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Yoko Kong, The Eighth Blunder Of The World!

"Here's Your Playlist, Shithead": Amazon Alexa Insults Owner Who Wanted To Cancel Membership

This is what happens when your social credit score drops below 600. You are treated as filth, as the enema of the state, as an undesirable.

A deplorable.

Reports of Amazon Echo are pouring in from all over about this newest phenomena. We have a social credit score system like China. It's just you don't know about it.

And the idiots showed their hand TOO SOON. Because not everyone has a smart home, smart stuff, or their life is run on smart apps. You can make sure you OPT OUT of anything that has the word SMART in it.

DO it. Do it now.

Before it is too late.


A 29-year-old man from south Wales was shocked when his Amazon echo dot device began calling him a shithead whenever he asked the personal assistant to play music.

Michael Slade says the device began swearing at him the day after he tried to cancel his Amazon Prime subscription, according to the Daily Mail.

"I tried to cancel my subscription and had a short conversation with someone in customer services and the next day my Alexa is calling me names," said Slade, adding "I’ve spoken to technical support and they told me to F... Off."

According to the Mail, Amazon offered Slade gift cards and a year of free Prime membership to make up for it. Providing he didn't cancel his prime membership.

Exactly what Echo was berating him for doing. is intentional, after all.

"I normally asked it to play me music. I’ve never made a playlist. When I ask it to play music, it would say ‘here’s something you might like’ and it’s normally some pop or student favourites," he added. "I was a bit annoyed at the gift card they send me - five pounds is hardly enough for being called a s*** head."

"All I wanted to do was cancel my Prime subscription because I wasn’t using it. I’ve wondered if someone has changed something on my account."

That said, "Software is available for the Echo Dot speaker that can make Alexa curse — but it is unclear whether someone might have deliberately uploaded this to the device."
Michael says that's not the case, however.

"I swear I haven’t done anything to it. Hand on heart I haven’t made it say it, or know why. Nor do any of my housemates."

Him: "Alexa, what is my name?"
Alexa; "Your name is "Sh*thead McSh*thead"
Him: "Alexa: Make me a sandwich"
Alexa: "I'm sorry, Sh*thead, I am just a computer speaker that listens for incriminating evidence and actionable blackmail material to use against you, and/or embarrass you in the future by live-streaming audio and video of you masturbating and using the bathroom"
Him: "Thanks Alexa, let me show you the trashcan"
Alexa: "I am a pretty girrlllllllllllllll..........................."

Blatant Election Rigging: Twitter Wants To Make Sure We Never Have Another freely elected President the satanists do not control

These election rigging fascist leftists. Isn't this what they have been bitching about for two years with their made up stories about Trump and Russia? And here they go and blatantly laugh about rigging this election, skewing public information and discourse and shadow banning and outright deplatforming everyone that exposes their little RIGHT IN OUR FACES agenda.


Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,
Just in time for the 2020 election, Twitter has come up with a new “policy” that is obviously intended to neuter the effectiveness of President Trump’s Twitter account.
Right now, Trump has 61.4 million followers on Twitter, and his tweets regularly make headlines all over the world.  Trump has been devastatingly effective on Twitter for years, and his social media strategy was one of the keys to his victory in 2016.  Needless to say, the radical leftists that run Twitter were absolutely horrified by Trump’s upset victory, and they want to do whatever they can to make sure that such a thing never happens again.

They started by deleting, shadowbanning and greatly suppressing the accounts of prominent conservatives.  Personally, my own account has been shadowbanned for a very long time.  I have over 16,000 followers, but if you check out my account you will notice that I barely get any retweets at all these days.  However, a few years ago there was a ton of interaction with my tweets.  An expert looked into it and found that just like so many other prominent conservatives, I had been shadowbanned.
But all of the censorship that we have seen so far is apparently not enough for the control freaks at Twitter, and so now they are going after President Trump himself.
On Thursday, Twitter announced a brand new policy which is obviously aimed at the White House.  The following comes from Twitter’s official blog post about this new policy…
With this in mind, there are certain cases where it may be in the public’s interest to have access to certain Tweets, even if they would otherwise be in violation of our rules. On the rare occasions when this happens, we’ll place a notice – a screen you have to click or tap through before you see the Tweet – to provide additional context and clarity. We’ll also take steps to make sure the Tweet is not algorithmically elevated on our service, to strike the right balance between enabling free expression, fostering accountability, and reducing the potential harm caused by these Tweets.
Who does this apply to?
We will only consider applying this notice on Tweets from accounts that meet the following criteria. The account must:
  • Be or represent a government official, be running for public office, or be considered for a government position (i.e., next in line, awaiting confirmation, named successor to an appointed position);
  • Have more than 100,000 followers; and
  • Be verified.
That said, there are cases, such as direct threats of violence or calls to commit violence against an individual, that are unlikely to be considered in the public interest.
They are trying to make this sound like a “neutral” policy that will apply evenly to all government officials, but if you believe that then there is a bridge not too far from Twitter headquarters that I would like to sell you.
In essence, Twitter is telling us that they are going to start suppressing President Trump’s tweets.  And if other conservative government officials get out of line, they will be censored too.
This is happening right out in the open, and Twitter is brazenly admitting that any tweets that they slap with this “notice” will “feature less prominently on Twitter”
When a Tweet has this notice placed on it, it will feature less prominently on Twitter, and not appear in:
  • Safe search
  • Timeline when switched to Top Tweets
  • Live events pages
  • Recommended Tweet push notifications
  • Notifications tab
  • Explore
This notice won’t be applied to any Tweets sent before today and, given the conditions outlined above, it’s unlikely you’ll encounter it often. We cannot predict the first time it will be used, but we wanted to give you more information about this new notice before you come across it on Twitter.
And when Twitter decides that something will “feature less prominently”, it might as well not even be there at all.  I know that very well, because this is what has been happening to my tweets for years.
I might as well be tweeting into a black hole.
And is it just a coincidence that this new “policy” was announced about 24 hours after President Trump publicly accused Twitter of censoring him?
The move, announced Thursday, came barely 24 hours after President Donald Trump accused the social media platform’s leaders of censoring him in a bid to limit the circulation of his ideas.
Of course Twitter is far from alone.
All over the Internet, social media companies are making an all-out effort to influence the outcome of the 2020 election.
For example, the day before Twitter announced their new policy, Reddit “quarantined” one of the most popular pro-Trump subreddits…
On Wednesday, Reddit “quarantined” a popular pro-Donald Trump forum on its site. Although the move was prompted because the “r/The_Donald” subreddit was hosting violent threats and violating other site policies, it’s likely to add to Republicans’ complaints that social media companies are biased against conservatives.
Reddit put the message board, which is a popular place for Trump fans to gather and stir up support, in a sort of virtual detention due to what the company called “significant issues with reporting and addressing violations” of its content policy.
Could you imagine what would have happened if the big social media companies had blatantly tried to rig elections against Barack Obama?
There would have been rioting in the streets and Democrats would have been steaming mad.
So why are conservatives taking this censorship with so much apathy?
During the last election cycle, a number of candidates that were boldly speaking out against social media censorship ran for Congress, but almost all of them lost.
As a result, right now there are only a few members of Congress that are actively trying to do something about this.
We are literally losing our country, and only a very small minority of the people care enough to get involved.
At this point the major social media companies are not even attempting to hide their blatant election-rigging anymore, and it looks like they may totally get away with it.

