Tuesday, August 31, 2021

All national forests California closed and roads blocked as of midnight 8-31-21

Keeping people out of the mountains and countryside. For a fire that hasn't happened yet.

See what's happening here?

USDA Forest Service Officials Announce Temporary Closures of All California National Forests for Public Safety

Uwantson.com is down and so is my email



I lost all my old contacts, emails, everything. Years and years of names, pics, messages...ALL GONE.

it threw it all out when I synchronized to the new server.


So, as of now I cannot contact anyone and am starting all over again.


The site owner is retiring the site and service I've had since 2007.

I am in the process of doing whatever can be done to save, move, and create yet a new thing.

Unfortunately, all my billing and LIFE, goes to that email


So this mess will take a while to resolve, esp with banking an tons of other things.

I have a secondary, or fallback thingy


For now, we have to use that.




Vax Weapon Massacre


Monday, August 30, 2021

UV Lamp post cover story

 Wow...the load of lies in this media clip I snagged this morning says it all.

First, LEDs do not degrade into PURPLE LIGHT. UV light has to be a specific frequency that is hard coded and does NOT change. It also requires a specific kind of plasma to generate that is not in standard LED lights.

Second, calling it purple light does not hide anything except for the extremely dull witted; apparently dumbing down the children in the last 40 years is paying off. No one thinks, they just obey.

Third, UV light is harmful to the eyes, skin, clothing, etc. Saying it is good for the skin is the whopper of all whoppers.

Please send this far and wide. The few videos I put up on UV light have since gone viral. Good. You helped make that so. Thank you.

Share the cover story lie and the above or if you can, improved explanation of just why it is a TOTAL BAG OF DIRT LIES.


Our Spiritual World: Maga, the fifth degree of the Church of Satan

Our Spiritual World: Maga, the fifth degree of the Church of Satan: MAGA? We must remember also that these PUBLIC degrees and exposition is a shield of a kind from the true ranks, degrees, and levels these de...

On The Software That Manage 5G Antennas Radiation Emission Cycles




Sunday, August 29, 2021

Insane Covid Restrictions on Aussie Truckies: No Toilet Break

This is where they destroy the economy by taking out shipping and transport with insane rules and laws, over the fake pandemic.

Pure evil.

Everything going on in Australia is GOING TO HAPPEN ELSEWHERE. 


Saturday, August 28, 2021

Can you say roundups?

Wally World has inmate and transfer housing ala containers that can be easily put onto trucks for transportation.


LED 5G streetlight, now with UV added!

When you need to see your victim, ID his mark of allegiance, and cook her down, accept no substitutes! 

It locates, verifies, and kills in the same 3 seconds!

Get your Newly upgraded, 5G death lights today!


Available for better homes and gardens.



WIFI kills life

 All routers have a 5G receive and send transceiver in them, worldwide. Since 2014. Just regular 2.4G standard router WIFI does this...can you fathom what the 5G does to you if it is enabled in your router.

Guess what. By default, IT IS enabled. I had to manually turn mine off, which I did 3 years ago. And keep all WIFI turned off in my home.

Friday, August 27, 2021


The world is collapsing around us and accelerating toward a conclusion that will push ALL over the precipice. That moment...there will be no coming back from and IT IS CLOSE.

Very very close.


Japan tested the Moderna vials and they are magnetic.

Japan has stopped them all and has subsequently recommending ivermectin.





Celebrities are Murderers

You can trust me, they said.
It is safe, they said.
Would I lie to you, they said.
Wednesday is soylent green day, they said.

The nephilim club they are in wants all you sons of Adam dead. The only celebrities that are dead from the vax are old school, old time celebrities because of some great feat they had done in the past. Movie celebrities are the very worst. You have to be damned to be in that club.


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Starting today, Airbnb will begin housing 20,000 Afghan Jihadis for free


‘Afghans refugees are the most violent, brutal gang rapes are now common in Europe’…


 Population replacement. Its obvious. Fundamental transformation of western civilization, happening in all formerly white European countries. Kalergi plan. They haven’t exactly kept their plans a secret.



Israel PM Now Tells Weaponized They Have To Get 3rd Dose Because 2nd Dose Didn't Work!

Fool me once shame on you.... fool me twice shame on me. Fool me three times you may as well buy me a coffin and bury me because I'm too stunted a soul to be walking around on this Earth.

Sounds like the 2nd kill shot didn't kill enough people fast enough for the blood lust. Here comes bullet number three. I bet this one kills very fast.

The shots will never end. Not until the death toll leaves earth a vacant wasteland of the dead and dying. And even then... 


Monday, August 23, 2021

FDA grants full approval to Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid shot, clearing path to more vaccine mandates

On full moon; a blue moon. Of course.

Now the little stinkers will say they can mandate and all that blather. A branch of the government filled with demonic sycophants to the agenda.

A collage of opinions, good, bad, weird.

CDC Director: Those Who Got Vaccinated Early Will Get Severe Disease, Be Hospitalized, Die.


