Sunday, April 21, 2013

Crisis actors: Proof the mega-ritual events are staged for mass conditioning and programming


Compact Fluorescent lightbulbs: dirty energy that poisons the whole house with deadly and cancer causing frequencies

Dirty electricity is electrical currents that emit harmful radioactive waves. Incandescent bulbs do not create or "backwash" these frequencies into the current that is energizing them.

Fluorescent bulbs, however, do. And dirty electricity is deadly. It has been thoroughly demonstrated back in the 1950s and 60s to cause

  • Leukemia
  • Migraines
  • Hair Loss
  • Amnesia
  • Chronic fatigue symdrome
  • etc

They are yet forcing upon us endless ways to kill us. This time, using false-science in the name of saving the environment. Incandescent bulbs have NEVER hurt the environment, EVER. In fact, its a clean use of clean energy.

Until now...

Having Fluorescent bulbs in the home is like living near High-Tension power lines. A simmering death sentence...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bitfloor, number four Bitcoin-based exchange, shuts down for good

Another bitscam server goes away, leaving investors ruined...

if you have some kind of EBS committment to bitslam, shake yourself out of it and sell.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bitcoin begins its vanishing act

Based on the same exact principles of the online video game MINECRAFT, bitcoin is exactly similar except you can mine and make it real money. It so it seemed. Because the premise of bitcoin was that it was a server based op - just like minecraft. No server, no bitcoin.

Mtgox, the main bitscam server, is run by one Japanese guy in Japan. So forget any SEC or FDIC or any kind of protection. And with other servers in China, you get the idea...

And with that understanding in mind, today, one of the main servers of bitcoin BITSERVE, has shut down. No more bitcoin.

Like an online game, once the server is turned off, so is the game.

And so is bitcoin.

Bitcoin crashed from $260.00 a share to...


And it is slowly dying. Get out while you can, if you can that is. Before you end up with a bunch of useless online stock certs that mean nothing.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Satanic symbols as magnetic resonance focal points - and on everything

On over 98% of all the buildings in northern Los Angeles, are these same symbols and variations on a theme. It's always the same thing: A witches circle, very often in groups of three either close together or spread out over the frontice of the building. Everywhere. On every building. In every place. Hundreds and thousands of buildings, many of them refinished just to add this symbol set.

religious symbols of the beast in their temples of greed
What you are looking at his three witches circles (a spoked wheel making 8 points, honoring the 8 witches sabbats of the Satanic path.)

Also, each space between the spokes or sabbat symbols is counted created six spaces. Put three witches circles together and you get...


So they get a two for one deal: the witches circle with 666.

It's why you see this kind of thing and its myriad variations in groups of three.

And for all the architects to do this, wherever you go, says a great deal about the networks control over every aspect of society, as we've been saying for 20 years.

Check it for yourself. Notice how all the exterior remods or new constuction has a witches circle in some stylized fashion on every wall and usually at the highest point of the building. This is so, because symbols attract and transmit energy. And every single living thing that enters such a building has that energy flowing through them.

Of course, you could avoid such places, but in most of the counties of California, THEY ARE ON EVERY SINGLE BUILDING BUILT WITHIN THE LAST 20 YEARS. About 98% of them.

Welcome to the era of the Beast and the scumbag darksiders who happily function within that reality. It is the way of earth, of our time.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Cancer Report

Surfing Sunboy: Everything you have been told about sunscreen and ...

Surfing Sunboy: Everything you have been told about sunscreen and ...: Reprinted from issue #2 of Naturally Good Magazine . Transdermal Medication In modern medicine, using a patch to administer drugs has beco...

soft drinks are unhealthy

Okay, so we all know that soft drinks are unhealthy. You really do not need to hear about that topic anymore, do you? We have grown tired of the preaching too. Most of the exhausted rhetoric comes from the Big Media people, who do a terrible job of pretending to actually care about our health. Who can blame them for not considering revelations about soft drinks as real news or exciting? Most reports are enough to make us yawn too. This brief report is going to break out of that mold. Stay tuned: this article will provide you with information you have never learned from Big Media, which is largely the result of our not being sponsored by the chemical industry. We are locking onto a specific ingredient that they carefully side-step mentioning (and for very good reason). It is the benzine derivative, sodium benzoate, found in processed foods and drinks. Sodium benzoate is apparently a forbidden topic throughout the news networks, and you will soon learn why. Expect to be shocked by the time you finish this article.

Diabetes and obesity do not even begin to scratch the surface of the countless problems caused by the consumption of these chemical concoctions. Ingredients such as sugar and high fructose corn syrup are harmless in comparison to sodium benzoate; a bona fide poison that is intentionally added to drinks. Countries throughout Europe are currently pressuring the food industry to voluntarily remove sodium benzoate from its products, before less friendly action is taken.

Several (more free and open) media outlets from abroad are calling for an absolute ban on the toxic preservative, due to concerns about children's developmental safety. The United States Government and Big Media remains silent to no one's surprise. There has only been complicit silence, lacking any warnings informing parents that recent studies reveal that children are in danger.

Sodium benzoate is made from the sodium salt of benzoic acid, and it is a common preservative in processed foods, and soft drinks. It has been associated with virtually every type of health problem that we have heard of, in recent years. Like many other food industry chemicals, it was originally found in an organic form in nature. Sources for trace amounts of the organic form can be found in blueberries, apples, cranberries, plums, and even in cinnamon. However, as is usual for such cases, sodium benzoate has no negative effects in its unbastardized, natural, and organic form. Perhaps the organic form occurs with its own antidote, as is frequently the case with organically-occurring food toxins, or perhaps the organic form really is that different from the stuff made in the chemical laboratory. Likewise, the natural version does not have any preservative action whatsoever, which demonstrates its clear lack of toxicity. It is only when sodium benzoate is produced inside a chemical laboratory that the result is a cheap, toxic agent, which performs adequately to poison bacteria, fungus, and us. The dramatic differences between the two versions of sodium benzoate causes us to question whether they are really the same chemical, and if the chemists are as proficient as they like to believe.

While there are many chemical additives which are hazardous to your health, synthetic sodium benzoate stands out for its ability to switch off vital parts of the D.N.A.. Yes, you did read that right, and you might want to begin making some notes for the sake of your unborn grandchildren. It is known to actually damage the mitochondria of D.N.A.. The mitochondria uses oxygen to provide energy, and they also control the cell life cycle, and cell growth. Shutting off the mitochondria has very serious implications for your health, and the health of your children. The effect of years of exposure to sodium benzoate could be almost anything. Links have been discovered between sodium benzoate and D.N.A. damage associated with Parkinson's disease, and liver problems -- just to scratch the surface. This knowledge comes to us at a time when our confused medical science is continually expressing a new-age belief in spontaneous "genetic diseases" that never existed before.

The link to genetic mutations explains why benzene is so incredibly carcinogenic, and it is why radiation is so cancerous; because radiation induces the chemical formation of benzine inside proteins (ie, inside of us).

Nobody knows just how many of the additives that we willfully consume in this era will doom our children, generations from now, to live poorly.

“The food industry will say these compounds have been tested and they are completely safe... By the criteria of modern safety testing, the safety tests were inadequate. Like all things, safety testing moves forward and you can conduct a much more rigorous safety test than you could 50 years ago.”

-- Peter W. Piper, professor of molecular biology at the University of Sheffield

Believe it or not; it gets even worse. When sodium benzoate is mixed with Vitamin C, it creates pure benzene. It is astounding that our chemical industry found a method through which they could make Vitamin C dangerous. Virtually all soft drinks currently contain synthetic vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid; since it's so "healthy" to have it in these drinks. Of course, this leads to the inevitable creation of dangerous benzene. Benzene causes a decrease in red blood cells, a severe depression of the immune system to produce generalized allergy symptoms, leukemia, various other blood cancers, and pre-cancers of the blood. This situation is worsened by the fact that the amount of benzene in drinks is never certain.

