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Hillary's Teleprompter inside debate podium and Cleaner Man

How The Trump-Clinton Debate Was Rigged

Biblical Shemitah Jubilee

Everything points to this October regarding the execution of the controlled demolition that happens every 7-8 years like clockwork. Deutsche bank could be brought down as soon as October.  There are many reasons why this October promises to be a momentous month.  Monday happens to be the very last day of the Biblical Shemitah Jubilee.   It is followed by the Hebrew month of Tishri, the traditional month of stock market crashes, bond market blowouts, economic recessions and depressions, as well as other similar dramatic events (like 9/11).

Quite coincidentally, the real month of Tishri  began on Sept 15 and ends 28 days later.  Hence, the entire month of October will be full of surprises.  They will likely come in rapid succession just like they did from September 15 through October 31st of 2008.  That month and a half period saw the market crash repeatedly until the Congress agreed to fund the first major bank bailout of its kind.  The Congress was blackmailed into such an agreement by the banksters who staged the whole affair that started with the Lehman collapse.

The FED, Bank of England and other Central Banks were all in on the worldwide scam which saw an unparalleled redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest in America and beyond.  This time around the planned grand theft will be on an order of magnitude way beyond that of the 2008 heist.  This time the banksters are going after everything that is not nailed down.
At the end of the day, every pension plan and 401k, IRA and KEOGH plan, savings and checking account, mutual fund and money market, precious metal holdings and commodity account, insurance policy and annuity will be targeted by the avaricious banksters.  They all know the whole place is going down after Deutsche Bank collapses and they intend to acquire whatever they can while there are still assets to be stolen.

The U.S. Government Pushes Deutsche Bank Over the Edge because their money masters have ordered them to do so

What are the signs of a manufactured banking collapse?

The US Department of Justice recently levied a $14 billion fine against Deutsche Bank. But Wells Fucko, a far worse and more evil bank, gets a pass. No, DB, like all things German, is going to take the public fall to start the ball rolling. Ah...the hypocrisy and lies. So thick even an angel has to work to get through them all.

Deutsche Bank Slapped With $14 Billion Fine By DOJ Over Mortgage Probe

This single act of corporate sabotage is one that the USA had quite purposefully executed in order to further advance their plan to throw Europe into chaos.  Europe must be sacrificed if the US dollar is to maintain any semblance of its status as the world reserve currency.  The successful BREXIT referendum was another example of the will to destroy the European Union (EU) by the moneychangers who operate behind the scenes.

The deliberately timed $14 billion fine was aimed at further weakening an already teetering banking behemoth.  As the largest bank in Germany, a bankruptcy of this size would reverberate throughout the entire German economy, the EU, and beyond. It's what they want...a big money bomb going off they can then use to send western cultures into 3rd world status forever.


It might begin with Deutsche Bank and then with some other shaky institutions that have been in precarious condition for much of 2016 and 2015.[2]

But, they are trying to get the witch, even if only using laughable doubles in public-the demon of the hill-into the White House. So with the seeds planted and the polls rigged and with the wicked skank of the West in power, then the dominoes fall. The SJW zombies go full retard and the west gets Jihadi death and military martial law for breakfast every single day. Bastards.

DB dies, Wells Fucko rides on to kill again... chunks of stuff, fixed by ME.

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New Types of Posts coming...Amazing and good to know series

Hashknife Pony Express
A Local Legacy 

If you thought the pony express was a thing of the past, think again. Did you know you can still have mail delivered by horses? Arizona has the only pony express that still delivers mail for the U.S. Postal Service. The Hashknife Pony Express makes its ride every January during the Parada del Sol festival, traveling 200 miles from Holbrook, Arizona, to Scottsdale, Arizona, and delivering 20,000 first-class letters by horseback. The ride is led by the Navajo County Hashknife Sheriff's Posse, which was organized as a search-and-rescue group in 1955. More than two dozen riders in authentic cowboy clothing carry the mail, relaying the bags along the route. As the word has spread about the ride, public participation has increased, with many letters arriving in the Holbrook Post Office the week before the ride, marked "via Pony Express." Each letter is stamped with a special mark, or cachet. The arrival of the Hashknife Pony Express in Scottsdale kicks off the annual Parada del Sol. 

Let's face it, rural deliveries have been phased out more and more over the last 15 years and folks often have to drive a hundred miles to get their mail. Well, they solved the problem out in Arizona, and the mail still gets through. And riders can expect cordial greetings, a warm cup of coffee, from grateful folks stuck out in the deserts and hills of northern Arizona. A forgotten time, not forgotten, by decent people who live in the parts of America, passed over by SJW mental sickness and Satanism.

Cold or hot, the only mail really still delivered by horseback.

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Breaking: POKER PRO AGREES – Hillary Was Sending Hand Signals to Debate Moderator Holt

Hillary Clinton is not above cheating, lying or stealing to get what she wants.
So it shouldn’t be any surprise that she is being accused of cheating during Monday’s 1st Presidential debate.
Well brainwashed Hillary double - different hands and eye spacing.
Clinton was accused of cheating by sending hand signals to the moderator Lester Holt.
During the debate when Clinton wanted to signal Holt whent she wanted the floor, she rubbed her face in a manner similar to a baseball manager.
According to True Pundit she has not done this in any other debates during her career supporting the accusation that these were signals.
Watch this incredible video before passing judgement–
(the first video was pulled. Here is a copy)

Author and journalist Mike Cernovich reached out to poker pros to see if Hillary was signalling Lester Holt with hand gestures during Monday’s debate.
Poker pro Mike Matusow agreed– Hillary was signalling Lester Holt.