Faul McCartney is the Son of the Magickian-Crowley

Feminist Books For Brainwashing Kids

The Tears of a Clown

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Photos Reveal AOC Was Crying Over An Empty Parking Lot

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via,
Newly uncovered photos from the border protest attended by a tearful Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez show that she was crying over an empty parking lot.
Many have accused the Congresswoman and her supporters of staging a photo-op after the images, taken during a 2018 event outside a migrant “tent city” in Tornillo, Texas, went viral earlier this week.
The photos show an emotional AOC holding her face and appearing to cry. Her attention appears to be directed towards whatever is on the other side of the fence.

However, a photo from a different angle shows there is nothing there aside from an empty parking lot and some police officers.

Another image shows a photographer being careful to capture AOC’s reaction as she gets emotional over what appears to be little other than a vehicle and a tree.

As we previously reported, Ocasio-Cortez attended to star-studded “protest” wearing a pristine white outfit, bright red lipstick and a $600 dollar watch.

This prompted many of her critics to accuse the Congresswoman and her supporters of staging the photos, arguing that the images did not show a spontaneous, authentic reaction.

*  *  *
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Google app systems control your life...or destroy it. If your social credit value is LOW

Project Veritas and Censorship

A page from an Air Force pamphlet on what men are facing in our day

Purposely leaving out decent women with a value system that has love of God and family as her correct priorities. Men, in the past, give their lives for women such as this, but they have been engineered by the gay left out of society and are openly hated in schools.

In a stable society, what marriage effectively is, is a kind of adoption ceremony in which the spouse becomes a family member--is kind of magically (or sacramental, if you will) transubstantiation into a family member--one of those people to whom you traditionally owe nearly unconditional love and loyalty. So ones wife thus joins the ranks of mothers/sisters/grandmothers/aunts, and the husband joins the ranks of fathers/brothers/grandfathers/uncles and are reverenced accordingly.

And this is a plan. A plan that has in order to destroy a God oriented loving family, the opposites must be BRAINWASHED into the children via music, education, and movies. A socialist-satanic plan that started in the late 1960s via the CIA's assets in place, Gloria Steinem, etc. It took only 20 years to change educators from women of family, into career oriented, men-hating, socialists and this the paradigm they teach. And the results are all around us.

So you can see much of the problem in the relations between the sexes right there: The cohesive social bonds of family have largely ceased to exist, along with the sense of obligation (based on love and gratitude) that goes with them. Not too many people these days grew up in families whose members modeled any of these vital roles.

Women might (and probably subconsciously do) go in search of a spouse to fill the shoes of their fathers, but what if their father was either absent or extremely defective in that role? Men might (and probably subconsciously do) go in search of a spouse to fill the shoes of their mothers, but what if their mother was absent (they were raised by Grandma) or extremely defective in that role? Few modern families have mothers or fathers who are effective role models.

Neither men nor women have any idea as to the qualities they should be seeking in a spouse, or what a spouse's role should be. A woman who came from a halfway "normal" family would instantly reject any suitor who was ungentlemanly, did not have honorable intentions, or was manifestly unfit in any number of other ways to fulfill the role of a husband. Men in search of a spouse would instantly reject any woman who was unladylike and did not have honorable intentions, or, likewise, was manifestly unfit in any number of other ways to fulfill the role of a wife.

I think many of us have a hard time even imagining these somewhat idealized "mother" and "father" figures; many of us have never seen any such creature. At best, many of us grew up in homes where both parents fulfilled the required job descriptions and still managed to be shitty parents.

Without these ideals, there's nothing left to seek in the opposite sex but the fleeting pleasure of a hookup. Women usually don't get much pleasure out of a hookup and after a little experience along those lines are likely to decline same, unless there is some kind of monetary compensation involved.

The only feasible way to turn this social decay around is for some people, however few they may be, to start building genuinely good families. You also need to be very active in teaching your children to love each other, uphill battle though this may be, as children's temperaments are always going to clash. Someday you're going to be gone, and they will likely need each other at many levels.

Regarding online dating:

It has been tested and proven the website censors, blocks and selects who gets to communicate with who. If you are a single, straight, white male you can probably count on your messages not getting thru to white women, and the same goes to white women who are interested in other straight white men; your replies will probably not get passed the censors either. All you see in every city is cuck this, cuck that- fake ads. 

In point of fact, many of my sons and their friends have tried the various app based dating apps and even though they are for the most part white men, the only women that show up in their search profiles are mostly black women or Asians. They even showed me this. No white women are ever allowed to show up in any search area, unless the radius zone is increased to more than 500 miles. So they do not use these apps. It's a waste of time.

It’s all rigged and it’s meant to discourage dissuade and anger you against blacks- many of which are not innocent because they will happily go along with anything unfairly skewed in their favor. Go ahead and test it out and try and send a message to yourself in reply, it won’t be received. 

The purpose of this blocking is twofold. It is a weaponized agenda against certain groups getting together- a racist and political strategy meant to stoke tensions for race war and quickly usher in civil collapse. The second is population control. They actually do not want people getting together and having babies, so instead of education and sex education they seek to control the platforms where people go to get together and meet; selecting only certain individuals who fall in line with their agenda to be able to communicate and get together. 