Benzene content increases in correlation with shelf-life, heat, and light exposure. A study of diet Orange Crush by Cadbury's in 1990 revealed that benzene levels "off the shelf" were 25 P.P.B. (parts per billion), and rose to 82 P.P.B. after exposure to heat and light. Federal safety rules limit benzene levels in drinking water to 5 P.P.B.; but amazingly, regulators have made soft drinks immune from these same safety rules. Some soft drinks have tested at well over 100 P.P.B. at the point of purchase -- a full 20 times past the safety level for human consumption. By the safety standards for drinking water, a six-pack of Mountain Dew would put the level of benzene in your blood off the scale. Is that Mountain Dew really worth the risk of a leg-less grandchild, or one having low intelligence?

The clear connections between benzene formation, sodium benzoate, and Vitamin C were discovered in the early 1990's. The findings were ignored in the United States, and debate about them has been avoided by the soft drink industry. Sodium benzoate is far from being the safest preservative option, but that toxic sludge is the cheapest. Coca-A-Cola confirmed that alternatives exist when they reformulated Diet Cokes in the U.K., due specifically to public pressure. Despite being knowledgeable of the risks involved, public pressure on soft drink manufacturers is not yet great enough for them to reformulate in the United States. They willingly place you, your children, and your unborn in danger, as a matter of official corporate policy. They know what this stuff does. Corporations that immorally seek profit is not anything new, but far more sickening is the way in which the Food and Drug Administration has ignored the dangers of benzene in soft drinks, and has even hidden the studies from the public, according to the Environmental Working Group.

"Once again, the FDA has sided with big food companies and misled consumers about the problem of benzene in beverages, withholding data and issuing public reassurances that are contradicted by their own test results."

-- Richard Wiles, E.W.G.'s senior vice president

The concerns about this obviously dangerous food additive span across the globe, with researchers at Southampton University noting that tests have shown it to lower the I.Q. by up to five points in children. Britain's Food Standards Agency (F.S.A.) has even warned parents that sodium benzoate is a primary cause of hyperactivity in children, along with artificial colorings. It is no surprise that similar warnings have never been released in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A). As long as it is primarily funded by the chemical industry ("regulatory fees" and "registration fees"), we can expect for the F.D.A. to continue suppressing honest health information.

"Sodium benzoate is the most effective preservative currently authorized."

-- Richard Laming, British Soft Drinks Association

A preservative is a chemical suitable for killing germs, bacteria, fungus, and anything else that could live inside a product. They do not keep foods 'fresh', as marketers contend. It is through this understanding that we can conclude that sodium benzoate is not just the most effective preservative currently authorized, but it is also the most poisonous one. Chemical preservatives are meant to destroy life organisms, and consequently; they may destroy your own D.N.A., liver, kidneys, and your brain.

Keep Aspartame Out of Milk!

Dairy industry petitions the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve aspartame as a hidden additive in milk, yogurt, eggnog and cream.

The integrity of our food supply is poised for another blow with a citizens petition submitted to the FDA by the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF). These industry groups are asking FDA to alter the definition of "milk" to include chemical sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose without listing these additives on the front panel.

While aimed principally at replacing sugar in flavored milks served to school children, the petition also asks for the right to put hidden artificial sweeteners in a host of dairy products including nonfat dried milk (always added to reduced-fat milks), yogurt, cream, half-and-half, sour cream, eggnog and whipping cream. Truly, no conventional dairy product will be safe if the petitioners get their way.

USAF KC10 Omega sprayer in action

Friday, April 12, 2013

Chloramine – What Is It

Chloramine is a compound of chlorine and ammonia and is fast becoming a familiar substance in our water. It is being used in place of chlorine to disinfect city water in over 22% of United States municipal water treatment facilities (and the number is growing). California switched over to this in 2005.

Here is what you must know about chloramine and the problems associated with it:

• Mixing chlorine and ammonia results is a dangerous chemical called monochloramine. It is a toxic nerve gas and is very irritating to the skin and mucous membranes. This is what is being used in municipal water systems to disinfect the water we use to drink, bathe, shower, and cook.

• Chloramine does not dissipate from water like chlorine does. If you let chlorinated water sit for 30-60 minutes, it will dissipate from the standing water (though it will still leave behind toxic byproducts and VOCs). When you shower, chlorine and chloramine both release into the air and you inhale it, causing irritation the lungs, throat, and eyes. People who suffer from asthma, upper respiratory issues, and cystic fibrosis cannot afford to be inhaling these chemicals.

• Chloramine has been linked to several health concerns, including gastrointestinal irritation and skin disorders (i.e. eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis). Those who shower and bathe in filtered water exhibit relief from these issues.

• Chloramine produces by-products known as nitrosodimethylamines (NDMA’s) that may be more carcinogenic than their predecessors (nitrates/nitrites).

• Chloramine cannot be removed by typical water treatment techniques – all sink attachment gadgets, refrigerator filters, and pitcher filters are useless for filtering out chloramines. Chloramine requires special filtration media.

• Chloramine can cause genetic damage in mammals, including human beings (keep reading below for more information).

In addition, a study conducted by the University of Illinois in 2004 demonstrates that a by-product of the chloramination of drinking water known as iodoacids (eye-o-doe-acids) may be the most toxic ever found in drinking water. The concern is the genetic damage they can cause in mammals (including humans) that drink chloraminated water, but also the fact that these dangerous chemicals are being released back into the environment where fish, wildlife, and the food chain can be harmed.

Like chlorine, chloramine is designed to kill pathogenic organisms by penetrating their cell walls and membranes and disrupting their metabolism. Chloramines are, however, much slower to react (i.e. not as effective), and unlike chlorine they do not evaporate from water, nor are they removed by typical water treatment techniques. The only resolution is 1. move somewhere else and get on a well or 2. get an effective filter made specifically for removing chloramine from your drinking and showering water,

Danger: Mind Controllers At Work!

When government politicians and officials indulge in high crimes like treason, mass murder and pedophilia, an innocent "patsy" is always put in place to take the blame. As mentioned later in this report, these unfortunate patsies receive far harsher 'preparation and treatment' than the subliminal psychotronic brainwashing delivered to you via television screens and video stores. Hollywood tachistoscope control panel

Just about everybody knows, or has heard of, a person who claims to have been 'mind controlled' at some point in the past or present. Generally the alleged victim will claim that the CIA/FBI/BATF or other dastardly organization planted one or more radio receivers in his or her head, thereby allowing sadistic government agents to speak directly and always abusively to the trembling victim. Apparently, no victim ever receives a helpful news or weather broadcast on this secure channel, with the 'implanted receiver(s)' reserved strictly for sniggering personal abuse, and detailed instructions on how to kill the American President, or perhaps on how to sabotage the whole of Russia and Central Asia with a single box of standard issue hand grenades.

It is impossible to know whether these poor deluded folk really believe they can hear loud abusive voices in their heads, or whether they and their delusions are deliberately and cynically used by government, to deflect away from very real illegal and immoral mind control techniques, which are currently fully operational, and used against approximately 65% of all English-speaking residents in the western world.

This is supposed to be top secret of course, so nowadays if you dare utter the words "mind control" in a public place, chances are you'll swiftly wind up incarcerated in a secure psychiatric institution, while an insane wide-eyed government shrink frantically pumps hypos full of thorazine into your veins.

Yes, of course the deranged 'One World Government' controllers on Wall Street wish to manipulate your thoughts and reasoning, but are dead against you discovering that your thoughts and reasoning are not always your own. A major clue on this objective was provided by Zbigniew Brzezinski, then National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter:

"In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities effectively exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason."

Brzezinski had no intention of 'implanting' radio receivers inside the heads of American citizens, because, thankfully, he knew there was absolutely no need to do so. Can you imagine ayone in America, Australia, or Britain meekly submitting to such a bizarre procedure? "Oh sure, Doc, that sounds great! Can you fit them to my wife and kids as well?"

