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Disgusting Liberal Blocks Texas Rescue Efforts To Protest Trump – Gets B...

Apollo 11 Lunar Module...a piece of garbage

Click on image...this paper taped turd never flew anywhere. It's like they WANTED to get caught one day. That day is now. NASA is a collection of satanic liars, murderers and thieves.

Fantastic Space Images and How To Take Them Apart

Air Conditioning Need Proves NASA HOAX

Women’s March Recommends Harvey Donations Go To Non-Whites

The Women’s March is encouraging people to donate to organizations that specifically help non-white groups after Hurricane Harvey.
People listen to speakers in the rain at a rally for International Women's Day in Los Angeles, California, U.S., March 5, 2017. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson
Vicious, man-hating hate filled women...who also hate their own race. Only satanists could send such a message of self-loathing.

In a tweet Tuesday, Women’s March said, “here’s a list of organizations working to keep immigrant, Black, Latinx, & other communities safe after Hurricane Harvey.”
Twitter users immediately chided the organization for not focusing their crisis donation efforts on all Americans rather than just select groups.

Why Houston Flooding Isn’t a Sign of Climate Change

August 28th, 2017 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.
In the context of climate change, is what we are seeing in Houston a new level of disaster which is becoming more common?

The flood disaster unfolding in Houston is certainly very unusual. But so are other natural weather disasters, which have always occurred and always will occur.

(By the way, making naturally-occurring severe weather seem unnatural is a favorite tactic of Al Gore, whose new movie & book An Inconvenient Sequel [ currently #21,168 in Kindle] is dismantled in my new e-book, An Inconvenient Deception [currently #399]).

Floods aren’t just due to weather
Major floods are difficult to compare throughout history because the ways in which we alter the landscape. For example, as cities like Houston expand over the years, soil is covered up by roads, parking lots, and buildings, with water rapidly draining off rather than soaking into the soil. The population of Houston is now ten times what it was in the 1920s. The Houston metroplex area has expanded greatly and the water drainage is basically in the direction of downtown Houston.

There have been many flood disasters in the Houston area, even dating to the mid-1800s when the population was very low. In December of 1935 a massive flood occurred in the downtown area as the water level height measured at Buffalo Bayou in Houston topped out at 54.4 feet.
Downtown Houston flood of 1935.
By way of comparison, as of 6:30 a.m. this (Monday) morning, the water level in the same location is at 38 feet, which is still 16 feet lower than in 1935. I’m sure that will continue to rise.
Are the rainfall totals unprecedented?

Even that question is difficult to answer. The exact same tropical system moving at, say, 15 mph might have produced the same total amount of rain, but it would have been spread over a wide area, maybe many states, with no flooding disaster. This is usually what happens with landfalling hurricanes.

Instead, Harvey stalled after it came ashore and so all of the rain has been concentrated in a relatively small portion of Texas around the Houston area. In both cases, the atmosphere produced the same amount of rain, but where the rain lands is very different. People like those in the Houston area don’t want all of the rain to land on them.

There is no aspect of global warming theory that says rain systems are going to be moving slower, as we are seeing in Texas. This is just the luck of the draw. Sometimes weather systems stall, and that sucks if you are caught under one. The same is true of high pressure areas; when they stall, a drought results.

Even with the system stalling, the greatest multi-day rainfall total as of 3 9 a.m. this Monday morning is just over 30 39.7 inches, with many locations recording over 20 inches. We should recall that Tropical Storm Claudette in 1979 (a much smaller and weaker system than Harvey) produced a 43 inch rainfall total in only 24 hours in Houston.

Was Harvey unprecedented in intensity?

In this case, we didn’t have just a tropical storm like Claudette, but a major hurricane, which covered a much larger area with heavy rain. Roger Pielke Jr. has pointed out that the U.S. has had only four Category 4 (or stronger) hurricane strikes since 1970, but in about the same number of years preceding 1970 there were 14 strikes. So we can’t say that we are experiencing more intense hurricanes in recent decades.

Going back even earlier, a Category 4 hurricane struck Galveston in 1900, killing between 6,000 and 12,000 people. That was the greatest natural disaster in U.S. history.
And don’t forget, we just went through an unprecedented length of time – almost 12 years – without a major hurricane (Cat 3 or stronger) making landfall in the U.S.

So what makes this event unprecedented?
The National Weather Service has termed the event unfolding in the Houston area as unprecedented. I’m not sure why. I suspect in terms of damage and number of people affected, that will be the case. But the primary reason won’t be because this was an unprecedented meteorological event.
If we are talking about the 100 years or so that we have rainfall records, then it might be that southeast Texas hasn’t seen this much total rain fall over a fairly wide area. At this point it doesn’t look like any rain gage locations will break the record for total 24 hour rainfall in Texas, or possibly even for storm total rainfall, but to have so large an area having over 20 inches is very unusual.
They will break records for their individual gage locations, but that’s the kind of record that is routinely broken somewhere anyway, like record high and low temperatures.