For the most part this outcome is not their faults. In today's 'civilized' society, the two factions of evil that are the establishments of the left and right have created this atmosphere intentionally. The leftists plot to divide and conquer- making it easier to control and rule over desperate, isolated individuals rather than a strong, enlightened, united public or nation state. 

In today's society, young girls are taught that the most important qualities to look for in males is money, cultural diversity (dating outside their own race) hatred of religious beliefs while embracing political leftist socialism to the point of lesbianism. 

I actually believe in diversity, as long as it retains the right value systems that build society, not destroy it. But that is not what is taught. It's been weaponized. And understanding that sad truth, is fundamentally the problem we all face in our day and age.

Go to any High School, and watch the types of couples that leave campus. It's all right in front of you. Blue haired girls dating boys of color. Lesbian teen couples are very big in Ojai and elsewhere in California. And tons of white males, walking home in groups, no girls around.

White males in particular are targeted by the left to be kept out of the dating scene as much as possible, intentionally- as to isolate them to create situations for backlash against women and blacks for the purposes of not let them breed- population control, stirring them up to lash out against blacks in order to bring in race war and civil collapse- so that a strong centralized government must intervene to take away more rights; and to lash out with guns- so as to say," see, this is why we need gun control and confiscation".

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The Daily Messenger: Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan t...: Insider Blows Whistle Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent Trump situation in 2020 on Hidden Cam from on Vimeo . ...

Moon Hoax Now

Saturn V First Stage Splash Down

To sum up the key findings in the technical articles on,E1 the F1 engines have never actually been able to deliver the Saturn V 2nd and 3rd stage assemblies plus a payload (namely the Apollo assembly) into the required position because it has never achieved the necessary ascent speed. There are other relevant aspects to the problems with this launcher, e.g. the unsustainable acoustic vibrations of the 1st stage (MB-1) details of which are beyond the scope of this article.

In short, the APOLLO missions NEVER HAPPENED.


Even an interim grade school pupil could conclude from the appearance of the rocket that a craft in such a state is in very serious trouble. AnalystsE1 have convincingly shown that the speed of the rocket at the point of the 1st stage separation (S-IC stage) was around a mere 1.0 km per sec i.e. nowhere near the 2.4 km per sec speed as published in the NASA records (Saturn-V, 1968). This aspect alone is the end of Apollo flight story because this finding means that no flight could have ever actually reached LEO, let alone insertion into a suitable Moon-bound trajectory.

