Sunday, March 31, 2019

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Black Georgia Mayor Bans White Reporters From Press Conference

Open racism AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE, WHO MAKE 86% OF THIS COUNTRY. If the sign said, no black people, this mayoral candidate would by lynched by sunset today.

"No media (T.V. Radio, etc.) Black Press Only!" read a sign posted on the door of Bolton Street Baptist Church, the Savannah Morning News reported.

White reporters were denied entry to a meeting to discuss an upcoming mayoral race in Georgia, while black reporters for at least two television stations and the publisher of the black-owned Savannah Tribune newspaper were allowed into the meeting.
Reporters who got inside were prohibited from taking photos, video or audio recording, according to Stephen Moody, an African-American reporter with WJCL who attended the event.
AP reports that Mayor Eddie DeLoach is seeking re-election this fall. He became Savannah's first white mayor in 20 years after winning the 2015 campaign.
Elections for Savannah's top office are nonpartisan, meaning all candidates who qualify end up on the November ballot.
Savannah Alderman Van Johnson, one of three black mayoral candidates to have announced campaigns so far, spoke at the meeting about his campaign for mayor, said groups have the right to determine how they assemble. Johnson said afterward he:
...relayed "my vision for an inclusive Savannah, a progressive Savannah."
Asked by WTOC-TV about only black reporters being allowed inside, Johnson said:
"It's not my meeting. Again, I was asked to come give a statement, and so I came and I gave a statement."
And of course, this is allowed. That's how far into the pit of hell this country has slid into.

You cannot trust the media or press, for ANYTHING in the west

You cannot kill them all, for they ARE death incarnate, your media

The satanists control the narrative and the govt

NEW! Science Explains Shroud Image Part 3

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Jacinda Ardern Tranny Witch

39-year-old daughter of late Seagram CEO Edgar Bronfman (whose funeral Hillary Clinton spoke at) pleaded not guilty last July to charges of racketeering, money laundering and identity theft for NXIVM - a secretive multi-level marketing company founded by Keith Raniere, who was arrested last March along with Smallville actress Allison Mack on federal charges which include sex trafficking, forced labor, wire fraud conspiracy, human trafficking and other counts.

Surprise surprise, these women are USING JUSSIE SMOLLET'S ATTORNEY. So, engage in child sacrifice, brand fellow witches with satanic sigils, and get a slap on the wrist? welcome to our satanic world.

The 39-year-old daughter of late Seagram CEO Edgar Bronfman (whose funeral Hillary Clinton spoke at) pleaded not guilty last July to charges of racketeering, money laundering and identity theft for NXIVM - a secretive multi-level marketing company founded by Keith Raniere, who was arrested last March along with Smallville actress Allison Mack on federal charges which include sex trafficking, forced labor, wire fraud conspiracy, human trafficking and other counts.
Keith Raniere
Mack allegedly procured women for Raniere - who required that prospective "slaves" upload compromising collateral into a Dropbox account. One such recruit-turned-coach was India Oxenberg - daughter of Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenbergwho met with prosecutors in New York in late 2017 to present evidence against Raniere
Allison Mack
According to a 2010 Vanity Fair report, Clare and her sister Sara Bronfman, who joined NXIVM in 2002, contributed approximately $150 million of their trust fund to NXIVM, while Claire bought 80% of Wakaya island off the coast of Fiji for $47 million in 2016.
[I]n the last six years as much as $150 million was taken out of the Bronfmans’ trusts and bank accounts, including $66 million allegedly used to cover Raniere’s failed bets in the commodities market, $30 million to buy real estate in Los Angeles and around Albany, $11 million for a 22-seat, two-engine Canadair CL-600 jet, and millions more to support a barrage of lawsuits across the country against nxivm’s enemies. Much of it was spent, according to court filings, as Sara and Clare Bronfman allegedly worked to conceal the extent of their spending from their 81-year-old father and the Bronfman-family trustees. -Vanity Fair

