H1-B visas than Google. It is inconceivable that our visa officers have approved thousands of visas for English teachers whose English is incomprehensible. A CBS “60 Minutes” program documented a conversation with one such imported English teacher from Turkey. Several lawsuits, including some in Ohio and Texas, point to irregularities in the operation of these schools.
However, funding seems to be no problem for Gülen’s network. Hired attorneys work to keep the lucrative government source of income for Gülen and his network going. Influential charities such as Cosmos Foundation continue their support for Gülen’s charter schools.

Incidentally, Cosmos Foundation is a major donor to Clinton Foundation. No wonder Bill Clinton calls Mullah Gülen “his friend.” It is now no secret that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s close aide and confidante, worked for 12 years as the associate editor for a journal published by the London-based Institute of Minority Muslim Affairs. This institute has promoted the thoughts of radical Muslim thinkers such as Qutb, al Bana and others.


The forces of radical Islam derive their ideology from radical clerics like Gülen, who is running a scam. We should not provide him safe haven.
Now, Mueller is reportedly investigating Flynn specifically for his criticism of Gülen.

Who Is Gülen

So who is Gülen, really?
The Atlantic notes:
[Gülen’s organization] is rumored to have between 1 and 8 million adherents.
The Hill reported last year:
What lies underneath [Gülen’s] charter-school network, however, is a possible undercurrent of white-collar crime and corruption. Known in Turkey as the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization or FETÖ this growing network is being investigated by the FBI for everything from fraud and malpractice, to misuse of public funds. One spokeswoman for the bureau said that an investigation is ongoing and FBI agents carried out raids at 19 Gülen-affiliated charter schools in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio in 2014.


Diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks demonstrate a concern by U.S. officials that these Turkish teachers and businesses “might be using the reputation of the school as a cover to get to the U.S.” These cables state that the H1B visa applications were “not convincing” and that Gülen’s more moderate message “cloaks a more sinister and radical agenda.”


Receiving approximately $150 million a year in tax breaks and subsidies, government officials are increasingly concerned that taxpayer dollars are being used to fund a close-knit network of Turkish teachers and businesses using charter schools as a Trojan horse for embedding into the U.S. education system.
Private intelligence company Stratfor notes:
Gulen [said] that in order to reach the ideal Muslim society “every method and  path is acceptable [including] lying to people”.
Documents leaked by Wikileaks has shown that American officials have been worried Gülen could be targeting children across the U.S. for radicalization:
In 2005, one U.S. embassy worker expressed concern about the schools: “We have multiple reliable reports that the Gülenists use their school network (including dozens of schools in the U.S.) to cherry pick students they think are susceptible to being molded as proselytizers,” U.S. Embassy officials in Ankara said in a 2005 report. And we have steadily heard reports about how the schools indoctrinate boarding students,” they said.”
Vox notes:
Among other charges, critics allege that the schools were a scheme to replace US teachers with Turkish immigrants, who were then expected to transfer money back to Gülen organizations. This resulted in investigations from the FBI, Labor Department, and Education Department. An audit of Georgia Gülen charters found that they improperly awarded contracts to affiliated businesses, and in 2014 the FBI raided 19 Gülen-affiliated schools in Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. A Gülen school in New Orleans lost its charter in 2011 after allegations of cheating and sexual misconduct involving kindergartners.


Secular critics in Turkey have long attacked the Gülen movement as a stalking horse for more thoroughgoing Islamism.

In the 1980s, Turkish generals — who at the time were in control of the government following a military coup — accused Gülen of plotting a takeover to install an Islamic dictatorship. As Al-Monitor’s Murat Bilgincan explains, Gülen went on the run for about six years before being arrested.


In 2000, the Turkish government, then led by secularist Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit, indicted Gülen on charges of attempting to undermine Turkish secularism — a core feature of the state since Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded the Turkish Republic in 1922 — and trying to install a Islamic dictatorship.


In other words, the Gülen movement was for many years a crucial ally of Erdo?an and the AKP — acting as a grassroots arm with significant funding that could support Erdo?an’s attempts to fight back secularists and, in the eyes of critics, suppress dissent.
A diplomatic cable leaked by WikiLeaks notes that Turkey’s chief Rabbi said about Gülen:
[There’s a] belief in parts of the U.S. government that he is a “radical Islamist” whose moderate message cloaks a more sinister and radical agenda
The Washington post reported in 2011:
A memoir by a top former Turkish intelligence official claims that a worldwide moderate Islamic movement based in Pennsylvania has been providing cover for the CIA since the mid-1990s.