The fledgling 'One World Government' already knew that most citizens were hooked on simple television, and simply instructed its propaganda arm called "Hollywood" to get on with the mind control side of things. In virtually no time at all, these doyens of thought reform were flashing subliminal messages at 1/25th second exposures in cinemas and on television.
early subliminal film machine devices

Though 1/25th second is much too fast for your conscious brain to register, your subconscious sees it very well, meaning that the Hollywood thought reform message completely bypasses your normal conscious content filtering system. So, for example, your conscious perception tells you that George W. Bush is an incompetent idiot, but your subverted Hollywood subconscious undermines this harsh reality, with a subliminally-induced fuzzy and lovable George that you feel 'compelled' to vote for.

Initially this work was done with the assistance of a "tachistoscope", a machine which times the insertion and duration of each subliminal frame, but the crude tachistoscope has one major drawback. Anyone able to gain access to the film or television tapes and play then back at slow speed, would immediately see the inserted subliminal frames as individual entities, and be able to study their subliminal content at leisure.

This actually happened, and there was very nearly hell to pay, but in the end the matter was settled with hard cash and a handful of meaningless laws. For a large consideration and a new Mercedes convertible, the aggrieved scientist who discovered the technique by accident, agreed to a cover story that the tachistoscope was only used for one experimental film run, involving subliminal prompts to buy Coke and popcorn, but was not terrible successful. The Mercedes convertible was involved in a high speed accident and fireball just two months later. There were no survivors.

Hollywood tachistoscope control panel

At the public level, this was the official end of the story, with Congress banning 'subliminal advertising' for good measure. You the public were protected from these horrors, or so you thought, while Hollywood frantically worked on improvements and alternate methods of controlling your thoughts and reasoning through the essentially benign television box. It was by now the early ninteen seventies, and the 'One World Government' fully intended to have you firmly under subliminal television control in less than a decade.

Covert development proceeded along two parallel but independent tracks, with the first focusing on blending 'low light images' into an existing film or commercial. This was fast, and it was also a master stroke in its own right. The 'low light' system was ready for trials in less than six months, and the effects were startling.

Essentially, while the conscious mind was viewing and inwardly digesting the main film or commercial content, the subconscious mind was picking up the low light subliminal messages, which fell just below the threshold of normal vision. Where the older tachistoscope was jerky and only partly efficient, the new 'low light' system proved to be a control revolution. The low light images were a complete 'film within a film' running at normal speed, and thus able to "properly educate" those citizens not entirely in accord with One World Government views.

The critical test was whether or not the 'low light' technique could be uncovered if a copy of the film fell into the wrong hands. Exhaustive trials proved that it could not. Despite the most sophisticated ultraviolet analysis known to man, the embedded low light images could not be detected at all, because they were comprised of exactly the same color spectrum as the film itself. So, low light was dramatically effective, relatively cheap to engineer, and easy to transport and use without fear of security breaches.

This low light system is still in use today, and is still dramatically effective, though you need a very highly placed friend in Hollywood if you want the system to benefit your personal political aspirations. One recent applicant was Australian Prime Minister John Howard ("President Winston" to his friends), who felt that his slavish obedience in sending Australian troops to die for America in Afghanistan and Iraq, had earned him the absolute right to be re-elected to office unopposed.

Hollywood and Wall Street agreed, and Australian citizens were then bombarded with thousands of custom low light subliminals of "President Winston" the "Great Leader", when most Australians knew very well at the conscious level that the man is an an arrogant pompous fool, and a traitor under Australian Federal Law.

The price for electronically fixing the election was high, but a price that President Winston was quite prepared to pay in order to retain his 'fame' and 'popularity' induced by the covert Hollywood low light images. Precisely when ordered to do so, Prime Minister John Winston Howard paid Hollywood for his false subliminal election victory, by sending more troops into Iraq to face a vastly superior Republican Guard.

Steven Spielberg's 1977 film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", which arrogantly showcased the new 'color-coded language' to its viewers as 'fiction'. Remember the old saying, "Tell them the truth and they will never believe you"...

Before radio telephony was invented, electronic communication was restricted to Morse Code, where a unique set of dots and dashes represented each letter in the alphabet. Though to an outsider Morse Code seemed and still seems clumsy, it is really very easy when you get used to it. Like any language, practice makes perfect, and expert signallers read morse so fast that they are able to simultaneously write down the English translation. So, while you as a layman will only hear disjointed dots and dashes, the signaller is hearing "Hi Fred, have you got those new coordinates for me?" in real time.

The equivalent at sea (especially when radio silence had to be maintained) is visual morse code, normally transmitted ship-to-ship with a signal lamp, or exceptionally with flags, where each flag represents a different letter. Alternatively in 'semaphore', the position of the flags represents a different letter. However, the Morse signal lamp is the norm, meaning that in the military we have thousands of highly trained men and women who use their audio and visual skills for real time meaningful communication, but without actually using words as the term 'word' is understood by the general public.

The Morse Code, flanked on the left by an audio Morse signaller, and on the right by a visual Morse signaller

The critical point to remember about Morse Code and the signallers who use it, is that after a period of learning and conditioning, a string of verbal words and complete concepts are manufactured purely by pulsed electrical input, be that input audio or visual. Nor should we forget the morse signal flags used less frequently by the navy and scouts in the field. In this case, the human brain is simultaneously decoding signals sent in a series of perplexing mixed colors, which are apparently meaningless until you are trained to understand them.

Hollywood was enchanted by the myriad possibilities for controlling public thought and reasoning, and set about devising a top secret program designed to link specific colors to specific tones or words or concepts. For example, in the rather cynical 1977 Spielberg film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", a simple earthling with a synthesizer, sets about teaching an alien spaceship how to communicate with him, by matching synthesizer tones to the flashing colors on the spaceship itself.

By the time Spielberg made this film in 1977, Hollywood had already been practicing on real live human audiences for four years. Hence my use of the word 'cynical', because Spielberg was a significant mover and shaker behind the covert Hollywood control program.

As the years rolled by, an entire new visual language was built up, made even more powerful nowadays by precise digital television transmissions, which provide a wider range of hexidecimal colors for coded use. The problem, of course, is that like the old Enigma Code of WWII vintage, only those with the key know what they are sending, and only they know what impact the specific message will have on the viewing public.

If you want a strong clue to the content, consider the words of insider Zbigniew Brzezinski once again: "In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities effectively exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason."

Now then, ladies and gentlemen, would you say that George W. Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard (Australia) are naturally endowed with "magnetic and attractive personalities", to the point where they can easily exploit the, "latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason"? Of course not, for all three men are repulsive and unattractive, and about as close as it is possible to get to borderline mental retardation.

Where Brzezinski and Spielberg have won, and you have lost, lies in their ability to control your thoughts and reasoning with color coded language, to the point where you believe that grey-haired political weaklings are "magnetic and attractive personalities". Nowadays if Hollywood tells you that black is white, you'd better believe it, or else. For as long as you watch Hollywood's films and television, their power over you will be continually reinforced, and you will dutifully send son after son and daughter after daughter to die in far off lands on behalf of Wall Street.

You can actually break the cycle and return to your own thoughs and reason, by the simple expedient of destroying your television set, VCR and DVD, but I'm betting you won't be prepared to make that sacrifice in order to save your children. Unsurprisingly perhaps, Hollywood is betting you won't do so either.

Do you recognise this fine upstanding young man receiving his Master's degree from London University? This is Zacarias Moussaoui, just months before Hollywood demonized him as the surviving "911 Terrorist", and charged him with (1) Conspiracy to Commit Acts of Terrorism Transcending National Boundaries, (2) Conspiracy to Commit Aircraft Piracy, (3) Conspiracy to Destroy Aircraft, (4) Conspiracy to Use Weapons of Mass Destruction, (5) Conspiracy to Murder United States Employees, and (6) Conspiracy to Destroy Property. No hard evidence of any crime because he is innocent of all charges. But, as we shall see in part two, the prison shrinks and their drugs finally convinced Zacarias to plead "guilty". Do I hear you protest that this could never happen in America, land of the free? Sorry, it just did...

As stated earlier, government-selected 'patsies' have rather more than subliminal color coding thrown at them from a television screen. For these men and women (at least those who survive), have to stand up in a court of law and, eventually, make a full confession about a crime they did not commit, or simply mumble "guilty" a few times. Just how this is managed will be explained in part two of this series, probably ready about one month from now.


