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Occult Hexagram Use in Judaism

Gulf OIl Disaster, an Inside Job

Could the catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion be part of a larger scheme to "reform" the energy industry, just as the Obama administration has "reformed" healthcare, banking and automobile manufacturers? Worse, is "cap and trade"—possibly the worst legislation ever penned—the ultimate endgame behind this spill, which they are now capitalizing upon? The first red flag receiving virtually no attention is that Halliburton (of Dick Cheney fame) had finished a cementing process only 20 hours prior to Deepwater Horizon erupting in flames. Lawsuits have already been filed, with Reuters reporting on April 29, "Halliburton improperly and negligently performed its job in cementing the well, increasing the pressure at the well and contributing to the fire, explosion and resulting oil spill." As a result, a high-pressure pocket of deep oil 30,000 feet beneath the ocean floor erupted with the force of a gigantic, non-stop fire hose. A surviving worker on the rig, John Kersey, said it sounded "like a war zone" as alarms were triggered, electricity shorted out, and flames shot 300 feet into the air. The inferno-like blaze could be seen 35 miles away.


Suspicions arise when an ownership paper trail is followed. Halliburton subcontracted for a company named Transocean, which leased and operated Deepwater Horizon for British Petroleum (BP). Transocean is a subsidiary of Sonat Inc., which merged with the El Paso Corporation (EPC) in March 1999. Douglas Foshee, EPC's chairman, president and CEO, was hired away from Halliburton. The interim CEO prior to his arrival was Ronald Kuehn of Sonat. Another previous CEO of EPC was William Wise, who served with Cheney on the influential National Petroleum Council. EPC was the largest single contributor from Texas for Bush-Cheney's 2000 presidential campaign. Similarly, Wise helped Cheney raise $8 million for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. These incestuous relationships aren't limited to the GOP. Barack Obama and his Chicago crime network expect to reap handsome profits in the future. Step No. 1 in this process began with Chicago's Joyce Foundation, which had John Ayers (brother of terrorist William Ayers) on its board. Another board member was then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. The Joyce Foundation created the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), which in turn received financing from Franklin Raines, former head of Fannie Mae, a prime mover in our recent housing market collapse and economic recession. Of vital importance is CCX's role as the sole "carbon trading system" under Obama's cap-and-trade bill. CCX would act as a quasi-stock market to buy and sell energy emission allowances. Richard Sandor, CCX founder, estimated a $10 trillion potential for this easily manipulated market.


With that much money at stake, a host of high rollers enter the picture. Namely, one company with a huge ownership interest in CCX is Generation Investment Management (GIM), whose chairman is former Vice President Al Gore. Four other GIM founders include Henry Paulson, David Blood, Mark Ferguson and Peter Harris—all of Goldman Sachs. Not surprisingly, Goldman Sachs purchased 10 percent of CCX in 2006. One other individual on CCX's board of directors is the controversial Maurice Strong, a New Age occultist with direct ties to the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Since Goldman Sachs has now become part of the equation, we next need to examine its non-executive chairman, Peter Sutherland, who formerly filled the same role at BP, the company at the center of this debacle. As the third-largest global energy company in existence, BP has four direct links to Bilderberg: former CEO John Brown, chairman Carl Henric Svanberg, chief executive Tony Hayward and Sutherland. In addition, Sutherland formerly served as the World Trade Organization's director general, EU commissioner and chairman of the European Trilateral Commission. This background information is important because the top recipient of BP donations during the 2008 presidential campaign was Obama. Similarly, the second highest political action committee contributing to a political candidate in 2008 was Goldman Sachs. The beneficiary of their largess: Obama. Undoubtedly, one of Obama's primary big government missions is to enact cap-and-trade legislation. To implement this plan, influential decision makers such as Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Paul Volcker and Timothy Geithner are all members of the financial mafia. In this vein, David Mayer Rothschild stressed that last year's Copenhagen environmental summit was "an attempt to establish a world government." Likewise, AFP editor Jim Tucker reported on March 24, 2007 that General Lord Guthrie, director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, said political leaders should "address the global climate crisis with a single voice, and impose rules that apply worldwide." The Rothschilds have spent huge amounts of money promoting the global warming hoax. Goldman Sachs is obviously an arm of their empire, whereas BP is among a host of companies in Nathan Rothschild's portfolio.


