Monday, July 8, 2019

Clinton Epstein Pizzagate sex-murder ring of children

That's what I've been saying for 2 plus decades - it's CIA

Clinton Epstein Pizzagate sex-murder ring of children

by Don Bradley

This will be updated ALL WEEK.

But first, a few words. It's saddening to know that over one and a half million people have come here to get intel, but none do anything about it, save a very few. You say and do nothing, pretty much, to awaken others, teach them, and thereby save them while they have a chance to SEE THINGS AS THEY REALLY ARE, not as the Daily Mail would have you believe. It's a shame really. But know this.

Knowledge brings responsibility. Once you know better, like with Christmas ACTUALLY being a celebration of Nimrod's birthday - the damned ANTI-CHRIST - and yet you continue to celebrate it anyways. Know what that means, it means you are now counted as supporting Satan, when you know better. If you know the law, and still break it, then you have no excuse, in the divine court of karma and Dad. Which means you have to answer. Not later. Not in another life. NOW. For end the end times, all judgements are due and payable NOW. Repent, make a change, teach others why you no longer celebrate this OPEN ACT OF SATANISM KNOWN AS CHRISTMAS WHICH TAKES PLACE ON A WITCHES SABBATH, and all is forgiven. And, you are freeing others.


But 99.9% of you continue on as you have. Because you are afraid of what others think of you. Which means your self-image is not spiritually based on your own awareness and embracing of truth, but of what others think of you; like some needy 14 year old girl. Your cowardice defines you. So why be a coward?

Frankly, I don't get it. I became aware of the Christmas satanic thingy in  2004 and have nothing to do with it since. Every aspect of Christmas is satanic, as was demonstrated on this blog over the years and i previous blogs I've had. Every aspect.

What does this have to do with pedophiles and the satanic network? If you have to ask, then like as not, your heart is hardened, your eyes do not really SEE, and you frankly, you are a coward and are so very far away from the Holy, Good, and True that even this aside, isn't reaching you.

At the very least, make an effort to awaken the people you love. And it will spread from there. The reason things are so very bad is because people see, but say nothing. Know, but keep it to themselves. 

You can make a difference. And frankly, who cares what others think of you. The truth of what you share with them carries its own power and freedom, outside ourselves. I know this to be true.


PS A few of you, I can count them of less than two hands, at least help out so I can continue to get this intel out there. They are blessed. Out of thousands daily, nothing. At the least, teach your children. IF you are a decent and good person, they will listen. Children respond to truth. Raise them aware of the REAL WORLD, not the fake on put out by the MSM, SCHOOL, and other illusions of the satanic network. 

Please. Do it for the kids. You know, you might be saving their life from ending up on Epstein island and in chains awaiting torture, rape, terror and human sacrifice. 

These devils leave fingerprints everywhere, to let others in the club know and VANITY.
You are witnessing the greatest ‘coordinated’ misinformation attack (campaign) ever to be launched against the public – all in an effort to protect themselves from prosecution (public exposure) and regain power (control).
[Attempted removal of the duly elected President of the United States by illegal [manufactured] means]
They believed they could win [con] public support by controlled assets (media, tech, H-wood…).
These controlled assets set out to immediately create division through the use of a pre_designed misinformation campaign.
Groups such as ‘Antifa’ were funded and formed to prevent and/or lessen the appeal for ‘regular’ hard working Americans to gather and express non_narrative viewpoints.
Control of this ‘projected narrative’ depends primarily on their ability to ‘con’ the masses into thinking they are the majority.
The mindset of most: If the majority of people believe ‘this’, than ‘this’ must be more true than ‘that’ [CIA_CLAS 1-99_56_Human_Psych_&_Emotional_Distress_IIED].
Without public support – they are powerless.
We, the People, hold the power.
— That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.


Invidious is a wonderful online file converter that allows you to view & download any YouTube video. As long as you don't have any windows or tabs open to YouTube or other tracking platforms (like Googleye, Faceberg, instafag.), Invidious doesn't track you. (Invidious Privacy Policy: NB: While YouTube videos are open they are tracking you, even here, w/o a VPN that is.

To use it, simply copy the unique Youtube video file number and paste onto this URL stem:

Come to think of it, he's right. They are pedos.
Totally gay

I rest my case, Obummer loves the cock.

Then they killed him. Then we had decades of wars, lies, and pedophiles. THIS MUST STOP.

This is for you Jack. It started with Mcnoname and the Hildebeast. It's a big list.
It just piles up of rotten nephilim freaks
Speak the truth, instant racist.
Wipe the devils out. Let the punishment come.

 UPDATE 7-19-19


You know how this works now Jeffy. They are all going to come out now, to save their butts before they get caught up in things and GET FIRED OR INDICTED. Like the cops you bribed in Palm Beach. All it takes is one.

Palm Beach Sheriff Launches Investigation Into Epstein ‘Work Release’ Deal
The Florida sheriff who oversaw a work-release agreement for sexual offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 has launched an internal review of his department’s handling of the case. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said Friday he has ordered an internal review of the department’s handling of Epstein, specifically the work release policy, the Miami Herald reported. “Sheriff Bradshaw takes these matters very seriously and wants to determine if any actions taken by the deputies assigned to monitor Epstein during his work release program violated any agency rules and regulations, during the time he was on PBSO work release program,” he said in a statement.
Epstein is accused of sex trafficking in charges filed in New York. He was sentenced to 18 months in a county jail in 2008 as part of a non-prosecution agreement with the federal government. But the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department allowed him to leave the jail for 12 hours a day, six days a week, and let him out five months early on parole — a decision that appears to violate department policy and has drawn intense scrutiny in the renewed focus on Epstein. Epstein agreed to plead guilty in Florida to two prostitution offenses, make payments to victims and register as a sex offender in exchange for the government agreeing not to indict him federally for trafficking underage girls. New scrutiny of the deal prompted by a series of investigative reports from the Miami Herald late last year led to the resignation of Alex Acosta — the federal prosecutor who made the deal — from his post as President Donald Trump’s labor secretary last week.
Back when Mikey used to wear "boy" clothes.



It's all connected.

They are all sick pedo killers

The Burney Relief (also known as the Queen of the Night relief) is a Mesopotamian terracotta plaque in high relief of the Isin-Larsa- or Old-Babylonian period, depicting a winged, nude, goddess-like figure with bird’s talons, flanked by owls, and perched upon supine lions. The relief is displayed in the British Museum in London, which has dated it between 1800 and 1750 BCE.

She represents Lilitu (Lilith), Inanna/Ishtar, and Ereshkigal, Semiramis .

UPDATE 7-18-19

Daniel Clement Dennett III (another Harvard boy) flew on Lolita Express. He is an American atheist philosopher, writer, and cognitive scientist whose research centers on the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and philosophy of biology, particularly as those fields relate to evolutionary biology and cognitive science.
Dennett spent part of his childhood in Lebanon, where, during World War II, his father was a covert counter-intelligence agent with the Office of Strategic Services posing as a cultural attaché to the American Embassy in Beirut.
I could not imagine a more fertile place for an atheist philosopher to study the human mind than a private island where anything and everything goes. Didn't Q say MKULTRA moved off shore?
"There are no truths, only interpretations." - Dennett

Dead eyes Dennett
Casey & Laura Wasserman flew on the Lolita Express. Casey co-chaired a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign on August 22, 2016.
Sorry - Casey's Instagram is private.
Casey famous father, Lew Wasserman was a Freemason & member of the "Three Eyes… Looking towards a New World Order."
kin to Debby Wasserman-Schultz


Pizza related? You mean child abduction, torture, rape and ritual murder.

When the 16 year plan to destroy America was in full swing I concluded that the "left" would tolerate anything and everything except ONE person and that person was Jesus Christ.
The left doesn't mind women dressed like black tents or servile to men. They don't mind perverts molesting children. They don't mind anything EXCEPT the acknowledgement Jesus Christ.

David Horowitz was on Tucker Carlson's show last night and said that he's agnostic. However, his recent book "Dark Agenda" supports my contention. The left has only ONE objective, in my opinion: To eliminate the worship of God through Jesus Christ.
Talk about "anti-Christ" spirit. That is the embodiment of the "left".
The woman who "discovered" Bob Ross is the wife of a CIA agent, per NYT YouTube. Deep intel says, Bob was CIA too. Surprise surprise kiddies, the agency is in ALL MEDIA YOU SEE. Turns out Bob Ross did all the paintings for NASA, before the days of CGI. So, all those artist renditions of space and satellites and Apollo? BoB Ross.

Bob appears on Epstein flight logs. So, mister painting genius was, you guessed it, a satanist.

Is nothing good any more, out there?

Download video before it gets removed.

from droneanon vid 3
love how he got the barge unloading a vehicle
also coupla observations
caribbean islands dont have millions of small rocks laying around to line roads neatly with
they fucking blow away
hurricanes, ever heard of them?
also the big berm
tunnels yield this shit when dug
look for rock lined roads to find Epstein linked tunnels
check cabritu point
north of great st james, the main island prominence over looking both of Epstein's islands has a house on top of a pedo swirl hill, road lined neatly with little rocks
must be some digs there too

Pedo symbols embedded in Desert Diamond Casino Ads. Letting the pervs know where to get young boys.
Add to it, Mecca, the UN building altar room, et al 2001 space odyssey

Earthquake or....China Lake Naval Weapons Facility DUMB

From a survivor - it's CIA behind it all
The CIA and its corporate bosses like the Rockefellers and Bushs make about 1,000 USD per kid from a war zone if they sell them to auctioneers. Of that 1,000, the CIA will get about 300, and about 700 will go to the corporate bosses. For drugs the split is more like 15 USD per 100 in profit going to the CIA. There is much more money to be made when the bosses keep the kids in their own hands. So the best kids are skimmed off the top and never make it to the auction houses. Kids are skimmed off either because of looks or smarts. A smart kid, like I was, can be a life long asset and make an owner a lot more money. About 1 -2 percent of kids are tried that way, as spies or corporate slaves. About 5 percent of the kids are skimmed off by the bosses for looks. The best of these end up as a house boy or girl of a politician that the boss wants to keep happy and controlled. They will also be spying on the politician for the boss. In that position some of these kids make it into adulthood.
Presidential Models often have been trained by the CIA in special ESP skills like having a photographic memory. Other special CIA spy ESP skills they may have been programmed to have include the ability to speak "in tongues" i.e. in any language, the ability to see and hear at a distance, as in clairvoyance and clairaudience) A/K/A remote viewing, shape-shifting, and forecasting the future, including stock prices, etc.
The CIA needed these skills in spies. Shamans had the skills and the CIA did the R&D to get them.
The bosses own their own high class call services that make lots of money off of servicing their friendly business men.
This is sometimes associated with an escort type of service allowing children to grow up as well by being charming. But that is really difficult as most of the children are too hardened and jaded after a year or two to carry that off.
In the highest class settings, the bosses make up to a million dollars a day for the slave's service. That sounds unbelievable but it is a function of how rich the buyers of the services are and what the skills of a good stock price forecaster are worth to them for a day.
See Hilter's Psychic for a historical example of stock price forecasting.
An Arab sheik wanting to please the President to put through an oil deal will think nothing of spending the million to have a girl the President has slept with; it is sort of a status and male bonding thing
Presidential models made in CIA mind control fashion, beautiful girls and boys who were charming spies without advanced ESP skills, usually fetched $10,000-30,000 a day for their bosses when used at White House functions.
The girls would be at the White House dinner and the men would indicate their preferences by talking to them and showing an obvious interest in them.
Either the man was rich enough not to care about the cost until he received the bill later or he was politely informed of the price by having it listed on the bottom of a card placed next to his drink on a silver or gold tray.
It was up to "the Butler" to know which category the man was in in terms of his wealth and personal preferences.
I usually came into dinner on the arm of the DCI and sat next to him through much of the evening so that he could have me answer his questions as a remote viewer of known accuracy in that personality.
It was up to him if I was to be surrendered to another man for the evening as it affected national security.
Consider for a moment the usual White House dinner. They range in size from 5 women to about 50 women slaves on a given night.
At an average profit of $20,000 per night, 5 nets $100,000 and 50 nets $1 million. Not all nights does that happen.
But roughly the President personally makes a good $30-100 million a year just on the Presidential model sex slaves. That starts to tell you about the conflict of interest in stopping this corrupt system. It has been going on a long time, since about President Kennedy.
President Carter is the only exception to the rule that I know of. Since I personally was forced into the beds of Johnson, VP Nelson Rockefeller, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr.
However, because I was really a Director of Central Intelligence Model primarily, I ended up mainly in the beds of DCIs from Helms (left) to Tenet (right).
Women are raped in war and often abandon the babies at birth. The CIA helps fund orphanages in the war zones so that it can skim off the kids it wants. The children under 2 usually are too neglected to survive - failure to thrive syndrome.
The cute ones are bought up by the CIA for the cabal bosses and sold as part of the $100,000 a month club.
Rich people like fine wines to show up monthly and this is a variation of that. They are signed up for it almost automatically without any choice in the matter if they attend certain high class estate ceremonies around the world hosted by people like the Rockefellers.
Getting in the door means that you can't get out it again when the ceremony starts unless you are a very good spy. The ceremony will involve the human sacrifice of some person - often a toddler or young virgin.
Few people are sophisticated enough to know not to get into one of these traps or how to get out of them. They have families and they cave in to the pressure. It then perpetuates itself. They get a baby a month to ritually kill and entrap all the politicians and police chiefs that might try to stop their rise to fame.
They go on practicing Christianity by mouth by day, and satanism by night in their deeds. Some of them are mind controlled by the trauma and drugs at the initial ceremony and do not even know later that they are satanists. Others do know.
I would say that about 20 percent are fully aware that what they are doing is evil and wrong and just don't know how to stop it. About 50 know what they are doing but deny that it is evil.
They excuse it as their right to be pagan and uninhibited. Then about 10 percent are full multiples and are clueless during the day as to what is happening at night.
Then about another 20 percent are too lazy and apathic to think about what they are doing. They are just doing it because others do it.
The CIA founded three major orphanages including one of UNESCO’s. The Rockefellers funded four orphanages. There was overlap at one of them which caused some problems. The CIA "talent scouts" came by a week after Rockefeller’s did and that made the nuns suspicious.
In each case, the nuns were told that the scouts were working for large adoption agencies in the US and the kids were to be quickly processed in a large lot for adoption.
The local orphanages in Yugoslavia were absolutely swamped. There were tons of babies and large numbers of war orphans, the latter mainly the result of US bombs killing their parents. Some had been dug out of the rubble days later. Many of these kids were extremely traumatized already.
That saved the CIA some of the work to traumatize them themselves, if they were going to be made into mind control slaves. Some of the bright ones get training to be heads of puppet govt's later.
The US sends them back in 20-30 years later as the head of a country or as an important minister.
Any time you hear of a US-educated native of a country returning to it to suddenly assume an important position in its new US-friendly govt. think about this mind control slave possibility. It happens much more often then people realize.
The CIA and the cabal bosses have been making mind control slaves out of war orphans by the thousands since WWII.
The CIA has been using children from orphanges since its inception.
Remember that in WW II the UK and US took in Jewish and East bloc refugee children WITHOUT their parents. Their parents were alive the US just didn’t want them.
A woman I know well, who is older than I, ended up training some of the East Bloc orphans picked up by the CIA, not long after the end of WW II. They were trained as child prodigy musicians. Then they were inserted into East Bloc foreign embassies to provide musical and sexual services. They spoke the local language and passed as natives. They themselves did not know otherwise. But they had personalities that went to phone booths and called the CIA to report on the actions of their East Bloc "owners" at the embassies. Most of the kids were uncovered and killed by the KGB as "foreign agents."
Agencies are not run to protect their country’s citizens but to make big bucks for the overlords.