Last July Clare was charged with a broad range of crimes connected to the cult's operation, and is currently being represented by attorney Mark Geragos - identified by the Wall Street Journal this week as a co-conspirator in an alleged scheme by Michael Avenatti to extort $20 million from Nike. Avenatti was arrested on Monday and released on a $300,000 personal recognizance bond.
Bronfman and Geragos leave Brooklyn Federal Court on Wednesday
NXIVM's Clinton connection
Raniere was run out of Arkansas in the '90s by then-Governor Bill Clinton's attorney general on charges of fraud and business deception. After paying fines, Raniere and NXIVM executives would go on to donate $29,900 to Hillary Clinton's 2006 presidential campaign a decade later. Meanwhile, at least three NXIVM officials are "invitation-only" members of the Clinton Global Initiative, according to the New York Post.
Edgar Bronfman Sr. receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton in 1999 
Most recently, Raniere was accused of having sex with children and producing kiddie porn, to which he has pleaded not guilty.
Raniere, 58, is accused of having a child “engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing one or more visual depictions of such conduct, which visual depictions were produced and transmitted,” reads a new indictment released Wednesday.
Raniere’s co-defendants, “Smallville” actress Allison Mack, Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell were allegedly aware of his predilection for predation, and even facilitated it, according to prosecutors, who have now charged them for that conduct under a racketeering count.
His co-defendants “were aware of and facilitated Raniere’s sexual relationships with two underage victims: (1) a fifteen-year-old girl who was employed by Nancy Salzman and who – ten years later – became Raniere’s first-line ‘slave’ in DOS,” the filing reads. -New York Post
Both Mack and Bromfman are seeking a separate trial in the wake of the pedophilia charges. Mack's attorneys argued in a recent filing that "The Court should not allow evidence of Child Exploitation Acts before any jury that will judge Ms. Mack. As an initial matter, any evidence of the alleged Child Exploitation Acts would highly and unfairly prejudice Ms. Mack, who has no connection whatsoever to these new predicate acts or the substantive counts against Raniere," adding "Given the well-recognized inflammatory effect of such allegations, the Court should sever Ms. Mack from Raniere and order a separate trial."
Experts in branding
While NXIVM describes itself as a self-help business that has helped thousands of people "reach their potential" through various courses, the women’s-only "inner sanctum" led by Raniere is known as 'DOS', which whistleblower Frank Parlato said stands for “dominus obsequious sororium" - Latin for “master over the slave women”. Once they are a member - or “slave” - they are allegedly encouraged to recruit new women into their “slave pods”, stop dating, and be on call 24 hours a day after being branded with Raniere's initials below the hip using a cauterizing iron.

We wonder if Michael Avenatti knows anyone with an NXVIM scar?
Bronfman faces up to 20 years in prison if found guilty. Good thing she's got Jussie Smollet's attorney - though no word on whether Michelle Obama's former Chief of Staff will put in the good word.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

MessiahMews Blogs: Help Father Raise Some Funds To Stop Forced Vaccin...

MessiahMews Blogs: Help Father Raise Some Funds To Stop Forced Vaccin...: It's all about control and ex partners trying to get back at each other, and are willing to poison and hurt the innocent children in orde...
Ditched children, by the mother. Father must raise and keep them safe on his own. As I had to, all these years. Please pray for Brandon, and if you can spare it, send him what your heart guides you to help him out. I've been through exactly this, and my prayers were answered. Let's get his prayers answered, for the sake of the children.

Dont let them take your mind - Flat Earth Man (ft Alex Michael)

They Did WHAT?

Measles Misinformation Campaign

Boeing's Dreamliner nightmare - Inside Story

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

problems with Boeing 737 next generation with structural dangers report...

Cancer Cluster At California Elementary School Results In Removal Of Sprint Cell Phone Tower

A Sprint cell phone tower will be removed from a California elementary school after four students and three teachers were diagnosed with cancer. 