In any case, I’d be surprised if such a meteorological event didn’t happen in centuries past in this area, before we were measuring them.

And don’t pay attention to claims of 500 year flood events, which most hydrologists dislike because we don’t have enough measurements over time to determine such things, especially when they also depend on our altering of the landscape over time.

Bill Read, a former director of the National Hurricane Center was asked by a CNN news anchor whether he thought that Harvey was made worse because of global warming. Read’s response was basically, No. 

“Unprecedented” doesn’t necessarily mean it represents a new normal. It can just be a rare combination of events. In 2005 the U.S. was struck by many strong hurricanes, and the NHC even ran out of names to give all of the tropical storms. Then we went almost 12 years without a major (Cat 3 or stronger) hurricane strike.
Weird stuff happens.

I remember many years ago in one of the NWS annual summaries of lightning deaths there was a golfer who was struck by lightning. While an ambulance transported the man to the hospital, the ambulance was stuck by lightning and it finished the poor fellow off.

There is coastal lake sediment evidence of catastrophic hurricanes which struck the Florida panhandle over 1,000 years ago, events which became less frequent in the most recent 1,000 years.
Weather disasters happen, with or without the help of humans.

Clinton Demands Christians Deny Jesus 2015! he evil witch died on was all over the news in new york, including an announcement from a hospital, then whammo...the whole thing disappeared from the internet. Why she hasn't been SEEN since, just video double jobs every so often.

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Satanism goes openly mainstream - freaky deak goth TV series

satanic Mind F--k courtesy of retarded feminists

Antifa is really the KKK, for the left.

who are the violent fascists NOW?

F*ck Donald Trump Played During MTV Music Awards Commerical Break

26k acre reservoirs to flood West Houston - 1000's of homes for weeks

In 2017, It’s Okay To Do Whatever You Want To Nazi...

The Universal Bro Code: In 2017, It’s Okay To Do Whatever You Want To Nazi...:   Becoming an anti-fascist, or Antifa, is easy. It just takes three steps: Find Nazis in the street and attack them If you can’t find ...

1 Enoch - get your copy here

September 23rd 2017 in 3 Minutes! The Revelation 12 sign What you NEED ...

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simpsons Gender Difference

The Simpsons - Feminism

The Simpsons - SJWs at Yale

Forensic Expert Confirms; Heather Heyer Was NOT Murdered By Carlisle du Rozel - August 23, 2017

During the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA on August 12-13, 2017, violence broke out at what was intended to be a peaceful rally, which had been held legally with a permit. The culprit of the violence? Despite what the mainstream media has parroted, violence at the rally ensued when counter-protesters appeared to speak against the conservative rally’s cause, wielding baseball bats and homemade flamethrowers. Perhaps the most unfortunate damage brought on by radical left-wing counter-protectors was the death of Heather Heyer, which occurred after the leftists began to demolish the car of the infamous James Fields, who then panicked and ran over Heyer in a frenzy.
However, according to a forensic expert who chooses to remain anonymous, she was not murdered by collision with Fields’s car. According to this expert, the position of Heyer’s body on the front of the car was inconsistent with the course of the car striking her. This, of course, places a large boulder in the path of Fields’s accusers, who wish to see him executed for domestic terrorism. If a forensic scientist and long-time policeman can say with confidence that her body could not have been hit by the vehicle, then what evidence can stand against that? 

In a private interview with Taylor Larson, Editor-in-Chief of Squawker Media, an anonymous forensic expert provided the following statement on the escalated situation:

“To make a disclaimer, I am not 100% sure about the Heyer case and the innocence of James Fields. There are aspects of her death that can’t be well understood from pictures. Numerous details have yet to be ironed out, making it difficult to ascertain an exact portrait of the event: that is…what happened immediately before, during, and after Heyer was struck by the vehicle.
“As a detective, I have to look at sheer evidence. The Heyer case bothers me for a lot of reasons. I list them below.

“Firstly, video footage shows James Fields’ car was under attack by several people. His natural reaction was likely fight or flight, rather than sitting there and letting himself be exposed to harm. Fields’ plea for innocence may be helped by the fact that he waited quite a while for the streets to clear. It appears Fields’ did not have the intent to kill but was provoked by an attack. There are laws like the Castle Doctrine and Stand-Your-Ground that protect people when they are under attack. Many states have them.

“Not only was Fields’ car attacked by people on foot, it appears the other two cars in front of him were under attack. Heather Heyer appears to have been one of the attackers based on the position of her body on the hood of the gray car in the photo. The position of Heyer’s body in the photo would be considered extremely atypical of somebody who was struck by a vehicle. Heyer’s body does not look like it has sustained trauma, even after the charger struck the car in front of it. This could mean that Heyer was climbing on the hood/windshield of the gray car before the impact. Additionally, there was no damage to the car hood or windshield caused by the impact of Heyer’s body. Again, this would be very atypical in a case involving car blunt force trauma.