Modern cell phone towers are the NEW mind control centers.

Jim Stone freelance

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just last week, someone asked me about BITCOIN. I told them it was a ponzi scam, just like pump and dump penny stock swindles

the pump and dump scam in play and everytime

And sure enough, that's what happened yesterday, when the whales sold off erasing ONE BILLION DOLLARS OF VALUE from bitcoin. Those who didn't see this coming instantly saw their investment evaporate.

And that, folks, is how stock swindles and ponzis essentially end up working out.

Bitcoin was and is never meant to be a realistic currency replacement for the Fed Notes. Won't happen. Just like liberty dollars a few years back, it's a dead-end the network allows, (to function as a lightening rod) just to see who is disgruntled enough to part with hard cash to change things. Then they know. Who you are that is.

Then they take that hard cash when the network whales bale out cleaning up all your millions of dollars for themselves and their friends.

UPDATE: Bitscam loses 75% of its value in 48 hours; a complete crash and wealth transfer.

Cops tell man recording them on his phone that his...

Refreshing News: Cops tell man recording them on his phone that his...: San Diego police slapped a cell phone camera out of a man’s hands Saturday, claiming it could be a weapon, before pouncing on him and ha...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tap water: murder in the western nations

poison from the tap
There are many Americans who refuse to drink tap water. Many of them use water filters to eliminate the taste of chlorine. The smell or stench of the water should not be the only reason to avoid ingesting it. People should be far more concerned about which impurities are actually producing the foul taste, and what they may be doing to their health.

The water supplied by most cities contains chlorine, fluoride, varying amounts of dissolved minerals including calcium, magnesium, and sodium, chlorides, sulphates, and bicarbonates. It is also not uncommon to find traces of iron, manganese, copper, aluminum, nitrates, insecticides, and herbicides. Prescription medications have also been found in the tap water of 41,000,000 American homes across the United States. According to the Associated Press; there is a vast array of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones in the municipal water supplies. The federal government does not require any testing and has not set safety limits for drugs in the water supplies. We will not know the long-term effects of ingesting random concoctions of prescription drugs for numerous years. Sadly, our grandchildren probably will.

Delicious Thirst Quenching Bleach

Chlorine bleach is added to practically all U.S. public water supplies as a disinfectant. It is not used because it is safe, but because it is cheap. Adding chlorine limits the liability of the governmental agencies who provide potentially putrid water, because the side-effects of their chlorine disinfection are difficult to trace, and occur only after extensive long-term use. For example, it would be easy for citizens to prove that they became ill from drinking non-disinfected water by simply testing the contaminated water, but it is much more difficult to prove that their heart disease or cancer was created by chlorine by-products after twenty years of consuming it. Chlorine bleach is used to satisfy certain priorities, whereby saving money is a much higher priority than long-term public health. When usage of chlorine began in the early 1900's, the long-term effects were unknown, but there are no longer any excuses to force the public to drink bleach. It is not uncommon to find the chlorine in tap water at unsafe levels for swimming pools. A simple chlorine test kit from a local discount department store will typically yield surprising results.

One troubling quality of chlorine is its tendency to neutralize oxygen. Once inside the body, it has an oxygen depleting effect, and this shifts the body's PH toward becoming acidic. These effects are disruptive to a person's immune system, which opens him up to a whole host of potential infections, and it makes him much more prone to suffer allergy symptoms. Water occurring in nature always contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, which in many ways makes it the opposite of chemically treated water in PH, oxygen levels, and healthiness. The difference between pure water and chemically altered tap water is literally the difference between natural rain and acid rain.

most significant risks with chlorine come not from the chlorine itself, but from its by-products which are usually known as trihalomethanes (THMs). These are produced whenever chlorine contacts organic proteins. An example of a THM is chloroform, a proven cancer-causing agent. Animal studies have consistently shown an association between THMs and cancers of the liver and kidneys. Independent studies have repeatedly demonstrated that chlorine and THMs are strong contributing factors in creating colon and bladder cancers, as well as diabetes, kidney stones, and heart attacks.

Chlorine has been known for years to both cause and worsen respiratory problems including asthma and pneumonia. As a halogen which damages enzymes, chlorine weakens the immune system upon ingestion. Chlorine causes magnesium deficiencies, which can causes migraine headaches, high blood pressure, chemical sensitivities, and in severe cases, sudden death according to Mark J. Eisenberg, M.D. (especially when combined with MSG). Chlorine also decreases the absorption while increasing the excretion of calcium and phosphorus. This increased loss of calcium into the urine can lead to bone-related problems including osteoporosis. Chlorine is known to irritate the skin, the eyes, and the respiratory system.

"Chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times. While it prevented epidemics of one disease, it was creating another. Two decades ago, after the start of chlorinating our drinking water in 1904, the present epidemic of heart trouble, cancer and senility began."

-- Dr. J. M. Price

Fluoride: Making Sure Americans Ain't Reel Smart Or Healthy

The American Dental Association, the F.D.A., and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control all maintain that mercury, a cumulative toxic heavy metal, is perfectly safe to be embedded into your living teeth. Not surprisingly, they all also support the fluoridation of public water reservoirs. The poison fluoride has been intentionally added to water supplies in the United States for a century. Fluoridation has been justified by claims that it produces dental health benefits, even though there has never been evidence supporting the belief that ingestion of it could be beneficial. Conversely, there is overwhelming evidence that ingested fluoride is a long-term, cumulative, degenerative poison that attacks even the teeth. These facts were known long before fluoride was added to tap water.

The E.P.A. classifies fluoride as a toxic waste product from aluminum processing, uranium processing, and fertilizer manufacture, but they allow it to be added directly into water for human consumption. Instead of the pharmaceutical grade fluoride that is used in toothpastes, it is this left-over industrial waste sludge that is added to water supplies. If a large amount of this fluoride were spilled at any location, then it would require that the site be quarantined as an E.P.A. clean-up site, where all the workers would need to wear space suits. However, they are okay with it lacing the public water supplies, and with it being used in infant formula. Aside from being placed in our toothpaste and fluoride supplements, sodium fluoride is the main ingredient of rat poisons. It is also used in pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides. Every form of fluoride has a cumulative effect in the body. Every time a person drinks fluoridated water, eats contaminated produce (produce grown with phosphate fertilizer), eats processed foods, or brushes his teeth with fluoridated toothpaste, he is adding to his body's toxic reserves. Even without swallowing any toothpaste, his mouth will absorb up to 1.0 mg of fluoride per brushing directly into the bloodstream through skin absorption.

The scientists who promoted the use of fluoride initially are the same infamous ones who promoted adding lead to gasoline, and who performed radiation experiments on unknowing patients. They were well endowed by the chemical industry for all of this, and for keeping silent about their most disturbing findings. They were traitors to the practice of medicine, and traitors to their country. These doctors were proud mass murderers, and their experiments are well documented.

Here is some of that history. The top scientist who oversaw the Newburgh Experiment, and the leading voice promoting water fluoridation as safe in low doses was Dr. Harold Hodge. Dr. Hodge is still regarded as the dean of the science of toxicology in the United States. While selling the use of fluoride for children, he was simultaneously head of the Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology for the Manhattan Project. He was charged with protecting the government from worker and community lawsuits for fluoride exposure, since fluoride was a by-product of uranium enrichment. Marketing that fluoride was safe in low doses was the Manhattan Project's official policy to reduce the risk of lawsuits against the atomic bomb program. Current policy is the result of that marketing.

this poison is in your toothpaste
Fluoride is a toxic waste product from the chemical industry. Since cities purchase fluoride for their water supplies, the fertilizer industry has one of the best corporate welfare programs. Instead of paying billions to neutralize their toxic waste before discarding it, they accept payments for creating it at a 20,000% markup. The tax payers are customers of this substance which is poisoning them, whether they like it or not. Business is always good for the chemical fertilizer industry.

"If this stuff gets out into the air, it's a pollutant if it gets into the river, it's a pollutant if it gets into the lake it's a pollutant but if it goes right into your drinking water system, it's not a pollutant. That's amazing..."

-- Dr. J. William Hirzy, E.P.A.

