Monday, January 31, 2022

I'm talking about justice


New Variant


Death Water Plans down below



I know where you find Tirdeau



Turdeau gave a press conference a few hours ago, from his stealth location. Oops.

That moon on the window was the only tell needed to find him.

It took all of five minutes.


He just gave a press conference on a witches black sabbath of Imbolc. Of course. Why am I not surprised.

Harrington Lake

Same shutters; Castro's boy is in deep with the CIA.

Here ya go.

Golly. Here's the place in winter. This winter.

The exact address.


After vaxxx diseases in the military jumped to 22 million

So you've taken the jibby jabby


Saturday, January 29, 2022

Wooly Mammoths live

 The world is NOT billions of years old, it is 6000 years old. plus a few decades. When you trust satanists for your truth, they will always lie and go with billions of years and millions of years ago...


This could have all been stopped dead in its tracks, but no....

And that's why I am here and do this work from the very year this could have been turned around...1995.


Reality can be weirder than fiction 

Ottawa Shuts Off Live Stream Footage Of Traffic Cameras And Replaces It With Old Footage

We'll have our home!

 Push Back...

MD observation of babies with 2 vaccinated parents

A new species of the damned...the rulers of men emerge from the pit.

The real horror is, when these evil creatures are about 3 years old, they will start breeding among themselves, producing GIANTS of enormous size.

You are officially warned.