UPDATE: AFter TGP posted this story earlier today the video was pulled on YouTube due to complaints.
I am fairly certain because of the nature of this video it was not violating any copyright agreements.
Merlin SC Distribution had the video pulled.

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

Jim Carrey spills moon hoax through comedic wink

Military Tents by the Highway In New Mexico, Osprys Take Off Near Road I...

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Still want a smart car? Think again...

Tesla can't seem to catch a break this year with multiple accidents blamed on the company's autopilot feature, earnings misses and huge cash burns on lower than expected deliveries that have resulted in the company hitting its bank "funding limit", and a controversial proposed merger with SolarCity.  Fortunately, none of this has really mattered to shareholders who keep supporting the stock near its all time highs. 
As such, we suspect that Chinese hackers posting the first-ever evidence on youtube that they can hack into moving Teslas and control the vehicles from miles away won't be of much concern to shareholders either. 
Nevertheless, we present the following startling footage of Tesla Model S vehicles being remotely controlled by hackers who demonstrate the ability to manipulate everything from overriding the internal displays to opening locked doors and slamming on the brakes while the car is moving.  Seems pretty safe, right?
The following footage shows a hacker slamming on the brakes of this Model S from 12 miles away.

Per Forbes, the hack by Tencent’s Keen Security Labs Team was the first demonstration of anyone proving they could remotely control vehicles, making the potential for real-world attacks a little more realistic.
Keen said it had informed Tesla’s security team of multiple vulnerabilities in the latest models running the most recent software. Moreover, the hacks were found to work on various versions of the Tesla Model S and are believed to also work across all marques.
A Tesla spokesperson acknowledged the Keen hack and said it had issued an over-the-air update to "address" the vulnerabilities even though the "risk to our customers was very low."
“Within just 10 days of receiving this report, Tesla has already deployed an over-the-air software update (v7.1, 2.36.31) that addresses the potential security issues.  The issue demonstrated is only triggered when the web browser is used, and also required the car to be physically near to and connected to a malicious wifi hotspot. Our realistic estimate is that the risk to our customers was very low, but this did not stop us from responding quickly.”
We agree, it's probably nothing to worry about.

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Hitlary after a Press Conference...the devil goes MAD...

Hillary's Behind the scenes Tirade

Image result for hillary mad
murderous rage...the beast's style

Behind the scenes look at Wednesday, September 7 Commander-in-Chief Forum what Hillary Clinton said and did...she hasn't been seen in public since 911.

According to inside sources, after the town hall with Matt, Hillary went ballistic, throwing a huge tantrum, with personal calls to Comcast executives, the parent company of NBC Universal.  I guess they got the message with all of the ridiculous headlines to follow over the next couple of days.

“Matt Lauer was heavily criticized After Moderating Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s Commander-in-Chief Forum by the Clinton camp. Matt Lauer is now facing major backlash following his moderation of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s Commander-in-Chief Forum.

 Image result for hillary and matt lauer

As viewers witnessed during Wednesday night’s broadcast, Lauer, 58 — who was granted only 30 minutes with each presidential candidate — devoted a good portion of his time with Clinton, 68, to questioning her about sending confidential information over a private email server while she was serving as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.
Hillary’s meltdown included throwing a water glass at a staffer- narrowly missing her head, and demanding Matt Lauer be fired!  She was overheard threatening executives at NBC saying If I lose, we all go down and that Fascist Fuck will have us swinging from nooses! What the fuck is wrong with you idiots?”
 Image result for hillary and matt lauer
It is reported Hillary then screamed at everyone for close to an hour and staffers felt like she was having a “Hitler-like rage meltdown”.
Calls were made to New York Times, Washington Post and Huffington post and Twitter executives with orders to “Crush Matt Lauer”.  As you can easily see with all the headlines from these puppet MSM sources, they are completely bought and paid for.
 Hillary also screamed that she wanted Matt taken off the October debate…  
Let’s see if that command is met.  My bet is that it will be.
 Image result for hillary and matt lauer
Staffers at HRC campaign report that they scared of her, and one described Hillary as “an out of control psychopath”.
Since Hillary does not allow any staff to have cell phones when she is there, no footage is available, but Hillary is in full frenzy now.  She has made it clear that she wants Matt Lauer to be “persona non grata for the rest of his days on earth“.  

Donna Brazile was singled out by Hillary during the rant.  Donna was told “You stare at the wall like a brain dead buffalo, while letting fucking Lauer get away with this betrayal?  Get the fuck to work janitoring this mess- do I make myself clear???”
Is this the person we want running the United States... I think NOT!
Image result for hillary and matt lauer

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Hillary represents a maelstrom of death

Authored by Dilbert Creator Scott Adams via,
As most of you know, I had been endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, for my personal safety, because I live in California. It isn’t safe to be a Trump supporter where I live. And it’s bad for business too. But recently I switched my endorsement to Trump, and I owe you an explanation. So here it goes...
1. Things I Don’t Know: There are many things I don’t know. For example, I don’t know the best way to defeat ISIS. Neither do you. I don’t know the best way to negotiate trade policies. Neither do you. I don’t know the best tax policy to lift all boats. Neither do you. My opinion on abortion is that men should follow the lead of women on that topic because doing so produces the most credible laws. So on most political topics, I don’t know enough to make a decision. Neither do you, but you probably think you do.

Given the uncertainty about each candidate – at least in my own mind – I have been saying I am not smart enough to know who would be the best president. That neutrality changed when Clinton proposed raising estate taxes. I understand that issue and I view it as robbery by government.