Considering the nature of these prominent players, one factor binds them all together. Cap and trade, via the CCX, will tax carbon-dioxide emissions and generate trillions in revenue. Only a month ago, however, this legislation sat dead in the water with virtually no support from Congress or the American public. But now, with an environmental catastrophe at hand, could it be resurrected and enacted in a way that mirrored President Clinton's counter-terrorism bill following the OKC bombing? Ironically, big oil and global bankers are two of the most ardent supporters of climate change legislation. In this sense, seeming adversaries such as "environmentalist" Gore and BP are on the same team; as are Cheney's Halliburton, Goldman Sachs and Obama's CCX. It should also be noted that prior to their demise, the corrupt Enron Corporation lavished huge amounts of praise on cap and trade legislation. Lastly, if gasoline prices surge this summer due to the Gulf of Mexico spill, one obvious benefactor will be the new green-friendly "smart cars" owned by GM (Government Motors). As AFP goes to press, all containment efforts have failed as millions of gallons of oil continue to gush into the Gulf of Mexico on a weekly basis."

Oil Rig Disaster, Gulf of Mexico - the murder of an ocean

smoking gun on oil disaster

: Parish President is stonewalled into saving LA marshes until it is too late.

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Satanic Signature in WTC rubble

As can be seen in this helicopter shot of the WTC towers collapse on 9/11/01, the true culprits behind the WTC attacks and others that day, were Satanic/Illuminist in origin. It's just the wonderful way God works. He makes visible that which the dark side wishes to keep invisible. But, as always, the reality has always been in front of us.

Look inside the red box, and we see a pyramid with a slightly disconnected capstone, the Main SIGNATURE OF THE SATANIC ELITE, THE ILLUMINATI. Thus, this reveals to us who and what was truly behind the attacks. The dark siders may control a great deal of reality on earth, but Our Creator has his over-ruling ways of revealing truth.

Census stuff


Harmful Effects of Benzene
Benzene is present in crude oil and gasoline. Photo Credit chemical waste image by Antonio Oquias from
In all likelihood, you will encounter the chemical benzene today. It is present in the air largely as a pollutant from manufacturing and motor vehicle exhaust. Many manufacturing processes involve benzene including the production detergents, medicines, synthetic fabrics and dyes. Cigarette smoke also contains benzene. In addition to polluting the air, benzene can also contaminate water supplies and the soil. Benzene enters the body through inhalation of the vapors, absorption through the skin or ingestion. The adverse health effects of benzene depend on the route, duration and dose of your exposure.


Accidental or intentional ingestion of benzene causes acute poisoning. Benzene is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream and travels to the brain with devastating effects. Stupor, delirium, and drowsiness give way to seizures and coma. Fluid accumulates in the lungs compromising breathing; there is poor oxygen absorption from the air. Intensive treatment is necessary to prevent death.

Inhalation Injuries

Benzene irritates the linings of the airways. Exposure to low concentration benzene vapors can cause inflammation of the nasal airways and throat. High-level exposure can severely damage the lungs causing fluid accumulation and bleeding, which is often fatal. Accidental and potentially life-threatening benzene inhalation injuries can occur in people who practice huffing--inhaling the vapors of chemical products to induce a recreational high.

Skin Disorders

Benzene is harmful to the skin. Exposure to low levels of benzene vapors may cause dermatitis--a local skin reaction characterized by dry, itchy, red skin. Highly concentrated benzene vapors or spills of liquid benzene on the skin can cause second-degree burns.