Pfizer Whistleblower Claims To Have Documentation of 200,000 dead every week


CDC Director: Those Who Got Vaccinated Early Will Get Severe Disease, Be Hospitalized, Die

Bish just stated that those who were weaponized a few months ago WILL die from the weapon. Again.

In our faces, right there. Take the jibbyjabby, you killed yourself.


Watch their eyes of all on the screen

Turn down the Sound. Do not let these demonics into your head.

3rd shot of death. On 9.20.21 they roll out a new level of death. In this clip, watch the constant blinking and eager sniffing of blood to be shed in the name of Satan, as these minions want.

9.20 is a witches black sabbath.


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Italy, dad arrested in front of daughter for shopping w/ out Weapon Slavery Passport


QR code readers on vaxx weapon site


Trump pushes the weapon at rally 8-21-21


Last year, this guy said he would NEVER take the vax weapon because he didn't need it. Hmmm. Then, yesterday, on camera, he pushed the weapon. A bunch of times.

1. Told people to get weaponized. Many, many times.

2. Revealed he was himself, weaponized. (a lie)

3. Kept repeating at odd times, to get weaponized. 

4. He also kept saying we still have our freedoms. That is a bold faced lie, as everyone knows. There are so many state, county, city and corporate diktats to get weaponized or ELSE out there, plus the vax weapon passport, that it's hard to keep up with them all.

And this is a year later, with millions and millions of deaths worldwide. A WHO whistleblower revealed recently that 200,000 people a week are being murdered by the weapon, worldwide. That's above and beyond the 40k people that normally die from the meat sack life on Earth.

But, that's still too slow for their agenda. Their real goal is 1 million deaths PER WEEK. That's 1,000,000 bodies per week. Some go to food processing plants; others get dumped in mass graves. 

Trump never mentioned the outstanding and redundant proof about 

  • magnetization of people after getting whacked up.
  • glowing hands and foreheads by UV light
  • the endless parade of people dying and undergoing horrific consequences for listening and trusting buffoons who tell them to commit suicide by weapon.
  • the satanic elements and horrible ingredients in this weapon.

A great many people walked out on him while he was speaking. Just like they did at the last Trump rally. He was all, vote for me, vote for me.

Right. Fat lot of good voting for you in 2020 did. He could have stopped the theft, declared an illegal election, and forced the situation in emergency session and by EO, to have a one time, paper ballot only vote. He did none of those things. He had a dozen ways to peacefully resolve the vote crisis last year and DID NOTHING. Then, at the end, he handed the satanists the country on a platter and gave them just enough of a lying reason to attack christian conservatives. The Jan 6th event, which this country is still dealing with, because he folded like a cheap suit.

I voted for him, mainly to stop the Hildebeast from coming to power, double or no double. He did restore a great many things, which were instantly undone in the first 2 weeks of the CIA controlled opposition in the form of the bad state actor sniffy. Sniffy is in Los Angeles, with the other bad actors, pretending to be President and all that. My readers are well aware of the evidence provided here to prove out this obvious fact.

Trump just buried himself. The crowd damn well knows exactly what the weapon is, mostly, and want no part of an evil invention designed to murder them and their friends and family. 

And, as we all know, voting in our times is a joke. Identity politics plays upon the weak minded only so far, as people wake up to the real enemies and dangers they are facing. What he's doing is so 2018. In 2021, all the BS is visible to see, if one wishes to see and know, the Truth.

Are you seeing it yet?

Anyone who pushes the weapon is your enemy. They want you dead. That's the outcome of the jibbyjabby - DEATH. 

The alternative of survival of the weapon is to become a zombified rake. Under the master control of 5G and the dark phreaks who run it.

Are you seeing it...YET?


It was only a matter of time

It's just a matter of time before words and signs turn into molotovs and fists to protest and protect loved ones from cops and their dumb ideology of serving the tyrants.  Go ahead; back the blue. As they drag you into the camps to be murdered away from prying eyes.

This is just what the satanists want. LEO are just to be sacrificed so that as this increases, the UN and military will be called in to restore control with shoot on sight orders.


Contents of various weapons direct from the vials

This is dark field microscopic examination of several weapon products. "Here are pictures from our vaccine test again, following the video that was published yesterday.
The manifold dancing particles in the BioNTech active ingredient were only there. An obviously constructed wire-like shape was found there, which had also been found earlier in other ampoules.Johnson and Johnson had large chunks and a triangular, flat thing that moved, was also discovered in the vaccine on another occasion.
After drying, grid-like structures emerged at BioNTech and J&J. Something organizes itself, connects, so it's no wonder if it also organizes itself in the blood. Circles at higher magnification are probably lipid nanoparticles, sometimes you can see white dots in them. The constructed forms in the BioNTech vaccine, including the triangles at J&J, should be examined, including the formation of crystalline, chain-like structures that are visible in the blood."

These are deadly weapons that generally kill most of the receivers. The survivors are being turned into horrible monsters.