Read more here...

2. Confiscation of Property: Clinton proposed a new top Estate Tax of 65% on people with net worth over $500 million. Her website goes to great length to obscure the actual policy details, including the fact that taxes would increase on lower value estates as well. See the total lack of transparency here, where the text simply refers to going back to 2009 rates. It is clear that the intent of the page is to mislead, not inform.

So don’t fall for the claim that Clinton has plenty of policy details on her website. She does, but it is organized to mislead, not to inform. That’s far worse than having no details.

The bottom line is that under Clinton’s plan, estate taxes would be higher for anyone with estates over $5 million(ish). I call this a confiscation tax because income taxes have already been paid on this money. In my case, a dollar I earn today will be taxed at about 50% by various government entities, collectively. With Clinton’s plan, my remaining 50 cents will be taxed again at 50% when I die. So the government would take 75% of my earnings from now on.

Yes, I can do clever things with trusts to avoid estate taxes. But that is just welfare for lawyers. If the impact of the estate tax is nothing but higher fees for my attorney, and hassle for me, that isn’t good news either.

You can argue whether an estate tax is fair or unfair, but fairness is an argument for idiots and children. Fairness isn’t an objective quality of the universe. I oppose the estate tax because I was born to modest means and worked 7-days a week for most of my life to be in my current position. (I’m working today, Sunday, as per usual.) And I don’t want to give 75% of my earnings to the government. (Would you?)

3. Party or Wake: It seems to me that Trump supporters are planning for the world’s biggest party on election night whereas Clinton supporters seem to be preparing for a funeral. I want to be invited to the event that doesn’t involve crying and moving to Canada. (This issue isn’t my biggest reason.)

4. Clinton’s Health: To my untrained eyes and ears, Hillary Clinton doesn’t look sufficiently healthy – mentally or otherwise – to be leading the country. If you disagree, take a look at the now-famous “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead” video clip. Likewise, Bill Clinton seems to be in bad shape too, and Hillary wouldn’t be much use to the country if she is taking care of a dying husband on the side.

5. Pacing and Leading: Trump always takes the extreme position on matters of safety and security for the country, even if those positions are unconstitutional, impractical, evil, or something that the military would refuse to do. Normal people see this as a dangerous situation. Trained persuaders like me see this as something called pacing and leading. Trump “paces” the public – meaning he matches them in their emotional state, and then some. He does that with his extreme responses on immigration, fighting ISIS, stop-and-frisk, etc. Once Trump has established himself as the biggest bad-ass on the topic, he is free to “lead,” which we see him do by softening his deportation stand, limiting his stop-and-frisk comment to Chicago, reversing his first answer on penalties for abortion, and so on. If you are not trained in persuasion, Trump look scary. If you understand pacing and leading, you might see him as the safest candidate who has ever gotten this close to the presidency. That’s how I see him.

So when Clinton supporters ask me how I could support a “fascist,” the answer is that he isn’t one. Clinton’s team, with the help of Godzilla, have effectively persuaded the public to see Trump as scary. The persuasion works because Trump’s “pacing” system is not obvious to the public. They see his “first offers” as evidence of evil. They are not. They are technique.

And being chummy with Putin is more likely to keep us safe, whether you find that distasteful or not. Clinton wants to insult Putin into doing what we want. That approach seems dangerous as hell to me.

6. Persuasion: Economies are driven by psychology. If you expect things to go well tomorrow, you invest today, which causes things to go well tomorrow, as long as others are doing the same. The best kind of president for managing the psychology of citizens – and therefore the economy – is a trained persuader. You can call that persuader a con man, a snake oil salesman, a carnival barker, or full of shit. It’s all persuasion. And Trump simply does it better than I have ever seen anyone do it.

The battle with ISIS is also a persuasion problem. The entire purpose of military action against ISIS is to persuade them to stop, not to kill every single one of them. We need military-grade persuasion to get at the root of the problem. Trump understands persuasion, so he is likely to put more emphasis in that area.

Most of the job of president is persuasion. Presidents don’t need to understand policy minutia. They need to listen to experts and then help sell the best expert solutions to the public. Trump sells better than anyone you have ever seen, even if you haven’t personally bought into him yet. You can’t deny his persuasion talents that have gotten him this far.
In summary, I don’t understand the policy details and implications of most of either Trump’s or Clinton’s proposed ideas. Neither do you. But I do understand persuasion.
I also understand when the government is planning to confiscate the majority of my assets.
And I can also distinguish between a deeply unhealthy person and a healthy person, even though I have no medical training. (So can you.)
Read more here...
*  *  *

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Video Shows Police Ordering Keith Scott to Drop His Gun a Dozen Times Be...

Asian woman kills black intruder -- Cops break up black gang that target...

Hypocrisy! Major league baseball fires catcher for telling the truth ab...

Hillary Clinton disappears, Greensboro Rally, 100% proof! | #HillaryGooglyeyes

All these are fake hillarys except a couple of her in demon shift

These are the various doubles they've been running since 9-11-16.









Charlotte Riots - The Truth Behind Protests

The Charlotte Riots

Charlotte Riots

  1. Hillary Clinton scheduled (months in advance) to “fund raise” in Charlotte on Sept 20tht
  2. September 20th, Hillary suddenly cancels Charlotte visit; no reason given.
  3. Sept 20th at 4PM, officers shoot and kill Keith Lamont Scott
  4. Sept 20th at 8PM, a “aggressive group of agitators” appears to “protest”.
  5. Sept 21st, more “agitators” appear and more violence.
  6. Sept 22nd, “70% of those arrested are not from Charlotte”

Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs

Confirming what many had suspected when viewing the sudden and intense collapse into anrchy that occurred in Charlotte this week, Todd Walther, spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police told CNN's Erin Burnett:
"This is not Charlotte that's out here.  These are outside entities that are coming in and causing these problems. These are not protestors, these are criminals."