UPDATE 7-17-19

All of them witches
They are WHY the world is so very F'd up beyond belief. And getting worse every day. Put on the whole Armor Of Yahua Elohim. And stand and be counted.

These witches teach in your schools, are your politicians, serve your food, and gang stalk you in your life. They also kill the innocent.

They are the enemy of humanity. Make NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT.

The torture before they are slaughtered. They keep art of this sickness on their walls and laugh about it, they are that fucked up in the mind and soul.

Often, once a year, thousands of witches gather at "retreats" to participate in PAN HUNTS. You don't want to know any more than that, it's quite revolting and sick. Know someone in your life, that seems to disappear on every summer witches sabbath for four to seven days>? You know a witch.

She got 30 years because she acted outside the satanic network, and they don't like players not kicking up their end.

Another Clue for you all, the walrus was flag. Watch the rally.

Satanists are not human beings with souls. They are Nephilim garbage, seed of Satan. There is no place for their kind in our world, for they are predators of sickest that exist in all of creation. They are an abomination beyond any imagining.
Epstein...the sick pedo killer of children

Rachel Chandler's torture room pics of children being cut up and slaughtered in front of other children. The worst kind of mind torture of a young mind.

Epstein torture equipment found in his home and secret rooms. with pics.

A young she-male Michael Obama (didn't think we'd find this one did ya honey)

Devil's fingerprints all over this guy's life.
Hillary again...btw this is NOT the Hildebeast, but a double. The eyes are a dead giveaway. Though this is the best one by far, they've come up with. Still, they cannot fake - yet - except with software, those steel grey eyes of viciousness she had. Anyways, everything with these satanists is pedophilia. EVERYTHING. There is nothing good in their cult of murder and death. It's not fun or cute or neat. It's a sick abomination.

Freak brigade of the 20th century. ALL PEDOPHILES. ONE GOES WITH THE OTHER.

In satanic circles, this kind sickness is considered "normal"


Passed around the rich and famous, tried to swim away from island only to be captured by armed men in a boat and brought back. It was her life force they wanted to suck dry from her, and to hurt her, a vessel of greater light they resented - the underlying motive of a stunted soul every time.

One woman has been a constant in the ever-shifting cast of females with which Jeffrey Epstein surrounds himself.
Ghislaine Maxwell, glamorous daughter of the late, disgraced newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell, is different from the other women in Epstein’s life in many ways but, most obviously, at 49, she is a lot older. She is also Epstein’s Girl Friday, his fixer – central to his operation. It was Ghislaine who, in 1998, recruited the 15-year-old Virginia Roberts to work as Epstein’s ‘masseuse’.
Meeting Epstein for the first time at his Palm Beach mansion, Virginia was led into the massage room by Ghislaine. After a bizarre interview conducted by a naked Epstein, Ghislaine told Virginia to follow her instructions. ‘She had me put oil on my hand, then she grabbed one of his feet and started to massage it. She told me to take his other foot,’ says Virginia. ‘Then she told me to take off my clothes. He had sex with me.
‘Ghislaine said, “She’s got a knack for it.” And I thought, “These are important people. I must be doing something right.” ’
Ghislaine had fled to New York after the death of her father, who fell off his yacht – named the Lady Ghislaine after his favourite child – in mysterious circumstances in 1991.
His death revealed a vast financial black hole at the heart of his Mirror Group, including the employees’ pension scheme.
In Britain, the Maxwell name was mud as fraud trials, bankruptcy and disgrace swirled around the family, but in America – with her charisma, love of the high life and an address book stuffed with well-connected friends – Ghislaine became a fixture on the Manhattan social scene. She and Epstein soon became inseparable. There was talk first of marriage, then it was said that they were like ‘an old married couple’ but that Epstein would not marry her. It emerged only after an FBI investigation into his sexual exploitation of teenagers that his interest lay in underage girls. According to Virginia, Ghislaine helped smooth the way for Epstein to sexually molest the young girls recruited to ‘massage’ him.
But she also provided him with an entry into British society – including the friendship with Prince Andrew that lasted until Friday, when the Prince dramatically announced he was breaking off all contact.
Rapes, murders and dumping bodies off shore
Between 2000 and 2001, Andrew and Ghislaine were together on no fewer than eight occasions. Epstein was present at four of the meetings – at the Mar-a-Lago club in Florida (from where Virginia was recruited), in Phuket, at a weekend party at Sandringham, and at Windsor Castle. In addition, Andrew has often been seen at Epstein’s grand New York townhouse.
Virginia says: ‘I once asked Ghislaine why she got as many girls as she did for Jeffrey, as she supposedly had been his girlfriend and they seemed to have a grounded but non-monogamous relationship.She replied, “It takes the pressure off me to have sex with him.” ‘She said she’d hit hard times. She had no money to her name. She was disgraced. Jeffrey offered her a job and then, I guess, because of her ability to procure girls for him and to teach us what he liked, she became a vital asset to him.
'The training she gave me was very thorough. It started on my first day at work following the “interview”. I began learning legitimate massage techniques. ‘She also taught me how to keep him emotionally happy. She said, “Be compliant. Always be cheerful. Always smile a lot.”
‘She told me that I should bring along any girlfriends I had who might be suitable. She said he liked white girls – no black girls, ever. If a girl was of any other heritage, she had to be a knockout beauty.
‘She also taught me what kind of clothes to buy. His favourite was to dress me as a schoolgirl, in pigtails and little pleated skirts, and knee socks. Ghislaine sent me to a dentist to have my teeth whitened and I went for Brazilian waxes. He wanted me to look pre-pubescent.
‘Ghislaine herself had flings with men, including a famous Hollywood star. Jeffrey didn’t mind that.He was very good to her.
'He bought her a house in New York, a house in London, a helicopter and a Mercedes convertible.
‘A British girl, Emmy Tayler, was very close to Ghislaine. Her job was to run errands for Ghislaine and do paperwork.
'Emmy wasn’t really Jeffrey’s type, being voluptuous and older. [She is now 36]. Jeffrey liked girls like me, with ballerina figures.
‘Emmy and I were very close but I didn’t tell her much about my background and she didn’t tell me much about hers. 'She came to the States to become a model or actress and said she met Ghislaine in New York. Ghislaine promised her a great lifestyle, like she’d promised me. She was given an apartment in the same New York building as me.’

Epstein's black book, has many doctors in it. The medical profession is totally taken over by satanists and for decades now.

Meet Rainn Wilson, an open satanist, shouting out the satanic life. How sick and F'd up can one soul be?

The Tomb Mastaba is an Ancient Egyptian false door representing the threshold between the worlds of the living and the dead. The deity or the spirit of the deceased could enter and exit the false door. Most false doors are found on the WEST WALL of a funerary chapel or offering chamber because the Ancient Egyptians associated the west with the land of the dead (Westing). The owner of the tomb would often have his name or likeness depicted on the Mastaba. In this case, it's for both demons and the slaughtered dead, as they are taken to the dry places, to be tortured for any sins in their "bank account" yet to be atoned for. Of course, those who carry the Atomic Blood of the Holy Spirit have no debt needing an accounting, and are passed on. Slaughtering such souls brings with it, a special judgement against the damned. One they cannot even fathom in horror and righteousness.

Satanists frankly mystify me. Knowing what I know, as they do, and yet they continue to serve that which is making for them, a most horrific future, by their very own hands. No amount of sex, money, or fame can even begin to balance out the dark fate awaiting their actions. Sooner rather tha later, too. We live in that time now.
Epstein Mastaba door, as found in so many OLD churches and temples across Asia and Europe. Even in America, in some catholic jesuit cathedrals. And in tombs in cemetaries, which go right over the heads of all these so called ghost hunters. They have no idea what they are looking at and its meaning.

False door for dead spirits to enter and exit. This is no accident this kill box temple is designed thusly. It's wholly to do with dark magic of the blackest kind.
Painted false door; the "hammerhead" surround is a frequent motif

Demonic anchoring at Black Mass Temple on Epstein Island. Each statue relates to an ancient nephilim demi-god that ruled viciously in their era. They are now in Sheol, but their demonic influence continues apace. These people serve the Beast and his Chieft Demons and the Fallen Angels of Mt Hermon Days. It's not just an art thing, it's about becoming possessed by these spirits to do the very worst on this plane, from which they are banished. These Fallen Angels and demons want to be back here in the worst way. And one day, after the 7th Trump, they will be.

The following may be difficult for you to follow, but if you take the team TO THINK IT THROUGH, the coding will make sense. Why do it this way? Well, like Dad, Team Truth and Freedom informs the people of its intentions, before they become reality, as Dad does, with his Prophets, past and present. It's a kind of spiritual law that even the dark side adheres to, in their predictive programming of evil doings they unleash upon the masses. In our case, it's about freedom and justice, in the satanist's side of things, it's about death and destruction and chaos. The bastards.

Same here in Ventura county, Calif. NO CTs for a week. Been nice.

Letting us know the real play. If you have the eyes to see. Do you?

Yeah...witches and Pizza. Which decodes to satanists and slaughtered children.

Public players, as they come and go

Are you getting it yet? It's okay, guys like me are here to help.

Coordinated assault against POTUS, using conditioning NLP phrase. They somehow believe their bullshit black magic and mind control has power over his spiritual protection? Good luck with that. We are on to you.

  UPDATE 7-16-19
Hunter moon, partial Lunar eclipse of Northern Europe. Once lovely countries with storied histories, now living shitholes of Jihadi violence against its host country. The EU-satanists all-did this to you people and you let them.

SPLC founder rapes daughters and her friends. And jewbie accuses white people of being bad?
14 Israelis arrested in child trafficking ring. MSM blocks out their faces, to protect them. Only jewbies get that kind of ass covering.
Thugs ran little kids in 13 countries. Only Colombia had them arrested.

Over 135,000 covens in the US alone. And they are coming out.


50,000 blondes met at the Canine Aquatic Center, Melbourne, for the first ever "Blondes Are Not Stupid" Convention.
Fabio Dikstikus, the organizer of the event, stated, "We are all here today to prove to the world that blondes are not stupid. Can I have a volunteer?"
A blonde gingerly works her way through the crowd and steps up to the stage.
Fabio asks her, "What is 15 plus 15?"
After 15 or 20 seconds she says, "Eighteen!"
Obviously everyone was a little disappointed. Then, through a sign of comradeship, 50,000 blondes start cheering, "GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE! GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE!"
Fabio, a little bewildered, stated, "Well since we've gone to the trouble of getting 50,000 of you in one place and we have worldwide press and global broadcast media here, gee, uh, I guess we can give her another chance."
So he asks, "What is 5 plus 5?"
After nearly 30 seconds she eventually says, "Ninety?"
Fabio, appearing quite perplexed, looks down and just lets out a dejected sigh - everyone is disheartened - the blonde starts crying and the 50,000 girls begin to yell and wave their hands shouting, "GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE! GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE!"
Fabio, unsure whether or not he is doing more harm than good, eventually says, "Ok! Ok! Just one more chance – What is 2 plus 2?"
The girl closes her eyes, and after a whole minute eventually says, "Four?"
Throughout the stadium pandemonium breaks out as all 50,000 girls jump to their feet, wave their arms, stomp their feet and scream… "GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE! GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE!"

The crash last year of the Q400 SeaTac crash into Ketron Island CEMEX CORP owned by the Clinton Foundation. A squalor shite hole and trans shipment point for slaves coming into pacific northwest.

Clinton Foundation again...evidence destroyed by "lone nut" plane crash of stolen passenger jet who just decided, after flying circles around Seattle, to aim for Ketron Island and wipe it out. You really believe this crap they sell you? What investigation was closing in on Ketron as an evidence vector? Will we ever know?

Truck entering DUMB from one of the entrances - Epstein Island. Base is active.

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before
'Relax' said the night man,
'We are programmed to receive.
You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave!'
Epstein Island doors painted to look real, 3D

Another Circle of satanists to look at. There's so many...and people wonder WHY the whole damned world is the way it is.
Indict them all, at the least. Pull on this thread and dang...
Hillary again. This nasty skank was into every single Pedo org ever in existence.