Complete tyranny in N.Ireland

If you refuse the weapon, they take you to a camp. No one ever sees you again. Ever. There are no videos of anyone coming out of these kill centers; only videos of them GOING IN.


The director of the W.H.O. attends gay orgies

This is one of the monsters who insist we all be triple weaponized and wants the UN to control the world to enforce its satanic edicts.

These are your leaders. Degenerate, blood drinking, freaks. They are anti Christ; they want death to Christians; they do unspeakable things to small children; they are the damned.


Saturday, August 21, 2021

It was the weapon!!!!!


Alexa says population of UK in less than 4 years to be 22.9 million

Down from last year's 68 million on the UK. Sounds like two thirds of the UK (and hence, the world) will be dead in under four years.


There is NO Biden...

 All over everywhere, it's Biden did or didn't do this or that. Simply amazing. Does anyone really believe that sniffy the replacement actor for dead Joe is someone who would be REALLY allowed to have any kind of say in foreign policy. 

It's the men and women you do not see nor know about. 

Yelling about Sniffy is not only a waste of spirit, it's the declarative reality of insanity.

If what's going on is being used as an impeachment thing, it's a fake game to move the actor out and the nephilim whore, in.

Hospital Beds That Instantly Transform Into Coffins


Satanic ritual embedded in Newscast


Friday, August 20, 2021

BANNED.VIDEO BRO to be arrested for reporting on Jan 6th

Owen Shroyer — I’m going to be arrested Monday morning…


San Francisco and Los Angeles start Vaccine Checks at restaurants, bars and gyms, stores, shops...

 This is what they did 2 weeks ago in Australia, just before they declared total martial law.

You are not allowed ‘to watch the sunset’

The insanity of the damned grows beyond belief. They do this to show their contempt for us all and by demonstrating this is not about any virus; it is about the satanic NWO.


More rules on how to live your life in Sydney.

This scene from Australia is making the rounds…

Checkpoints And Quarantine Camps Popping Up Across Australia

Martial Law is in full effect in Australia. You are seeing the future of America and the rest of the west, very very soon.

Like it? Think this future is okay for fake variants and in the which the physician's desktop reference bible says is THE COMMON COLD?


The injections are the bioweapons


Wednesday, August 18, 2021



All these girls who "died at Sandy Hook" were alive for a reunion photo later. And every last one of them is probably in a top flight position or headed for one, at OUR SOCIETAL EXPENSE.

These are all young ladies from covens. These women agreed to, with their satanist parents, to be part of the CIA ruse to fulfill their predictive programming from the just released that year, new batman movie. In it, a plan of Gotham which showed the date and place of this fictional event to get the guns. It's the scene where Comm Gordon is talking and pointing at a map on a table. Check it out.

Every one of these smiling "angels" are blood drinkers. In fact, the mothers put human blood into the milk of the baby, even from birth. This is a fact. An unpleasant fact.

But it is so.

And if they were none, then they would be shouting to the rooftops that the shooting was a fraud and they were not killed and some powerful somebodies were using them as fake corpses. And from day one. Not a peep from any of them, other than using the trickery as a kind of badge of honor. In the coven, deceiving the gullible and blind is considered a coupe. They relish in it.

When oh when will the world take off its blinders and question the lies from the slave masters?


Sunday, August 15, 2021

The World Economic Forum recently removed this video

 It's the updates. Cell, PC, Apple, your apps, routers, all of it. They've been doing it all month, especially on the 11th of August. Then, on the 21st, do we get the big internet of things take down? Nukes?

Which of these two horrors is worse? One destroys cities; the other destroys the world, as we know it.

Which day is it? It's already set. We know it. They've been promising a HUGE cyber attack for a YEAR NOW, this summer. They said.

A land littered with corpses is what they REALLY want.

As one person threatened me with a long time ago...if we ever go down, you go first. All of you.


Graphene Oxide in Chemtrails

Yeah, for a long time now. Since 1959. It's been in our air since 2018. It's a little late to be protesting CTs; but anything at this point is better than doing nothing. We have a much bigger problem. It's in our food products, hygiene products and vax.


Friday, August 13, 2021

The coming week, around the date of August 21, 2021


Given everything I've read and run across, plus what I've seen when out and about in my county and down in Los Angeles. Also, most of this is telegraphed federal moves by the Sniffy Crime syndicate. This is in violation of federal rules and the constitution.

  • Federal nationwide lock downs. With an added element of more on the street stringent military and federal presence to enforce it.
  • Mandatory weaponization for travel between states. This is being drafted for a senate vote now.
  • Mandatory weaponization for air, train, bus travel.
  • Mandatory weaponization for all education employee and state and county employees. 
  • Most of the 20 big major metros of this country have already voted on or will by Wednesday next, for weaponization passports for ANY AND ALL retail establishments. This may or may not be federally mandated as well. Once it does, America qualifies for the mark of the beast laws. It joins the CCP green pass club. Many of the smaller counties will likely follow suit, as they did before.
  • Huge military presence in the skies over Los Angeles today. Endless stream of military choppers scooting across the sky every 15 minutes in every direction. As they do in the skies of demilitarized zones. First time I've ever seen that in LA in my life. All day long.
  • Federal mandatory school jab. Which in our state, has been in place all year anyway. One of my sons had to drop out of college because of it.