"We've got the instigators that are coming in from the outside.  They were coming in on buses from out of state.  If you go back and look at some of the arrests that were made last night.  I can about say probably 70% of those had out-of-state IDs.  They're not coming from Charlotte."

As shocking as this statement is, it should not be a total surprise. 18 months ago, as the riots flared in Ferguson, there was one man pulling the strings of this 'domestic false flag'... George Soros. In an apparent effort to  "keep the media’s attention on the city and to widen the scope of the incident to focus on interrelated causes — not just the overpolicing and racial discrimination narratives that were highlighted by the news media in August," liberal billionaire George Soros donated $33million to social justice organizations which helped turn events in Ferguson from a local protest into a national flashpoint.

As The Washington Times explains,

There’s a solitary man at the financial center of the Ferguson protest movement. No, it’s not victim Michael Brown or Officer Darren Wilson. It’s not even the Rev. Al Sharpton, despite his ubiquitous campaign on TV and the streets.

Rather, it’s liberal billionaire George Soros, who has built a business empire that dominates across the ocean in Europe while forging a political machine powered by nonprofit foundations that impacts American politics and policy, not unlike what he did with

Mr. Soros spurred the Ferguson protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to interviews with key players and financial records reviewed by The Washington Times.
Still not buying it? As The New American recently reported, Ken Zimmerman, the director of U.S. programs at Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF), denied last year that Soros had funded BLM, saying it was just a rumor. 
That was before hackers with published OSF documents showing that the Soros group had already given at least $650,000 directly to BLM.

Those same documents reveal the reason for OSF bankrolling BLMthe “dismantling” of America so that it can be recast according to the vision of Soros and his leftist cohorts.

The communist-on-its-face nature of these and other demands of the organizations under the BLM umbrella are a clear indicator of the real intent of BLM. The deep-pocketed funding by the likes of Soros, the Center for American Progress, the Ford Foundation, and Borealis Philanthropy show that BLM is the means, not the end.

BLM is little more than a tool of social revolutionaries hell-bent on destroying America so they can build their long awaited dystopia which they attempt to pass off as a utopia.
So with Hillary's poll numbers decling rapidly, and a debate looming that she would desperately like to be focused on domestic division as opposed to every email, pay-to-play, foreign policy misstep, and cough or stumble she has taken; is anyone shocked that 'out of state' protesters would turn up in Charlotte suddenly turning a peaceful but angry protest into tear-gas-filled deadly riots? And who is a big donor to Clinton?

George Soros: $7 million

Financier George Soros founded what would become the Quantum Fund in 1969 with $12 million. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, he's now worth $24.7 billion and continues to invest through Soros Fund Management, a family firm. As a political donor, Soros has been mercurial. In 2004, he contributed $23.5 million to organizations opposing George W. Bush's reelection effort. In 2008, he donated $2,300 to both Clinton and Barack Obama, and that was it. Soros's Open Society Policy Center, the advocacy arm of his philanthropic network, spent $8.2 million on lobbying Washington in 2015. It focuses on international human rights, immigration, foreign aid, public health and criminal justice reform, among other issues. Since 2003, Soros has contributed $54 million to federal candidates and committees.

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Foreign Banks will NO LONGER allows US citizens to open accounts...something is up. and They WANT US TRAPPED HERE, ESPECIALLY YOUR MONEY

Setting up a bank bankers


Hillary Clinton's Bizarre Eye Movement Before Canceling Event

Black Lives Matter hide when they see this. [Mirror]

PLANNED Shortages Appearing Across America

Charlotte Riots: What They're NOT Telling You

In Dramatic Twist, Wells Fargo Said To Retaliate, Fire Whistleblowers Who Exposed Bank's Illegal Practices