“If anything, it looks like Heyer was climbing on the gray vehicle’s hood and windshield before the charger hit the back of it, and the force of the strike caused Heyer to fall off the side. You can see the same thing happened to the individual who appeared to have been climbing on the hood of the purple Honda. He was thrown off the side of the car and likely sustained injuries.

“If prosecutors find that Heyer was already climbing on the gray vehicle, they wouldn’t even be able to get a manslaughter charge on Fields, let alone a second degree murder charge. While it is sad, Heyer acted illegally by climbing on somebody else’s car in the first place. She put herself at risk.
“Most in the press doesn’t realize it, but the prosecution will face a massive uphill battle to get second degree murder. Fields was massively overcharged in this incident. It appears Heather Heyer wasn’t murdered, she was a victim of her own reckless actions.” 

It seems very black and white, that if Heyer had been atop Fields’s vehicle, there is no ability to hold Fields accountable for any damage done to her, as any such damage would be nothing more than the result of her own foolish actions. However, this is not the framework that the mainstream media desires the world to look through; rather, Heyer is to be depicted as a martyr and inspiration for us all – as an innocent victim who was brutally murdered by a raging Nazi lunatic in a gray car. 

But the story behind the death of Heather Heyer is, like most stories, deeper than some would have us believe. Because of limited evidence available to us, we are only capable of speculating the events, and as an individual with a history of witnessing and interpreting forensic instances, this forensic expert speaks with a voice that is more capable of understanding the situation better than most.
What are your thoughts on the above statement by our anonymous source? Let us know by sending a message to our Facebook page, or leaving a comment with your two cents below.

The attack on Americans - thanks SABO for the reveal

Died 9-11-16, thanks God



The satanists have taken over

Quite a difference from Antifa, isn’t it?

Girl Wearing Trump Shirt Gets Mocked At Starbucks, So Trump Supporters Have Perfect Idea

Trump haters want to persecute supporters of the President.

They attack Trump supporters and ridicule them online. They want us to believe that we are the minority, despite Trump’s massive victory.
Even workers at a Starbucks ridiculed a paying customer because of her support. But as it turns out, she was not alone.
From Mad World News:
On June 14th, Kayla Hart patronized her local Starbucks in Charlotte, North Carolina. Things got ugly very fast after the liberal loser baristas saw Kayla’s “Trump 2016” t-shirt.
They were behind the counter, laughing and mocking her as other customers looked on.
When she received her beverage, she noticed it didn’t have her name, but instead the words “Build a Wall.” The story went viral, and Starbucks issued an apology. But, things didn’t end there…

Fed up with all the Trump-haters who think it’s their right to ridicule people who support the president, the Trump supporters took action.
They decided to get as many Trump fans as possible to show up on Saturday, June 24th at 2 pm at that same Starbucks, wearing Trump gear.
They then went inside, ordered coffee, and just hung out, showing the baristas that there are quite a few “Trumpsters” that live nearby and it’s not okay to mock and ridicule anyone over their political beliefs. The lesson they were teaching those liberal losers is “this still is America.”

The arrogant, liberals of our society need to learn that there are millions of us who support our President. They need to realize there are more of us out there being vocal in our support of Trump than there are against him.
We believe in his leadership and his plans to make America great again. And we know that the attacks against him and his administration are merely pathetic ruses created by a dying left.
These Trump supporters also showed the liberal staff how real Americans behave. They didn’t attack the Starbucks, or assault its employees. They didn’t behave like many liberals these days and inflict harm.
Instead they showed up with a positive message of support for Trump and provided business for the coffee shop. The initially tense moment turned into a fun meeting of customers who support the president.
Quite a difference from Antifa, isn’t it?
Source: Mad World News


Denied School Over Vaccine Exemption

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DNC Lawsuit Dismissed - That Didn't Take Long


Lawyer Suing DNC Fears for Life after Witness Seth Rich Murdered by CIA Hillary stooge

9/11, Christmas, And the Satanists

Early Christians chose December the 25th instead of September the 11th (or 9/11) – Yeshua’s actual birthday – to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

The reason they did was to subjugate and squash Saturnalia,  a week-long period of satanic lawlessness and bloodshed that took place in Ancient Rome – the then Capital of the world – from December 17th to the 25th. Read Is Christmas Pagan? for an in-depth look.
So what did the dark forces do to get back at Christians?
They got their minions, the underground Satanists (otherwise known as Jewish neocons, in cahoots with their bought-and-paid-for politicians in the US government), to perpetrate their act of terrorism on Yeshua’s actual birthday – 9/11. Then, they conveniently blamed it on Muslims so as to give the apartheid satanic state of Israel a green light to destroy the Middle East with a view to creating Greater Israel.
It’s like they meant to say: “Hey Yeshua, you took away our week of bloodshed and lawlessness (Saturnalia), we’re taking the day of your birth, and we’ll use it to spread bloodshed and lawlessness all over.”
At least that’s their diabolic plan, but the blow-back will not be late in coming.