This is just the law related stuff, gimp wise. Everyone I talk to feels something is off. Not quite right. Like when one subconsciously expects a bit of bad news, which of course comes. It's very much like that. I'm sure many of you likely have experienced the same thing. Sure, everyone goes about, as usual; but, the easy banter and chit chat is gone. People are serious faced and intent when on the phone or texting. Shallow games on the cell all the younger folks do, you don't see anymore like you used to. 

Put it all together... Like the summer before WW1. An unseen tension just hangs in the air...then POP! The days just before the Civil War started, as the southern states, one by one, left the Union and tried to create their utopia of slavery and aristocracy of the rich. While blacks and poor whites ate dirt. This is very much like those days.

I was at a northern Calif lake 2 weeks ago and the easy, open fresh air of a people away from the maddening rush of an oppressive false reality was missing. Very few smiles, no lingering banters of fun and letting go with all ages, missing. First time I've ever seen that. And I've been a woodsman all my life, since the boy scouts and camping and merit badges. 

What I mean is. In those historical times, events went by that brought about some inevitable and terrible event that would lead to a conclusion that once set into motion, would be impossible to stop. Each of these historical tragedies, here and abroad, have these chapters known months leading to the crimean, boer, and many other wars that ruined the world in which they were fought. 

Go out this weekend - and it may be your last, fellow slave - and go into whatever part of your town is that folks congregate in the old, peaceful, non antifa way. Watch folks, listen, but mostly FEEL with your heart, the measure of the group before you. You'll see what I'm on about.


The Jones town nephilim massacre


Graphene in chemtrails

They are quite determined to get us, one way or another. This isn't the mark, but it is certainly CONTROL, once that crap gets into our system.


Martial Law Australia - helo oppression


Learn how to be an insufferable network droid in under 3 minutes

Here's how to become a dead person under satanic mind control. Get your droid shot today and watch your family whither and die.


Celebrities are sick, evil, child molesting, child eating demonics



Oprah has six toes. Dead on for sure sign of a nephilim DNA.

Oprah Explains How Enjoyable Child Rape is


Thursday, August 12, 2021

Cannot fly without being weaponized in the USA





 As I've been saying for three months, watch Australia and New Zealand.

She's right. Australia is the test bed for rolling out their plans on the rest of the West. America and Canada are next.




Supplement NEEM with graphene

 2 year old Neem. They are poisoning everything.


The big boogie exterminate is a go, quite obviously. They are starting in the hinterlands and countrysides FIRST. Because, by definition, the cities are already bottled up. Just have to close freeway on and off ramps with concrete blocks. Blockade the highways. Do the sweeps.

Then kill us all.

You are the resistance...



FEMA Camps Hiring & Predictive Programming




The reason we invaded Afghanistan the first time was because the Taliban forbade growing of opium poppies, which is about 90ish percent of the world’s source for Heroin. That upset the CIA, who controls the trade.

We’ll be right back in there, because of this fact. It’s about the opium, their only export.

Nephilim lesbian laughs trying to pretend to cry

You must understand that the people exhorting you to die with their weapon are NOT human beings as you understand them. They are nephilim. You must see and learn this, or you will forever be under their thumb.



for psych evaluation for questioning covid Plandemic. His wife narc'd him out for having a DIFFERENT OPINION ON THE WEAPON. Sounds like a half and half marriage to me; big surprise for the husband, bish is a reptile.


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Graphene in Facial Powder


Placebo number code Vax Weapon

So now we know the code. If it is 1, it's saline.

If it is 2 or 3, it's the kill shot.

And asking to see the vial doesn't mean your shot came out of that vial. Apparently jabbers work against a list of those that get 1 and those that get 2 or 3 codes, which is death.



Tuesday, August 10, 2021

SouthPark: Full disclosure on Adrenochrome


The Bugaloo

The Bugaloo


I been having horrible nightmares lately. Same deal, over and over again.

Just saw Red Dawn this morning after having not seen it since the days before tape players and then, DVDs; back when cable was the only way to see movies at home. Anyways.

My how things have changed.

The idea is the same. In every invasion there tend to be those people that live near the hinterlands and then boogie out to the woods with whatever skills sets, prep (many times, none at all), and loved ones. This will last a day to 10 days. Much of this group saw something horrific happen in town and want no part of it. Now, to buy time to think about what might ever come next, they hunker down among the trees and talk. They also take an accounting of what they have and where they stand with that.

Don't ask me how I know this will be so. I just know it. I see it so clearly.