"If I were to name one element or chemical compound that would represent the 'Bane of Mans existence on Earth' it would be fluorine or fluoride. Fluorine has caused huge problems for man since the beginning of time due to volcanic events on Earth. Fluorine or Hydrogen Fluoride released from volcanic events or even meteor terminal events is the principle effect for extinction events on this planet."

-- Jim Phelps

Researcher Jim Phelps also noted that, "Rising levels of fluoride are directly connected to disruption of enzymes necessary for cell repair (glutathione particularly) and removal of toxic metals from the human body. The effect results in the rise of lead, mercury, and other toxic metals in children that impair their IQ and long term health. In the elderly, it hastens the onset of gray hair because it is linked to mercury concentrations in the body. It also adds to brittle bone problems, dementia from toxic metals' effects on the brain, and quite literally onset for immune illnesses and death. Fluoride is not a friend to children's teeth, but a deadly cumulative poison where 98 percent [actually ~50%] of the fluoride ingested goes right to the bone of children to disrupt their health in much the same way that Sr90 from nuclear testing was feared to cause cancer in children. The remaining unabsorbed fluoride [ ~50%] attacks the kidneys as they attempt to filter it out of the body, and excrete it through the urinary tract".

"According to the handbook, 'Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products', fluoride is more poisonous than lead, and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic. It is a cumulative poison that accumulates in bones over the years."
-- Michael Schachter, M.D.

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2013 GM Yukon Denali AWD

There has never been a better time to buy or lease a new GM!

Hurry now, damn it, to your nearest GM dealer

before inventories increase even more!
(and before you realize you are paying 70 grand for a bunch of junk plastic and could have bought a BMW)

2013 GM Yukon Denali AWD

403 HP

13 CTY / 14 HWY

basic equipped for only


Easy credit available for vetted network assets only!

On*Star tracking and cabin recording included free for 6 months,

then you pay to be tracked and recorded.

Either way, the car is designed that the GPS and cabin surveillance is always on and cannot be disabled without permanently ruining the car - neat eh!

(actual ad)

For the first time ever, more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless. That number has risen by 57 percent since the 2006-2007 school year.

The following are 21 statistics about the explosive growth of poverty in America that everyone should know...

1 - According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately one out of every six Americans is now living in poverty. The number of Americans living in poverty is now at a level not seen since the 1960s.

2 - When you add in the number of low income Americans it is even more sobering. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 146 million Americans are either "poor" or "low income".

3 - Today, approximately 20 percent of all children in the United States are living in poverty. Incredibly, a higher percentage of children is living in poverty in America today than was the case back in 1975.

4 - It may be hard to believe, but approximately 57 percent of all children in the United States are currently living in homes that are either considered to be either "low income" or impoverished.

5 - Poverty is the worst in our inner cities. At this point, 29.2 percent of all African-American households with children are dealing with food insecurity.

6 - According to a recently released report, 60 percent of all children in the city of Detroit are living in poverty.

7 - The number of children living on $2.00 a day or less in the United States has grown to 2.8 million. That number has increased by 130 percent since 1996.

8 - For the first time ever, more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless. That number has risen by 57 percent since the 2006-2007 school year.

9 - Family homelessness in the Washington D.C. region (one of the wealthiest regions in the entire country) has risen 23 percent since the last recession began.

10 - One university study estimates that child poverty costs the U.S. economy 500 billion dollars each year.

11 - At this point, approximately one out of every three children in the U.S. lives in a home without a father.

12 - Families that have a head of household under the age of 30 have a poverty rate of 37 percent.

13 - Today, there are approximately 20.2 million Americans that spend more than half of their incomes on housing. That represents a 46 percent increase from 2001.

14 - About 40 percent of all unemployed workers in America have been out of work for at least half a year.

15 - At this point, one out of every four American workers has a job that pays $10 an hour or less.

16 - There has been an explosion in the number of "working poor" Americans in recent years. Today, about one out of every four workers in the United States brings home wages that are at or below the poverty level.

17 - Right now, more than 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government. And that does not even include Social Security or Medicare.

18 - An all-time record 47.79 million Americans are now on food stamps. Back when Barack Obama first took office, that number was only sitting at about 32 million.

19 - The number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the entire population of Spain.

20 - According to one calculation, the number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the combined populations of "Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming."

21 - Back in the 1970s, about one out of every 50 Americans was on food stamps. Today, close to one out of every six Americans is on food stamps. Even more shocking is the fact that more than one out of every four children in the United States is enrolled in the food stamp program.

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Cia assett Reverend Jim Jones says...

If you don't like the world the dark network of satanic souls has created, just drink your damn kool-aid and shut up!
Or else, you ungrateful useless eaters!

People Not In Labor Force Soar By 663,000 To 90 Million, Labor Force Participation Rate At 1979 Levels

and that's with the 75 millions added since that time to the population!


Things just keep getting worse for the American worker, and by implication US economy, where as we have shown many times before, it pays just as well to sit back and collect disability and various welfare and entitlement checks, than to work .The best manifestation of this: the number of people not in the labor force which in March soared by a massive 663,000 to a record 90 million Americans who are no longer even looking for work. This was the biggest monthly increase in people dropping out of the labor force since January 2012, when the BLS did its census recast of the labor numbers. And even worse, the labor force participation rate plunged from an already abysmal 63.5% to 63.3% - the lowest since 1979! But at least it helped with the now painfully grotesque propaganda that the US unemployment rate is "improving."

People not in labor force:

Labor participation rate:

life is a wave...a bell-curve, and every time

Big Brother Telescreens everywhere you go these days.

Subliminals do this to the mind...usually while you are eating or waiting somewhere.

Wherever anyone goes, especially in the western world, there they are: Big flat screens on every wall positioned at every conceivable angle so you cannot turn away without facing yet another. The sound is turned up loud, so that you have to raise your voice to have a conversation. The result of this is, an annoying digital person at your table who won't shut up. It's the reason sensitive people have an urge to walk out and feel they are being invaded that the rest of the programmed clods don't perceive or feel.

But it's also something...deeper...uglier.

It's about keeping the herd's programming in constant ON mode. That way, even if you avoid TV, radio, and all that silliness, they got you when you go out into the world.

Every dentist/doctor office I've been to in the last 10 years has them and of course, they are extremely loud. When you ask if they could be turned down (or off, if you are the only person in the place; they say NO - this has happened to me dozens of times) you get the sneer and a visit from someone in charge who eyes you with suspicion.

You see, all MSM media has sub-vocal subliminal tracks buried in every song, TV show, news story, sports broadcast. This is centrally controlled.

And there are two types of brain-washing protocols. The usual, ala

Obey the government,
Trust your teachers,
question God's existence,
You are useless - hate yourself,
Satan is your God, etc

And then the weekly/monthly imbeds that are keyed to whatever social or political meme they want the herd to be programmed with. You saw the video of several dozen newscasts from monday of April this year which revealed and proved that all broadcasts are pre-arranged scripts from a single source.

So are the subliminal tracks, updated twice-weekly. Sometimes daily...

They leave nothing to chance...

So, avoid those establishments that have those many big screen programming tools. Give your business to those companies that DO NOT have that junk on each and every wall...sometimes, like Denny's, they are separated by only a few feet, there being upwards of 25 in every prison food sledge hall. Boycott those agency whores.

Your mind and your life and soul, will be very grateful you did.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Killing the people's food supply while pretending ...

Juicing and Raw Foods: Killing the people's food supply while pretending ...: cold pasteurization = dead food

Go that nasty stuff. What kind of flowers would you like at your funeral?

and with Wonderbread, you can shave years off your life with every bite!

Make doctors take flu shots every season. Most won't. Force them, as they force them on children.

The current swine flu hysteria has compelled the State of New York to enforce mandatory vaccines on all health care workers. These new rules mandate both the seasonal flu and H1N1 (swine flu) vaccines. Other states are considering following suit, along with select institutions throughout the U.S..