The name Yeshua means in the Tora, the Hand that destroys the establishment of the eye.
“The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil.” 1 John 3:8

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Marine who provided key evidence in the FBI case against Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s former IT employee said he is appalled by her claim that Islamophobia led U.S. Capitol Police to frame the former staffer.

Andre Taggart alerted the FBI to damaged harddrives and a cache of electronics tied to Imran Awan, a former IT specialist for dozens of House Democrats. Awan is the central figure in a criminal investigation of suspected procurement fraud and violations of the congressional IT network, including diverting data to an off-site server.

Taggart told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group Wednesday that “it was amazing” that Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat, describes Imran as a victim of religious discrimination by law enforcement. Taggart rented the Northern Virginia home of Awan, who had frantically moved out after learning authorities were onto him.

“It pisses me off,” said Taggart, a black Marine who says he votes Democrat. He believes Wasserman Schultz is crying wolf and devaluing the meaning of genuine discrimination, while also exposing herself and the nation to risks.

Wasserman Schultz claimed Imran Awan is being “persecuted” by the Capitol Police and FBI after she was told that he is suspected of “data transfer violations,” even as she lamented the seriousness of the hacking of the Democratic National Committee. Wasserman Schultz was chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee when its IT network was hacked in 2016.

“I just want to get these [guys] locked up and exposed and now,” Taggart told TheDCNF. “The people who facilitated them should also be locked up, as far as I’m concerned.”

TheDCNF cited Taggart without naming him in a July report that the FBI had seized the hard drives and electronics. Imran attempted the next day to board a flight to Pakistan, but was arrested by the FBI at Dulles International Airport.

Taggart said he made the decision to no longer be anonymous because he is concerned that his fellow Democrats are making a grave mistake by ignoring a scandal with serious criminal and national security implications.

“I’m absolutely disgusted with everything going on in the country right now, mostly because of right-wing conservatives, but with respect to this situation, political affiliation is irrelevant,” Taggart said.
Imran Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, were indicted Aug. 17, 2017, on four charges related to sending money to Pakistan fraudulently in an apparent attempt to escape from a broader, ongoing investigation into cybersecurity and theft issues.

“Him, his wife, his brother, all working down there — there’s no way they could do this without help. If we can drag Trump and his wingnuts through the mud for the Russia influence that they are having, then it’s only fair that we also expose this s–t,” Taggart said.

After Imran Awan realized the hard drives and electronics had been left in the house he rented to Taggart, Awan threatened to sue him to get the equipment back. Awan also listed the house for sale shortly after signing a multi-year lease with Taggart, the latter said.

“They took advantage of us,” Taggart said, describing a series of financially aggressive and dishonest interactions he said he had with Imran.
Taggart said he believes the Awans would “do anything for money,” the same term others, including relatives, have used in describing the couple.

Wasserman Schultz has rejected concerns about Imran as “absurd” and “laughable,” even though he had access to all of her congressional emails and files, as well as her iPad password, is suspected by police of cybersecurity violations, and had long been accused of defrauding people for financial gain.
Also on Wednesday, an Awan relative, Syed Ahmed, told The Daily Mail that “for the sake of money they would have done anything… [Imran] might have been selling this information.”

Evidence proves that the Awans were running a ghost employee scheme, collecting $6 million in salaries from taxpayers even though only a few of the six people on the House payroll actually performed IT work. Congressional offices signed off on those time-sheets for unknown reasons.
Imran Awan’s brother Abid operated a Virginia car dealership while being paid $160,000 annually working for multiple House Democrats. The dealership received $100,000 from an Iranian fugitive linked to Hezbollah, according to court records.

Amjad Khan, a former business partner, told the Daily Mail that “[Abid] would just go in [to the Hill] a couple times a week for a couple of hours, just to show his face. On paper, I think [Abid and Imran] were both working, but in reality only one was working, the other was running the [car] business.”
Khan added that “when he would go to D.C., [Abid] would spend $3,000 or $4,000 a night.”

Abid worked for New York Democratic Rep. Yvette Clarke during a time when $120,000 in IT equipment went missing from that office. Clarke’s chief of staff signed a form ensuring the missing equipment wouldn’t become a problem with congressional auditors. Clarke’s office did not tell police at the time the form was signed, and Abid remained employed for six more months.
Clarke and her staff repeatedly refused to explain, even though the money would have been enough to hire four staffers to provide services for her Brooklyn constituents.

Clarke fired Abid in September 2016 after House administrators told her they were auditing all finances connected to the Awans. Four months later, Capitol Police banned the brothers from the congressional IT network.