Headaches and Neurological Problems

Headaches, sleep disturbances, irritability, confusion, memory loss and nerve damage in the extremities (arms and legs) may occur with persistent exposure to benzene vapors. Short-term exposure to highly concentrated benzene vapors may cause decreased consciousness, stupor, seizures, coma and possibly death.


Chronic exposure to benzene can cause a serious bone marrow disorder called pancytopenia. A marked reduction in the number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets occurs because the bone marrow--the site of all blood cell and platelet production--cannot produce sufficient quantities. Pancytopenia causes chronic anemia and increases risk for serious infections. The low platelet count may cause uncontrolled bleeding.

Aplastic Anemia

Chronic benzene exposure may cause aplastic anemia, which is a more advanced form of pancytopenia. With this disorder, the bone marrow is so severely damaged that blood cell and platelet production drop to levels too low to sustain life. Transfusions are necessary to replace the blood cells not produced by the bone marrow. Bone marrow transplant is generally the best option for long-term survival with aplastic anemia.


Protracted occupational or other exposure to benzene may cause leukemia--cancer of the white blood cells. The strongest association is with acute myelogenous leukemia followed by chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Regulations are now in place in the U.S. to control benzene exposure in the workplace and prevent occupationally induced leukemias.

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The Unholy Bible, New International Version

The NIV...corrupted in so many places that it completely alters, changes, and corrupts any factual information from the original Textus Receptus. The NIV is based on and streams from the Gnostic Alexandrian codices, then further modified to eliminate any refernece whatsover to the blood of christ. FYI.

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The Rape Of Europe

Crowleys Satanic Gay Agenda

Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

It was an intention event designed to kill off the communities that live off the gulf in 5 states and ruin ALL seafood forever from the gulf, as Fukushima has done for the Pacific ocean. These satanic pigs are beyond monsters, they are abominations.

Hand out free information, get data-mined and fined.

US Military protects opium fields in Afghanistan

Oil Rig Explosion In Gulf Foreshadowed In 2009 Movie 'Knowing'

I and others who understand how these things work with the "network" have been saying for years that they use the media to telegraph their intentions, especially as it relates to global events. Those events that will have a global impact and of which they have total control. This can be seen in countless movies and shows, then acted out in real life within a matter of months or years. The timeline is often given, provided you understand how to read the messages given.

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The six-fingered curse of the nephillim hybrids.

Return Of The Nephilim

Oil Rig Disaster, Gulf of Mexico

Will The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Be An Economic Disaster That The Gulf Coast Will Never Recover From?

As a silent blanket of black goo that is now about the size of the state of Florida slowly but relentlessly drifts towards the Gulf Coast, communities in the region are bracing for an economic catastrophe that is being described as a "slow motion Katrina". Still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Katrina after all these years, many who depend on the Gulf of Mexico for their livelihood fear that the massive oil spill heading their way could prove to be an economic disaster from which they will never recover.

A Sword or a Glade? (part 1)

Oil slick lies from the MSM and BP

Oil rig survivors and those in the industry say that the flow volume is at least ten times the reported figure of 5,000 barrels a day.

Polish assassination squads at crash site...

Happy Day, Mothers!

Editor’s Note: For most Americans, Mother’s Day means ordering some flowers or buying a card to express a sentimental appreciation for one’s mother, but that wasn’t what the first Mother’s Day had in mind.

The original Mother’s Day Proclamation from poet and suffragette Julia Ward Howe was a protest against the evils of war, a call to mothers to act to prevent future wars that would exact horrific tolls on their sons and the sons of others, as Gary G. Kohls reminds us:

In 1870 – 140 years ago – the disastrous human consequences of the American Civil War were becoming increasingly apparent, especially to the mothers of sons and the wives of husbands who had watched as these men proudly and patriotically marched off to “glorious” war a decade earlier.

Some of these women had probably (and regretfully) participated in the pre-war flag-waving fervor that war planners and profiteers cunningly elicit from the poor and working classes who will be doing the dirty work.