While the recent congressional hearing targeting John Stumpf, in which Elizabeth Warren suggested he should resign and be criminally charged, was nothing more than a "kangaroo court" meant to refocus public anger on banks, with good reason, the reason why we concluded that nothing would actually change is that ultimately there was no evidence the bank's executive management was aware of the bank's illegal, fraudulent tactics involving the creation of some 2 million fake customer accounts to "sandbag" retail banking fees. That assumption, however, may need revision now that CNN reports that it has heard from former Wells Fargo workers - some of whom were named - around the country, who tried to put a stop to the bank's illegal tactics only to be met with harsh, prompt and severe retaliation by the bank.
"Almost half a dozen workers who spoke with us say they paid dearly for trying to do the right thing: they were fired", CNN says, which if confirmed would promptly make this a criminal case, which implicate virtually every senior management member, as such retaliatory practices would suggest not only awareness of what was happening at the bank, but also an even more dramatic response by management seeking to keep these practices under wraps.
Some of the named witnesses made it very clear that the narrative spun by Stumpf in Senate was a lie:
"I endured harsh bullying ... defamation of character, and eventually being pinned for something I didn't do," said Heather Brock, who was fired earlier this month as a senior business banker at a Wells Fargo branch in Round Rock, Texas.
"They ruined my life," Bill Bado, a former Wells Fargo banker in Pennsylvania, told CNNMoney.
Bado not only refused orders to open phony bank and credit accounts. The New Jersey man called an ethics hotline and sent an email to human resources in September 2013, flagging unethical sales activities he was being instructed to do. Eight days after that email, a copy of which CNNMoney obtained, Bado was terminated. The stated reason? Tardiness.
To be sure, this is not the narrative Stumpf presented before Congress. Retaliation against whistleblowers is a major breach of trust. Ethics hotlines are exactly the kind of safeguards put in place to prevent illegal activity from taking place and provide refuge to employees from dangerous work environments. Indeed, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf made precisely that point on Tuesday when he testified before angry Senators. "Each team member, no matter where you are in the organization, is encouraged to raise their hands," Stumpf told lawmakers. He mentioned the anonymous ethics line, adding, "We want to hear from them."
Only, that's not what allegedly happened at Wells. It gets worse: according to a former HR staffer, Wells had an explicit protocol for retaliating against "tipsters" - fire them for a minor offense, like being late.
One former Wells Fargo human resources official, cited by CNN, said the bank had a method in place to retaliate against tipsters. He said that Wells Fargo would find ways to fire employees "in retaliation for shining light" on sales issues. It could be as simple as monitoring the employee to find a fault, like showing up a few minutes late on several occasions.
"If this person was supposed to be at the branch at 8:30 a.m. and they showed up at 8:32 a.m, they would fire them," the former human resources official told CNNMoney, on the condition he remain anonymous out of fear for his career.
CNN's investigation was extensive: it spoke to a total of four ex-Wells Fargo workers, including Bado, who believe they were fired because they tipped off the bank about unethical sales practices. Another six former Wells Fargo employees told CNNMoney they witnessed similar behavior at Wells Fargo - even though the company has a policy in place that is supposed to prevent retaliation against whistleblowers. CNNMoney has taken steps to confirm that the workers who spoke anonymously did work at Wells Fargo and in some cases interviewed colleagues who corroborated their reports.
* * *
If the stories are confirmed, it is likely that Wells Fargo would face legal consequences for any retaliation that occurred against employees who called the ethics line; furthermore this would implicate not only the entire HR chain, but also the bank's GC, the entire corner office and even the Board of Directors.
"It is clearly against the law for any company (or executives of such companies) to try to suppress whistleblowing," Harvey Pitt, former chairman of the SEC, told CNNMoney in an email. A number of statutes -- including Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank -- "make this unambiguously clear," Pitt said.
Worse, confirmation of the above allegations would suggest that Stumpf lied before the Senate, something senator Bob Menendez already hinted at during the hearing, when he brought up one former employee who was allegedly fired after flagging issues directly to Stumpf, according to Senator Bob Menendez.
At the Senate hearing, Menendez read the New Jersey woman's 2011 email to Stumpf, where she described improper sales tactics she felt were "wrong."
"Did you read that email?" Menendez asked Stumpf.
"I don't remember that one," Stumpf replied.
"Okay, well she was fired. ... So much for the safe haven," Menendez said.
* * *
Back to the termination of Bill Bado, who says the firing took a huge toll on his life: it put a permanent stain on his securities license, scaring off other prospective bank employers. Today, the New Jersey man's house is on the verge of being foreclosed on and he's working part-time, at Shop-Rite.
"You wonder where the justice is," Bado said.
Wells Fargo confirmed to CNNMoney that Bado had worked there. However, the bank declined to comment on why Bado left and and on the ethics complaint with corresponding report number he cited in emails. "Everything submitted to the EthicsLine is investigated," a Wells Fargo spokeswoman said.  While nobody doubts that, it is what happened next that is the problem.
While ethics complaints are supposed to be confidential, documents show that Bado did speak out before he was fired. On September 19, 2013, Bado wrote an email to a Wells Fargo HR rep and copied his regional manager, where he detailed improper sales tactics. Documents show Bado was fired -- for "excessive tardiness" -- just eight days later.
He disputed this justification: "I have been asked on several occasions to do things that I know are not ethical and would be grounds for discharge," Bado said in the email to HR. Furthermore, he said a branch manager on "many occasions" asked him to send out a debit card, "pin it," and enroll customers in online banking, "all without the customers (sic) request or knowledge." Those are precisely the same practices that regulators fined Wells Fargo for three years later and that senators grilled the bank over this week.

* * *
Bado was not alone: Brock, the business banker from Texas, told CNNMoney she experienced a similar situation. The 26-year-old single parent of two young boys was fired soon after she contacted the company's ethics line about illegal sales practices she witnessed. Wells Fargo also confirmed Brock used to work at the company but declined to comment further.
Brock was fired earlier this month, with Wells Fargo accusing her of falsifying documents - a charge Brock emphatically denies. Brock said the company bullied her into admitting she did something wrong.
A current Wells Fargo employee who works in Brock's branch vouched for her version of events. "That's really scary when you're with a big corporation like this and HR doesn't have your back," said the current employee, who wished to remain anonymous so as not to get fired as well.
At least she wasn't fired for also being tardy.
Brock is hoping her story forces meaningful change at Wells Fargo. "You lose if you do complain and you lose if you don't. What does a powerless employee do?" Brock said.

* * *
CNN also spoke to Ken Springer, a former FBI agent who runs a firm that offers a whistleblower hotline service, was alarmed by the allegations made by former Wells Fargo employees.  "That's retaliation. It's a big problem -- and a perfect example of what shouldn't happen," Springer said. "It looks like there's been a terrible breakdown of checks and balances at Wells Fargo."
In response to CNNMoney's report, a Wells Fargo spokeswoman said: "We do not tolerate retaliation against team members who report their concerns in good faith." She emphasized that employees are encouraged to immediately report unethical behavior to their manager, HR representative or 24-hour ethics line.
Alas, the problem is not with employees using the ethics line. It's what management does right after, and if this report is accurate, as a probe will likely confirm or deny, then John Stump's days as CEO of the bank are numbered.