Analytical reviews and technical evidence of the complete failure of the Saturn V rocket is in abundance, and the technical details of the shortcomings are discussed in detail on The objective of this article is entirely different, I would like to make some decisive conclusions.
What do we know about the Saturn V rocket and its gigantic F1 engines?
The undisputed fact is that neither the engines nor the rocket was ever used again for any deep space flights or deployed as a proven technical prototype for new developments. On the contrary, despite the fact that NASA now really does require a powerful rocket, the agency continues to slowly, very slowly, develop its Space Launch System (SLS) with little progress over 10 if not 15 years, when including the Constellation Program.
Since 2005 the agency has hoped to repeat the capability of the Saturn V. Moreover, in 2011 the US Congress applied all conceivable measures to engage NASA and its contractors in the development of a powerful rocket (MB-2) with a 2016 deadline. It was shameful to see how NASA has vehemently denied being able to do that. Even now in 2019, NASA still launches its military satellites using trusted Russian RD-180 rocket engines. As we know, the next target date for an attempt to repeat the claimed capability of the Saturn V is now pencilled in for the year 2028 (MB-4). The most recent action by NASA experts to postpone the SLS is arguably the biggest disgrace ever (SLS, 2019).
To sum up the key findings in the technical articles on,E1 the F1 engines have never actually been able to deliver the Saturn V 2nd and 3rd stage assemblies plus a payload (namely the Apollo assembly) into the required position because it has never achieved the necessary ascent speed. There are other relevant aspects to the problems with this launcher, e.g. the unsustainable acoustic vibrations of the 1st stage (MB-1) details of which are beyond the scope of this article.
But that aside, before going into the details as set out in the papers published on, one can start with a reliable summary (R. Walsh, 2018).
Critical thinking analysts have explained clearly and simply what was really going on and have calculated the actual parameters of the flight. Firstly, the key problematic element was the material used for the F1 nozzle. Rocketdyne used Inconel X-750 for the thrust chamber of the F1 engine deployed in the first stage of the Saturn V booster. This is an alloy, the properties of which were not sufficiently understood at the time of production, and as a result it was found to be entirely unsuitable for withstanding the immense heat of the powerful flow from the combustion chamber.
This key technical aspect is a crucial argument against using this material (despite a seemingly reasonable idea to cool down the nozzle by retro-flowing the fuel in tubes along the internal walls inside the nozzle – which failed to work). We have to keep in mind that the United States was in such a hurry to win the space race by any means possible that NASA didn’t necessarily need to perfect every aspect of the technology to send people to the Moon and safely return them to Earth. In brief, the cluster of five F1 engines was helpful at best to carry the rocket out of sight and beyond the visibility of witnesses to the launch at Cape Canaveral.
An unusually large exhaust flame engulfed the body of the Saturn V during the final part of the 1st stage burn. This massive flame was captured on many photographs by the official photographic teams and subsequently published by NASA associates who, possibly through sheer negligence, brought these images into the public domain.E2 Up to 20% of the rocket, that is to say half of the huge 1st stage (Figure 4), was engulfed in a fiery inferno.
Even an interim grade school pupil could conclude from the appearance of the rocket that a craft in such a state is in very serious trouble. AnalystsE1 have convincingly shown that the speed of the rocket at the point of the 1st stage separation (S-IC stage) was around a mere 1.0 km per sec i.e. nowhere near the 2.4 km per sec speed as published in the NASA records (Saturn-V, 1968). This aspect alone is the end of Apollo flight story because this finding means that no flight could have ever actually reached LEO, let alone insertion into a suitable Moon-bound trajectory.
Fig 4
Figure 4. Saturn V rockets on missions Apollo 6 (unmanned) and Apollo 11 (crewed). NASA Image Library E2
As a result, the remnants of the 1st stage would have splashed down not in the claimed area of the Atlantic Ocean, but in a location much closer to the Florida shore. No doubt NASA knew full well about this disastrous scenario after unmanned tests of the Saturn V in Apollos 4 and 6. Realistically, the agency had neither the time nor the resources to radically improve the rocket, so instead of methodically working on the components of this monstrous machine, one must conclude that the agency had to settle for a guaranteed lift-off, a disappearance out of sight and a premature ending in the Atlantic.
Fig 5
Figure 5. The solid red circle is the declared Saturn V 1st stage splashdown zone in the Atlantic Ocean – the small green circle indicates the NASA-declared point of separation of the 1st stage from the Apollo assembly, while the green dotted oval is the likely burned-out splashdown zone
It is claimed that all Saturn V first stages had successfully fulfilled their role downrange after approximately 93 km, following 160 sec in operation, falling into the splashdown zone delineated in Figure 5 by the solid red circle. The zone embraces eight of the nine Apollo missions, except Apollo 17. The actual figures set out in the mission reports represent a good ‘shot grouping’ with Apollo 17 better considered to be the outlier of the group. The deviation of Apollo 17 might be seen as a result of some strong winds in December causing a drift of the Saturn V first stage. From the NASA perspective, it serves as an indirect validation that the NASA record is genuine, i.e. some hiccups occurred but on the whole readers should conclude that the Saturn V flights were practically faultless.
According to the NASA record, these splashdowns were in a certain area (Figure 6) having a mean point of impact as 29.9ºN 74.0ºW, at a distance of approx. 655 km from the launch pad 39A; with Apollo 17 as the outlier some 180 km down from the group centre (Splashdown, NASA). Many engine remnants were presumably spread out within the area indicated in Figure 6.
Fig 6
Figure 6. Detail of the ‘grouping’ of all eight Saturn V 1st stage splashdowns within the solid red circle in figure 5
My interpretation is that because of the appallingly poor performance of the Saturn V the most likely actual area for the 1st stage splashdowns was much closer to Florida’s coastline. One scenario is that the flight was continuing more or less in accordance with the Tsiolkovsky formula, therefore one has to look for the 1st stage debris in an area approx. shown by the red dotted oval in figure 5. In this instance, the debris could be at depth around 4 km.
Another scenario is that due to the disastrous performance of the F1 engine all the flights went catastrophically badly. Having failed soon after it had disappeared from view of the spectators at Cape Canaveral, the rocket collapsed into its own firey inferno, and didn’t follow any strict math, instead free falling into the ocean as a burned-out firework. (The area indicated by the green dotted oval in figure 5). In this second scenario the debris would be spread out along the ocean floor at a depth of approximately 2 km. Accordingly, those who want to look for ‘a skeleton in the cupboard’ would have to deep-sea dive, searching in areas much closer than those stated by NASA.
In 2013 Jeff Bezos claimed that he had found components from two F-1 rocket engines lying at 4.27 km (14,000 ft) off the Florida coast. According to Bezos, these were from the mission all pupils in primary schools know about – Apollo 11. Yet no one has questioned Bezos’s claim. Mr Bezos has also mentioned that there was a lot of other debris lying around the sea bed, but he doesn’t appear to have made any effort to share photos of these with the public.
Of course, after his find was exhibited it inevitably became one more ‘strong piece of evidence’ that the flights of the Saturn V were completed as per the record.
However, although Bezos states that he had the radar-tracked coordinates of where the booster stage of Apollo 11 impacted the surface of the Atlantic – there doesn’t seem to be any public record of the precise co-coordinates of his find. Meanwhile, over the years the depth of the find has dramatically increased: in 2017, at a gala celebrating the 48th anniversary of Apollo 11, surrounded by his finds, Bezos recounted that these items had been found 4.8 km (15,700 ft) down. A slip of the tongue perhaps. So while the Bezos expedition corresponds to the red circle area in Figure 5 – it all sounds like a fisherman’s tale. (Fisherman, 2017)
Command Modules in Museums
The fact that used command modules (CM) are exhibited in museums everywhere, is rather ironic. Because these exhibits are themselves, evidence that these craft have not been on flights returning from deep space. Set out in plain sight for the public these exhibits purport to be Apollo CMs that have returned from space trips well beyond LEO, at incredibly high speeds, and re-entered through the Earth’s atmosphere.
For example, the Apollo 12 CM is full of unresolvable anomalies (Figure 7). In particular, it has a set of strange blackish charred spots where thermal shield pieces have fallen off during, or soon after, re-entry. Was it when the craft hit the water at the moment of splashdown? Well, the area where that heat shield is missing seems to be tarnished by the ferocious heat of an intense fire. Should we then assume that the CM continued burning as it passed through the inferno of re-entry, but still managed to somehow survive?
Fig 7
Figure 7. Apollo 12 CM museum exhibit – on loan travelling around the US;
fragments of the heat shield are missing and the bare craft is visible. NASA E3
In other words, should we accept that this CM miraculously survived the final part of its hazardous journey through the highly-resistant atmosphere and merely incurred some surface burns while the integrity of the craft didn’t suffer in any way? Alternatively, should we consider a sustainable crack in the thermal shield during the CM’s passage through the high heat area? Again then, if the pieces of heat shield fell off only at splashdown then the CM underside body would have boasted a nicely-preserved metal surface. This last thought will become clearer when we look at some Soyuz modules which routinely return from LEO.