They will set about to securing water, because after the first 4 hours, everyone will be thirsty. It hits everyone then that without a consistent water supply, it's only a matter of days before the group folds and heads back into town and the awaiting arms of the buses. And whatever they witnessed that drove them into the hills and forests in the first place. Many will have deep emotional explosions and break down and cry. This is perfectly normal; stress does that, so does adrenaline. Even among the guys.

The old normal is no more. Ever, ever again. No more teachers, no more books....shock. Even for the so called prepared. I have been in shock for months. It sucks.

Those that stick it out, knowing to go back is to die right off, hit upon the idea of strength in numbers. Groups will merge; leaders will bark orders. Hopefully, not orders based on bad Hollywood movies; rather, reality orders that see the strategic picture, as a whole. Those that can see that, should be the real leaders, not the biggest guy with the coolest gun. Understand?

The radical change in lifestyle will hit the weakest the hardest. No more showers, fridges, or distractions. A toothbrush? Oh poop I forgot. Reality is the name of the game and facing it with a clear mind paramount to make it to the next day.

The smarter leaders will triage the group into skill sets right off. EMT folks, cooks, hunters, security, camp needs. If no one can have this presence of mind, your group is doomed.

The machinery of the Bugaloo affords a small window of time, because this will happen everywhere at once. But, once the suburbs and cities are either locked down or dealt with, this is that window. After that, the machine will focus of the mountains and woods. Predator drones, even from the beginning are feeding live, round the clock intel while flying high and low over these areas. Was a time, you stayed put during the day and moved during the night. But, at night, with FLIR, a glowing moving mass of orange shouts out SHOOT ME like nothing else. At night, you have to be under cover. Dense trees are best. No fires.

Day is the only time you will have eyes anyway to see. FLIR becomes useless in the sunshine. Radiant heat signatures make everything orange or green.

Groups with women and children will last the least amount of time. They cannot, nor are able, to move and carry equipage in a cohesive, tactical way to avoid detection. This is no slander. Who has such training, except ex swat and tac guys? And what child can even cope with such things at an age under 13?

Most preppers will hunker down at a prepared site EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT. You should have kept your mouth shut while online, not bragging about your new, solar powered whatever that is perfect for running your distiller. These have the lovely joy of having nasty firefights with LEO and DHS. Even if you outgun them at first, they'll just bring up armor. It's why every single police outfit and nat guard unit has them. For local insurrections. Finish. As armor appears, it will flash upon you that being prepped and 50...didn't play. And could you dance the forest dance with a beer belly? Sorry, bros.

I know. Most of the serious preppers still think that back hoe you rented 3 summers ago for your 40 acres, that no one saw you dig that covered trench. The nephilim equipment rental guy does and as well as your credit card online orders for tac gear and storage tanks. They know pretty well just what is where with whom. Okay? Let's not pretend. It's the group that stumbles upon supply stashes who are going to benefit from that. If you prepped on land purchased in your name, they are going to search it with dogs. Finish.

Some preppers have sussed this out. They know that when the big boogie goes down, they intend to drive 30 miles deep into a mountain range, and with their trusty hound by their side, abandon their ride and hoof it. Likely, these are already loners without any family responsibilities. Fido and God is who they talk to.

The last time I ever visited prep sites was in the 90s. Food deals, not so much survival was the thing. From what I see, most preppers want as much of their old conveniences with them as possible. That means staying put somewhere. Providing you are doubly darn sure you are doing it without your location being visible to the machine a long time ago.

The singular issue becomes one of detection and avoidance. I'm not even going to elaborate on that. Each situation will be different. Each outcome, likely the same. Eventually.

Some are just waiting at home. They don't have weapons nor they have ever even considered pointing one at another living creature, much less a human being. The thought of killing a person and watching them die at their feet is abhorrent to them. Eating a hamburger is one thing. Turning a man into hamburger, quite another. 

Anyone really know how to skin an animal and dress it? See what I mean? I do, thanks to summer spent with my grandfather, who hunted. These are lost skills in our time. Almost extinct.

My heart is so damn heavy I feel like I'm carrying around an extra 20 pounds of unseen weight. This whole thing just sucks. I can't shake it. It's been like this all summer.

We are heading into fall and water. That makes everything ten times harder. Just think that through and you'll see why.

Of course, there is the unknown and unexpected. Enough will make it to give the gimps problems for at least a year. If the groups arm and coalesce, maybe. But that means killing. A lot of it.

It also means dying. A lot of it.

Many will have to watch loved ones....

And there it is. The big boogie.

The wild card in all this is people's own military and what they are going to tolerate, watching their family and friends lined up against walls and murdered out right; they won't actually see that, but they certainly know about FEMA camps and their REAL PURPOSE. If this group breaks away and supports the hinterlands groups, there is a fighting chance. More than that. If not, that country is no longer a country. It's a giant warehouse of the dead and dying.

The only thing that can even have a outside chance at this not happening is if the west rises up, right now, and stands against the machine. You know who they are and more importantly, by now, WHAT THEY ARE. We are on the verge.