Ehrud Barak and Epstein
Too many big wigs with blood on their hands

So was HRC, then her body dissolved. Your dead eyes...hard to believe you are yet living.
Adrenochrome Dig:
the German company
"abcr" listed "Adrenochrome min. 90%" in their catalog and still has:
phoning info revealed, that they last got it in 2006 and since then they say have not received any more of it. Yet it is in their current catalogue for sale. They are lying, of course.
The Source for the Adrenochrome back in 2006 was the German arm of the Japanese Company TCI.
TCI is central organized in Europe in Belgium… (Brussels, Dutroux), and they don't give any info out there about how adrenochrome was harvested.
Info I have is you cant synthesize it in vitro but have to harvest it in vivo.
So either kids, organ donors or patients in hospitals without their knowledge..
The hierarchy goes JAPAN (all production) => BELGIUM (marketing, orga Europe) => Germany (distribution)
they deny having that product available any more. maybe was shutdown 2016. If you believe that.
The rarest of the rare, 10X more expensive than gold. Requires a living brain with a beating heart. Extraction process is always fatal to donor. Always. So, you are look at the quantity of at least 5 dead people to make that vial.

The HRC emails mentioning Mad Hatter White Rabbit code. Just so you know, this nasty cankle whore almost was POTUS.
Thank heavens this monster is no more.

Pedophile killer
Michael Ratner and John Jones both lawyers for Assange died within a month of each other in 2016.
Ellen Ratner was Michael's sister so I think there is a chance Assange would actually have trusted her.
After last weeks bs yahoonews Ed Butowsky was being called a Russian asset
So now, to clear his name, he's filed a lawsuit that outs FOX News reporter Ellen Ratner as being his source for the Seth Rich information, rather than Russia

The Freaks running our country, 2009-2017

White House threw secret ‘Alice in Wonderland’ bash during recession in 2009

TEA PARTY! Johnny Depp played host, as the Mad Hatter, at a 2009 White House bash, but a new book says it was kept quiet from the press for fear of backlash amid the recession. Post photo composite

It was the tea party the Obamas just couldn’t resist. Because they are so gay.
A White House “Alice in Wonderland” costume ball — put on by Johnny Depp and Hollywood director Tim Burton — proved to be a Mad-as-a-Hatter idea that was never made public for fear of a political backlash during hard economic times, according to a new tell-all.

“The Obamas,” by New York Times correspondent Jodi Kantor, tells of the first Halloween party the first couple feted at the White House in 2009. It was so over the top that “Star Wars” creator George Lucas sent the original Chewbacca to mingle with invited guests.
The book reveals how any official announcement of the glittering affair — coming at a time when Tea Party activists and voters furious over the lagging economy, 32% unemployment rate, bank bailouts and Obama’s health-care plan were staging protests — quickly vanished down the rabbit hole.

“White House officials were so nervous about how a splashy, Hollywood-esque party would look to jobless Americans — or their representatives in Congress, who would soon vote on health care — that the event was not discussed publicly and Burton’s and Depp’s contributions went unacknowledged,” the book says.

However, the White House made certain that more humble Halloween festivities earlier that day — for thousands of Washington-area schoolkids — were well reported by the press corps. Pedophiles just love the kids, don't you know.

Then the Obamas went inside, where an invitation-only affair for children of military personnel and White House administrators unfolded in the East Room, with Michelle doing a rendition of Dolly in drag for their entertainment.

Unbeknownst to reporters, the State Dining Room had also been transformed into a secretive White House Wonderland. At a cost of over 1 million dollars, donated by Depp, Burton, etc.

Tim Burton decorated it “in his signature creepy-comic style. His film version was about to be released, and he had turned the room into the Mad Hatter’s tea party, with a long table set with antique-looking linens, enormous stuffed animals in chairs, and tiered serving plates with treats like bone-shaped meringue cookies,” reports the book, which The Post purchased at a Manhattan bookstore.

“Fruit punch was served in blood vials at the bar. Burton’s own Mad Hatter, the actor Johnny Depp, presided over the scene in full costume, standing up on a table to welcome everyone in character.” (the blood vial thing is a HUGE satanic tell, among satanists. Very often they get their blood from blood banks, and it comes in single serving sizes of vials. As a per person drink. So this is their normal.)

The Obamas’ fake prop daughters, Malia and Sasha, then 11 and 8 respectively, “sat at the table, surrounded by a gaggle of their friends, and then proceeded to the next delight, a magic show in the East Room.”

Kantor’s book details more personal aspects of the Obama White House, serving up glimpses of the first couple’s marriage, parenting, sometimes tense handling of staff issues and even the president’s sly sense of humor when it comes to race, with his constant N...r this and N....r that in every sentence.

One morning during his Senate campaign, Obama didn’t show up to a meeting with donors. “After a frantic search, a white staffer named Peter Coffey called Obama’s barbershop to find that, yes, he was there.”

The president confronted Coffey about the call later that day.
‘The relationship between a black man and his barber is sacred,’ Obama bellowed . . . ‘For failing to understand this truth, your punishment is to watch the movie “Barbershop.” And for further punishment, you will then watch the sequel, “Barbershop 2.” ’ ”

Often White House staffers found themselves in the middle of husband-and-wife quarrels, with Obama screaming at the top of his lungs in a coke fueled frenzy. “The advisors could feel hopelessly caught between husband and wife,” Kantor writes. “The Obama marriage was awkward for everyone: for the aides, for the president . . . and for the first lady.” It's hard to watch coked out freaks engage in a sacred ceremony with their clothes off. With children present. Awkward.

And these freaks ran the country for 8 years. And the left bitches about normie Trump? Are you kidding me?

Followed by a totally gay orgy

You were warned. Your indictment is already on the books. You fronted an attempt at race war, which the media pushed - still does- and who knows how many would have been killed or injured. Because of you. You.

They had no idea the bitch would die on them before the election. She did. She died 6:06PM EST. Secret service took over morgue and attending physicians and doctors and staff were threatened/forced to sign NDAs regarding her death. But by that time, ABC, NBC, and two local radio affiliates had already broadcast her demise. I have the videos, but every time I put them up, I get a copyright strike. can't afford any more of those, so...where to upload them? Since that time three nurses died and one physician, at the hospital. Guess why they went? Word is, they were chatty about what they saw that day on the phone. They had to know they would be under strict surveillance for sometime, but most people are not aware of how pervasive surveillance is in our time, especially if you have inside knowledge on something they'd rather you didn't have in the first place. We are talking about the SS. The same shites who setup JFK and are protecting Trump(ha!)


Full Moon Rise and Set and alignment

Power Outage in NE DC. So much for security systems.

James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong, in Rothschild family photo. The links go deep with these devils.

Comet Ping Pong Rape and Kill Center

The TerraMar Pedophile Trafficking Ring 
and their members-financiers. They call their pedo rings "going Green," or the "Green deal." Talk about double meanings, eh O'Crazio? You know your busted, blown, we have your codes. We DO KNOW what you are really saying, you SOBs. And it has nothing to do with saving the planet, either.
And now the world knows your names

They thought she'd win. Big mistake. She died instead on 9-11-16

Running scared, because the layers of lies are dissolving around the monsters

Coming...coming for you.

Maybe raping children wasn't such a good idea, after all.

All in the Pedo, Rothschild, pizzagate family

UPDATE 7-15-19

Dclas Clock Timing Upcoming. If there is any justice, each one of these devils will be exposed for their actions of the last several years. And the timing is now.

Hey, gay guy...the reveals on you are staggering. It would fill a book. There's an idea. You ordered "pizza" for private dinner at the white house that cost $60,000.00 Flew in from Chicago, at our expense. With walnut sauce, the OMB reports. We know what walnut sauce means. It means young black boys. And cheese pizza is disposable children. You are right up there with the rest of the swine. Along with your tranny freak 1st whatever you call it.
One is a REAL woman, the other a satanic fake job, like the New Zealand tranny that is PM there. It's the big hoax of our time...running trannies as real women. Think Serena Williams, know what I mean.

Buried entrance?

Epstein Island drone view. Notice the "tennis court" that isn't a tennis court. It's laid out like one, to appear as one, from overhead surveillance, so the island appears as just another rich man's playground. But, when you see it from an angle at the side, you can clearly see it is NOT A TENNIS COURT AT ALL. No one plays tennis on the side of a hill. It's quite impossible. It's a subterfuge. This kind of deception can be found at almost every DUMB site. Depictions of reality that are not real at all, but a massive fake out. Also, there is a sundial nearby, which is actually an entrance that pivots like a hatch. From the air, it looks just like a sundial, like the other big one on the other side of the island, but this one is in the middle of nowhere so to say. Which means it's not a sundial at all, but something else.

This whole island is one big deception. So flyovers by whomever see nothing amiss, and governments are none the wiser of the islands FAR DARKER PURPOSE. It's a satanic grotto, controlled by  the international pedo trafficking ring and grotto. Among many other things, including a military base, but WHOSE MILITARY?

He can't be bought off. And he's a decent sort, with a SOUL. Unlike the satanic pedo freaks that came before him.

Thing about President Trump. Best and only indi president we've had since JFK. In fact, he's this generation's Jack Kennedy. Treasure it while you can. Like Jack, He's done more in a few years than any president has done in the previous 50, adding all things up. You don't know about his achievements because he is blacklisted that way by the media, the bastards.

Also, they are going to kill him. He knows it. He's been warned. As was Jack, by everyone who could reach him, historical fact. 

If it were me, I'd limit those AF1 plane rides to a minimum, because they have hyper-sonic missiles (CIA has its own air force, 6th largest in the world, and they are his WORST domestic enemy). No amount of F15 escort can save Big Bird from missiles that move at 17X the speed of sound. 

But, worst of all, other than that, the only way to get to POTUS is because the secret service is in on it, as they were with Jack, Ford, Reagan. The people protecting the Boss, are the ones who arrange his setup, in the end. 

Sad to say
JFK...a Great man, as is President Trump.

Bill Maher, High Priest robe with staff of authority. Dude looks like a pimp, which in reality, HE IS. These people are sick. And of course, a huge gem encrusted dollar sign around his neck. The's always about the dollars.


Primary clock, no annotations

As they do on every FULL MOON and WITCHES SABBATH, the witches have moved in the safe house next door.  You can set your watch by these nephilim.
Abominations, entitlement freak NON women

You people are monsters. F'ing monsters.

You're next. And no phone call to Michael Obama is going to save you this time. So, unless you like doing 50 years for your 16 felonies, you know what you have to do, Oh, and fucko, no bail this time. Unless you have 2 million dollars and whoever puts that up for you becomes target NUMBER ONE. Fair warning. More than you shites ever give decent people who WILL NOT go with the Beast.
Take the deal or life in prison. Which, you probably would like, except for the fact, a great many bad guys in the slammer can't wait to get their hands on you for your fake hate crime shite.

In case you've forgotten, Mike is a tranny love toy for gay boys.
Pussy Smollet is small potatoes. But, he's connected to a great many dark lights in government, who all stepped up to save his lying ass when their little WHITE RACIST SCAM fell apart. Collectively, they got him out of jail and charges dropped, because after all, the idiot was only following THEIR ORDERS. That's why he is getting Federal charges. And he knows it's coming, because it's been telegraphed for over a week now. Gay shills are still selling the Smollet was attacked by racist white people like it's some kind of true event. And, sad to say, people believe it. Mostly female democrats with blue hair and fudge packers.

The layouts at Epstein island are very similar to the layouts at the China Lake Naval Facility in the Mojave desert.  There are 3 connected DUMBS there, well, two now. One went away. The media called it an earthquake. Someone used the "omega device" all DUMBS have. A small nuclear fission device to destroy the base and everything inside, with a very dirty plutonium barium cobalt core. Making it nigh impossible to get in there, even if you had tunnel access, and live to tell the tale. 

In point of fact, that's the danger of trying to get into one of these things, even if a government wanted to, to get rid of its shadow govt overlords who really run things. They have these aces in the hole.

Now here is the shocker, very few know about this. And I don't expect you to believe me. But, first how about this. Everything I've been on about since 1997, I have proven to be accurate and true. Everything. Especially those of you who have been following my work for many years. I don't draw attention to myself, I don't make look at me videos, I just present the work and let it speak for itself. In due time, its veracity is quite apparent.

Here's the thing. The NWO, the Illuminati, the Deep State, or whatever the latest BS meme thing they are calling themselves to keep shifting focus away from themselves, have these NUCLEAR WEAPONS IN ALL MAJOR CITIES, JUST LIKE WITH THE DUMBS.

Do you understand why and what that means? Give it a think. Sit back with a cup of coffee and a stogy and think about it. why do that?

That kind of fail-safe is your ace in the hole, don't you dare fuck with us, threat to any government that gets too big for its britches. They came to this conclusion after they whacked out JFK. Trumps knows this. And it's for this reason, his hand has often been stayed to move against them in a big way.

He knows, as I do, that should he go all out against these bastards - they have nothing to lose at that point should he do so - they'll pull the trigger. They even have a media cover story for it. Which was North Korea. Now it's Russia, again, like it was before 1989. The big RUSSIA IS OUR ENEMY meme they have been shoving down our throats with every breath the shites take.

This is a ground level facade, that so many DUMBS have, to hide in plain sight access to the area below the surface. This is no ordinary rich man's island. This is a satanic grotto of the worst kind,with MKultra, human sacrifice, and naval facilities all on the QT. Well, not any more.

If you download these images (and you should be downloading ALL MY IMAGES BTW) and blow them up, you will see large steel rings for Sikorsky helo pickup and removal. At night, of course. This is for heavy equipment to be brought below. Most DUMBS have varying versions of this. Now you know what to look for. This access is very well concealed, as they built rocky landscape escarpment stuff into the false ground. This can be verified by E6B type technology flyovers, to confirm size and material of covering. Only the grass is real and is well watered to  maintain the illusion. This is right at the KILL BOX TEMPLE. In most cases, underground hydrolic equipment is installed to lift open the "hatch", as it were, but until that time, the lift loops. That they left these visible rather than cutting them off, is in case they lose power and need to get below, ala generator failure. Which is why they can still be found on most DUMBS worldwide, hiding in plain site, usually with bushes planted adjacent to make them nigh invisible. D

"Drain the swamp" is an anagram for "A wrath impends"

JULY: will be created at the end of the month, will update board with link
RIGHT-CLICK, CHOOSE "SAVE AS" to download zip file
All articles Q posts/responds to are also being ARCHIVED due to high risk of editing/deletion to scrub evidence.
Because they are trying to erase this vector. Always download, always backup.