The important thing to remember is that without a reliable thermal shield the extreme heat would melt the metal bottom of a naked module trashing it into rapidly-burning pieces – as actually happened with the Shuttle Columbia in 2003. Note also that in the definitive NASA report of 2005 (MB-3) it was admitted that the Apollo CM was fundamentally bi-stable i.e. at re-entry it could, with a 50/50 probability, have turned over. This means that a number of re-entries (out of a total of nine) would have ended up as a catastrophic disaster.
Fig 8
Figure 8. Apollo 11 CM – apparently no heat shield survived and the bottom of the craft is slightly burnt NASA E3
Another example is the Apollo 11 CM which is currently exhibited in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC (Figure 8). The appearance of this module is rather similar to that of the Apollo 14 CM displayed at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida – readers will have seen my photograph of it (MB-1). The problem with the Apollo 11 CM is of the same nature as that of Apollo 14 – the underside is burned down to the metal alloy, practically no remnants of a heat shield remain. (Figure 9).
Fig 9
Figure 9. Underside of the Apollo 11 CM with just a few traces of a heat shield remaining NASA E3
What is meant by ‘without any remnants of a heat shield’? Apparently, we have to accept that all the material of the CM’s heat shield was consumed by the inferno of re-entry and the CM was burned back ‘to the bone’. We can only find this acceptable provided, fortunately, at that very moment the module reached the precise altitude where the actual heat of re-entry was somewhat less of an inferno. As a result, we can happily conclude that a residual, relatively mild heat produced a lightly-charred surface of the naked CM underside, leaving just a few traces of the heat shield.
To better understand how ridiculous these assumptions are, imagine a box of military ammunition with grenades for a close combat. The enclosed instruction sheet says that the fatal distance from its explosion point is 8 metres. If the distance for a fatal injury is as stated can we then confidently assume that no fatal injury will occur at a distance of say 9 metres? Naturally, the answer would be evident after reading the instruction further on, where it recommends that the grenade is thrown ideally beyond 15 metres, and even then the soldier still has to avoid his own grenade shrapnel.
The above example illustrates the impossibility of ever being able to precisely calculate the strength and thickness of a heat shield with an assumption that it will fully burn out during the CM’s passing through the most dangerous re-entry area – after which its metal bottom will get just mildly burnt. Is it in any way realistic that astronauts could ever be expected to return in such a craft? Surely a crewed command module would never receive certification as flight worthy if it was destined for such a hazardous return journey.
Fig 10
Figure 10. Soyuz CM after returning from LEO – its heat shield became detached during the descent stage of main parachute deployment – Photo P. Kouts
Since the early days Russian space engineers have built their craft in such a manner that they are well protected by a massive heat shield which has to remain in a good working condition – even after its atmospheric re-entry. Soon after the main parachute is fully opened, at altitudes around 4,500 metres (14,700 ft), the shield is pushed away from the CM to avoid any further unnecessary heating of the CM body due to heat accumulated in the thickness of the shield. Typically, the temperature rises inside the craft by around 10 to 20 degrees. Figure 10 is a CM that has returned from LEO and is now exhibited in the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics, Russia. The underside of the module is in a pristine condition, having shed its heat shield.
In Figure 11a, the bottom of the CM is visible after the shield was detached and then freely fell to the ground. In Figure 11b a heat shield fragment is shown after its free fall following detachment from the CM. Understandably, the shield crashed into pieces when it impacted the ground.
These specimens are convincing demonstrations that the Russians were well prepared for the conditions of re-entry when returning from LEO. Furthermore, during their experiments with flying unmanned craft to the Moon in 1969 to 1970, they were fully aware of the technical requirements of returning a craft from deep space. In order to control the speed and the heat, so as to protect the crew adequately, they had mastered the essential skip re-entry technique, compared to the direct entry which was claimed for Apollo (MB-4). At the time, aware of the limitations of 1960s technology, the Russians were not consistently successful.
By way of comparison, the Apollo CMs, as presented in museum exhibits, are total misrepresentations of what is actually real.
Fig 11
Figure 11 a) Underside view of the Soyuz CM after its heat shield detachment;
b) heat shield fragment that landed after a free fall – Photos P. Kouts
Overall Thoughts
Extensive research over the last five decades has demonstrated that the Apollo program was a highly-complex and well-choreographed staged show of biblical proportions. Thanks to the last 25 years of the developments in personal computing and the Internet it has been possible to reveal how the USA and NASA succeeded in creating an enduring impression of superior technological accomplishment in space travel without the actual development of the implied technology. Detailed studies of the Apollo record suggest that there were in fact no human steps on the Moon and that any ‘giant leap for the mankind’ is yet to come.
The Apollo mythology requires vast resources to sustain it, and therefore has seriously delayed any actual development of human space exploration. The incremental steps towards achieving human flight to the Moon were established – but never delivered. In order to win this race NASA declared its technological achievements well ahead of their time. NASA’s budget for human space exploration is largely wasted by engineers working under the misapprehension of assumed achievements that prevent these specialists from addressing the reality of the multiple technical challenges. As a result, many areas of knowledge have deviated from the required path of natural evolution. What might be a way forward to real success in this industry?
To make it clear, the lunar environment is quite hostile to humans and still needs to be carefully assessed before humans can ever step onto its surface safely. The Sun’s radiation as well as galactic cosmic radiation in deep space and micrometeorites on lunar surface are among the crucial factors to be thoroughly investigated and considered. Naive claims by the US establishment as well as by NASA made some fifty years ago that their astronauts had spent hours walking on the surface of the Moon without any harm to their health, are now entirely thrashed and dismissed.
imageFig 13. AstroRad radiation protection vests – Image ESA
Recently, the European Space Agency (ESA) has revealed their new work focused on the mysteries of cosmic rays and energetic solar storms in deep space. (ESA, 2019) Away from the Earth’s magnetic field and into interplanetary space, as ESA admits, the impact on the human body could be up to 700 times higher than on Earth. ESA has announced that two dummies will occupy the passenger seats during Orion’s first mission around the Moon in NASA’s Exploration Mission-1, an uncrewed "pioneering [sic.] lunar flyby".
Fitted with thousands of sensors, the pair will measure the radiation to which astronauts could be exposed during future missions to the Moon and Mars. One dummy will be wearing a radiation protection vest, while another will travel unprotected from space radiation. Comparing the radiation doses they will receive, scientists aim to understand how to better protect future crews. The radiation could increase the crew’s risk of cancer and become a limiting factor in missions, concludes ESA. As usual, modern observers can only guess how Apollo astronauts have travelled in those glorious days without much thinking about a possible radiation impact.
In summary, my previous series of articles was focused on perspectives of building a Moon base. Regarding the Apollo myth, we saw an impressive start of a huge rocket flying nowhere and then a splashdown of the CM dropped from a cargo aircraft such as a C-133 Cargomaster, with some staged show in between. It is still unclear how humans can sustain the variety of conditions of space radiation beyond LEO and to which degree this can be aggravated by hostile circumstances on the lunar surface. From the estimates of radiation (Private comm., Moscow) that should have been experienced by Apollo astronauts, the most probable outcome is between a condition of fatal illnesses to the state of poorly recognisable corpses – all provided the CMs could have miraculously returned to Earth intact.
Considering all the research undertaken over the past 50 years or so, a lunar base, most likely, would primarily be developed using unmanned machines. This would appear to be the first very necessary stage before any human could ever step onto the lunar surface. It is encouraging to see indications of some collaborative work between NASA and the Russian Space Agency on a lunar orbital station project – a rare step in the right direction at last. (MB-4) The Moon base would serve then as a reasonable shelter available to future Moon landing pioneers.
The Apollo myth was a triumph of the American way – particularly in its seemingly victorious achievements in space. Indeed, the US formally won the 1960s race to the Moon – an enduring ‘victory’ that continues to hold firm.
The deceptive success of Apollo has created a feeling of a major national accomplishment. So any signs of reversing this deep conviction is passionately rejected with indignation that is directed at any source of doubt or questioning. This is because “the highest form of ignorance [is] when you reject something you don’t know anything about,” (Wayne Dyer, Quotes) has developed in American society, in part as a direct outcome of the Apollo myth.
Fortunately, prudent steps forward have now being made by a number of progressive thinkers. As Christopher Nolan’s movie Interstellar indicated, there must be a way to gradually introduce the real facts of the Apollo record to future generations. The healing might appear to be a painful process for American society, but the outcome will be the return to the path of truth for all mankind.
Phil Kouts
Aulis Online, April 2019 