President Trump Quietly Signs Bill Allowing Warrant-less Searches of Homes

ROWBOTHAM 3 - Confirmed - Bonneville Salt Flats Test - Earth is Flat

LGBT satanic spirits moving across the land

Microsoft, NASA and Mars OH MY You have been warned Augmented Reality

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Stars and orbs are the same things...bodies of spiritual beings. Bible was telling the truth, stars are angels

100 Percent proof we can't orbit earth. Debunk This.

How Google is secretly recording you through your mobile, monitoring millions of conversations

DID you know that Google has been recording you without your knowledge?
The technology giant has effectively turned millions of its users’ smartphones into listening devices that can capture intimate conversations — even when they aren’t in the room.
If you own an Android phone, it’s likely that you’ve used Google’s Assistant, which is similar to Apple’s Siri.
Google says it only turns on and begins recording when you utter the words “OK Google”.
But a Sun investigation has found that the virtual assistant is a little hard of hearing, reports The Sun.
In some cases, just saying “OK” in conversation prompted it to switch on your phone and record around 20 seconds of audio.
If you run Android softwar on your smartphone, Google may have been recording you every day without you knowing. Picture: Supplied.
If you run Android softwar on your smartphone, Google may have been recording you every day without you knowing.
It regularly switches on the microphone as you go about your day-to-day activities, none the wiser.
Once Google is done recording, it uploads the audio files to its computer servers — often dubbed “the cloud”.
These files are accessible from absolutely anywhere in the world — as long as you have an internet connection.
That means any device that is signed into your personal Gmail or Google account can access the library of your deepest, darkest secrets.
So if you’re on a laptop right now and signed into Gmail — you could have a listen.
Apple also keeps your Siri voice recordnigns, but it says it anonymises it after 18 months. Picture: istock.
Apple also keeps your Siri voice recordings, but it says it anonymizes it after 18 months. 

Recordings last around 10-20 seconds on average, and a text version of the conversation is saved.
The Silicon Valley giant states on its terms and conditions that it keeps these recordings for “improving speech recognition against all Google products that use your voice”.
A spokesman told The Sun: “We only process voice searches after the phone believes the hot word ‘OK Google’ is detected. Audio snippets are used by Google to improve the quality of speech recognition across Search.”
It recently launched a smart assistant, Google Home.
Mundane voice recordings from the general public will help its artificial intelligence that runs Google Home, by teaching it how humans naturally communicate.
In simple terms: it’s a free language class for its software.
But Google is, first and foremost, an advertising company and its largest product is a targeted advert service, which it sells to the biggest brands in the world.
Google now makes hundreds of products used by billions of people across the globe, from YouTube and Android to Smartbox and Google Search. Picture: Getty.
Google now makes hundreds of products used by billions of people across the globe, from YouTube and Android to Smartbox and Google Search. Picture: Getty.Source:Getty Images
Billions of annual web searches, location and email data allow it to target the population with specialised marketing — and there is no reason why it couldn’t do the same with your voice data, too.
So, now for the important question: how can I listen to the sound files Google has from my life?
How can I listen back to the audio Google has recorded from my phone?
It’s pretty easy.
Unlike Apple, who does not publicise any of the voice data it stores through Siri, Google is pretty transparent — giving you full access to your audio.
First, you’ll need to be signed into your Gmail or Google account.
Once you’ve done that, type “” into your web browser.
You’ll be taken to a hub which contains your entire digital footprint, so be careful, it could make for some grim reading. 

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PROOF THAT SOCIETY IS IN TROUBLE. Urgent 9 Min Message: by Captain Obvious


Satanists running schools indoctrinate kindergarteners into transgender mind control

rainbow unicorn YouTube screenshot/Kipper
Freaky deak for children by sick pedophiles

Angry parents gathered Monday night to protest a California teacher that read transgender books to her kindergartners and encouraged a clothes-changing demonstration, saying it was inappropriate to vividly portray transgenderism to such young children.

In an alleged attempt to introduce a diversity of opinion, the Rocklin Academy teacher read the kindergartners two books on transgenderism and let a student reveal her “true identity” by changing clothes in front of the class. To many parents of the kindergarten students, however, the fact that the school board failed to warn them in advance of the teacher’s intentions was unacceptable.

“These parents feel betrayed by the school district that they were not notified,” said Karen England of the Capitol Resource Institute, according to CBS Sacramento.
“The kindergartners came home very confused, about whether or not you can pick your gender, whether or not they really were a boy or a girl,” England said at the board meeting Monday night.

“I want her to hear from me as a parent what her gender identity means to her and our family,” a meeting attendee said regarding her daughter.
“It’s really about the parents being informed and involved and giving us the choice and rights of what’s being introduced to our kids, and at what age,” said another.

“My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy,” another parent said at the meeting.
A few parents supported the transgender reveal, however, embracing the idea that it’s never too young to start educating children about gender nuances.

“As indicated by Superintendent Robin Stout in a communication last week, staff will be engaging parents and teachers in discussions about how materials outside our curriculum will be addressed in the future,” a school district official said in a statement during the board meeting. Meaning, they intend to not only hire gays and lesbians to confuse children, they intend to continue programming their young minds with satanic filth.