 UPDATE 7-14-19

And Step Up and Be Counted
It couldn't be more clear...

Tel Aviv...human trafficking center of the med

Dershowitz covered for Epstein

When satanists gather

More on Epstein Islands, he own Great st James AND little St. James

*No door or entrance from outside.
*Front door is just paint on concrete.
*Front door "drop bar" could be symbolic.
*Back door is locked from the inside.
*There's a crappy mattress inside.
*If there's an elevator, it's obscured from view, and not along the windows. Maybe front?
*If there was an elevator, it didn't have machinery on the roof.
*The roof appears to have cellular equipment of some kind where the owl used to be.
*The rusted equipment in the middle looks like telecom boxes.
Here are my questions:
*Was this just always meant to be a cell tower / telco site?
*What was under that dome? Just equipment for the antennas seen now?
*Why no access from the outside?
*How does one enter this building?
*Why wasn't it repaired after the hurricane.

Kill Box

Going forward, ever forward. His hand be upon POTUS and all involved who are doing this Great Work. We bend our knee to Yeshua, son of YHVH. And with His banner, serve.
We are for you. I see it now. 42 must go away. Blessed be 45.

We thank you deeply for returning the hope you promised last November. We knew you wouldn't let us down. Please remind POTUS to be careful in the fall. Their bad intentions come to a peak, as it were, at that time.

The witches are already gathering. Going to be a wild one, given all that is going on this last week. Some are born to endless night, some are born to sweet the Light.

Epstein Pedo Island DUMB their grotto.

Ghislaine Maxwell's "Charity" TerraMar Project. It closed or was shut down 6 days after JE was arrested. TerraMar was funded through Clinton Foundation. TerraMar is what kind of "charity?"

Find out.

Pedo sigil: contains Eye of Horus (Nimrod, anti Christ), 666, the pedo swirl with two dots. All in one.

It took a week of digging, but here it is, one of the tunnel entrances to the DUMB on EPSTEIN ISLAND for boats to slip in and out of, hidden from St. Thomas and other prying eyes. There are two others. There is a DUMB here. The Navy knows, as does the CIA and NSA. Of course these were attacked by drones last saturday, to destroy surface entrances. But with back hoes, they can be reopened. Look for naval vessels anchored offshore, seemingly doing nothing. Or more accurately, fishing trawler type ships, that are NOT fishing. These are surveillance anchorages. The last thing these bastards want is team Trump sending a battalion of rangers there with CBs to start digging.


Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Roberts - who claims to have seen Bill Clinton on Epstein's infamous island while she was being sex-trafficked as a child. Maxwell was the mistress who handled all arrangements, including bringing children, like her, to the island. She tried swimming from the island to escape and was hunted down by Maxwell in a boat with armed men and returned to Pedo Island. She has testified that she has, for several years, been passed around the royals and the elite as a sex kitten. She has had three attempts on her life since coming forward. She also claims that the women rapists were the worst, often beating their victims with fire pokers while they sodomized them with strap-on dildoes. Maxwell herself participated in most of the orgies. Her testimony has been confirmed by other young ladies and children, who were not sacrificed, but used over and over again as sex slaves, as many of the rich and famous politicians keep in their estate homes until they tire of them. Then finish. Over 17 children have come forward. But, like many investigations, nothing is ever happened and their testimony is thrown out of court by corrupt judges, who are often pedophiles themselves, as current cases in England are doing right now, today.

 Blackout in Times Square while US Flag Stayed Lit
And they fill the streets, as the buildings are dark. Back in '77, there was a baby boom 9 months later. Of course, back then we had TWO genders, not 42 freaky deak abominations. So maybe not this time.

Key to Keystone

Lights out, lights out in the City. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
  • 1977 Reason: Hot Summer night, too much Air Conditioning overwhelmed the Electrical Grid.
  • 2003 Reason: Hot Summer night, too much Air Conditioning overwhelmed the Electrical Grid.
  • 2012 Hurricane Sandy - Water flooded the Power Stations. Power outage from tip of Manhattan to 42 Street. On the East side the power was out for 5 days.
  • 2019 Today was a mild Summer day, around 84 degrees during the day. 42,000 without power. What caused the Blackout? A cover story has been already prepared to handle this op.
The key code here is 42
42 years since the big 77 black out in Manhattan
42,000 people without power
42,000 people without power during 2003 blackout
power outage starts on 42nd street.

Who was the 42nd President of the USA? Bill Clinton.

Someone is signalling to someone, something.

Hey Bill, your name keeps coming up on every single investigation thread on all these pedo rings, occult sacrifices, you name it. EVERY SINGLE TIME. It's you, bud. And some of your pals are singing...about you. And this time, unlike your dead ex wife, they are going public with it.

So, this is for you. Consider it a courtesy thing, in case you simply JUST DON'T GET IT. You have been warned. The Lights Out, means YOUR LIGHTS OUT. The US flag still lit in the middle of blackout central means the republic survives, when you go away.

Do the nation and the republic a solid and exit. I believe the machinery is coming for you, as they did Mcnoname. You don't have much time, you know. And more to the point, you already know all this. If I know it, you know it. 

Goree Island, Gilbralter
HUGE pedophile island of the rich and famous, known as DEATH ISLAND

The Nasty Hollywood Witch. Shit, raid her slave castle, lots of trapped women and kids in there.


The CIA, clowns, are everywhere

Liars smell bad, so do child rapists

UPDATE 7-13-19

Dead man Switch Tripped After Pedogate Witch Murdered for outing her coven and other covens. This witch confessed to every vile deed under the sun. When you hear what they do as their daily, you'll understand the danger they are to the world.
Noted witch made MANY videos extolling witchcraft and satanism in the USA. I put up one of her videos a few years back to show how sick these people really are, at every level. BTW, the necklace she is wearing is known as the DOUBLE CROSS. Which means exactly what it means, betrayal. It's also a signal that she is also Jesuit, the satanic branch of catholacism. She is being touted as a patriot and someone doing good. REALLY? Her old videos are quite an eye-opener about what this foul nest brought to this world.

This lady was one sick puppy. Here is one of her videos I put up back in 2014

Pedophile and witch Tracy Twyman mysteriously passed away at the age of 41 after receiving many death threats and meeting with the FBI who refused to take her treasure trove of information on child sex trafficking. The crooked FBI wouldn’t even meet her in the FBI building! Nothing is going to change in our country until the dirty FBI is cleaned up! Clearly with this happening to Tracy, it’s not been cleaned up at all! They are completely corrupt and covering up pedogate to this day! Please tweet this story @realdonaldtrump @potus and tell him to clean it up!

Before she died, she recorded what is on this video which was just uploaded by a friend in case of her death.

Building a better future? For who, the witches who kidnap, torture, rape and murder young kids? Watch these people get minimal jail time.

The event host for EAT RED is Mario Batali in his RED SHOES. Red shoes is code for ritual sacrifice, eat red is THE FOOD ARE CHILDREN. FYI... Famous celebs and the rich attend. These people are sick.

Special gatherings actually mean, human sacrifice and all that, later...invitation only affairs.

Where witches and pedophiles gather

Her signage is a dead giveaway...satan

Lesbian Witch. Cuts more than tomatoes with that knife you know... You have dead eyes to go with your heart of stone, honey.

UPDATE 7-12-19

Alan Dershowitz in Epstein Lolita Express flight log. Why are most of the people on these logs Jewish?

Federal prosecutors allege in a new court filing that Jeffrey Epstein may have engaged in witness tampering by paying off two potential witnesses days before the Miami Herald began publishing a series of explosive exposés about the registered sex offender and his victims.  

According to financial records, Epstein wired $350,000 to two 'possible co-conspirators' who could testify against him. $100,000 was wired from "Institution-1" to one person, while just three days later $250,000 was wired to another individual. Neither of the payments appear to be recurring based on five years of bank records. 

Is one of the co-conspirators Ghislaine Maxwell? 
The daughter of a British media barron, Maxwell was described by one Epstein accuser in a 2017 lawsuit as "the highest ranking employee" of his alleged enterprise, in which she was said to have managed both Epstein's household and his sex life. 

Via the Wall Street Journal:

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of a British media baron, was a fixture for years in Manhattan’s social scene, often written about in tabloids for her close ties to British royalty and to a mysterious financier named Jeffrey Epstein.
But Mr. Epstein’s arrest last week on sex-trafficking charges has brought renewed attention to her alleged role as one of his top aides.
Ms. Maxwell, 57 years old, has been accused by three women in affidavits and other court filings of recruiting young women for Mr. Epstein and training them for sex. Two of the women have alleged that Ms. Maxwell, together with Mr. Epstein, sexually assaulted them, according to the filings.
What's more, "Juan Alessi, who said in one of the depositions that he served as the Palm Beach house manager from around 1992 through 2002, described a basket of sex toys in Ms. Maxwell’s bathroom closet. He said he would find them around when he cleaned up after visits from the young women," according to the Journal
Alessi also says Maxwell asked him to make a list of massage parlors and massage schools in the area - asking him to then drive her around to the location where she collected business cards. 
Maxwell was also a guest at Chelsea Clinton's wedding

To say Epstein's alleged dick-fixer gets around would be an understatement...

Epstein's estimated net worth
Also of interest, in arguing against Jeffrey Epstein's request for house arrest pending his trial for allegedly sex-trafficking minors, federal prosecutors noted that the 66-year-old financier is worth at least $500 million, earning at least $10 million per year according to two banks. 

This filing comes after Judge Richard M. Berman ordered Epstein's lawyers to 'hand-deliver' his financial information by 9:00 a.m. on Friday to the court and opposing counselIf Epstein doesn't claim to have an income of at least $10 million and a net worth of $500 million, it may affect his chances of being granted house arrest. 

Earlier in the week Epstein's attorneys argued that he should be allowed out on house arrest pending trial, arguing that he would offer his $77 million mansion as collateral - where "the Government has discovered and seized a significant volume of photographs of nude and seminude young women and girls," according to the government's filing. 
Prosecutors say Epstein's mansion "provides no value whatsoeveras collateral, "because the defendant would thus be likely to lose that property following a conviction." 
The government similarly noted that Epstein's offer to put his Gulf stream jet up for collateral is bogus, as the financier "recently sold a second plane and thus presumably has cash on hand to replace the posted aircraft without difficulty if need be." 
Looks like Epstein may find himself stuck in a 100 square-foot cell until his trial, unless his lawyers are able to pull off some genuine legal magic. 

Hiding in plain sight...1930s And they even mention the screams, of the sacrifices at midnight.

Hollywood...San Fran...don't even think of running, sweetie. It's too late for that.

Old family friend Benet's, member of the coven, first born dies. Finally arrested, after who knows many children he raped and murdered with the coven. 74 is the number I heard. You should be scared. Do they know about the stuff under your car seat in the back? They do now. Or are your "friends" going to clean that mess up for you?


Epstein Has 'Secret' Steel Safe In Off-Limits Room On 'Pedo Island'

With all eyes on Jeffrey Epstein following his Saturday arrest on charges of underage sex-trafficking, we now turn our attention to the mysterious island owned by the pedophile financier. And while he was arrested his plane was being stripped to the frame by its "new" owners and his island burned to the ground. A coincidence, to be sure. Right? Right????

satanist, pedo freak, child killer, et al

Protected by the satanic establishment of many countries. These are killing grounds of the young. Just like in ancient Carthage.

Little St. James - or as locals call it "Pedophile Island" or "Orgy Island," sits to the east of Puerto Rico right next to St. Thomas island. Epstein reportedly preferred the nickname "Little St. Jeff's." 

The 'temple' during the dead children days:

Epstein purchased the island for $7.95 million in 1998 - visiting the island up to three times a month for a few days at a time up until his 2008 'sweetheart' deal for 13 months in prison with partial work-release, brokered by now-fired ('resigned') Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta. That's 2 decades of kidnapping, raping, torturing, terrorizing, and murdering young children. By the world's rich and famous.

Back in his heyday, before his 2008 guilty plea in Florida, Epstein would visit his piece of the Virgin Islands archipelago about two or three times a month for stays of three or four days, according to the former staffer, who asked not to be named because Epstein insisted on secrecy from his employees. He described it as a Zen-like retreat when Epstein was there, padding around naked in shorts and flip-flops, with meditative music piped into the area around the main house, the cabanas and the pool, where children would sunbathe topless or in the nude. -Bloomberg
Shortly after he purchased the island, Epstein began construction on the 72-acre property, according to Bloomberg - carving roads, planting palm trees, and building a massive stone mansion and a weird temple-like structure which had its gold-colored dome blown off by Hurricane Irma in 2017. A foreshadowing of what was to come, Jeffy, you bastard.

Tourists still take boats out to get a glimpse of the island, where, according to a former employee, Epstein hosted young women who flew into St. Thomas with him and were ferried over in groups aboard a 38-foot vessel called the “Lady Ghislaine,” apparently named for his friend Ghislaine Maxwell, a high priestess in the satanic cabal.
Epstein also installed a secret safe in his office, which was off-limits aside from the occasional housekeeper. 

The only unusual aspect of the main residence the former worker said he was aware of were the security boxes in two offices. The level of secrecy around a steel safe in Epstein’s office, in particular, suggested it contained much more than just money, he said. Outside of an occasional visit by a housekeeper, no one was allowed in those rooms. -Bloomberg
With the source of Epstein's wealth a longstanding mystery, and rumors swirling that Epstein may have been backed by a "state sponsor" for a honeypot blackmail operation, the contents of Epstein's off-limits safe should be of the utmost interest to US prosecutors. Or so they say.  Don't buy this disinformation. Epstein was a bad guy, not working for any investigation or entrapment. He's just the first of many, who is and was, willing to deal to save his hide. Any entrapment stuff is strictly disinfo.