And now...PUERTO RICO becomes like all the others before it, on the master plan of takedowns


Take down a country is easy, with Forex.

Puerto Rico Blackout Enters Second Day - Entire Island Of 3.5 Million People Without Power


We have one simple question - how is beating, dragging, stripping, and laughing-at an innocent white man going to help the discourse about police violence against black men?

Monday, September 19, 2016

"Panic Gasoline Buying" In Southeast Leads To "Massive Lines", Gas Shortages, Price Gouging

DOJ is too busy vigorously prosecuting climate change deniers...

FBI Director Says He Covers His Webcam (And That You Should Too)

This isn’t the first time the FBI Director has mentioned his homemade security measures. During a Q&A after a speech on encryption and privacy at Kenyon College earlier this year, during which he claimed “absolute privacy hampers law enforcement,” he also admitted to wanting his own privacy.
“I saw something in the news, so I copied it. I put a piece of tape — I have obviously a laptop, personal laptop — I put a piece of tape over the camera. Because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera.”
In the same breath, he also told the audience:
“[The public should] demand to know how the government conducts surveillance. Demand to know how they’re overseen, how they’re constrained. Demand to know how these devices work.” 
While that may seem open and honest, the message being sent by the U.S. government completely contradicts such a sentiment.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Clinton's have been embroiled in so many scandals dating all the way back to the 1970's that their name has been branded into the American psyche as being synonymous with the word "scandal" itself

In recent months the mainstream media has worked itself into a frenzy trying to defend Hillary from the various scandals surrounding her campaign.  There is seemingly no end to the "plumes of smoke" emanating from the Clinton camp including questions over Benghazi, missing emails, pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation, strange "medical episodes", etc, etc, etc.  All the while, the press simply can't bring themselves to understand why voters never quite view her as a trustworthy candidate. 
The problem, says Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal, is that the Clinton's have been embroiled in so many scandals dating all the way back to the 1970's that their name has been branded into the American psyche as being synonymous with the word "scandal" itself.  While millennial voters are most familiar with the recent scandals (and we all know how well that is playing out for her, see: "Hillary's Growing "Millennial Problem" Forces A Reset"), older voters have been hearing about the Clinton escapades for over a quarter century since they first entered public life on the national level in the early 90's. 
As such, the Wall Street Journal took a walk down memory lane by recounting one of Hillary's early scandals that emerged shortly after she entered the White House and came to be known afterward as "Travelgate."  It was out of this first scandal that Hillary's critics said she first "revealed the soul of an East German border guard."
Then she—not he—messed it up. It was the first big case in which she showed poor judgment, a cool willingness to mislead, and a level of political aggression that gave even those around her pause. It was after this mess that her critics said she’d revealed the soul of an East German border guard.
It all started less than four months after the Clinton's moved to D.C. when 7 men working in the White House travel office were suddenly fired.  The same people had been running the White House travel office for 30 years and had successfully served multiple Presidents of both parties along the way.
Long tradition in telling endless lies, the witch

Needless to say, the press at the time was very surprised by the move to brutally fire non-political, career White House staff so early into Bill's term.  Under pressure to answer for the firings, the White House initially offered up multiple stories that seemed to evolve daily.  Per the Wall Street Journal:
Under criticism the White House changed its story. They said that they were just trying to cut unneeded staff and save money. Then they said they were trying to impose a competitive bidding process. They tried a new explanation—the travel office shake-up was connected to Vice President Al Gore’s National Performance Review. (Almost immediately Mr. Gore said that was not true.) The White House then said it was connected to a campaign pledge to cut the White House staff by 25%. Finally they claimed the workers hadn’t been fired at all but placed on indefinite “administrative leave.”
Sound familiar?  It's just a, it's just, it's heat and, it's pneumonia...
Hillary even alleged that Bill Dale, a 30-year veteran of the travel office, was embezzling funds and called into the FBI to investigate.  While the FBI initially balked at the case due a lack of any evidence, they eventually relented and indicted Dale on embezzlement charges.  The trial lasted two weeks but it only took the jury two hours to acquit Dale of all charges. 
Then, suddenly new details emerged from the notes of a White House staffer that suggested Hillary's plan all along was to privatize the White House travel office and put it out for "competitive bid" to private companies.  And, as it turns out, Hillary had already identified the perfect winner of the "competitive" bidding process as none other than Harry Thomason, who just happened to be a long-time friend and fundraiser for the Clintons and had provided travel services for their 1992 campaign. 
It emerged in contemporaneous notes of a high White House staffer that the travel-office workers were removed because Mrs. Clinton wanted to give their jobs—their “slots,” as she put it, according to the notes of director of administration David Watkins—to political operatives who’d worked for Mr. Clinton’s campaign. And she wanted to give the travel office business itself to loyalists. There was a travel company based in Arkansas with long ties to the Clintons. There was a charter travel company founded by Harry Thomason, a longtime friend and fundraiser, which had provided services in the 1992 campaign. If the travel office were privatized and put to bid, he could get the business.
As the scandal grew, Hillary repeatedly denied any knowledge of the the firings, claiming under oath that she had “no role in the decision to terminate the employees” and that she did not “direct that any action be taken by anyone.”  Unsurprisingly, Hillary also had a difficult time remembering the specifics of her conversations with various staffers connected to the scandal.  Perhaps she fell and bumped her head back in the early 90's as well?
Of course, after 3 years passed an investigation by the GAO found that, in fact, Hillary did play a direct role in the firing of the 7 travel office employees.  Moreover, a memo originally written by White House Chief of Staff, David Watkins, surfaced which directly connected Hillary to the event saying “there would be hell to pay” if staffers did not conform “to the first lady’s wishes.”
But, of course, by that time, the scandal had passed, the press had moved on and Hillary was able to simply dismiss any new questions as a futile effort of right-wing conspiracy nuts to raise doubts about a scandal that had been put to bed long ago.  A plan that the Wall Street Journal dubbed the "Clinton Scandal Ritual":
"Clinton Scandal Ritual: lie, deny, revise, claim not to remember specifics, stall for time. When it passes, call the story “old news” full of questions that have already been answered. 'As I’ve repeatedly said . . .'"
Seemingly not much has changed over the past 25 years....