Then there is Almighty YHVH our Elohim. His hand is on this and all the big and little outcomes. All a person can really do, in spite of preparedness or because of it, is put their trust in Him. Yeshua is on duty at all times. The shepherd knows his flock, past, present, and future.

It's what I intend to do and am doing. What else is there?



There be those who will macho up and call bullshite. You'll need that confidence, build on it. Also, remember Washington's third vision and Dad's 3rd Trumpet. Much will be afoot the devils cannot prepare for. It's the singular ray of sunshine in all this. Judgment.

I don't know...maybe its a blessing being red list.

Magnetic Particles also found in Pills


Setting up kill shot centers outside your door step in your driveway


Monday, August 9, 2021

C.C.P. - Covid Compliance Passport

And the thing is the colors of the Chinese Communist Party. Could be they more obvious about whom is really running this government?

The French show correct pushback against the nephilim



I believe it to be August 21st, which is the 233 day of the year. I would say stores, food, and so on kick off on that date. This is a signal to the covens. Whatever it really is, it is big enough to send out the confirming signal in the MSM all over the world. 

It is likely and could also be, the signal to start the door to door seek and destroy pogrom

Or both, which is also, likely.

Gives us 2 weeks to get whatever needs to be got together.


I've had all day to think about this and it won't let me go. Consider...

If it were a country thing, it would only appear in that country's media, but not all over the world. But it is all over the world. I kept being brought back to CYBER ATTACK on a worldwide level. Like no internet, banking, something very big. Even war.

Whatever it is, it would have to be something the whole word's covens would have to know about as something they've prepped for, but have yet to get the word. This is that word.

I also believe it is a date marker; I've seen them use date markers before and sure enough, on that date, whammo. And as I've learned, always watch the numbers. Sure, the are the usual satanic tells, double elevens, 33s, etc. I've also seen this happen three times before and they were date markers.


We all have graphene

 It's been found in cereals, milks, vax weapons, medicines, tampons, masks, chemtrails, rain water, bottled water (not distilled), and on and on.


Walmart Pedo Trafficking




Saturday, August 7, 2021

Italy Once Again Shows To the World the Way

Italy and France actually could pull this off, if the UN stays out of it. But, the UN can ONLY be in so many countries...

...think about that, friends.

People fighting for freedom. I bet they thought they had MK'd that out of us by now. I feel honored to see such purpose and duty to a real spiritual cause; innate freedom and rights. 


Black Light - Mark of the Beast

 Those new street lights they are installing around the world have 5G transmitters in them as well.



The jibbyjabby creates the mark



Satanic Symbolism

This is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg, but a must watch to open peoples eyes and minds.


Pull It. Watch The Detonators Go Off

Who does that Khazar think he is fooling? It takes weeks to prepare to "pull" a building. This was all planned and prepped, all three buildings. Same with the fake covid and fake vax.  Pure Evil.


Friday, August 6, 2021

Blood Treatments - MSM promoting drinking children's blood. Dead children.


You just cannot make this stuff up. If anyone ever doubted all our proof about the tunnels, the children trafficking, the adrenochrome blood letting, and murders...

Ambrosia is a witch/occult term. It means male sperm combined with human sacrifice blood. It's what they drink at their orgies and rituals, prior to events.



No package insert. But, sure, we'll be happy to kill you right here, right now, because each of us here gets paid $7,000.00 a week to kill all comers.


Greece - Arsonists caught were paid and imported to burn the country down

Sounds like the same things here in the USA, except our own firemen start our fires and are paid with our taxes to take away our country communities. Then people put up signs THANKING them for their service, if you can believe that.

Gee mister firemen, thanks for letting our homes burn after you started the fire on 4 sides of our town. We remember the Thomas fire you bastards.

And the president is part of the problem by doing stuff like not letting 300 firemen help cause they were not weaponized.

Same thing that happened in Australia in 2019/20.


"95% of the severe patients are vaccinated". "85-90% of the hospitalizations are in Fully vaccinated


Great video on what we have learned about the weapon so far

Great video on what we have learned about the weapon so far. Show to folks who need to get up to speed. Many good tidbits in there most people are not aware of.

Some bits of error are in there, but readers here will spot them and ignore. 


Arizona Democrat Gay state senator arrested for child molestation…

They ARE COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN. When they take away your children because you won't get weaponized, to a pedo household will they go. CPS does this very thing to thousands of families, year in and year out.


Arizona state senator Tony Navarrete, a Democrat from Phoenix, was arrested on Thursday, on charges including multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor.




Child molestation? Gay or Tranny, every time.



Satanic blood drinkers



Thursday, August 5, 2021

Chemtrail baphomet pentagram and THE BIG LEBOWSKI


Go ahead and tell the air force guys how much you are grateful for their service. An officer, in our time, is nephilim hybrid. You don't have to believe it. Even if a freejack got in, they would NEVER rise above major. All top officers, colonels and higher, are neph. Yes, even Trump's boy 3 star gen Flynn. I'm grateful for the years Trump gave us;he was surrounded by the worst devils. I never saw Trump shift ONCE. And I looked, every chance I could.