Trust me, any real evidence went away with last weekend's total destruction of the island by a convenient FIRE, that locals described as an AIR STRIKE, not a brush fire. This was due to ALL THE EXPLOSIONS AND INCENDIARIES DETONATING, ONE AFTER ANOTHER and the sound of planes, high over head.

Does that sound like a brush fire to you?

Only if you are a satanist or in the media (redundant), probably.  

I'm sure the underground facility is fine. But the airstrike got rid of any island entrances should an investigative team visit. It doesn't get rid of the two entrances on St Thomas. Every DUMB has not one, but two exit passages, on the deepest levels, that lead MILES away to a well concealed position. On land, large warehouse type buildings and near the shore, local fishing docks that locals never seem to use, because they are, in fact, off limits to locals OR ELSE.

Not just a fire, a surgical strike to make things go far far away.

-------------- Satanism is the worst kind of mental illness that can exist. The worst kind. There is nothing good in it, at any level. No freedom, no anything but abomination and disgust. And frankly, they deserve the fate that they themselves have chosen.
Why can't you just die dammit

If you want to be a High Priestess, you must kill,in ritual, your oldest first born child. By your own hand. How many families do you know where the first born died young. And forget about the cover story, just first born died young. The numbers are staggering.

We'll provide the trail, you provide the justice

(Christchurch) Hampstead Heath, satanic child abuse case, Judge said the kids were lying, kids interviews and more available open source on line, The father took kids to US, complicated story, Many "Celebs" in and around the area,


Maybe you could dye your hair blue and add a couple of more tattoos? Yeah, that's the ticket. Did that help the last time you witches got bitch slapped?

Plenty of evidence from hundreds of vectors...time to take them down

Mueller and Illuminati trying to dodge the clock alignment of the 17th July. Getting it now? THE CLOCK.

the collar won't save you boyo

The Gay thing and all the freak extensions from it. In short, satanism. Using the publicly outed zion protocols of 100 years ago.
Ok we should be allowed to exist behind closed doors but it's not like we are demanding public mass acceptance of our fetish or anything.
Ok we want you to all accept our right to act like perverted faggots in public but its not like we want gay marriage or anything
Ok we want gay marriage but it's not like we want it to be illegal to disagree with us or anything
Ok we want speaking out against us to be considered hate speech but it's not like we are pushing for sexualizing children or anything.
Ok so we are pushing for trans kids and the open sexualization of children but we aren't pushing for having sex with them or anything.
Ok so we are now having drag and trans kids strip for us and sexually perform but we still haven't demanded you let us fuck them so your accusation that we are pedos is still a lie!
Ok so we finally admit that we want to fuck them but only by lowering the age of consent to 14 OK? It's not not like we are going after prepubescents or anything
Ok so we are literally fucking your 8 year old daughter on camera and forcing her to take male hormones but it's not like we are demanding society to fund it or anything
Alright you fucking capitalist bigots child sex slaves should be funded by the state and provided free of charge to anyone who identifies as LGBTQFUCKO. Please remember that according to our recent changes to the constitution any dissent to our demands is considered hate speech and punishable by death.

This is a plan. Like feminism is/was a plan, in three waves. 1st wave feminism made sense, was practical and fair, but it opened so many doors... Now, with feminism, it's hate whitey, hate whitey male even more, and women over ALL races of men, no matter what or ELSE. Each of these satanic agendas has a scheduled plan, that they stick to and to which they use a timeline (the clock, remember) and which works for them. Once you see it for what it is, you can see it the environmental movement that removes people from our hinterlands and forests, et al.

The human sacrifice one is going to be the hardest one for them, but they have already started with satanism classes in schools, satanic credos in monuments, etc. That's phase one. Imagine what phase 5 will be like. It will be animal sacrifice because that IS THEIR RELIGION they will argue.

And sadly, they will get it, too.

a witness, traumatized for life. She has never smiled. Not likely to either, for quite a while. Wait until you people find out and REALIZE, it's not just the uber rich and elite. It's all levels of satanism and the intelligence agencies, from the waitress to kingpin. I've run into them at every strata, and they have no conscience. No soul. They are nephilim.

This will make it easier for you to understand the whole clock thingy. It's about linking life cycle timelines to a grander timeline, in time and space. For example, it's why the big push right now on exposing these shits doing these horrific things to children, RIGHT NOW. This could have been done any time, obviously.

But why NOW?

The clock. Life is a clock, as I've hinted at over the years in articles. Follow?

PS. I know, not enough detail. It's like this. Combine your calendar with a clock with historical events. Put all three together. Then the patterns emerge. Why battles, wars, big doings, and so on, happen when they do and very soon, you see the WHY they do, too. Then you have it, see? Then you have it.

Then you have THEM. The bad guys. Because this is how they do and working within their patterns, you can disrupt and destroy THEIR clock, with something freer. Thereby freeing the world.

Now is it making sense? Why things happen when they do and the timing of the fight against that satanic pattern?

Outside of the Satanic Network at the Grand Druid level, very few people even are aware of this and it goes back to the time of Babylon. No kidding. The jewbies use the clock. In fact, it's their damned clock.

But Dad has His clock too. It's the one we work from. And the satanists can go F themselves. (sorry, lifetime of angst with these creatures)

If I have the time, and I don't because this work is MASSIVE, I'll put more of this kind of stuff up. To help you understand thingies. But I see now, it's not registering. But, hope springs eternal, as they say. Whoever says that. Click on picture to enlarge.

PS. Thanks to DC, AS, FB for the help. I'm grateful.

the 20th, 23rd, tomorrow. All murders, plus four more following.

By the by...Clowns is code for CIA. You hear clowns, you hear CIA.

Baphomet layout of Epstein Island *(this just gets DARKER AND DARKER)

Gosh Jeffy, did you think we wouldn't notice?

Mueller gave Epstein a pass

Seems that Mueller may have CRIMINALLY assigned Epstein as a FBI/CIA Israeli Operative to SETUP the Rich/Elite (DC, Hollywood, UK, worldwide CEOs, etc) USING CHILDREN AND HOLD BLACKMAIL OVER THEM as he VIDEO TAPED THEM ALL! This then gave ROBERT MUELLER FULL POWER OVER EVERYONE FOR HIS EVIL SATANIC RULE TO CONTROL THE WORLD! 

So "whos" behind the OZ Curtian MUELLER is doing this for? 

US Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta is under attack due to his handling of the 2007-2008 child sex trafficking prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein, states that the true facts of this case show it was, in fact, FBI Director Robert Mueller who ordered Epstein freed, not Acosta—most particularly because Epstein was an informant for Mueller—and as further confirmed by British-American investigative reporter Vicky Ward who, revealed that Acosta cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade—and Acosta exactly stating: “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone”

Then issues surrounding child sex trafficker Epstein came exposed in early June-2016 after Shahriar Zolfaghari was targeted and assassinated by CIA assassins in Atlanta-GA—a “message killing” meant for his wife Camila Wright who, as Georgia’s statewide prosecutor for human trafficking, was preparing to file sex crime charges against both former President Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein—but who afterwards, left office to become the Executive Director of the Georgia Life Alliance and joined President Trump’s crusade to save the lives of unborn babies. 

In 2016, it was confirmed that Jeffrey Epstein was an OPERATIVE of Israeli intelligence working with both the FBI and CIA in a covert operation designed to capture targeted elites (billionaires/Hollywood celebrities/heads of state/politicians/etc.) on video performing sex acts with minor children for blackmail purposes—the most prominent of whom was former President Bill Clinton whom Epstein filmed raping a 13-year-old girl child.
Pedophile Codes and Links

How about the fact that John and Tony Podesta are old friends of Jeffery Epstein, Dennis Hastert and Clement Freud, three convicted child molesters? Who has so many child rapists as friends? Who stays friends with child rapists after they're exposed and convicted?

How about the Katy Grannan photos plastered around the Podestas' mansion, depicting naked teenagers?

How about Tony Podesta writing he's "very good and a little wired" from being seated next to "the kids" on an airplane?

How about the underground vault on the Podestas' property which admittedly allows them to watch "very complicated video pieces"?

If you are feeling ill-at-ease, that reaction is honorable. And the worse thing is you haven't yet seen much. But for more, you'll have to look for it. Indeed one might be breaking statutory laws by linking to some of the clues Internet sleuths have found in the past three weeks.

For example, did you know James Alefantis, listed 49th "most influential" person in DC by GQ, chef and White House regular, boyfriend of David Brock, owner of Comet Ping Pong, had an Instagram account filled with references to and depictions of child abuse and torture? Indeed it's not just the frescoes in his restaurant or the "artists" he hosts there; it's not even the fact his menu and the logos of three other iconic businesses next door feature FBI-recognized pedophilia symbols. No, this is about his own posts, pictures, comments and friends on social media. Again, you'll have to look it up for yourself. It is hardly ambiguous. Indeed it is Alefantis who puts the pizza in #Pizzagate.

If that surprises you, did you know Arun Rao was caught "liking" several of Alefantis' creepiest toddler Instagram posts? Again, that could be dismissed - only there's all this context, and the fact Mr Rao is a Assistant US attorney, and charged with prosecuting child pornography and abuse.

And if you're still not distinguishing the pattern, did you know that Laura Silsby (Gayler), the woman caught trying to smuggle thirty-three children out of Haiti (a country where the Clinton Foundation isn't without controversy), whose release from jail became a personal matter for Ms Clinton, thereafter became an associate of MyStateUSA, which changed its name to AlertSense, and which is the one providing the technology to issue Amber Alerts?


Police did NOTHING to track down victim of child porn snuff film

 Andreas Bauminis was sentenced to eight months in prison for possessing the snuff film [PH]
The existence of “snuff” pornography, in which the victim is killed on camera, has long been rumoured, but until last year no police officer had ever seen one.

A film seized during a raid on a Latvian man’s house in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, shows a teenage girl begging a man not to hurt her before she is raped, then strangled with a wire causing her to foam at the mouth and her eyes to roll back into her head.

She is then wrapped tightly in a plastic sheet and dragged from the room.

The police officer leading the inquiry was convinced she was murdered.

The judge who sentenced Andreas Bauminis, 22, to eight months in jail for possessing that film and other material in March also said she was probably killed.

From her accent, police believe the girl to be American, but despite having images of her and her apparent killer for 15 months, they have done nothing to help trace them.

Neither Britain’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), which is part of the National Crime Agency (NCA), nor any US agency such as the FBI have yet been sent the video.

Both CEOP and the US agencies have powerful facial recognition software.

Campaigning Labour MP Tom Watson said the revelations highlighted a serious failure in the UK’s policing of child pornography.

He is calling on the Government to establish a specialised independent agency similar to the successful Operation Predator in the US, which has arrested 8,000 paedophiles since it was launched in 2003.

Mr Watson said: “If the view of the judge and the police in this case is true, then Britain's police have sat on evidence of a child murder for over a year.

“It's negligent and scandalous that the utmost urgency has not been applied with this case.

“The Americans should have been immediately informed and the NCA should have picked up the investigation."

This case highlights the desperate inadequacies in our country's arrangements for investigating serious sexual abuse of children.

“The National Crime Agency is not taking child abuse seriously enough and regional police forces are ill equipped to act."

The solution is simple: an independent, and properly funded national child exploitation investigation team similar to the US model.

“The Americans have had huge success in rescuing children from child pornography and in bringing offenders to justice.

“That's exactly what we need."
 tom watson, ncaMP Tom Watson calls for a specialist agency to track down those involved in child pornography [GETTY]
If the view of the judge and the police in this case is true, then Britain’s police have sat on evidence of a child murder for over a year
Labour MP Tom Watson
The raid on Bauminis’s house in February 2013 came after a tip-off from the Russian Interior Ministry, which had monitored an upload of child pornography from a UK-based computer address.

The Russian government contacted CEOP, which traced the computer to a house in Skelmersdale.When Lancashire Police raided the home, they discovered an “enormous” computer that one officer said resembled “something out of a submarine”.

Sick films, including Japanese cartoons depicting sexual abuse of children by adults and animals, were found.

However, it was the other 20-minute video featuring a white, blonde girl of about 14 years of age and made about two years ago that shook even hardened officers.

Detective Constable Edward Wenham, who led the investigation, said it was the “worst thing I had seen by a country mile”.

He said: “My firm belief was this child was definitely killed.

“A man in his 40s was decorating; he had a goatee beard and you could see his face quiet clearly.

“The young girl came into the room and asked him for money to go to cheerleading camp.

“The girl was white. It was apparent that the man was either her father or stepfather.

“The man began to shout obscenities, then he sexually abused her before strangling her and sexually abusing her again.

“After that he laid out a clear plastic sheet and laid the body in this, then wrapped it tightly around her.

“It took about three minutes for this. I was convinced this was not acting and that the girl was dead.

“If she had been play-acting when the plastic was wrapped around her face she could not have been able to keep so still.

“If it was acting, it was better than an Oscar-winning performance: her eyes didn’t blink or move at all.

”Other horrific videos showing even younger girls being abused were also found, which detectives believe were made in Russia."

Mr Wenham said: “It was very difficult to sleep at night after viewing them all.

“I’ve got two little children myself.”

Bauminis was arrested at the factory where he worked.

He was living with his brother, his brother’s wife and their two young children.

At his arrest, he admitted downloading the videos from a “file sharing programme” but later refused to answer all further questions.

He later pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography.

Sentencing at Liverpool Crown Court in March, Judge Dennis Watson QC said while it was difficult to be certain that the girl had died on camera “all the evidence points to the fact that she almost certainly did”.

He imposed a prison sentence of eight months and Bauminis could be released this summer.

Mike Hames, the former head of Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Unit, described the seizure of the “snuff” video as “incredibly important” because it appeared to verify long held suspicions such material existed.

He said it was vital to comb through Bauminis’s contacts.

“You have to work on the presumption he’ll be part of a wider network of paedophiles they’ll be sharing child pornography between them.