Everything changed, however, when the killing and maiming started and the permanent war wounded struggled back home with desperate needs for medical and mental health care.

Julia Ward Howe was a life-long abolitionist and therefore probably a reluctant supporter of the Union Army’s anti-slavery rationale for going to war against the pro-slavery Confederate South.

A compassionate and well-educated middle child of an upper-class family, Howe was also a poet who, in the early days of the Civil War, wrote “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” using many biblically-based lyrics.

Though she later became a pacifist and a famous antiwar activist, her fervent anti-slavery attitudes inspired her to write that still famous song; and she did it in one sitting, in the pre-dawn darkness of Nov. 18, 1861.

Originally, Howe had thought of her song as an abolitionist anthem. However, because of some militant-sounding lyrics and the eminently marchable tune, the song soon was adopted by the Union Army as its most inspiring war song.

At the time, the Civil War also had not yet degenerated into the wholesale mutual mass slaughter made possible by the advances in weaponry that were destined to make obsolete the cavalry, the bayonet and the sword.

Grim Images

In part because of the relatively uncensored battlefield journalism of the time and the grim images of dead soldiers made possible by the invention of the camera, it didn’t take too long for peace-loving, justice-oriented activists to recognize that war was the equivalent of hell on earth.

By the time the Civil War ended in 1865, 600,000 American soldiers were dead, with no accurate count of the likely much larger number of soldiers wounded, disabled or missing in action.

Women saw their sons and husbands returning home broken in body and spirit – definitely not as heroes, as had been the pre-war hope – and the minds of Howe and other women were changed about the lie that war is glorious.

The families of the returning Civil War veterans, both North and South, also discovered that many of the soldiers who had no visible scars were emotionally disabled, a problem that actually grew worse after they were home and out of “harm’s way.”

The healing effect of time didn’t work like it was supposed to with these psychologically wounded veterans. The so-called “unwounded ones” often suffered melancholy, had nightmares, couldn’t function in society and turned suicidal, homicidal and/or anti-social.

Many of the most infamous train and bank robbers and serial killers of the late 1800s got their start as Civil War soldiers, most famously the members of the James gang.

Because of normal society’s inability to deal with massive numbers of war-traumatized veterans, the first “veterans homes” were constructed for the long-term care of the tens of thousands of invalided ex-soldiers who otherwise might have died homeless, hungry and helpless.

Many of these unfortunates were diagnosed as having “Soldiers’ Heart,” also known in the Civil War era as “Nostalgia,” a commonly incurable malady better known today as “Combat-Induced PTSD” (posttraumatic stress disorder).

The horrors of the Civil War even changed those the conflict made famous. Speaking to a graduating class of military cadets years later, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman uttered his famous truth about the nature of warfare as part of a rebuke to the era’s “chicken-hawks,” people who call for war without having experienced it.

“I confess without shame that I am tired and sick of war,” Sherman said. “Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded, who cry aloud for more blood, more vengeance, more desolation. War is Hell.”

By 1870, Julia Ward Howe had been deeply affected both by the ongoing agonies of Civil War veterans and the carnage occurring overseas in the Franco-Prussian War. Though very short, that war resulted in almost 100,000 killed in action plus another 100,000 lethally wounded or sickened.

The First Mother’s Day

So, as a humanist who cared about suffering people – as well as a feminist and a suffragette who advocated social justice – Howe penned her “Mother’s Day Proclamation” in 1870 as an appeal to mothers to spare their sons and the sons of others from the depredations of war.

The Mother’s Day Proclamation was partly a lament for the useless deaths and partly a call to action to stop future wars. The call was directed, not to men, many of whom may have felt proud for their “service,” but to women, who often have proved more thoughtful and humane about issues of human suffering.

Then, on June 2, 1872, in New York City, Julia Ward Howe held the first “Mother’s Day” as an anti-war observance, a practice Howe continued in Boston for the next decade before it died out.