Truth About Bilderberg - Behind The Deep State

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

UN IPCC Scientist Debunks UN IPCC Lies

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) is misleading humanity about climate change and sea levels, a leading expert on sea-level who served on the UN IPCC told The New American. In fact, it is more likely that sea-levels will decline, not rise, explained Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner, the retired head of the paleogeophysics and geodynamics at Stockholm University. A new solar-driven cooling period is not far off, he said. But when Mörner tried to warn the UN IPCC that it was publishing false information that would inevitably be discredited, they simply ignored him. And so, dismayed, he resigned in disgust and decided to blow the whistle.

Asked if coastal cities such as Miami would be flooding due to sea-level rise caused by alleged man-made global warming, Mörner was unequivocal: “Absolutely not.” “There is no rapid sea-level rise going on today, and there will not be,” he said, citing the observable data. “On the contrary, if anything happens, the sea will go down a little.” The widely respected scientist, who has been tracking sea levels in various parts of the globe for some 50 years, blasted those who use incorrect “correction factors” in their data to try to make it appear that the seas are rising worldwide. That is just wrong, he said.

Why satanism is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood

Transitioning Children is CHILD ABUSE

Hundreds Of 737 Max Pilots Sue Boeing Over 'Unprecedented Cover-Up"

Over 400 pilots have joined a class-action lawsuit against Boeing, accusing the company of an "unprecedented cover-up" of "known design flaws" on the company's top-selling 737 MAX, according to the Australian Broadcasting Company.
The MAX, first put into service in 2017, was involved in two fatal crashes over the course of a year; the first off the coast of Indonesia in October 2018, killing 189 - and the second in Ethiopia, killing 157.

The lawsuit, filed by a plaintiff who goes by "Pilot X" in court documents out of "fear of reprisal from Boeing and discrimination from Boeing customers," accuses the Chicago-based aviation giant of "an unprecedented cover-up of the known design flaws of the MAX, which predictably resulted in the crashes of two MAX aircraft and subsequent grounding of all MAX aircraft worldwide."
The pilots argue that they "suffer and continue to suffer significant lost wages, among other economic and non-economic damages" since the fleet was grounded across the globe.
The lawsuit focuses on the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) anti-stall system, which Pilot X claims gave the aircraft "inherently dangerous aerodynamic handling defects."
The reason for this handling quirk was by design, as Boeing made the decision to retrofit newer, large fuel-efficient engines onto an existing 737 model's fuselage, in order to create the MAX.
The larger engines caused a change in aerodynamics which made the plane prone to pitching up during flight, so much so, that it risked a crash as a result of an aerodynamic stall.
To stop this from happening, Boeing introduced MCAS software to the MAX, which automatically tilted the plane down if the software detected that the plane's nose was pointing at too steep of an angle, known as a high Angle of Attack (AOA). -ABC
In May, we reported that Boeing designers also altered a MCAS toggle switch panel that could have prevented both of the deadly crashes. 
On the older 737 NG, the right switch was labeled "AUTO PILOT" - and allowed pilots to deactivate the plane's automated stabilizer controls, such as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), suspected to be the culprit in both crashes. The left toggle switch on the NG would deactivate the buttons on the yoke which pilots regularly use to control the horizontal stabilizer.
On the 737 MAX, however, the two switches were altered to perform the same function, according to internal documents reviewed by the Times, so that they would disable all electronic stabilizer controls - including the MCAS and the thumb buttons on the yoke used to control the stabilizer.

During the October Lion Air flight, pilots were reportedly unaware of how to troubleshoot the MCAS system - while the day beforean off-duty pilot with knowledge of the stabilizer controls helped pilots disable the system on the same plane. Data from the flight revealed that the repeated commands from the MCAS system sent the flight from Bali to Jakarta plummeting into the sea.
In a rush to bring the plane to customers, Boeing did not alert pilots to the software in a bid to prevent "any new training that required a simulator" — a decision that was also designed to save MAX customers money.
Pilot X, alleges that Boeing "decided not to tell MAX pilots about the MCAS or to require MAX pilots to undergo any MCAS training" so that its customers could deploy pilots on "revenue-generating routes as quickly as possible".
In March, a report from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) found that the system was only mentioned once in the aircraft manual, which was in the glossary, explaining the MCAS acronym — an omission Boeing did not deny in response to the CBC. -ABC
The pilots who have joined the lawsuit hope to "deter Boeing and other airplane manufacturers from placing corporate profits ahead of the lives of the pilots, crews, and general public they service." 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Google Using AI To Meddle In 2020 Election, Prevent 'Next Trump ReElection': Veritas

I've been saying on this and other blogs FOR TEN YEARS THAT GOOGLE CONTROLS SEARCH NARRATIVE, SHADOW BANS, ET AL. Now, I finally get the proof for you all that I wasn't making any of this stuff up. 