No Chance I’m Giving Up My Stuff In The Name Of Equality



Some are suggesting white people give up their property in the name of equality, and I promise you I’ll never agree to participate in that garbage.
A recent article titled, “White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader,” outlines what white people can to help minorities, and the list is so crazy it’s borderline parody.
First off, I love how I’m accused of owing stuff to anybody. I’m 25-years old, I’ve never owned slaves and as far as I know neither did any of my ancestors. Lets go ahead and get that out of the way before we slice and dice this insane list.
Here are some of the craziest requests.
White people, if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty.
Why would anybody leave their property and assets to anybody they don’t know? Absolute insanity. Just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean that there aren’t people or institutions you’d rather see your money go to.
White people, if you’re inheriting property you intend to sell upon acceptance, give it to a black or brown family. You’re bound to make that money in some other white privileged way.
This is a great one. Making money “in some other white privileged way,” might be my new favorite saying. What am I doing today? Oh nothing major, except making some money in a white privileged way.
White people, if you can afford to downsize, give up the home you own to a black or brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty.
In America you have the freedom to work as hard as you’d like. With the money you earn you can purchase a house, land, or anything else a person would like. Why the hell would a person work so hard to buy a house, and then turn around and give it away? The logic here seems flawed at best.
White people, if any of the people you intend to leave your property to are racists assholes, change the will, and will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty.
Do I even need to make a comment on how stupid this suggestion is? Why not just have the government determine who is and isn’t racist, and then immediately confiscate all their property. Seems much easier.
White people, especially white women (because this is yaw specialty — Nosey Jenny and Meddling Kathy), get a racist fired. Yaw know what the fuck they be saying. You are complicit when you ignore them. Get your boss fired cause they racist too.
Backing up No. 7, this should be easy but all those sheetless Klan, Nazi’s and Other lil’ dick-white men will all be returning to work. Get they ass fired. Call the police even: they look suspicious.
Ah, yes, the old “I don’t like your opinions, so I’m going to get you fired.”
It’s one of my favorite takes of all time. Remember when people used to have discussions and debates about their worldview and ideas? Apparently that noble concept is too difficult, and now we just go after people’s jobs. Certainly getting somebody fired is the greatest way for them to understand the error of their ways and learn something new. I have no doubt they won’t be bitter at all.
Overall, these suggestions are insane. To be clear, I’m not against helping others. My family is dedicated to charity through money, resources and time. However, we weren’t told to do it and it’s never been defined on racial lines. It’s done because some people genuinely need a helping hand, and as Americans we should always look to help others.
I don’t have a ton. I’m a simple guy who owns a gun or two, watches football, eats steaks, and enjoys time among friends. Even so, there is no chance I’m ever giving any of that stuff up because some BLM leader thinks they deserve it more than I do. This is America. Nothing is stopping anybody from putting in the long hours to get what they want.
Stop expecting somebody to give you a house you didn’t earn. Go out there and get one yourself. It’s not a hard concept to grasp.

Imran Awan and Hina Alvi Docket HILLARY'S HENCHMEN

Ron Wyatt The Mark of YHWH and the Mark of the Beast

ASSASSINATION TELEGRAPHING AND CONDITIONG...‘F*** YOUR MOTHER’: Foul-Mouthed Journalist Grabs Huge Knife, Issues Sic...

Satanic Black Sabbath made the USSR news

1st Amendment Fascist agenda, enforced by the satanic lefts strong arm tactic

The blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like is now dark and is said to be going invite-only. Daily Stormer is gone. YouTube has “de-monetized” videos from various conservatives like Paul Joseph Watson. Rebel Media fired a vlogger because she was a guest on a Daily Stormer podcast.

OKCupid even bragged about throwing a white nationalist off their site (to people’s credit, there were a lot of complaints about their hypocrisy on their FB page). Deezer, Spotify, and CD Baby are purging their sites of “Nazi” music.

Anything white is considered NAZI in our time. On purpose.

In short, this has become a moral panic. Corporations are part of antifa, BLM and the media, so they’re throwing every white male overboard. They are the money behind the darkness. As for the “corporations can do what they want” crowd, they’d be singing a different tune if it was Hillary supporters getting de-platformed or thrown off PayPal.

Bad Poetry, but honest

You worked for Globohomo
You weren’t sure what to do;
You compromised and conformed yourself
To the ideals of the Jew.

My kids they watched on you tube
A table full of toys;
The teacher taught their class how guys
Were girls, and girls were boys.

The coven has spoken,
destroy all that is holy, good, and true
lay all blame on whitey,
before he blames it on you.

How the good Lord’s every ‘Yea’ now
Was nought, and how was nigh
The triumph of specious science
On a gay rainbow in the sky.

The mayor tore down Jackson, Davis,
And Jefferson was next:
The White fathers were set upon by
An ancient awful hex,
And the only cure to be had
Was Whitey’s acceptance in their butts,
And their daughters’ shitting out a
Gaggle of mulatto mutts.