The modern Mother’s Day, with its apolitical message, emerged in the early Twentieth Century, with Howe’s original intent largely erased from the mainstream consciousness. Howe’s vision of an antiwar mother’s call to action was watered-down into an annual expression of sentimentality.

Like most other holidays (including religious ones), Mother’s Day in capitalist America has been transformed into just another expectation of gift-buying and gift-giving.

What was originally a call to mobilize outraged mothers to keep their sons and husbands from going off half-cocked to kill and die for some corporate war profiteer or other, became just another opportunity to market non-essential consumer goods.

Note in Howe’s proclamation below how strongly she felt that wives and mothers should never have to be put in the position of comforting or applauding their soldier-husbands or soldier-sons when they come home from war “reeking of carnage.”

In her view, the prevention of such “reeking” was so much simpler than the attempt to reverse the consequences of the “carnage” of war.

Howe also felt that mothers should never allow war-making institutions to make killers out of their sons whom they had raised to be ethical, humane people with love for humankind.

One must wonder, too, what Howe meant when she referred to “irrelevant agencies.” One can only assume that the same American military, governmental, corporate and bureaucratic agencies that have been messing things up in Iraq, Afghanistan, New Orleans, the Gulf of Mexico and all over the world were also operating in the last half of the 1800s.

Wall Street and the military/industrial/congressional/media complex – the entities that dominate U.S. policymaking today – were probably in operation then, too, though surely with less exorbitant salaries, bonuses, contracts and cost overruns.

Given the ongoing horrors of war, perhaps it’s finally time for people of good will to recall Julia Ward Howe’s peacemaking vision on this Mother’s Day, 2010.

Julia Ward Howe's Mother's Day Proclamation of 1870:

"Arise then, women of this day! Arise, all women who have hearts, whether your baptism be that of water or tears!

"Say firmly: 'We will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies.

Our husbands shall not come to us, reeking with carnage, for caresses and applause.

Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have taught them of charity, mercy and patience.

We women of one country will be too tender of those of another to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.'

"From the bosom of the devastated earth, a voice goes up with our own. It says, 'Disarm, disarm!'

The sword of murder is not the balance of justice. Blood does not wipe out dishonor, nor does violence indicate possession.

As men have often forsaken the plow and the anvil at the summons of war, let women now leave all that may be left of home for a great and earnest day of counsel.

Let them meet first, as women, to bewail and commemorate the dead. Let them solemnly take counsel with each other as to the means whereby the great human family can live in peace, each bearing after his own time the sacred impress, not of Caesar but of God.

"In the name of womanhood and of humanity, I earnestly ask that a general congress of women without limit of nationality may be appointed and held at some place deemed most convenient and at the earliest period consistent with its objects, to promote the alliance of the different nationalities, the amicable settlement of international questions, the great and general interests of peace."

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Deep cover Operatives on the Web

Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico - 2010

Oil Rig Disaster, Gulf of Mexico

There is something very wrong about all this. We have yet to hear the truth, and what on earth is Homoland Security doing with directing the cleanup efforts? What does the gestapo have to do with fixing pipes and skimming oil?

Watch the price of oil go up. Especially if the fallout of all this is the termination of ocean based oil drilling.

Finally this, years ago i knew an attorney for Union 76. He flat out told anyone who would listen that they have more oil in the USA than anything they could ever get from the mideast and that thousands of wells and reserves were located, just waiting to be tapped.

See, even the reason for being in the mid-east (oil) is a lie. We have plenty. THe scarcities are fictions. They use oil for the reasons for war and war-making. Everything about that whole industry is a pile of lies. I also met another man who worked for the refineries in Texas for 30 years and he told me the oil shortages of the 70s were hoaxes, as tankers were ordered to stand off outside the 12 mile limit from the refineries in Texas and California, just so prices would go up.

All these oil scarcities, peak oil, etc, are fictions. Lies.

These people care nothing for this world, for life, or for truth. They are monsters with nice suits and dresses.