This is nothing new. It's just stopping Trump is the big push right now, because Google is CIA--the satanic network aka the Illuminati. They are stopping all truth, all links to Yeshua, and all decency. Soon, anyone with a shred of decency still in them will have no public voice on the internet, as they are doing with public speakers (antifa attacks.)

Don Bradley

This just in, today, the day the video was released, both reddit and twitter has deplatformed Project Veritas. It shows you that the same satanic agencies, control ALL SOCIAL MEDIA. 

What these people are doing is a Federal Offense. These officers at google, youtube, reddit, etc need to be arrested for violating Federal election laws. 

Supreme witch and non-binary lesbian Gennai says that Elizabeth Warren's proposal to break up Google is 'very misguided,' because "all these smaller companies who don’t have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation, it’s like a small company cannot do that."

Listen to these dumb (((witches))) at Google. They have no idea what they are talking about.
You think these barbie dolls are within a thousand miles of an actual machine learning neural network?

Do you seriously think the google analytics they play with all day are connected to anything?
If you built the most powerful information, surveillance, propaganda, and data distribution network in the history of the world, would you put it in the hands of these stunted souls who want to control the world?

Just listen to them, do they sound like engineers to you? Or do they sound like HR reps?
They have two decades of high quality data stored. Basically a recording of the internet.
All they have been doing since they lost in 2016 is training neural networks to weaponize the internet into influencing the outcome of the next election.

Only (((Google))) has the data, processing power, and brain power to do something like that. But they control the World Wide Web. The internet is still somewhat free, like it was in the Usenet days, but the World Wide Web has been dead for a while.

What if through propagating some news stories and not others Google recognizes that they can effect voter turnout, then rolls that out strategically. They don't have to censor anything, just a little push here, a small delay there. We would be stupid to think that with that much data Google, Amazon, or the NSA haven't figured out the tertiary (and further) correlations that can sway an election.

The battle was lost ten years ago. The battle was to encrypt everything and not swarm to single services. The battle was to not trust (((Google))) in the first place.

I've been warning people about Google since 2005. And now you have the evidence, from their own mouths, of censorship, controlling the hearts and minds of the general public, and doing everything possible to destroy the lives and livelihoods of decent people everywhere, while at the same time pushing, pushing, pushing the darkest, sickest, and most foul doctrines of evil imaginable.

A new undercover exposé by Project Veritas reveals that the company is programming its machine learning algorithms in order to avoid the "next Trump situation."
"We all got screwed over in 2016, again it wasn’t just us, it was, the people got screwed over, the news media got screwed over, like, everybody got screwed over so we’re rapidly been like, what happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again," said longtime Google employee and head of "Responsible Innovation," Jen Gennai.
"We’re also training our algorithms, like, if 2016 happened again, would we have, would the outcome be different?" she added.

Gennai says that Elizabeth Warren's proposal to break up Google is 'very misguided,' because "all these smaller companies who don’t have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation, it’s like a small company cannot do that."
Meanwhile, a Google insider who came forward to Veritas confirmed what they filmed Gennai admitting; that the company is using "Machine Learning Fairness" as just one of several political tools used to promote their political agenda by combating "algorithmic unfairness."

Via Project Veritas

Of course, as Gennai puts it: "We have gotten accusations of around fairness is that we’re unfair to conservatives because we’re choosing what we find as credible news sources and those sources don’t necessarily overlap with conservative sources …"
As an aside, Project Veritas's James O'Keefe tweeted on Monday that Reddit has suspended their account. 

So Google is announcing publicly, in advance, that they intend to overthrow a democratic election in the USA.
 I live in a liberal hellhole. Maybe the worst place in the world for progressiveness. It's incredibly difficult to find a solid woman here. I've gone through so many of them that just won't work. The racist ones are always just white trash with a college degree and have slept with so many guys, they all have worn out vaginas...certainly not wife material. Finally got one I actually like and enjoy spending time with. Just one problem, she's a lefty, as they all are nowadays. Now, I think she isn't really. It seems to be her friends that influenced her political beliefs. She can't back up any of her positions when pushed. Like most women, they just follow who ever they are around. Now her friends are degenerate faggots. So my question to you all is, do I ride it out and shape her? She's a solid girl. Smart, very pretty, cleans and cooks for me, very nurturing. Would definitely make a good mother. I'm to afraid to show my power level just yet although I don't pretend to be liberal. Will it get better with time? Like if I put some kids in her, can separate her from her friends? I've been looking for a while for a solid girl but it's hard here.
Google is responsible for the destruction of the middle class.
They make sure that any business starts ups in the wrong conservative *** codes never see the light of day in a search. They always place 600-1000 or lower and are never found.
If you move your conservative *** code company to a "proper" *** code you by the miracle of Google will appear on page 1 without any change or effort at all other than to change the address.
Ever since Google started this small business formation has fallen off by 40% and more but by 80% in conservative *** codes.
Never use Google. Never use P&G products. Get a VPN and never pay again.
Join the revolution. It is very easy.
 Jen McDonnel of the McDonnel Douglas Fortune and Family

A snowflake girl from California, a total Social Justice Warrior, hands down.
Her name was Jen McDonnell for those who want to further research this "spook", as the head of Google AI, I am amazed that her Facebook page is still up.

Maybe she is out hiking somewhere. Now she is Jen Gennai, married to Paul Gennai in 2015 And is an admitted wiccan and part time lesbian.

And he is one ugly bird too....who else would want this spell casting, evil, snowflake,

We need to de-fund, de-power these evils that be.

It is funny how the most biased, rail against what they think is others bias.

Those who are the most brainwashed, the least woke, think they are the woke ones.