Jihadi attacks begin in America...on Feast of Taberncacles

Stabbing Rampage In Minnesota Mall Leaves 8 Injured And Attacker Dead, security guard killing anyone not admitting to being Islamic


 Bomb goes off in NYC, injuring 29 

As was said here...the reason for importing all those military aged men between the ages of 18 and 25 was to bring ISIS cells into this country to create such horrific conditions, that the President will have to invoke varying levels of local and national martial law.

Feast of the Tabernacles

Tabernacles Sukkot: Word made flesh, which tabernacles with us...

Haitian President Exposes Clinton Foundation: "Hillary Clinton Tried To Bribe Me!"

Former Haitian President of Senate is speaking out to tell the truth about Clinton Foundation at a Trump event! The former president said that Clinton was trying to buy him. She tried to appeal to him (bribe him).
She defrauded the people of Haiti...
"I spent 4 hours with Bill Richardson to tell Bill Clinton not to invade Haiti.

A week later the embassy called me and told me that Bill Clinton has a messenger for him.

He came and told me to sign with Bill Clinton, join his movement and Clinton will make me the richest man in Haiti.

I told him he is a principled man and I will not sell out...

A week later, Clinton revoked my visa."
He just challenged Trump to ask Hillary Clinton to publish the audit of all the money they have stolen from Haiti in 2010.
h/t Jim Quinn 's The Burning Platform blog,

NYC Boots on the Ground Needed

Illuminati Home of Satanist Naomi Campbell Has A Slit In the 'Eye of Horus'

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Voice in Hillary's Earpiece Revealed

Facebook temporarily suspends account over Hillary Satire piece. When the CIA front op known as facebook practices censorship against the propaganda meme

Decoding Deception - Part 3: Ephraim Awakening: Redeeming the Bride

Violence by thugs towards police and citizens...sigh

summer is gone, depression season is beginning! When thugs shoot innocent people or police, the MSM and SJW gang of explainers and Mind Controllers always spin in the following way.

Black suspect : police brutality problem, race never mentioned in media
Muslim suspect : terrorist, poor migrant victim of life

white suspect : mentally ill, his race always mentioned on TV- the eternal boogie man of 2016 and beyond...

Mexican suspect : illegal immigration problem, again, poor migrant victim of life

If you are a normal, family loving, career minded tax payer or in law enforcement, NO ONE has your back anymore. You are on your own, in America. Anything goes wrong, you will always be labeled as a misogynistic pig retard who deserves to die anyway.  

Electing a psychotic killer who wants war with Russia is the definition of insanity or mental retardation

Friday, September 16, 2016

Utah – Hispanic Activist Who Criticized Trump’s Mexican Rapist Comments Arrested for Raping Illegal Immigrant…

Original Article
Posted By:earlybird, 9/16/2016 8:04:24 PM
Well, this story is so brutally ironic it will not fit in the Irony folder. You just cannot make this stuff up folks… You might remember a Hispanic political activist named Tony Yapias, who was extremely critical of Donald Trump’s assertion that some illegal Mexican aliens were rapists.Tony Yapias is the director of ‘Proyecto Latino de Utah’. Mr. Yapias also coordinated numerous protest events against Donald Trump including a rather violent display in Salt Lake City, Utah. – SEE HERE–This week Tony Yapias has been arrested for rape. However, not only was Yapias arrested for rape – his victim was, …wait white women...

More and more Hillary activists committing felonies, rapes, murders, robberies That's Hildebeasts social progress.

THe Walking Corpse saga...

Dead is dead...they can't hide it forever

When Jihadis are ordered to Attack in the communities Obama places them

Jihadis raise hell in Finland (media cover-up fails)

PARIS - SEPTEMBER - 2016 (Jihadis line the streets, all military aged guys...waiting...for orders)

Government advises airlines to spray pesticides on passengers

by Jonathan Landsman

Have you ever felt sick after flying, only to assume it’s jetlag or a virus you picked up from another passenger? Well, think again! You might have been exposed to an insecticide, pesticides or other toxic chemicals – deliberately used by airline staff.

I think airline passengers should be outraged to know that poisonous chemicals are now being sprayed on planes regularly – DURING the flight, while travelers are inside the plane, This is true – the United States government is actually pushing this agenda of poisoning passengers.

You can’t make this stuff up: Check out this disturbing video – does this look right to you?

Reminds me of Nazi Germany: Are airplane cabins safe or a gas chamber?