“This is a worldwide problem and it requires cooperation between the police forces around the world.

“In this case it’s even more important the images of the abusers and victims are shared. This is a murder – and the murder must be stopped before he does it again.”

Lancashire Police, like almost all regional police forces in Britain, does not have a specialist child pornography investigation unit.

The Sunday Express understands that the general volume of work at Lancashire Police has caused the delay in contacting CEOP.

However, the video will now be sent, a force spokesman said.

The eight month sentence for Bauminis was calculated after he was given a four month discount for an early guilty plea.
victims of Epstein come forward succeeded in convincing more than a dozen women, whose cases were not part of the Florida prosecution, to come forward and testify about the abuse they suffered at the hands of Epstein.
For the FBI, who protect these shits, to do this, means they are under orders to burn down one of their own.

These are sick people

UPDATE 7-11-19

Life is a clock

Singer R. Kelly has been arrested in Chicago on federal sex crime charges, according to two law enforcement officials.
The 52-year-old was arrested by NYPD detectives and Homeland Security Investigation agents on sex trafficking charges, officials tell News 4, and it is expected he will be brought to New York.
Further details on the case are expected to be announced Friday.
Spokespeople from the NYPD and Homeland Security Investigations declined to comment on the arrest. Calls to the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn were not immediately returned.

R. Kelly Yells In Explosive Interview: 5 Biggest Bombshells

[NATL] R. Kelly Yells In Explosive Interview: 5 Biggest Bombshells
R. Kelly gave his first explosive and emotional interview with Gayle King on "CBS This Morning" since sexual abuse charges landed the singer in jail last month. 
(Published Wednesday, March 6, 2019)
Attempts to contact a spokesman for R. Kelly were not immediately successful. Drea Kelly, the singer's ex-wife, had no comment following the arrest, her rep said.
The R&B star has been the subject of different sexual abuse allegations for nearly two decades, with some of the alleged acts dating back to 1998.
Back in February, Kelly was charged with aggravated sexual abuse involving four women, three of whom were minors when the alleged abuse occurred. He pleaded not guilty and was released from Chicago's Cook County Jail after posting bail.


Epstein Sold 'Lolita Express' Weeks Before Arrest: Court Document

That's very convenient. Now, like the Island, all the evidence is disappearing which means he is getting high level help. It also means he was aware an indictment was forthcoming.

it looks like the financier unloaded the potentially 'evidence-rich aircraft - said to have had a bed installed where passengers reportedly had group sex with young girls - right before the hammer came down. 
According to investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff - who first revealed the former president's extensive flights on Epstein's "lolita express" in a 2010 Daily Beast exposé - former president Bill Clinton flew on the 'lolita express' no fewer than 27 times. 

Via Radar Online
Clinton claimed in a Monday statement that he only took "a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein's airplane" in 2002 and 2003, and that Secret Service accompanied him at all times - which Sarnoff told Fox News was a total lie

Other famous guests include actor Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker, who flew with Clinton to Africa to tour HIV/AIDS project sites, according to New York Magazine in 2002, which notes how much Epstein revered the former president. 

In his eyes, Clinton as a species represents the highest evolutionary form of the political animal. To be up close to him, as he was during the African journey, is akin to seeing the rarest of beasts on a safari. As he put it to a friend upon his return from Africa, “If you were a boxer at the downtown gymnasium at 14th Street and Mike Tyson walked in, your face would have the same look as these foreign leaders had when Clinton entered the room. He is the world’s greatest politician.” -New York Magazine
Epstein's 'timely' sale of the Lolita Express begs the question of what he may have known, and when he knew it. Notably, following a series of reports by the Miami Herald, the Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) in February opened a probe into Epstein's 2008 'sweetheart' plea arrangement brokered by current Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta.
Timely airplane sales aside, several questions remain to be answered - including a better understanding of Epstein's relationship with the FBI, and exactly what resulted in his 'sweetheart' plea deal in 2008.

Epstein Island is a DUMB...surprise surprise.

Agency assets protecting each other. That's how they get away with it.

Baphomet, satanism

Rapinoe the satanist lesbian's feet on baphomet, showing her allegiance. This is no champion for LGBTQ, this a whore of Satan.

Ugly dyke who hates Christians, Trump, and decency. They gave her lame team a win, for the beast thingy. Women's soccer only pulls in, worldwide, 70 million dollars a year. Men's soccer, just the USA alone, pulls down 4.3 billion dollars. That's why there is a pay disparity, honey. No one cares about your weak ass game.

Get elected, become a millionaire


Where the damned go to kill and drink blood

Epstein Black Mass Temple

Grand Mosque of Aleppo

A Mosque in Imman.
This is not about Islam. It's something much more ancient and DARKER.

Wow. Epstein had his very own cell towers.

These looks like flat-panel Microwave dishes, which are used in narrow band Communications links over short distances (30-50 miles). These are used for high speed internet where optical fiber is unavailable, and a cellular network/satellite is not available or unwanted. 

You will notice they are both pointed in very specific directions. This is because Microwave Communications links work in a very tight radius. Imagine the dimensions of a normal drinking glass, where the signal must be directed in this radius from the sending position to the receiver.
The struts on each are for reducing vibration in windy conditions, and for ensuring integrity of the band position over time. In simple terms, reliability of the internet connection. 

Based on the positions, the perpendicular dish is likely getting a signal from either Great St James, or St Tomas. If its from Great St James, they may be routing the signal here then re-routing to Little St James. The other dish 45° to the front face of the building looks to be routing to another part of the island, or St John.

That cost a bundle. But the CIA must have its real time up-links. Like they do at DUMBS. You can find them dishes aimed from odd spots in fields, aimed at hilltops where this receivers wait to forward the signal in real time.

-------------- Jeffrey Epstein's wealth has long been a topic of discussion since becoming known as a 'billionaire pedophile' and other similar monikers. Described by prosecutors this week as a "man of nearly infinite means," a 2011 SEC filing has provided some insight into the registered sex offender's elite Wall Street links.

Start with Wackenhut, Evergreen, IN-Q-TEL, Dyncorp, Lockheed. Those threads to him are the ugliest and you find death, regime killings, and black ops against decent people, legally elected. It's because ALL of these firms are owned by the CIA. Their assets alone are in the trillions. Jeffry was hand picked, as were others, to handle their Deep Black Financials. It's why there is so little evidence of him being a trader, doing biz on wall street, et al. 

He says he's a financier, but there is hardly any evidence of him doing such work for 3 decades. Being CIA is the answer, and that's what he is, CIA.

Trump had to get rid of Obummer and Bush judges and prosecutors in order for his arrest and arraignment to even happen. And where is Ruth Ginsberg? Dead, buried in a grave in her home state. But the CIA and others don't want that known, while Trump is alive, because the last thing they want is a bunch of Supremes voting their conscience. They want scumbags they control and who have no soul.

A 2011 SEC filing reveals that Epstein's privately held firm, the Financial Trust Company, took a 6.1% stake in Pennsylvania-based catalytic converter maker Environmental Solutions Worldwide (ESW) backed by Leon Black, the billionaire founder of Apollo (Greek name for Satan, btw) Global Management

ESW itself has a checkered past. In 2002, its then-chairman Bengt Odner was accused by the SEC of participating with others in a $15 million "pump and dump" scheme with ESW stock. The case was settled a year later according to FT, with Odner ordered to pay a $25,000 civil penalty. Of note, ESW accepted Epstein's investment several years after he had registered as a sex offender in a controversial 2008 plea deal in Florida. 
Epstein's connection to Black doesn't stop there - as the financier served as a director on the Leon Black Family Foundation for over a decade until 2012 according to IRS filings. A spokeswoman for the foundation claims that Epstein had resigned in July 2007, and that his name continued to appear on the IRS filings "due to a recording error" for five years. A 2015 document signed by Epstein provided to the Financial Times appears to confirm this. 
Epstein also built his wealth with Steven J. Hoffenberg and Leslie H. Wexner, the former of whom was convicted of running a giant Ponzi scheme, and the latter a clothing magnate. 

Mr. Epstein’s wealth may have depended less on his math acumen than his connections to two men — Steven J. Hoffenberg, a onetime owner of The New York Post and a notorious fraudster later convicted of running a $460 million Ponzi scheme, and Leslie H. Wexner, the billionaire founder of retail chains including The Limited and the chief executive of the company that owns Victoria’s Secret.
Mr. Hoffenberg was Mr. Epstein’s partner in two ill-fated takeover bids in the 1980s, including one of Pan American World Airways, and would later claim that Mr. Epstein had been part of the scheme that landed him in jail — although Mr. Epstein was never charged - CIA assets never go to jail, usually. With Mr. Wexner, Mr. Epstein formed a financial and personal bond that baffled longtime associates of the wealthy retail magnate, who was his only publicly disclosed investor. -New York Times
"I think we both possess the skill of seeing patterns," Wexner told Vanity Fair in 2003. "But Jeffrey sees patterns in politics and financial markets, and I see patterns in lifestyle and fashion trends." 

Face it, the CIA is Wall Street. They brag about it. The agency says the same thing about Hollywood.

Those around Wexner were mystified over Wexner's affinity for Epstein. 
"Everyone was mystified as to what his appeal was, until you understand it was a gay thing" said Robert Morosky, a former vice chairman of The Limited. "I checked around and found out he was a private high school math teacher, and that was all I could find out. There was just nothing there."

From High School teacher to billionaire, and no track record of how that happened. Says a great deal doesn't it?

As the New York Times noted on Wednesday, Epstein's "infinite means" may be a mirage, as while he is undoubtedly extremely rich, there is "little evidence that Mr. Epstein is a billionaire." 

While Epstein told potential clients he only accepted investments of $1 billion or more, his investment firm reported having $88 million in capital from his shareholders, and 20 employees according to a 2002 court filing - far fewer than figures being reported at the time.  

And while most of Epstein's dealings are unknown, his Financial Trust Company also had a $121 million investment in DB Zwirn & Co, which shuttered its doors in 2008, and had a stake in Bear Stearns's failed High-Grade Structured Credit Strategies Enhanced Leverage Fund - the collapse of which helped spark the global financial crisis. 
Epstein was hit hard by the financial crisis a decade ago, while allegations of sexual abuse of teenage girls caused many associates - such as Wexner - to sever ties with him. 

Bear Stearns — the bank that had given Mr. Epstein his start — was still among his investments when the crisis hit. According to a lawsuit he later filed against the bank, Mr. Epstein controlled about 176,000 shares of Bear Stearns, worth nearly $18 million, in August 2007.
Mr. Epstein sold 56,000 shares at $101 each that month. He sold the remaining 120,000 shares in March 2008 as the firm was collapsing — 20,000 at $35 and the rest at $3.04, losing big. He also lost about $50 million in one of Bear’s hedge funds.
By the time Bear Stearns came apart, Mr. Epstein was at the center of his first abuse case. He pleaded guilty to prostitution charges in 2008, receiving a jail sentence that allowed him to work at home during the day but also required him to register as a sex offender. -New York Times
In trying to determine what Epstein is actually worth, Bloomberg notes that "So little is known about Epstein’s current business or clients that the only things that can be valued with any certainty are his properties. The Manhattan mansion is estimated to be worth at least $77 million, according to a federal document submitted in advance of his bail hearing." Yeah, getting detail on CIA LTCs is tough to do. Because they specialize in hiding dirt.

He also has properties in New Mexico, Paris and the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he has a private island, and a Palm Beach estate with an assessed value of more than $12 million. He shuttles between them by private jet and has at least 15 cars, including seven Chevrolet Suburbans, according to federal authorities. -Bloomberg
Deutsche Bank, meanwhile, severed ties with Epstein earlier this year - right as federal prosecutors were preparing to charge him with operating a sex-trafficking ring of underage girls out of his sprawling homes in Manhattan and Palm Beach, according to Bloomberg, citing a person familiar with the situation. It is unknown how much money was involved or how long Epstein had been a client. 

I doubt this POS will ever do real time. He will NEVER roll over on his past or CIA name. Won't happen. Never has happened. He knows the day he does, is his last day on Earth and even then, the information will  get buried and removed from public records, so there is no reason for him to out anyone at any time. Follow?

Right Langley?

's time to go.
Let's start with the Pedo Left...lots of them

Chuck "Chuckles the Clown" Schumer Took Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Donations From Jeffrey Epstein

Schumer has recently been vocal in demanding that President Trump "answer" for his relationship with Epstein, while also urging Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to resign. There is NO RELATIONSHIP with Trump, but that is the narrative the satanists are going with. 

However Chuckles took donations as FEC records showed that Schumer took in seven $1,000 donations between 1992 and 1997 from Epstein. The donations were accepted first as a US congressman, then later while running for the state's senator.  

Hey Chucky...what's with all those pictures on the deep web with you in a red dress taking it up the ass? I mean really dude. You sure you want to be point on this? You have a great deal of blood on your hands, what with all that abortion shite you vote for.

Explain that, Chuckles? You took his money, in fact, you did the whole yachting in the Hamptons with this guy. And Dude, do we have to put up all the pics of you two being best bros together? I guess we do.
Turns out, DEMOCRATS and LTCs were just the kind of people Epstein preferred to hang out with. There is sooo much stuff on him with the Far Left, it should be a separate post. That's an idea...

Democrats, Republicans and outed Pedophiles. I'll be busy for months on that one.

UPDATE 7-10-19
Talmud is what the Jews brought back from Babylon to replace the Torah, YHVH's Holy Word, which they ignore. It is wholly satanic. It reads like the Koran, what with child brides, killing infidels, taking over the world, the whole satanic smash.
Full term fetuses bring the biggest bucks.

BREAKING NEWS: Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide For 68th Time, Refuse Care for Babies Born Alive. This is another one who's time on Earth is nearing to a close. Sept-Oct will be here fast. All debts are due and payable. Infant blood no longer works for you, does it Nancy. In fact, nowadays, you get nauseous. Guess what that means...