Oh our secret hearts are heavy
And the days draw dim and dire
But the kindling’s all set out now
For the dawn of holy fire.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hebrew calendar for ECLIPSE 2017 - APPOINTED TIMES

The solar eclipse is amazingly timed to the real Hebrew calendar that begin the FALL FEASTS. This is no ordinary eclipse, as so many are, after a fashion. This particular eclipse is a major signaling point to Rev 12, which starts 33 days later, on 9-23-17. The mystery is this, the birth begins on the eclipse, when Jupiter leaves the womb and ends up, on 9-23-17 at her knees. click image to make larger

Hebrew calendar for Feasts 2017 - APPOINTED TIMES

This is a major signaling point to Rev 12, which started 33 days ago, on8-21-17. click image to make larger
A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars;

Damaging Questions EVERY Libber NEEDS to Hear!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

This pilot admits to know the earth is FLAT

ANTIFA EXPOSED AS VIOLENT Paid killers- Berkeley Trump...

Nasty, hate-filled racist entitlement skank - "I Hope Trump Is Assassinated" Senatorial whore Maria Chappelle-Nadal

It's a federal crime to publicly call for the murder of a sitting President. But being BLACK, no one will ever arrest her. If a white guy said these same words, off to prison he goes. As has happened in the past. "I hates the whites folks. They come up n here and be a slavin us. Kill them all."

She's quite a piece of work.

No worries though...the CIA has already programmed their patsy to take the fall. A former Obuttboy and Hildebeast booster, turned Trump supporter, as they all are - and he will be publicly labeled as such - KKK member, who blows the brain fuse and does the impossible killing. Like Oswald. The KKK doesn't even exist anymore, the retarded idiots.


Telegraphing it will be an inside job. As it always is. Lincoln, Garfield, JFK, and now Trump. All the evidence that has come forward has one thing in common with them all. The secret service was complicit, helped out, and STOOD DOWN on the death day. Trump is trusting the wrong people to protect him.

Catalan Police Identified the Killed Muslim Jihadist Terrorists and Intensify Manhunt for Remaining Terror Cell Members


Catalan Police Identified the Killed Muslim Terrorists and Intensify Manhunt for Remaining Terror Cell Members
Catalan police have identified the five terrorists who were shot dead in Cambrils. Authorities say the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks, which left 14 people dead and some 130 others injured, was their plan B after a bombing plot was disrupted by the explosion in Alcanar.
We have already identified 5 people shot down in Cambrils. On the other hand there are 4 people arrested and 3 more identified,” Catalonia’s police tweeted.
An Audi A3 vehicle with five perpetrators inside drove along the beach promenade in Cambrils, hitting four people. The car then crashed into a police cruiser on an intersection and overturned, the La Vanguardia paper reported. The terrorists got out of the vehicle and attempted to stab pedestrians with knives and an axe. They were wearing items resembling suicide vests which turned out to be fake.
All five of the terrorists are Moroccans. The list of dead suspects includes Omar Hychami, 21, born in Morocco; 19-year-old Moroccans Houssaine Abouyaaqoub and Said Aallaa; Mohamed Hychami, 24, born in Morocco and Moussa Oukabir, 17, according to Europa Press.
Two officers were inside the police car. One of them suffered head and leg injuries in the crash and his partner was forced to confront the attackers on his own. He shot and killed four of them.
Graphic footage of the confrontation, obtained by La Vanguardia, captured the moment one of the terrorists was being gunned down by the officer with several onlookers watching on in shock.
The perpetrator is seen taunting the officer, shouting: “Allahu akbar,” and ignoring commands to surrender and lay down. After the first shots were fired at him, the suspect falls to the ground, but quickly stands up and continues running until more bullets hit him.

The name of the policeman who killed the four terrorists remains undisclosed. La Vanguardia reports that psychologists counseled him after the incident.
The fifth attacker managed to flee while injuring a woman who later died in hospital. He was shot dead by another police unit shortly afterwards.
Police identified all 5 terrorist cell members killed in Cambrils, but are still unsure if one of them was the driver of the van involved in the Barcelona ramming earlier.
Police are still searching for Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, who has not been ruled out as possibly being the van driver in Barcelona.
Earlier, Spanish media outlets, citing police sources, reported that the alleged van driver of the Barcelona attack, named as Moussa Oukabir, was one of those shot and killed in Cambrils later.
Authorities, however, are yet to confirm that information, as they believe the driver might still be on the run.
Investigators believe the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils were organized by a cell of at least 12 terrorists. Five of them were killed in Cambrils and four others detained. Authorities have also identified three others – two of whom could have died in Alcanar, something they are still investigating.
Authorities have yet to identify the driver of the van in the Barcelona attack, Catalan regional police official Josep Lluis Trapero said during a news conference Friday, noting that Wednesday’s Alcanar explosion, the Barcelona ramming and the Cambrils attacks are all connected.
“We work with the hypothesis that the suspects were preparing both attacks for some time in this building of Alcanar. It was a group, we do not know the specific number, but we do not rule out having other attacks in mind. They are all identified,” he said.
On Thursday afternoon a van plowed into pedestrians on a popular tourist street in Barcelona, killing 13 people and injuring more than 100 others. Hours later, terrorists launched a second attack in the seaside town of Cambrils, injuring seven people, one of whom later died.
Authorities believe the two attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils are directly linked to Wednesday night’s explosion in Alcanar where police discovered at least 20 gas containers.
Investigators believe the house, which was destroyed in the blast, served as a safe house for a terrorist network, and that an accidental explosion prevented the suspects from carrying out a much bigger attack.
“The Alcanar blast triggered the attacks… It’s not what they had in mind initially,” Trapero said, according to Reuters.
“The blast has prevented a larger bombing from happening.”