The memoir, roughly rendered in English as “ess to Revolution and Near Anarchy,” by retired Turkish intelligence official Osman Nuri Gundes, says the religious-tolerance movement, led by an influential former Turkish imam by the name of Fethullah Gulen, has 600 schools and 4 million followers around the world.

In the 1990s, Gundes alleges, the movement “sheltered 130 CIA agents” at its schools in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan alone, according to a report on his memoir Wednesday by the Paris-based Intelligence Online newsletter.
(Gundes was chief of Turkish intelligence long before Turkey’s current dictator, Erdogan, came onto the scene, and doesn’t seem to have any connection with him.)
Interviews of Gülen’s former top assistants say that Gülen is running a cult, that he wants to rule Turkey and the Middle East, and that he won’t hesitate to use violence to make it happen:
Gülen is certainly supported by at least some former American intelligence and state department officials, at least in some capacity. After all, Gülen’s application for a Green Card to live in the U.S. was  supported by ex-CIA agent George Fidas, former U.S. ambassador to Turkey Morton Abramowitz, and former CIA Deputy Director Graham Fuller.   Another former U.S. ambassador to Turkey, Marc Grossman, receives $100,000 per month (that’s $1.2 million per year) from a Gülen company called the Ilhas Group.
The Turkish government has labeled Gülen and his followers as a terrorist network.    This is ironic, given that Gülen was instrumental in converting Turkey from a secular to Islamic government, and electing Turkey’s leader Erdogan. Until recently, Gülen was a very close ally of Turkish strongman Erdogan.

FBI Whistleblower Says Gülen Is a Terror Kingpin

Sibel Edmonds – a former FBI translator who has been deemed credible by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, several senators (free subscription required), and a coalition of prominent conservative and liberal groups, who the ACLU described as “The most gagged person in the history of the United States of America”, and who famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says possesses information “far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers” – has for years tried to tell the truth about corruption related to Gülen:
In a series of interviews over the last couple of years, Edmonds has said that – when she worked for the FBI as a translator – she saw documents showing that:
  • Gülen is the leader of one of the world’s largest terror networks, with terrorist training centers throughout the Middle East and central Asia
  • He is a key player in false flag terrorism in Turkey and other areas
  • He was key in changing Turkey from a secular country to an Islamic country, and electing dictator Erdogan
  • He is involved in heroin and other drug networks, selling nuclear material on the black market, and money-laundering
  • Gülen has contributed large sums of money to the Clintons through the Clinton Foundation
  • Gülen’s handler in the U.S. is former long-time CIA officer – and current CIA contractor – Graham Fuller
  • When Mueller was the Director of the FBI, he was instrumental in covering up Gülen’s terrorist activities and spiking prosecution against Gülen
  • Mueller is now trying to throw Flynn in jail, to silence his efforts to expose Gülen
This video goes into some of these allegations.
Washington’s Blog asked Edmonds what documents she saw while at the FBI which implicated Gülen as a terrorist mastermind.  She responded:
Gülen’s FBI cases:

1- White Collar Crime Division: had to do with front/shell companies and NGOs used for money laundering and bribery (political contributions to various political action committees).

2- Terrorism & Criminal Divisions: US derived funds being transferred to international hubs for various terror cells (including Chechen groups), Gulen’s Pakistani-Arab-Turkish operatives in US involved in heroin smuggling into US, Gulen-affiliated Turkish businessmen with cash-only companies (Ex: Re-selling used clothes previously contributed to charity groups like GoodWill) in Chile and other S. American countries (as money-laundering ops), …

3- Counterintelligence Division (Washington DC Field Office): Espionage (State Department, DOJ, RAND Corporation),  Bribery and extortion of dozens of elected officials,  including Hastert, Jan Schakowsky, Bob Creamer, Jane Schmidt …

Gülen has pocketed strategically position police chiefs such as the one for Fairfax County (Where CIA HQ is located among with several dozens of top Intel & MIC contractors) …
In other words, Edmonds says that Gülen is a terror kingpin and drug smuggler who launders vast sums of money, and bribes U.S. officials and officials throughout the world … and Mueller is going after Flynn in order to protect Gülen and the corrupt politicians he’s in bed with.