This process is being referred to as “disinsection,” a word that seems to have been made up by the TSA or airline industry. Disinsection, or the spraying of an insecticide or pesticides on planes, is now permitted under international law. The Department of Transportation says that the supposed intent is to protect public health, crops and agriculture, and the environment.

The International Civil Aviation Organization and World Health Organization (WHO) admit that aircraft cabins are being sprayed with what they are calling a “fast-acting insecticide” with passengers on board, right before takeoff. Some airlines are instead treating aircraft interiors with a “residual-insecticide aerosol” right before passengers get on board.

This is truly sickening behavior: These toxic chemicals are also being applied directly to the aircraft’s internal surfaces and, to make matters worse, passengers get to breathe in this crap into their lungs.

In this next video, airline passengers are being sprayed with toxic chemicals during a flight and the airline staff person says, ‘don’t film!’ (Check out her facial expression – while spraying passengers – it says it all)

Passengers automatically agree to being sprayed with pesticides when buying airline tickets

The spraying of toxic chemicals like pesticides or an insecticide inside an enclosed, pressurized airplane cabin is beyond alarming. It is an assault on the senses and nervous systems of the passengers of the plane. Those with a pre-existing health condition or compromised immune system are even more at risk for suffering unwanted health effects.

However, all passengers exposed to these toxic chemicals “agree” to the conditions, even if they aren’t aware of it. The fact that spraying will occur on a flight is stated in the fine print when the airline tickets are purchased. Passengers implicitly agree to being sprayed just by buying a ticket for a flight where these practices will take place.

Serious health issues reported from toxic pesticides and insecticides sprayed on planes

Many airline passengers are already reporting negative health effects from exposure to toxic chemicals on flights. For example, flu-like symptoms, sinus issues, rash/hives, headaches and swollen joints are just some of the horrible effects. However, far more serious issues like acute respiratory problems and anaphylactic shock have occurred. Chronic issues affecting the neurological and immune systems have also been reported.

The most common aircraft pesticides used on airplanes are synthetic pyrethroids, specifically permethrin and d-phenothrin. Remember, they kill insects by attacking their nervous systems.

What are these chemicals doing to human nervous systems? Numerous studies have linked permethrin with Parkinson’s disease. (this has got to stop!)

Buyer beware: WHO denies health and safety issues from airline insecticides

Not surprising, at this time, the World Health Organization is downplaying the symptoms and concerns voiced by passengers. They state “there’s no evidence” that these insecticide sprays cause risk to human health, and that the sprays are safe.

The arrogance of these statements is appalling. Even a layperson knows not to use chemical sprays in an area that is not ventilated. In the short term, the only recourse is to avoid flights where this practice takes place. However, airlines should be strongly petitioned to find non-toxic methods of dealing with pests.

Bottom line: Before you take that flight – make a phone call to your airline of choice and ask the question, “are you spraying insecticides on this flight.”

About the Author:

Jonathan Landsman is the host of, the NaturalHealth365 Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show – and the NaturalHealth365 INNER CIRCLE, a monthly subscription to the brightest minds in natural health and healing.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host, Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic, non-GMO diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits, including exercise and meditation.


New Clinton Scandal Rocks The Internet!

Cellphones Prove Clinton Green Screen in Greensboro 9/15/16 check out this slow motion video of hillary clinton's supposed campaign appearance in greensboro, n.c. yesterday (9-15-16). why don't the cell phones/cameras move when hillary walks by, why isn't she or the flags in the screens and why don't the screens match?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

One Nation Under God?

The walking corpse saga continues

deathly ill...dead

Venezuela's "Death Spiral" - A Dozen Eggs Cost $150

Severe shortages of food, clean water, electricity, medicines and hospital supplies punctuate a dire scenario of crime-ridden streets in the impoverished neighborhoods of this nearly failed OPEC state, which at one time claimed to be the most prosperous nation in Latin America.
Today, a once comfortable middle-class Venezuelan father is scrambling desperately to find his family's next meal -- sometimes hunting through garbage for salvageable food. The unfortunate 75% majority of Venezuelans already suffering extreme poverty are reportedly verging on starvation.

In desperation, some middle class families have organized online barter clubs as helpless citizens seek to trade anything for diapers and baby food, powdered milk, medicines, toilet paper and other essentials missing from store shelves or available only on the black market for double and triple already impossibly inflated prices..

There are horrific tales of desperate people slaughtering zoo animals to provide their only meal of the day. Even household pets are targeted as a much-needed source for food. This is a desperate time for a desperate people.

In what some economists have been calling a "death spiral", the government's failed economic policies are at the same time causing and trying to stem a runaway inflation with price-fixing policies which, in turn, are triggering shortages. Maduro is strongly urging businesses and farmers to sell their goods at severe losses, forcing shut-downs when the cost of doing business becomes prohibitive.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the black market is thriving because goods are unavailable at prices fixed by the government. There are reports of ordinary people quitting inadequate-paying jobs to set up black market operations, hoping to be able to make enough to sustain life.

A dozen eggs was last reported to cost $150, and the International Monetary Fund "predicts that inflation in Venezuela will hit 720% this year. That might be an optimistic assessment, according to some local economic analysts, who expect the rate to reach as high as 1,200%."

According to a Bloomberg report from April:
"In a tale that highlights the chaos of unbridled inflation, Venezuela is scrambling to print new bills fast enough to keep up with the torrid pace of price increases. Most of the cash, like nearly everything else in the oil-exporting country, is imported. And with hard currency reserves sinking to critically low levels, the central bank is doling out payments so slowly to foreign providers that they are foregoing further business.

Submitted by Susan Warner via The Gatestone Institute,