A huge portion of the effected people have spoken out about their opposition to such rules, and many of them intend to refuse the vaccines; even at the expense of their employment. The Centers For Disease Control surveyed over a thousand health care professionals, finding that most of them did not take the seasonal flu shot. According to the Associated Press:

"The reasons vary from safety concerns to skepticism over vaccine effectiveness."

Whoa! Did I read that correctly? Did the vaulted Centers For Disease Control really find that most doctors consider vaccines to be either unsafe or ineffective (or both)? Just stop and ponder that for a moment, while the chilling implications sink in.

We can only wonder how many of the health professionals personally avoid the flu shots, in order to protect themselves, and yet hypocritically provide them to others in the name of health? While this legislation is certainly despicable, it is difficult to have much pity for these people who have remained silent, or who have intentionally misinformed the people who placed so much trust into them, at the great detriment of these victims. How many have lied about vaccine safety and effectiveness to their patients, only to not take the shots themselves, while most likely warning their own families? The sheer irony is incredible, or perhaps a more accurate word is 'evil'. Now it is the health care professionals (not infants) who are being forced to take vaccines against their will. Who is next? What happens when your sheriff's department arrives at your house to enforce "public safety"?

Vaccine Ingredients

There has been much recent concern regarding vaccines given to children, and their possible side effects. Particularly highlighted is the link between early childhood vaccines and autism. This article provides a list of known ingredients inside vaccines, and their documented side effects. It will aid you in making informed decisions, which is something the industry is against. The corporations involved have attempted to suppress this information for decades. Readers are advised that there are extra chemicals and toxins which are not mentioned, because we based this list upon the ingredients which are public knowledge. If you know of anything we have missed, please contact us. It seems that the more we research this topic: the more sinister it becomes.

The connection to autism has already been repeatedly and scientifically established, and there are many other conditions caused by vaccines which are yet to be proven. Vaccines are said to prevent certain diseases. However, the chances of catching these diseases are incredibly remote, and the horrid side effects from vaccines are so common that vaccines cause much more harm than good. The chance that a particular vaccine will actually offer effective protection varies between 35% and 90%, and almost all of them expire. In some cases, vaccines will infect the patient with the very disease it is meant to offer protection from. Do you think they would do the right thing, and treat you for free?

Vaccine Ingredient: Aborted human fetus tissue and human albumin

Did you ever wonder where aborted babies really went? Now you know. From a health perspective, the tissues from another human (not just animals) are still foreign, and therefore toxic to the body. One industry-friendly web site matter-of-factly boasted: "The cells reproduce themselves, so there is no need to abort additional fetuses to sustain the culture supply. Viruses are collected from the diploid cell cultures and then processed further to produce the vaccine itself". The Liberty Counsel reported: "You may be surprised to learn that some vaccinations are derived from aborted fetal tissue. Vaccines for chicken pox, Hepatitis-A, and Rubella were produced solely from aborted fetal tissue".

Vaccine Ingredient: Formaldehyde

This is used in vaccines as a tissue fixative, and a preservative. Formaldehyde is oxidized to become formic acid. Formic acid is the main ingredient of bee and ant venom. Concentrated, it is corrosive and an irritant. While absorbing the oxygen of the body, it may lead to acidosis, nerve, liver, and kidney damage.

According to the National Research Council, fewer than 20% but perhaps more than 10% of the general population may be susceptible to extreme formaldehyde toxicity, and may react to exposure at any level. Formaldehyde is ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds on ecosystems and human health, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. These findings are for environmental exposure, and therefore, the dangers are much greater for the formaldehyde included in vaccines, since it is injected directly into the blood.

Known 'side effects' of formaldehyde:

Eye, nasal, throat and pulmonary irritation
Acute sense of smell due to altered tissue proteins
Antibodies formation
Apathy; blindness
Blood in urine
Blurred vision
Body aches

Bronchial spasms


Burns nasal and throat

Cardiac impairment

Palpitations and arrhythmias

Central nervous system depression

Changes in higher cognitive functions

Chemical sensitivity

Chest pains and tightness

Chronic vaginitis; colds





Corneal erosion



Destruction of red blood cells




Difficulty concentrating

Disorientation; dizziness

Ear aches


Emotional upsets

Ethmoid polyps


Fecula bleeding

Foetal asphyxiation

Flu-like or 'common cold' illness

Frequent urination with pain


Astrointestinal inflammation


Haemolytic anaemia

Haemolytic haematuria


Hyperactive airway disease


Hypomenstrual syndrome

Immune system sensitizer

Impaired (short) attention span

Impaired capacity to attain attention


Inability or difficulty swallowing

Inability to recall words and names

Inconsistent IQ profiles

Inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs

Intestinal pain

Intrinsic asthma



Joint pain

Aches and swelling

Kidney pain

Laryngeal spasm

Loss of memory

Loss of sense of smell

Loss of taste


Menstrual and testicular pain

Menstrual irregularities

Metallic taste

Muscle spasms and cramps

Nasal congestions

Crusting and mucosa inflammation



Numbness and tingling of the forearms and finger tips

Pale clammy skin

Partial laryngeal paralysis


Post nasal drip

Pulmonary oedema

Reduced body temperature

Retarded speech pattern

Ringing or tingling in the ear

Schizophrenic-type symptoms

Sensitivity to sound


Short term memory loss

Shortness of breath

Skin lesions


Sore throat

Spacey feeling

Speaking difficulty


Swollen glands






Vomiting blood


Vaccine Ingredient: Mercury

Mercury compounds are used in vaccines as preservatives. The toxicity of mercury has been repeatedly ignored in the area of vaccines by the medical establishment and oversight agencies. Mercury is the second most poisonous element known to mankind (second only to uranium and its derivatives). Brain neurons rapidly and permanently disintegrate in the presence of mercury within 30 minutes of exposure. Mercury is also known to change a body's chromosomes, so I especially worry about those who have had mercurybased dental fillings (which are the standard 'silver type), for these people are constantly being filled with this cumulative poison from the mercurys vapors as well as direct contact inside the mouth.

The U.S. has known about the potential problems of Thimerosal (the preservative in vaccines that contains mercury) for many years. The World Health Organization voiced concerns about it in 1990.

Mercury is a cumulative poison, which means a body has difficultly removing it, and that levels of it in the body will grow significantly over time. Enormous amounts of mercury can accumulate over a lifetime. During a typical day of routine vaccines, infants sometimes receive the same amount of mercury as the absolute maximum set by the World Health Organization for 3 months of adult exposure.

The following was taken from a website affiliated with the National Institutes of Health:

"Symptoms of high exposure to this class of mercury based compounds includes: Aphthous, Stomatitis, Satarrhal gingivitis, nausea, liquid stools, pain, liver disorder, injury to the cardiovascular system and hematopoietic system, deafness and ataxia. Death. Headache, paresthesia of the tongue, lips, fingers and toes, other non-specific dysfunctions, metallic taste, slight gastrointestinal disturbances, excessive flatus and diarrhea may occur. Acute poisoning may cause gastrointestinal irritation and renal failure. Early signs of severe poisoning include fine tremors of extended hands, loss of side vision, slight loss of coordination in the eyes, speech, writing and gait, inability to stand or carry out voluntary movements, occasional muscle atrophy and flexure contractures, generalized myoclonic movements, difficulty understanding ordinary speech, irritability and bad temper progressing to mania, stupor, coma, mental retardation in children, skin irritation, blisters and dermatitis. Other symptoms include chorea, athetosis, tremors, convulsions, pain and numbness in the extremities, nephritis, salivation, loosening of the teeth, blue line on the gums, anxiety, mental depression, insomnia, hallucinations and central nervous system effects. Exposure may also cause irritation of the eyes, mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract."

Complete intolerance to Thimerosal, the mercury containing preservative, is known to develop from previous vaccines. The vaccines stimulate the immune system and cause sensitization. The effects of mercury differ between inorganic, organic, and metallic mercury compounds. The neurologic toxicity symptoms caused by mercury compounds have a delayed onset after exposure, so few, if any of these symptoms will be noticed at the time of exposure. This explains the suspected long-term neurological symptoms of learning disabilities and behavior disorders associated with vaccines, which did not exist in previous generations.