This Antifa manual was recovered from Charlottesville

2017 Total Solar Eclipse We are told the moon orbits earth once every 27.3 days and therefore the Earth completes 27.3 of its 24-hour west-to-east rotations for every one lunar epicycle. From the perspective of the sun, the earth is rotating 27.3 times faster than the moon is crossing in front of the earth's surface. How then is it possible for the shadow of the moon to cross North America from west to east? Think about it.

Why are the light rays from the sun angled down to a sharp point in this bullshit diagram? We all know that sunlight travels in parallel lines which would make the shadow of the moon on the earth over 2000 miles wide not 70 miles wide as what actually happens. This must be explained but will never be explained because the fools that conjured up this heliocentric model hate the truth and think the whole world is stupid enough to believe their lies. Their time of deception is coming to an end.

At 93 million miles from earth and 92.75 miles from the moon the suns rays are parallel, 99% of all divergent or convergent rays would not reach the moon or earth at that distance. Therefore there would be no umbra as shown in your diagram demonstrating converging photons from the top and bottom portions of the sun. Optically from earth the sun and moon appear to be the same size in contrast to your diagram of a very large sun. Also any shadow cast from an object like the moon would cast a shadow at least the size of the object, no shadow can be cast smaller than the object itself in this case the moon's shadow against the earth. There is only one possible way we can see the eclipse traveling from west to east with a 70 mile wide shadow. Keep in mind too the moon's orbit is from east to west and the moon being 238,000 miles away and making a revolution every 27.3 days the moon would only be traveling at 2,288 miles/hour. There is only one answer for a 70 mile wide shadow for a solar eclipse totality traveling from west to east.

Friday, August 18, 2017

JFK Situation Room in White House 1962, notice back wall.

This map is why Hawaii and Midway Island were so important in WW2. To get to the South Pacific, you had to go by Japan. Midway bumpered you around that. That's why the Japanese were so very keen to knock out the facilities at Hawaii and remove Midway island as a refueling stop. No ship or plane, in those days, could go angling out and around to get around Japan to start island hopping in the South Pacific. Had the Japanese accomplished their goals in 1942, the war in the Pacific would have been very much different and Australia would have been cut off from the Anglo west. This also reveals the big WHY NOT go straight at Japan?
WHY? Because the the Japanese were steam rolling over island after island chain in the Pacific and nothing was stopping them. Yamamoto knew that to stop the Americans, he had to take Midway. It's why he committed all his naval forces on the one gamble of knocking it out for good. And lost that gamble. Japan paid for that loss, as the US had its refueling mid point AROUND Japan during the whole war.
We live on a Flat Earth

Charlottesville Police Come Forward: We Were Told to “STAND DOWN” to Ignite Race War (Video)

The agenda to hide TRUTH with LIES, by the satanists in power

British Lawmaker Forced to Step Down for Calling Out ‘Pakistani Muslims Raping White Girls’



A British lawmaker was forced to step down Tuesday after facing criticism over a column she wrote to address Britain’s “problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.”
Sarah Champion resigned from Parliament almost one week after writing a column for the Sun in response to the convictions of 18 people who sexually assaulted a group of women and girls in Newcastle, some of whom were as young as 15. The police initially interviewed 108 potential suspects, 20 victims ultimately testified.
“Britain has a problem with British-Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls,” Champion wrote.
“There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is?
For too long we have ignored the race of these abusers and, worse, tried to cover it up.”
Champion apologized for her “extremely poor choice of words” and stepped down from her position as Rotherham MP and shadow equalities in response to the backlash.
Champion framed the recent conviction of 17 men and one women on charges including rape, supplying drugs and inciting prostitution as part of a horrific pattern that U.K. authorities and lawmakers have failed to meaningfully address “because people are more afraid to be called a racist than they are afraid to be wrong about calling out child abuse.”
There have been similar cases in Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford over the last several years in which men, mostly from Pakistani backgrounds, ply young, working class women and girls with drugs and alcohol in order to sexually exploit them.
The Rotherham case, which occurred in Champion’s district, was particularly brutal, 1,400 children were subjected to sexual abuse between 1997 and 2013. A report, commissioned by the Rotherham Borough Council, found that “several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”
Labour Party officials looked the other way afraid to be called “racists”
Champion’s column was met with harsh backlash from her own party, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who told the BBC Wednesday the party will not “blame” or “demonize any particular group.” Corbyn denied there was a ‘particular problem’ with Pakistani men grooming young white women and girls for sexual predation.
His statements represent a stark departure from his original comments, made Friday, in which he praised Champion, saying
“She stood up for her city, she stood up against those that have abused children.”