They coen brothers made a point of zeroing in on the rev 9:11 synchronicity. Jeff Bridges is Nephilim, btw.

But I know people who got the jibby jabby and they are just fine!


 No doubt about it. 

Ever consider just WHY they are fine?

Are they nephilim? You know, look like us but are none?

When cops and school teachers tell you they got the weapon and nothing happened and that any reports or magnetism or glowing hands are just BS? That actually should be a BIG tell about whom they really are. 

Oh, it's your wife and she's fine? Your wife...or husband...or best, edgy friend with pink hair...they're fine. Only YOUR mom and sister are dead, wonder why that is?

Well, duh. It shows you that for some BLACK LIST people, they either NEVER got the shot or were given a placebo, intentionally. It depends upon a code on your drivers license. 

Not a soul knows about the license markings on your DL. They have these little 2 digit codes built into the bar code that when they scan your ID, it reveals your REAL status to the satanic network. Red, green, blue, black.

It's that simple.

So, your best friend got the weapon and they bounce around just like usual. Maybe it's time you took a good long look at who and what they are. More than you ever have. Stop judging by external standards, and look inside their hearts. If you listen, people usually will tell you just how rotten they are, if you are  REALLY listening.

It's helps to pay attention to things.


Uh...no. This is because you GOT weaponized and want to take everyone else down with you.

DUMBS underground bases and tunnels

Revelations 6
15And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; 16And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

Right. Camps, DUMBS, tunnels. This is quite real, I know.

Remember all that Jade Helm stuff back in 2015 which I covered on this same topic? So, my readers know from six years ago they were changing select wally worlds into prisons.

Jade Helm was because the Hildebeast was SUPPOSED TO WIN. The ugly witch died on 9-11-16 (yay) and Trump won, which delayed everything FOUR years. The whole vax weapon, everything was all supposed to go down FOUR years prior to this time.

Her death bought us four years. But, they didn't wait. They started all this under Trump, because, they have a schedule to keep and we were holding up the world. That's why the big hate fest the nephilim scumbags had for the Donald. He was delaying their plans.

Now sniffy and the black hearts are back. And that's that. 


What the new dictatorial laws are all about

What the new dictatorial laws are all about


They are measuring our collective resistance mode. The more they clamp down, restrict, cancel, ban, freeze, etc., it becomes the singular issue of what new tyranny can we impose and get away with?

They know that soon, areas, towns, certain streets are going to say NO. They are counting on it.

Until that day, expect worsening measure aimed at taking away everything we have, a chunk at a time.

The weapon mandate is the big one, of course.

But the others are just baiting...seeing if they can still get the same dopey brained compliance they had a year ago. 

Except now, there is NO WAY OUT of this mess, for anyone.

No matter what corners one cuts, or abides, the wall of slavery will be faced and HARD. For each and every one of us. I'm informed that every single soul will face that moment of decision and it will decide a great many futures both now and in beyond.

Choose wisely. Resist Evil.

They are hoping for a bugaloo uprising, but small scale at certain places. Just enough of a boogie for them to unleash hell upon us all.

  • UN troops
  • Chinese invasion from the North
  • Lock downs
  • Check Points
  • Your papers please...or the camps.

Even if you take the poison, this will keep tightening and ramping up. They have a schedule to keep. Remember that. Always that. 



All US rental properties Federalized as of NOW

 It's hard to overstate what a momentous change this is.

They decide who lives in what rental property. No one is required to pay their rent as of now.

This will decimate private property ownership among the Adamites. The nephilim just robbed you of your land, house, apt, condo, you are renting.

One Jewbie neph did this, with the blessing of Sniffy's satanic regime.

Pelosi and the senate is allowing this, and has ruled that whatever the CDC says, IS NOW LAW.



‘Proof of Vaccine to enter any retail shop in Los Angeles’…

This is most upsetting news to 10 million souls now unable to buy or sell. LA...run by fallen angels. 

There are going to be people who will shoot it out at these things. Then the national guard takes over and that...that is the beginning of the boogaloo.


“Today I introduced legislation with Mitch O’Farrell to require proof of COVID vaccination to enter indoor public spaces throughout the City of LA,” tweeted Martinez. “So many Angelenos stepped up and did their part. They shouldn’t be penalized with closures by those unwilling to do theirs.”


Elected city officials in Los Angeles introduced a motion on Wednesday that would mandate eligible individuals provide evidence of a COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter certain indoor businesses, including restaurants, health clubs, and retail establishments.


Wednesday, August 4, 2021

More Doge Memes


This is what I see playing out in the coming 12 months

The Coming 12 months


This is Donnie says, not Dad says. Okay.

Looking at everything; which has been well covered here. Here's the immediate future, big picture wise.

1. All the MSM sites are running round the clock, LOCK UP THE UNVAXXED. DENY THEM FOOD. TAKE AWAY THEIR RIGHTS. And so on.