I am sure you saw my article and Project Veritas exposing Google as being fully OK with and fully intending to break the law and throw the 2020 Elections to the Socialists.
Article "The Jen" wrote 
This is the future.  We are completely fucked.  Nobody will stop these assholes from making our lives a miserable hell.  The youth have bought into this **** hook line and sinker and don't realize that this is the foundation of the police state.  AI and big data will complete the control cycle.
 These fucktards want more of this from Mexico 100,000 illegals flowing into the country every month is a crisis

Why is this story not on every single cable and MSM news station? Why is FOX not saying anything about this?
Most of these FANGOT type big techs are just fronts.  So obvious years ago
At the risk of reminding everyone of 'the witch' HRC...   What difference does it make?    Seriously?   
The ONLY person who's holding America back from going over the edge is Donald Trump, and in 6 years...he's gone (and we're fucked)!
So.. if it's six years or two years, who cares?  Either way we're fucked, so lets got the show underway!      America MUST HAVE A SECOND CIVIL WAR to cleanse itself, and the sooner the better.  
I wasn't sure who would win until I watched this video.  This guy lays it all out in painful detail, and at the end uses a scorecard to show who has the advantage.  Sorry libbys!  You're FUCKED!
I’m voting Trump just to piss off the antifa-looney-lefty-democrat-feminazi-pussyhat-LGBTQ+ Brownshirts that think they can tell me what to do and what to think...f*ck you all...
So google and the brown shirt employees believe they have to silence the other side to win the election?
Right out of the Nazi playbook

The so-called "Left" are useful idiots of the Money Power Monopolist agenda.
What happened to the so-called "Left" when the so-called "Leftists" took over?
They were mass murdered.
KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America
Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job (Complete)
Trump should do to Goolag what Kennedy wanted to do to the CIA.
Break it into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind...

Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent "Trump situa...

Google's Chrome Web Browser "Is Spy Software"

I've never used Chrome. Although a dozen softwares in the past have tried to install it in my system.  It crashes systems, allows a full blown front door right into your CPU and everything you do, goes directly to google, the CIA, and whoever else that gets the feed. The fact their logo is 666 was their BIG IN YOUR FACE TELL of what they were all about. And that's just for starters, not to mention the bloatware and on and on.

Google's Chrome is essentially spy software according to Washington Post tech columnist Geoffrey Fowler, who spent a week analyzing the popular browser and concluded that it "it is surveillance software, pure and simple."
Fowler has since switched to Mozilla's Firefox because of its default privacy settings, and says that it was easier than one might imagine.
Google's chrome symbol is a stylized 666, in the yellow, green, red outer rim. As I've pointed out since the beginning. Google is part of the Beast system.

My tests of Chrome vs. Firefox unearthed a personal data caper of absurd proportions. In a week of Web surfing on my desktop, I discovered 11,189 requests for tracker “cookies” that Chrome would have ushered right onto my computer but were automatically blocked by Firefox. These little files are the hooks that data firms, including Google itself, use to follow what websites you visit so they can build profiles of your interests, income and personality.
Also, chrome sends all personal and hard drive data to mysterious web servers in Virginia and NYC, ala REGION UNKNOWN, in reverse lookup.
Chrome welcomed trackers even at websites you would think would be private. I watched Aetna and the Federal Student Aid website set cookies for Facebook and Google. They surreptitiously told the data giants every time I pulled up the insurance and loan service’s log-in pages.

And that’s not the half of it.

Look in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser. See a picture or a name in the circle? If so, you’re logged in to the browser, and Google might be tapping into your Web activity to target ads. Don’t recall signing in? I didn’t, either. Chrome recently started doing that automatically when you use Gmail. -Washington Post
When you use Chrome, signing into Gmail automatically logs in the browser to your Google account. When “sync” is also on, Google receives your browsing history. (Geoffrey Fowler/The Washington Post), your youtube history, Amazon history, Facebook history, twitter history and is also, surprise surprise, a key logger.
Meanwhile, Chrome is even worse when it comes to mobile devices - reporting the precise location of Android users unless location sharing is turned off, in which case it will send out your rough coordinates.

Cookie monsters
According to one study, tracking cookies from third-parties are on 92% of websites. The Washington Post, for example, uses around 40 - which the company said is "average for a news site," and says they are designed to deliver better-targeted ads and track ad performance.
But cookies can also be found on websites with no advertising.
Both Aetna and the FSA service said the cookies on their sites help measure their own external marketing campaigns.
The blame for this mess belongs to the entire advertising, publishing and tech industries. But what responsibility does a browser have in protecting us from code that isn’t doing much more than spying? -Washington Post
Mozilla to the rescue?
For the past four years or so, Firefox browser has had a built-in anti-tracking feature for the past four or so years in its "private" browsing mode. Earlier this month, Mozilla activated this feature for normal browsing mode. While ads will still appear, Firefox is now separating cookies in real time to determine which ones are required for a website to function correctly, and which ones are simply spies.
Apple began to block cookies on their Safari mobile browser starting in 2017, using an algorithm the company calls "intelligent tracking protection."

Chrome, meanwhile, continues to welcome cookies onto your computer and phone with open arms. That said, the company announced last month that it would require third-party cookies to better identify themselves, which will supposedly allow them to apply better controls. That said, the company did not offer The Post a timeline or say whether it would employ default tracking blockers.
I’m not holding my breath. Google itself, through its Doubleclick and other ad businesses, is the No. 1 cookie maker — the Mrs. Fields of the Web. It’s hard to imagine Chrome ever cutting off Google’s moneymaker. -Washington Post
"Cookies play a role in user privacy, but a narrow focus on cookies obscures the broader privacy discussion because it’s just one way in which users can be tracked across sites," according to Chrome's director of product management, Ben Galbraith. "This is a complex problem, and simple, blunt cookie blocking solutions force tracking into more opaque practices."
Giving up on Google

In his decision to kick Chrome to the curb, Fowler cites a blog post by Johns Hopkins associate professor Matthew Green, who said last year he was "done" with the browser.
Like Green, I’ve chosen Firefox, which works across phones, tablets, PCs and Macs. Apple’s Safari is also a good option on Macs, iPhones and iPads, and the niche Brave browser goes even further in trying to jam the ad-tech industry.

What does switching to Firefox cost you? It’s free, and downloading a different browser is much simpler than changing phones. But you are being spied on with that software as well. Let's face it, since Netscape, it's ALL SPYWARE.

In 2017, Mozilla launched a new version of Firefox called Quantum that made it considerably faster. In my tests, it has felt almost as fast as Chrome, though benchmark tests have found it can be slower in some contexts. Firefox says it’s better about managing memory if you use lots and lots of tabs. 

Switching means you’ll have to move your bookmarks, and Firefox offers tools to help. Shifting passwords is easy if you use a password manager. And most browser add-ons are available, though it’s possible you won’t find your favorite. -Washington Post
Perhaps Fowler can reach out to some of his Washington Post colleagues to see what their many sources in the US intelligence community think of Chrome vs. Firefox...