Thousands of pills filled with powdered human baby flesh discovered by customs officials in South Korea. More than 17,000 pills smuggled into country have been intercepted since last August. Pills viewed as a 'miracle cure' for all ailments - but unsurprisingly they are harmful. Pills come from Tel Aviv and the USA. No surprise there.
After stem cells are taken, the grind up the dead kids for human consumption, because it changes your DNA by activating Nephilim DNA strands. This makes possession easier. It also make the Temple, where the human soul resides, soured so the Holy Spirit of Yahua cannot reside. They are sold as beauty enhancers and energy pills over the counter. Everywhere in the world, except China, who has banned them. First it was Pepsi who used stem cells as flavor enhancers in their soft drinks, from aborted babies. Now, they sell you the parts labs do not want. Nothing is wasted. Just like the satanists, you are eating babies and you do not know it.

mosque moloch temple tile code. The black obelisk of Satan is in the Temple.

This dirtbag was at Epstein's kill island 26 times. Raping is the least of his sins. Hey Bill, time to go the way of the Hildebeast. I know you bastards think this will all stop if you kill Trump and that's your plan, I know. There are other plans. Bigger than Trump's. And they are quite final.
The screen shot of the multichannel security monitor at Epstein's was taken in July of 2013.
Hillary was there at that time. there a way to see her travel itinerary for that month.
Also, during that month, Eric Braverman was appointed chief exec at the Clinton foundation and was being paid 200k a year.

Date 7-19-2013 flight logs will tell you who some were. Others arrived on the big island, and helo'd over. Two arrived on boats.All the children you see were terrorized, tortured, raped repeatedly, then ritually slaughtered at Temple, their Adrenal-chrome taken from their pineal glands and consume and their blood used as lubricant and ambrosia for a mass orgy. The whole thing was filmed. Afterwards, some kept souvenirs and most were dumped at sea, after burning to remove fingerprints and such like.
Everyone in this picture has been to Epstein Island. And they are "concerned" about the kids. Sure you are. You mean the ones still alive that you keep as slaves in your houses, Nancy and Chelsea?

Where rituals are done, in homage the damned.

front of truck at island from long distance camera



Moloch children burned alive

Rachel Chandler - A witch - after an orgy in infant blood

Moloch, or Molech, is well known in the Bible for being the god to whom child sacrifices appear to have been made in a shrine outside the city of Jerusalem. Although Moloch is well known in the Bible, he is less well-known in the archaeological and historical records leading to disagreements over the identity of the god as well as the exact nature of the cult of Moloch.
The name “Molech” or “Moloch” most likely comes from the Hebrew word Melekh, meaning king. For a long time, it was believed that Moloch was another name for Milcom, the chief deity of the Ammonites, but this view has fallen out of favor because of more recent research.
The name of Molech was most likely a title or epithet for a deity rather than an actual name. It is common in Phoenician and Canaanite inscriptions for deities to be referred to as king of something. Malkandros, another name for El, the head of the Canaanite pantheon, for example, translates to “King of Man.”
One suggested identity for Molech is the Canaanite deity, Ba’al-Hadad or Hadad. Hadad was considered the king of the gods by the ancient Canaanites. Evidence that Moloch can be identified with him comes from the fact that the pagan alters in the valley of Ben-Hinnom where children were sacrificed are also described as altars to Ba’al by the prophet Jeremiah. Furthermore, Assyrian texts state that child sacrifices were made to Adad, the Assyrian equivalent of the Canaanite Hadad. This makes it reasonable to suggest that child sacrifices may have also been made to Hadad and that a cult of child sacrifice may have been related to him.
In the Biblical account, children are said to have been sacrificed or “passed through the fire” to Moloch at a shrine outside the city walls of Jerusalem called Topheth, in the valley of Ben-Hinnom. Although it is most likely that this practice was due to the introduction of a foreign deity, it has also been suggested that the Judahites believed that that they were making sacrifices to Yahweh, the national deity of the ancient Judahites and Israelites. Either way, the prophets harshly condemn this practice as being offensive to Yahweh whether it be a corruption of Yahweh worship or worship of a foreign deity such as Ba’al-Hadad.
The practice of child sacrifice is attested in other sources throughout the ancient Mediterranean world, particularly in Carthage. In the city, a sacred grove and a temple were dedicated to one such cult.
Carthage was founded by Phoenician colonists which gives them a connection to the Canaanites. It has been suggested that there is also a connection between the child sacrifices practiced in Carthage and similar practices in Canaan and Judah such as the cult of Moloch.
Some scholars dispute this suggestion saying that the Carthaginian practices differed from the cult of Moloch. It is commonly believed that child sacrifice at Carthage was usually only done during times of extreme crisis, in accordance with Classical sources, whereas child sacrifice is said to have been a regular part of the cult of Moloch.
The cult of Moloch may also have only involved sacrifice of children in times of crisis, or it may have occurred only on special occasions such as annual festivals or at the birth of a first-born child. These practices are attested in other parts of the ancient Mediterranean. As a result, there isn’t necessarily a reason to think that one cult involved regular sacrifices while the other one did not.


Epstein is CIA
No surprise there, most of these satanists are CIA on some level, high to low. It's the agency's supreme control feature over their assets, at every level.
“Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. (The Labor Department had no comment when asked about this.)...
For almost two decades, for some nebulous reason, whether to do with ties to foreign intelligence, his billions of dollars, or his social connections, Epstein, whose alleged sexual sickness and horrific assaults on women without means or ability to protect themselves is well-known in his circle, remained untouchable.
It should be noted the reason I attach credibility to the above is based on who wrote it, Vicky Ward. She has an extensive history of digging into Epstein, and wrote one of the earliest profiles on him back in 2003. As she notes in today’s article:
spent many months on his trail in 2002 for Vanity Fair and discovered not only that he was not who he claimed to be professionally, but also that he had allegedly assaulted two young sisters, one of whom had been underage at the time. Very bravely, they were prepared to go on the record. They were afraid he’d use all his influence to discredit them—and their fear turned out to be legitimate. (that's weird. Vanity Fair is a well known CIA outlet. Don't trust them, ever. VF pushes the satanic meme of the NWO, in all ways. Just pick up an issue and its gay this, hate whitey that, on every page.)
As the article was being readied for publication, Epstein made a visit to the office of Vanity Fair’s then-editor, Graydon Carter, and suddenly the women and their allegations were removed from the article. “He’s sensitive about the young women,” Carter told me at the time. (Editor’s Note: Carter has previously denied this allegation.) He also mentioned he’d finagled a photograph of Epstein in a swimsuit out of the encounter. And there was also some feeble excuse about the article “being stronger as a business story.” (Epstein had also leaned heavily on my ex-husband’s uncle, Conrad Black, to try to exert his influence on me, which was particularly unwelcome, given that Black happened to be my ex-husband’s boss at the time.)
Many people had assumed Epstein was untouchable merely because he had so much dirt on so many powerful people, but it increasingly looks far bigger than that. It appears he may have been untouchable because he was systematically collecting this information on behalf of an intelligence agency. Specifically, the CIA.
This should be the number one story in the country right now. Blackmail at this level is a genuine national security issue.

IF they would have had dirt on Trump, they would have used it long before he was elected and since. They wish. Fortunately, POTUS wanted nothing to do with these sick fucks. For that is what they are. And I'm being nice, believe me.
UPDATE 7-9-19

The white rabbits with the Alices=dead children
Bill Maher, Epstein island visitor and satanist. He openly attacks Christians as part of his "comedy" A real son of a bastard.

They are legion. They are the damned.

John Podesta: Hillary's campaign mgr, serial killer, satanist, Epstein island visitor. Guess what the cream is? These people are sick.

Ancient Jewish (not Hebrew) scrolls brought back from Babylon that instruct priests how to do ritual sacrifice of children. Guess who had these in his Manhattan apartment? 

How many gentiles die because these shits rule banking, media, medicine, and government? Year in and year out? That's a lot of blood, you know. On their hands, their black souls.

They are a synagogue with Satan, so says Yeshua in the bible.

Below: actual scrolls describing the approved satanic technique of child sacrifice with a knife. Torture, fear, rape, then, finally, slaughter. Then they drink the blood for power, to consume the life spirit of the little boy or girl.

And the run the world. Military, banking, intelligence, MSM, the works.

Guess what Rabbis learn at Yeshiva?


Clinton Foundation Child smuggling ring

Clinton Foundation Child smuggling ring busted all the time and NEVER REPORTED.


3 Notable deaths this month, upcoming. Already, many are falling, you just don't know them. Like this one? Ever hear of her? Of course not.  Just making a point. She disappeared two days ago, but she was closely connected to the Hildebeast and Epstein. Media silent. Because the Media is CIA, who is doing the killings.

Dead satanists tell no tales

Epstein's Flight Logs - Download them while you can. This link won't last long. Minutes count.

Goes back to Babylon, Mother of all Harlots or Idolatry and further back yet to the garden of Eden, when Lucifer seduced Eve and created his own bloodline. Semiramis is Lilith, Diana, Jezebel, a female dark spirit and consort of Lucifer.

1495. εἰδωλολατρεία ĕidōlŏlatrĕia, i-do-lol-at-ri´-ah; from 1497 and 2999; image-worship (lit. or fig.):—idolatry.
construct of Eido
1492. εἴδω ĕidō, i´-do; a prim. verb; used only in certain past tenses, the others being borrowed from the equiv. 3700 and 3708; prop. to see (lit. or fig.); by impl. (in the perf. only) to know:—be aware, behold, × can (+ not tell), consider, (have) know (-ledge), look (on), perceive, see, be sure, tell, understand, wish, wot. comp. 3700.
3000. λατρεύω latrĕuō, lat-ryoo´-o; from λάτρις latris (a hired menial); to minister (to God), i.e. render religious homage:—serve, do the service, worship (-per).
so Idolatry means to SERVE what you SEE. A graven image, in defiance of the Ten Commandments.
Homage to Apollo - the Greek name for the Beast that comes from the Abyss, Satan
Before Epstein was tried for soliciting sex from an underage girl, his lawyers wrote a 23 page letter as part of a plea deal claiming that Epstein had helped found the Clinton Global Initiative, a money laundering and child trafficking operation.

Bill Clinton rode on the Lolita Express perhaps 26 times, some times without Secret Service agents. He visited Epstein's Island. Guess what this piece of shit did while there...

James Comey served on the board of Directors of HSBC until July 2013, after which Obama appointed him to be head of the FBI. In 2010, leak documents showed that HSBC had hundreds of millions of dollars invested in the Libyan Investment Authority, a fund which managed money that was mostly linked to Libyan oil wealth.

In 2015 it was revealed that accounts of HSBC had donated $81 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. These accounts belonged to a number of people, (including Frank Giustra, canadian mining magnate who seems to have gotten deals through the State Dept while Hillary was in office) one of whom was Jeffrey Epstein. Keep in mind this is after he was convicted as a pedophile and the Clintons had publicly distanced themselves from Epstein. 

Comey had obviously stepped down from HSBC before these donations to the CF were revealed/made, but it still seems sketchy to me. Epstein had video cameras in his house, probably so that he could blackmail the prominent people who came to have sex with children in his home.

Epstein island. Tunnel to the docks, as promised. The other two come from the house, linking with the satanic temple. Rachel Chandler handled the shipping and receiving of the children, via CPS, Adoption agencies, satanic family breeders, etc. You will find her in Israel. No extradition. Her next port of call is Italy.

Elevators to the docks, where fishing vessels that look like locals just out at sea, to blend in. And dump bodies at night. About 8 miles offshore, SSE.

Underground torture rooms for children at Epstein Island at now burned, main house. 3 staircases heading down, as was stated yesterday. Here is your proof. Over 1500 children were terrorized, raped, drugged, and ritually slaughtered and their blood drank by very famous sick people, who run this world and are celebrities.

Epstein island, kids in dungeons, Hi Def

Washed image reveals child being tortured on bed. Epstein island footage found.

Graven image to Moloch, an owl. At Turner Broadcasting System, owner of CNN. These people are satanists.

 This is the bloodline of Lucifer and the Watchers. They hate Dad and they hate his people, you.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein (Interview with son of the devil)

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our Passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonald's is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us Jews we gotta do what we do." Synagogue with Satan, that's what you freaks do.

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it. 

Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory

How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion 

Jewish Blood Libel is Alive and Well 

Egyptian newspaper claims Jews capture, torture and murder non-Jewish children, then make pies with their blood

The "Blood Libel" (The Damascus Affair)

Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City

New York City reaches agreement with mohels over circumcision involving 'oral suction'


Testimony of one of the suicided cops in NYC


Nancy Pelosi attempted to block and seal all proceedings of the current Epstein affair. Should tell you a great deal about this nasty lesbian freak. 


Chandler Arizona. The owl entrance at cheesecake factory  alongside KinderCare (several of them are located in chandler).

Here are some more things you'll find while taking a drive around the chandler/ray area. Chandler is the central hub, along with Sedona, for Pedophile SRA satanism in Northern Arizona.

The giant metallic fallen angel looking statues are in a number of business parks around here. Will attach a few more photos. The restaurants in chandler are loaded with symbolism and I'll have to take more photographs as this only scratches the surface. 

They love putting up their tells, it will be their downfall

PS> Also worth digging is the company DREAMSTIME who photographed the CF location with those pedo swirl watermarks. There are star of Rephaim/Muslim crescent and Egyptian symbolism all throughout the inside of that particular location.

Dreamstime, next to KinderCare, with pedo 666 swirls

In the wake of Jeffrey Epstein's weekend arrest, an observant Twitter user noticed that someone has edited the billionaire pedophile's Wikipedia page to remove all mention of Democrats who have flown on the "Lolita Express" - the nickname given to his private Boeing 727 jet which was reportedly outfitted with a bed. 

Both Clintons
Adam Baldwin
Kevin Spacey

Trump's name was ADDED IN, though he never flew on the plane or to the island, flight logs have proved out.

So, a little election sabotaging by the satanic network against POTUS.

No surprise there.

Epstein Wiki redactions.

On Sunday, the sentence "Epstein flrew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker to Africa in his private jet. Flight records show Bill Clinton flew on Epstein's plane 26 times" (a charge Clinton denied on Monday, claiming it was only four times).