2. Biden wants the military to weapon up with the Death Shot. As we know, he is not at the real white house, but in culver city. His AF1 and 2 are digital jobs, with green screen stairs. So, the real military is not behind this facade taking place out in Los Angeles.

3. Sniffy's ENTIRE family lives in LA now. ALL OF THEM.

4. The military will not allow a forced weaponization on the citizens. They are not with the CIA/NSA/FBI satanic agenda, started in 1947.

5. To reduce and destroy the US military, Sniffy and his gang of blood drinkers will INVITE the UN AND CHINA here ostensibly to deal with US citizens, which they will. Their real purpose is to take on the US military and defeat per their plans being perfected as of this writing. Their evil deeds will be blamed on patriots, who are designed to take their fall for their killings of US troops. Same way the Soviets blamed the Germans for their Massacre of Polish officers by the tens of thousands in the Katyn forest massacre.

6. FEMA and CDC and DHS shock troops, already being trained all this year in Arizona and other out of the way places, are the door to door get the weapon or seize the soul and incarcerate them. Expect local LEO to assist. Gimps, all of them.

7. Two distinct operations. UN troops, Chinese mostly, to take out the military and ad hoc groups that will band around them. The other, the Killers at Large, the intel groups, going door to door.

8. In the meantime, while this is all going on, the schools, transport, stores are shuttered. The people go WILD.

9. Finish.

And those pesky variants? How about this then.

Epsilon variant was just found in Pakistan two days ago.

All these Presidents murdered by refusing the weapon


French scientists show that there are new graphene components in weaponized blood


Get pulled over for a ticket, then seized for hospital or death camps

This is Australia. Today. Right now. This is going to be everywhere. New Zealand and Australia are the NWO test beds for the rest of the West.


The East German Stasi wanted you to narc out your friends, too...



Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The weaponized are now setting off store alarms


Contract Approved to Use TOXIC Graphene Oxide for Water Treatment in UK – The Same Substance Found in Covid-19 Vaccines


G2O Water Technologies, a UK technology business, has managed to get its first commercial contract approved for the enhancement of water filtration membranes with graphene oxide.

This contract makes it the first commercially successful application of the recently developed material for water treatment.

Allegedly, the advantages of using graphene oxide for water treatment lies in the enhancement of membrane performance, as it mitigates the effects of “fouling.” Fouling is apparently one of the biggest challenges operators of membrane-based water filtration systems face.

What's in your water? | Clean Water Action
“Enormous doses” of graphene oxide have been reportedly discovered in the Covid-19 vaccines.

“Fouling” describes the presence or accumulation of unwanted material in water including scale, general dirt, and debris, dissolved metals, or biological matter, and bacteria. Fouled water can cause a variety of problems if left untreated.

In collaboration with Hydrasyst Limited, G2O technologies managed to coat membranes with graphene oxide which they state will improve operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption and decrease chemical usage.

The UK technology business has anticipated that the graphene oxide coating will extend the lifetime of the membranes, as well as reducing the cost and environmental impact of water treatment.

Hydrasyst, the earliest adopter of the technology, is a British provider of advanced membrane technology systems. Managing Director Kyle Wolff said: “We’re thrilled to have been closely involved for some time now with the piloting and application of G2O Water Technology’s graphene oxide coatings. 

“With the graphene oxide coating, our ceramic hollow-fibre membrane systems deliver significant operational advantages, enabling end-users to enhance the efficiency of their water usage, whilst delivering significant savings in energy costs.” 

Chris Wyres, CEO of G2O Technologies, said that the company will be working with Hydrasyst to roll out Nanopulse systems for a range of water treatment applications. The tech company envisages a “wide-scale deployment” of the graphene-based treatment, which will “contribute to addressing the challenges of water scarcity and climate change.”

Graphene Oxide is Toxic

Recently, we reported on a study released by Spanish researchers which revealed that the Covid-19 vaccines contain “enormous doses” of the nanoparticle graphene oxide.

Graphene oxide, which is a material formed from graphite, is known to cause dose-dependent toxicity. The compound can cause liver and kidney damage, spur on the formation of granulomas in the lungs, decrease cell viability, and trigger cell apoptosis or pre-programmed cell death.

The nanoparticle can also cause blood clots as it coagulates the blood, and also alters the immune system by disrupting the oxidative balance in the body’s glutathione reserves.

The substance can cause a whole host of other health issues including pulmonary fibrosis, which can cause lung cancer and pneumonia.

Researchers discovered the substance in doses of the Pfizer vaccine – they found each dose that they examined contained around 747 nanograms of graphene oxide, meaning that more than 99 percent of the Pfizer vaccine was reportedly made up entirely of the toxic substance.

Of course, this research was not reported by the mainstream media and would simply be dismissed or censored if it was. However, taking what we know about graphene oxide into consideration, it is disturbing to know that UK water is set to be treated using the very same toxic substance.

We shudder to think about what the long-term health effects of washing with, using, and drinking graphene-treated water will be.