Vaccine Ingredient: Antifreeze

Antifreeze (ethylene glycol) is an ingredient of the polio vaccine. It is classified as a "very toxic material". It would take less than a tablespoonful to kill a 20-pound dog with this substance. Pet owners are generally very wary around this dangerous substance, knowing that only a small amount is fatal. I can only imagine the effects that this has on the human body when directly injected into the blood stream.

Antifreeze can eventually lead to kidney, liver, blood and central nervous system (CNS) disorders. It is quite harmful and likely fatal if swallowed. Effects include behavioral disorders, drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhoea, visual disturbances, thirst, convulsions, cyanosis, rapid heart rate, CNS stimulation, depression, cardiopulmonary effects, kidney disorders. It can also lead to liver and blood disorders. It produces reproductive and developmental effects in experimental animals.

Source for side effects: You will need a P.D.F. viewer such as Adobe Reader to view the above file. Click here to download.

Vaccine Ingredient: Aluminum

Aluminum is a suspected carcinogen. It is a cardiovascular or blood toxicant, neurotoxicant, and respiratory toxicant. It has been implicated as a cause of brain damage, and is a suspected factor in Alzheimer's Disease, dementia, convulsions, and comas. It has been placed on at least 2 federal regulatory lists.

Vaccine Ingredient: 2-Phenoxyethanol

This is a suspected carcinogen. A developmental and reproductive toxicant. It is also a metabolic poison, which means that it interferes with the metabolism of all cells. This is the primary factor in the formation of cancer cells. It is capable of disabling the immune system's primary response. It also contains phenol (see below for explanation). Vaccine Ingredient: Phenol This is a suspected carcinogen, and a cardiovascular and blood toxicant. Also known as carbolic acid this is a developmental toxicant, gastrointestinal or liver toxicant, kidney toxicant, neurotoxicant, respiratory toxicant, skin and sense organ toxicant. It has been placed on at least 8 federal regulatory lists.

Vaccine Ingredient: Phenol

This is a suspected carcinogen, and a cardiovascular and blood toxicant. It is also known as Carbolic acid; this is a developmental toxin, gastrointestinal or liver toxin, kidney toxin, neurotoxin, respiratory toxin, skin or sense organ toxin. It has been placed on at least 8 federal regulatory watch lists.

Vaccine Ingredient: Methanol

This is a volatile, flammable, poisonous liquid alcohol. In industry, it is used as a solvent, and an antifreeze compound in fuel. In the body it is metabolized into formaldehyde (as described earlier). Whilst it can be found naturally in the pectin that is present in some common fruits, the naturally occurring version is only in minute quantities, and the natural form is not known to cause harmful effects.

Vaccine Ingredient: Borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate)

Traditionally used as a pesticide and ant killer. It is suspected to be a cardiovascular or blood toxicant, endocrine toxicant, gastrointestinal or liver toxicant, and neurological toxicant. It was found to cause reproductive damage and reduced fertility rates in studies on rats. It is already banned in foods in the United States, but astonishingly, it is still allowed for direct injection into the blood through vaccines. It is toxic to all cells, and has a slow excretion rate through the kidneys. Kidney retention and toxicity are the greatest. It has a cascading effect, causing liver degeneration, cerebral edema, and gastroenteritis.

Vaccine Ingredient: Glutaraldehyde

Glutaraldehyde is always toxic, causing severe eye, nose, throat and lung irritations, along with headaches, drowsiness, and dizziness. The effects mirror the chemical warfare agent known as nerve gas. It is poisonous if ingested, and known to cause birth defects in experimental animals. The effects of direct injection into the blood to bypass the process of ingestion are unknown. It is often used to clean medical equipment. In hospital accidents involving environmental exposure, it has been known to cause the following symptoms:

Throat and lung irritation

Asthma, asthma-like symptoms, and breathing difficulty

Nose irritation, sneezing, and wheezing


Burning eyes and conjunctivitis

Rash-contact and/or allergic dermatitis

Staining of the hands (brownish or tan)




Vaccine Ingredient: Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Monosodium Glutamate is a synthetic flavor enhancer. In a 1995 report by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, two groups of people were defined as intolerant of MSG. This includes those who eat large quantities of MSG (it is used in lots of processed foods as a flavor enhancer), and those with "poorly controlled asthma". Our research indicates that anyone can suffer after consuming Monosodium Glutamate. In the 1995 report, which was contracted by the F.D.A., there was public admission that MSG yields the following symptoms:

Burning sensation in the back of the neck, forearms and chest

Numbness in the back of the neck, radiating to the arms and back

Tingling, warmth, and weakness in the face, temples, upper back, neck and arms

Facial pressure or tightness

Chest pain



Rapid heartbeat

Bronchospasm (difficulty breathing) in MSG-intolerant people with asthma



Note that this is the shortlist (the one with side effects the FDA actually admits), and it does not consider the higher toxicity of direct injection into the blood. The long list, which is about 15 times longer, includes heart attacks, especially in young people with magnesium deficiencies. Injections of glutamate in laboratory animals have resulted in rapid damage to nerve cells in the brain. MSG is in a special class of chemicals called excitotoxins, which are known to directly attack brain cells. In 1978, MSG was banned from baby foods and other baby products for infants who were less than one year of age, because the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Academy of Sciences expressed concerns. It is now being used in these products again, along with vaccines.

Vaccine Ingredients: Sulfate and phosphate compounds

These can trigger severe allergies in children which may last throughout their lives to permanently impair their immune systems.

Vaccine Ingredient: Ammonium Sulfate

This is another carcinogen. Ammonium sulfate is prepared by mixing ammonia with sulfuric acid. It is used as a chemical fertilizer for alkaline soils to lower the pH of the soil. In the body, it stresses the immune system by causing acidosis. Ammonium sulfate is also a gastrointestinal (liver) toxicant, neurotoxicant, and respiratory toxicant.

Vaccine Ingredient: Gentamicin Sulfate

This is a strong antibiotic, which is often used for life-threatening illnesses (eg. pneumonia).

Known side effects:

Muscle twitching


Seizures increased BP


Purpura P

Pseudotumor cerebri

Photosensitivity when used topically

Transient irritation





Angioneurotic edema


Vesicular and maculopapular dermatitis


Conjunctival paresthesia

Conjunctival hyperemia

Nonspecific conjunctivitis,

Conjunctival epithelial defects

Lid itching and swelling

Bacterial/fungal corneal ulcers.

Vaccine Ingredient: Neomycin Sulfate

When researching this, we discovered the neurotoxicity of neomycin sulfate following oral use as an antibiotic. We can only wonder about what damage this causes when injected directly into the blood of infants. It interferes with vitamin B6 absorption, which is the cause of a rare form of epilepsy, and mental retardation. Adult patients given neomycin as an antibiotic are typically placed under close clinical observation (ie. hospitalized), so that intensive care intervention is immediately available. Neurotoxicity has been reported, along with nephrotoxicity, and permanent bilateral auditory ototoxicity. Sometimes vestibular toxicity is present in patients with normal renal function when treated with higher or longer doses than recommended.

Vaccine Ingredient: Tri(n)butylphosphate

This is yet another carcinogen. This is a kidney toxicant, and a neurotoxicant. It is more hazardous than most chemicals in 2 out of 3 ranking systems, on at least 1 federal regulatory list.

Vaccine Ingredient: Polymyxin B

This is another antibiotic. Injection of this is generally avoided by doctors (except in the case of vaccines), due to "severe pain at injection sites, particularly in infants and children".

Known side effects:




Rising blood levels without any increase in dosage.

Facial flushing

Dizziness progressing to ataxia


Peripheral paresthesias: circumoral and stocking-glove.


Signs of meningeal irritation with intrathecal administration

Vaccine Ingredient: Polysorbate 20 / 80


This is a suspected carcinogen. It is a known skin and sense organ toxin. It is verified as a cancer agent in animals.

Vaccine Ingredient: Sorbitol


Diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy may be related to excess sorbitol in the cells of the eyes and nerves leading to blindness. This is another suspected carcinogen. Sorbitol is a gastrointestinal and liver toxicant.