You didn't think the Epstein investigation began a few months ago did you?
It was all under the direction and oversight of AG Jeff Sessions.
Expect a lot more to become public (unsealing).

Imagine what would happen, if, by law, every US Congressman/woman, US Senator, President etc. was by US law audited every 1-2 years by an independent agency.
Imagine what would happen if those audits extended to all family members of such 'elected' official?
Would D's continue to push for Foreign Aid to other C's vs. the Homeland?
What happens when the kickbacks dry up?
M. Waters $4mm House?
N. Pelosi net worth $150mm+?
J. Biden son/brother net worth tens of millions?
Clinton family $200mm+ (pre election of BC less than $1mm)?
Obama family $40mm+ (pre election less than $1mm)?
Disguised under book deals?
Those who take are offered more powerful positions within the party (controlled).

Joe Biden (Vice President of the United States)
>Follow the Family
Corruption in DC > How to Get Rich
Are Liberals willfully blind or ……….?📁
Biden's brother $1.5b contract in Iraq.📁
Biden's son $1.5b deal w/ China.

Do you find it interesting that everything discussed in the past is somehow making news as of late?

Gloria Vanderbilt dead today 7-9-19
Gloria Vanderbilt, always with kids not her own. On a bed and she's wearing BOOM BOOM girl clothes.What happens to them, who are they?

Gloria and child, again. Always with children.

KinderCare satanic Illuminati symbol in your face.
Eye of Horus, Lucifer

Eye of Horus, Lucifer. Stylized, as satanists do, to hide in plain sight.
satancare. I've seen the white vans with blacked out windows coming and going from KinderCare in Santa Clarita. The armed guard standing in front of a kiddy care place. These people are sick.

Actual Picture of pizzagate child found on Weiner Laptop

These people are sick

The Standard hotel, dead kids ala pizzagate

This is a very bad person. He needs to go, and soon.

Adam Schiff and his stare the satanist has. Same Luciferic glare Crowley had. And others. It's his big tell.

I can spill it. Want me to?

Tom Hanks and his very naughty doings with Rachel Chandler. It's sickening.

Download the following, it's quite large and represents a great deal of labor.
Here's your road map of the Satanic Pedophile Network. No more excuses. get to work.

Media CIA assets are trying to lay this at Trump's door. Don't you believe it. He's keeping this promise, which scares the bejeezus out of these freaky deak monsters.

Why would Trump tell Hannity in 2016, Bill Clinton has a lot of problems (he knew what went on there and wanted nothing to do with these freaks) with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein, if he, too, was implicated in this web of evil corruption? You people are sick.

Expect the Trump rape and Epstein attacks to escalate to push this in his direction. It's all FAKE. AND I will prove it, here.
But the bastardos and whores will lie to you and say it is. Anything to push some dirt on the very man who is taking them down. They have taken the blood oath to kill him, as Saul did to Yeshua in the Book of Acts. I pray and ask our father to lay them low and rend them asunder. This must stop.


How BIG this is.

The CIA is everywhere evil is.

Billionaire child sex trafficker and killer Epstein arrested Friday as yet more surviving kids come forth about the NYC DC pizzagate sex murder ring. 

In case anyone asks, there is No Statute of Limitations on these charges:
Pg 17 begins the section of charges for which there is no limitation.
Pg 21 lists §1591
Epstein charged with §1591 (a) and (b). 

You bastards should be afraid. This is a top down operation. Just to save themselves, many will die because, as everyone knows, Mafia heads would rather kill 100 of their own soldiers, rather than risk a single day in jail. That means you little shits. Of course you could come clean, cut a deal, and repent. but you wankers are basically cowards. You really are. So expect to be sacrificed and not for the honor of satan, but just to be one less loose end. Already, the murders are piling up. Will you see tomorrow? Who gives a didn't care about all those kids you kidnapped and handed over for the best jobs in your field, so why do you expect anyone to look after your best interests. I mean really, was taking a dick up the ass really that much fun? Only to someone mentally ill.

They murdered TWO senators a few weeks ago, investigating satanic child trafficking ala Pizzagate. Well, payback is quite a thing, isn't it you satanic freaks? May every dangerous thing, come your way quickly. Without warning. Of a sudden. and Final.

Wikipedia has already edited Epstein's bio to exclude Clinton and Spacey.

Dyncorp, a CIA front controlled by IN-Q-TEL, is a major player in child trafficking. Why aren't they being investigated? Just tracking their plane flights alone reveals much. Luxembourg is worried this night.

Satanist Epstein...
Epstein Island burns completely down to nothing over weekend, destroying all evidence of his sex dungeons, films, and torture rooms.

While he was in jail, the murder ring did a clean up operation. Now, all the evidence is ashes. The CIA leaves nothing to chance. Anywhere this can lead, will be taken care of. Hence the four dead cops who had access to Huma and Clinton Laptop pics. Now the island goes, as Epstein is arrested. Doubt he will live long, heart attack most likely. Or, yet another immunity deal and some low-level players will take the fall. They are coming for Henri, Gerel, Zandorvf...running won't save you. They are hard by the door.
Epstein Island Temple used for Black Mass Rituals. Burned to the ground Saturday. A great many children died under the knife there. There are 3 tunnels. Start looking. You have only days, then they are gone, too. Two from the house, one from the docks. For body disposal. Act quickly.

Surveillance footage found at Epstein's Florida residence of children in dungeo


Cemex owns NM child abuse compound 
Cement tunnels Jihadi from Haiti 
Clinton gave Cemex Haiti contract 
Aided trafficker working4 AmberAlert 
Cemex chair=Clinton donor Bronfman,gave millions to NVIXM 
NYPD“suicides” saw evidence in Hillary emails/Weiner laptop
Raping and killing kids in satanic ritual. All roads lead to BELGIUM. Don't they. In the end.

Jeffrey Epstein Shared a Plane With Dyncorp, State Department, and the CIA Connection to Stratfor
An email between Mia Burki of DynCorp and Solomon Foshko of Stratfor can be found requesting a subscription to Stratfor and "to renew on an annual, individual basis."[8]
Connection to aircraft shared by Jeffrey Epstein, the CIA, and DynCorp
Voat user Freed0mFighter uncovered a special report on Occurrences: Foreign and Domestic (archived)(original PDF)identifying the fact that one of Jeffrey Epstein's suspected trafficking aircraft shared the same tail number as a State department Bronco used under contract by DynCorp. The use of the tail number can be corroborated by official government records.[9]This would mean that Jeffrey Epstein trafficked underage girls using aircraft of the same tail number and during the same time period as DynCorp when they trafficked minors in Bosnia and other parts of the Balkan states. If issued by some sort of accident or if one of the two planes was decommissioned, the statistical odds of just two planes sharing the same number would still be over 1 in over 900,000.[10] Special thanks to User:PeterVenkman, and see also section on Connection to identified criminal activities in Bosnia
The congruence of Epstein's Bell N474AW and Dyncorp's Bronco N474AW is noteworthy. In 2002, the year Epstein's aircraft fleet stands accused of flying underage teen girls, some between the ages of 12 and 15, coincides with Dyncorp's trafficking in underage females between the ages of 12 and 15 from Kosovo and Bosnia in the Balkans.


Search warrant executed at Epstein's NYC home tonight. Additional charges may be forthcoming.
Epstein's mansion in NY that was raided by the SDNY and FBI was "given" to him by Wexner through a $0 property exchange.

A page from Epstein's BLACK BOOK. Take a look at some of the names. Some famous, most wealthy. This is just ONE PAGE. 

The black book was smuggled out by an Epstein man servant. Who was sent to jail, then mysteriously died and quickly cremated.

There are 3 hit teams moving across the land, taking care of loose ends. Did you know the CIA has its own Air Force? Sixth largest in the world? What do they need their own air force for? Arizona, London, France...deaths will be under reported and as mostly, suicides.

You have one chance. Come clean. Turn to the White House. You will be protected. Or wait for your sacrifice to Satan and your judgement. Because no more 2nd chances after this, not for your kind, Nephilim.

Curt Cobain had no idea he had married a nasty witch. Most men never do...until it is too late.
Rachel Chandler wedding day...white rabbit is code for child molester MKULTRA killer. These people are sick.

Epstein, using churches as fronts, witnesses die


I tried exposing this back in 2007/2008, but my website and blog were taken offline.DB

The big Kindercare in Santa Clarita very often uses the bathrooms at Starbucks as a hand-off of children from one group of men to another.

These people are sick. A Kinder Kid.
Thousands upon thousands each year. Over 800,000 children disappear every year, and yet not one media report. The FBI can tell you about car thefts in detail: make, models, how many time of day, vectors of disposal, you, yet they have NO STATS on children disappearing nor do they report it in their annual crime volumes. It's a non event to the nation's Gestapo. Says a great deal about whom the FBI REALLY SERVES. And it's not We the People.

One of Epstein's island visitors, runs KINDERCARE. Geraldine Laybourne.


Epstein and Lex Wexner and the Lolita Express

Using under age girls, then dumping their bodies in the Atlantic with fishing boats

Victoria's Secret was founded by Roy Raymond and his wife Gaye Raymond. He founded Victoria Secret in 1977 after being hit with the idea due to feeling embarrassed buying his wife lingerie in public. He wanted to invent a place where men and woman can feel comfortable shopping for lingerie.

After Raymond sold Victoria's Secret to Leslie Wexner, he started a children's retail store. It went bankrupt in 1986. … Tragically, in 1993, Roy Raymond was murdered, his body allegedly found off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.Dec 10, 2014

Les Wexner
owns L Brands, which includes Victoria Secret Bath & Body Works.
Mossad controlled operative; Connected to Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein
Owns Brownstone where Epstein lives in NYC

The circle of island visitors

you have to answer

It's quite a black book

Ya think?

Satanists kidnapping, raping, murdering children

These people are sick


The CIA and MSM are already trying to include Trump in all this. Total Bullshit.

for frenz, family, normies n concernfags

- Epstein's black book aka day planner is NOT the flight log Trump would obviously be in Epsteins day planner as would any other number around Trump that Epstein could get his hands on. 

-Trump is NOT in the flight log to Lolita Island, not even once. He "hitched a ride" back from Daytona Beach TO NYC with Epstein's son one time.

-Lisa Bloom represented a woman, that claimed she was raped by Trump when she was 13. Bloom suddenly dropped the woman and issued a statement, that the accusation was entirely fabricated

- Opposition research firm Fusion GPS tried and failed to find evidence of a close relationship between then-candidate Donald Trump and Epstein

- Trump kicked Jeffrey Epstein out of his Golf Club and banned him for life, when he found out, Epstein was hooking up with the 14 Year old daughter of an employee
As a high-end Hotelier all his life, CINC was photographed with everybody when he went to meet & greet, his JOB.

-At Epstein's first arrest Trump went voluntarily to the police to give a statement and at the time the Police commented "He could not have been MORE forthcoming".

-Since President Donald Trump took office and began enacting pro-law enforcement policies to “make America safe again,” arrests of human traffickers began to take off like a rocket. The overall figures represent an 842 percent increase compared to recent presidencies.

- He has done more then every other president - and the numbers are even not comparable, so outragious is the difference - in the history of the US. See: "Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption"

-Trump knew what Epstein was up to "he's a fun guy, likes his girls young, really really young and he's dangerous. I don't like him. He's spooky." People held that against him as if it were some form of agreement when in fact, in typical Trump fashion he slapped Epstein publicly..iron fist in velvet glove. He was NOT a politician and had to do business with these people & still managed to say something about what he knew was going on.
Prosecutor in 2009 Epstein Case Said Donald Trump Was the ONLY ONE Who Helped

- Epstein was arrested at the AIRPORT. POTUS speech slip? NO! Trump knew.
-Would he enforce justice on Epstein, if he was implicated himself. NO!

Links with deep background, while they last. Which often is only HOURS.

>>6953077, >>6953112, >>6953120 Planefag updates.
>>6952793, >>6953028 MSM/DS falls for the double bamboozle every single time.
>>6952776 Epstein court stake out live.
>>6953046 Fake News tries to link POTUS to Epstein despite the evidence.
>>6953037 LG Tweet: Barr/Tim Scott meeting for the FIRST STEP Act.
>>6953033 Officials upbeat after most productive US-Taliban talks so far.
>>6953030, >>6953056 Navy trolling.
>>6953022 Goldman admits the Fed has lost control.
>>6952994 Kevin Spacey pretrial live
>>6952958 Dig on Pence's cancelled NH trip.
>>6952954 POTUS speech at America’s Environmental Leadership event in the White House.
>>6952929, >>6952953 Epstein bail memo.
>>6952908 SunTrust to stop financing companies that manage private prisons.
>>6952826 Speaker Pelosi holds a press conference.
>>6952840 Pence: ‘anti-Semitism has no place in the Congress of the United States’.
>>6952813 Over 1k Android apps harvest your data even if denied permission.
>>6952792 Trump sends top officials to attend Christians United for Israel.
>>6952771 Reminder: Epstein's Flight logs.
>>6952767 DJT Tweet: "I have been very critical about the way the U.K. and Prime Minister Theresa May…"


More additions:

Wexner ties in to Israeli deep state bureaucrats: Benny Gantz, Gabi Ashkenazi, Yair Golan, Ehud Barak and many others. Wexner funded their Harvard "public service program" (indoctrination), and epstein funneled the money into it.

Also Ehud Barak is directly tied to Jeffrey Epstein himself (was spotted outside his Manhattan apartment and appeared in the flight log).

The same ehud barak is tied to Austrian oligarch and alleged former stazi agent, Martin Schlaff who is in turn the handler of corrupt Israeli politicians Avigder Lieberman and Yair Lapid.

Benny Gantz is tied to victor vekselberg who is tied to Skolkovo project which is tied to HRC corruption, as she allowed them to steal silicon valley tech in exchange for money (pay for play). Vekselbergs' partner was allegedly a key source for the fake trump dossier.

Everything is easily confirmed using a google search.