Vaccine Ingredient: Polyribosylribitol

This is an experimental artificial sweetener. Actually the experimentation is ongoing in children that is, without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

Vaccine Ingredient: Beta-Propiolactone

Documented as a verified carcinogen. It is a gastrointestinal (liver) toxicant, respiratory toxicant, skin toxicant, and sense organ toxicant. More hazardous than most chemicals earning a 3 out of 3 in ranking systems. It appears on at least 5 federal regulatory lists. It is ranked as one of the most hazardous compounds to humans.

Vaccine Ingredient: Amphotericin B

This can cause irreversible kidney damage, and mild liver failure. It has been known to produce severe histamine (allergic) reactions. There are several reports of anemia and cardiac failure. According to the MME definition it is, "a drug used to treat fungus infections. Known allergy to this drug prohibits use. Side effects include blood clots, blood defects, kidney problems, nausea and fever. When used on the skin, allergic reactions can occur".

Vaccine Ingredients: Animal Organ Tissue and Animal Blood

Animal cell lines are used to culture the viruses in vaccines, so animal tissues and impurities are included in the formulation that is injected. These tissues are unusable and toxic to the body except for when their protein materials are digested to form amino acids through normal food consumption. There is no digestion process for injections. Injections may also contain many types of animal viruses (see the Animal Viruses section). Animals used include monkey (kidney), cow (heart), calf (serum), chicken (embryo and egg), duck (egg), pig (blood), sheep (blood), dog (kidney), horse (blood), rabbit (brain), guinea pig, etc..

Vaccine Ingredient: Large Foreign Proteins

In addition to the animal tissue impurities, there are large proteins that are deliberately included, and used for such purposes as adjuvants (substances that aggravate an immune response using their inherent toxicity). Egg album and gelatin (or gelatine, obtained from selected pieces of calf and cattle skins, demineralized cattle bones and pork skin) are in several vaccines. Casein (milk protein) is in the triple antigen (DPT vaccine). When injected, these normally harmless proteins are toxic to the body. Hence the immune system "response". The immune system is intentionally stressed by this invasion to produce an unnatural sensitization to all the ingredients. The body will become further sensitive to these substances in the future, rather than becoming immune to them. So, the basic premise of vaccinations which the public has been sold is false. This explains why bizarre allergies such as lactose intolerance, egg, and nut allergies have suddenly become common in recent history.

Vaccine Ingredient: Latex

This is included in the hepatitis B vaccine, which is given routinely to health workers. The high occurrence of the latex allergies among nurses is due to their sensitization to latex through the large amounts of chemical rubber which is injected into them. These vaccines produce a panicked immune response. These nurses will suffer with this allergy permanently. Such allergic reactions can be life-threatening. This vaccine is now routinely given to newborn babies in many countries, including Australia, and the United States.

Vaccine Ingredient: Animal Viruses

Some of these can be particularly alien to the human body. The most frequently documented and publicized example is the monkey virus SV40. The virus is harmless in monkeys, but it stimulates rare cancers when injected into humans producing brain (tumors), bone (e.g. multiple myeloma), lungs (mesothelioma), and lymphoid tissue (lymphoma). Monkey Virus SV40 has only appeared in people born in the last 20 years (The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Sept. 1999), long after the manufacturer claimed to have "cleaned up" the polio vaccines where it was found. Such cases include the late Alexander Horwin, both of whose parents tested negative for SV40. Therefore, recent cases cannot just be blamed on inheritance from parents who received the vaccine (see This proves that manufacturers are secretly including it again.

Vaccine Ingredient: Human Viruses

The viruses against which the vaccine is supposed to protect are frequently said to be killed, inactivated, or attenuated. This is a myth. The main method used to inactivate viruses is treatment with formaldehyde, whose effectiveness is limited, and even then only temporary. Once the brew is injected into the body, the formaldehyde is broken down by the body potentially releasing the virus in its original state. This is intentional. It is documented in orthodox medical literature that these living "crippled" viruses can revert to their former virulence.

Please remember that the included viruses, and bacteria, which the vaccine is supposed to protect against are claimed to be in very small doses. These small doses are not small to the body, and these quantities are quite high enough for the diseases to occur. When they do occur, the cases are always severe, and sometimes fatal. Several deaths were reported in the British medical journal, Lancet, from vaccine-induced yellow fever. A susceptible person may succumb to infection when exposed to only a minute doses, especially when it is injected directly into the bloodstream. Likewise, there are other cases in which a healthy person will not succumb, even when exposed to large doses environmentally. It is not the pathogens, but the interaction methods between pathogens and hosts which causes diseases to appear, and the level of their severity.

Vaccines may not manifest obvious injury, especially not immediately, but are still likely to cause long term harm to internal organs and the immune system given their ingredients, and their known effects.

Most disease symptoms are the visible signs of a body's attempts to defend itself against the infection. With disease injections, many important defenses in the digestion path and mucous membranes are bypassed. Vaccine Ingredient: Mycoplasma These are microscopic organisms lacking rigid cell walls and considered to be the smallest free-living organisms. Many are pathogenic, and one species is the cause of mycoplasma pneumonia which interestingly, is noted to occur only "in children and young adults", according to Mosby's Medical Dictionary. This is not simply in vaccines by accident. It is deliberately added as an adjuvant (to increase the immune system's allergic response) to the vaccine. The ingredients must be either poisonous, or slightly biologically infectious to trigger immune system responses, in other words.

Vaccine Ingredient: Mycoplasma

These are microscopic organisms lacking rigid cell walls and considered to be the smallest free-living organisms. Many are pathogenic, and one species is the cause of mycoplasma pneumonia which interestingly, is noted to occur only "in children and young adults", according to Mosby's Medical Dictionary. This is not simply in vaccines by accident. It is deliberately added as an adjuvant (to increase the immune system's allergic response) to the vaccine. The ingredients must be either poisonous, or slightly biologically infectious to trigger immune system responses, in other words.

Vaccine Ingredient: Genetically Modified Yeast

This is in the Hepatitis B Vaccine. Given the controversy over the ingestion of genetically modified foods, how much more dangerous do you think the direct injection of them is? What are the future consequences of this genetic experimentation against our children? Normal yeast that grows throughout the tissues is already known to be the root cause of countless ailments which can last for years, and in the rare cases when it is proper diagnosed, these are called yeast infections. Yeast overgrowth directly attacks the immune system, and cripples the body's ability to remove wastes, toxins, and absorb nutrients categorically. The standard treatment for it with antibiotics often actually strengthens these infections in the long-term by killing more of the beneficial flora which normally keeps yeast overgrowth in check.

Vaccine Ingredient: Foreign DNA

DNA is used from such organisms as animals, viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It has been documented that injecting foreign DNA can cause it, or a portion of it, to be incorporated into the recipient's DNA. The horrendous long-term multi-generational implications defy the imagination. Although, some people might actually find it beneficial to have their grandchildren born with three arms, or horns from the head. These possibilities may seem farfetched, but with the rate at which these type of ingredients are being incorporated into vaccines, it is a matter of when they happen not if. Describing it as insane is being too gracious.


The human body has never experienced such a direct invasion as this before. We hope that you consider this list, and the side effects of vaccines before giving your child vaccinations. We have strong reasons to believe that overall, and in general, that the risks of horrible and long-term side effects far outweighs the risks of the diseases which vaccines are supposed to prevent.

Human blood is supposed to be, and traditionally was, remarkably sterile. There were virtually no bacteria or organisms present in the bloodstream. With vaccines now being so prevalent, this is no longer the case. Contrary to what we have been told, they weaken the immune system dramatically instead of strengthening it. In the United States, the Hepatitis B Vaccine is given to a child on the day of his birth, often weakening his immune system for his lifetime. His small body is just becoming accustomed to the germs around him for the first time, and it needs the strong immune system that he was given to be intact.

Although vaccines are mandatory in the U.S., all states currently offer religious exemptions, and some states offer philosophical exemptions. You may wish to consider these as options in order to protect your children. Religious exemptions are quite appropriate for this, because you can tell them honestly, and with a straight-face, that you are doing it because it is the Christian thing to do.