A cellular phone tower is pictured at Weston Elementary School in Ripon, Calif. on Tuesday March 12, 2019. 
Weston Elementary School in Ripon, CA went on high alert after the controversy erupted two years ago - with some parents even pulling their children from school over the tower which Sprint has been paying the school $2,000 per month to place on its property.
The Ripon Unified School District initially defended the cell phone tower earlier this month, with board president Kit Oase saying tests done on the tower had found it was operating within safety standards.
Monica Ferrulli, whose son was treated for brain cancer in 2017, said RUSD has cited an obsolete American Cancer Society study in keeping the tower in place since the controversy erupted two years ago. “It is just denial,” Ferrulli told the board. She vowed that parents will continue to fight and keep their children out of the school. -Modesto Bee
Around 200 parents attended a meeting after a fourth student was diagnosed with cancer on March 8.
Richard Rex, whose family lives across the street from Weston School, said a bump appeared on his 11-year-old son’s abdomen a month ago. He said his son’s classroom is near the tower.
The parents first thought it was a skating injury. Instead of going to science camp, 11-year-old Brad was taken to doctors for examinations and tests that found a tumor wrapped around his liver. The boy now has a portal for starting cancer treatment, the parents said.
Richard Rex said he’s hearing different options for treating the cancer. “They said they can shrink it and cut it out. They’re also talking liver transplant. It is very scary,” Rex said. -Modesto Bee
Sprint representative Adrienne Norton said that the company has been "working with the community in Ripon to address their concerns."
The potential negative health effects from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by cell towers or transmission lines have been long debated. While the National Cancer Institute cites studies which conclude that EMFs are a possible human carcinogen based on research which focused on childhood leukemia. The institute's website says there are no increased risks from brain tumors or other cancers based on European epidemiological studies.
According to notices posted by RUSD, the school district hired engineers for an evaluation in 2018 on the cell tower’s compliance with guidelines for limiting human exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The testing found exposure levels for people nearby were below the federal standard, the notices says.  -Modesto Bee
So while parents are blaming the Sprint cell phone tower is responsible for the cancer cluster at Weston Elementary School - it's entirely possible that other environmental factors are at play.

MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW rolled out in New York; unvaccinated citizens banned from all public places, including schools, churches, malls, sidewalks, public transit and voting locations

The DNA transition and poisoning of the population at the point of a gun. In NYC. 

Than SAN FRAN, then LA, and so on.

Health Freedom Alert: Medical martial law has been rolled out in Rockland County, New York, where unvaccinated citizens are now barred from all public places -- including schools, sidewalks, malls, churches and public transportation -- all under the absurd quack 

MEASLES ARE NOT FATAL. It's a 3 day illness, that everyone gets over.

We live at a time when our most basic health freedoms are under attack.  If we don’t stand up now, we will lose them forever.
More scientific research is coming out all the time that is showing that there are very serious safety concerns regarding our vaccines.
For example, a study that was just released found a clear link between autism and aluminum in vaccines
Autistic children have up to 10 times more of the metal in their brains than what is considered safe in adults, a study found.
Aluminium crosses the membrane that separates the brain from circulating blood and accumulates in cells involved in maintaining a constant internal environment, such as temperature, the research adds.
Study author Professor Chris Exley from Keele University, said: ‘Perhaps we now have the link between vaccination and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the link being the inclusion of an aluminium adjuvant in the vaccine.’

The Independent Spirit Awards Began With … Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual

The cold open of the Independent Spirit Awards featured Aubrey Plaza and a coven of witches sacrificing a teenage boy for the movie industry. Every creepy detail of this comedy short reflects the true dark side of Hollywood. This is the evil that is in every single community in the west. Every actor discussed herein is a murdering satanist.

They are abominations.

The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual
The Independent Spirit Awards “is the premier awards event for the independent film community”. While it is theoretically an alternative to the “Hollywood mainstream”, the event is nevertheless attended by a whole lot of “Hollywood mainstream” people. In fact, its red carpet event was a typical parade of Hollywood stars wearing designer clothes.
The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual
Tilda Swinson wearing Haider Ackermann. Other stars present were Glenn Close, Adam Driver, Jon Hamm, Amanda Seyfried and many more.
The event’s proximity to Hollywood is not only figurative. It is literal: It took place in Santa Monica which is a short drive from Hollywood.
In a nutshell, the whole “independent film awards” thing is basically another tentacle of the giant octopus that is the entertainment industry. The same people are at the top and the same agenda flows through it. And the cold open of the Independent Spirit Awards couldn’t exemplify this fact in a more striking matter.

Cold Open

Although it is meant to be a silly comedic skit, the cold open managed to sum up Hollywood’s disgusting underbelly in four minutes.
Here’s the description of the video on YouTube:
Host Aubrey Plaza and her coven kick off the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards the only way possible: ancient rituals and virgin sacrifice!
Wow, sounds amazeballs!
The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual
The video begins with Aubrey Plaza’s coven entering a cave.
The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual
The coven includes female Hollywood stars Marcia Gay Harden, Rosanna Arquette, Christina Ricci, and Marisa Tomei.
Plaza tells her “sisters” gathered on the “unholiest of afternoons” to “conjure the film independent spirit.” She adds:
“Through this ancient ritual, we shall reject commercial cinema and pledge our souls to the pursuit of dangerous art”.
The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual
Then actor Brian Tyree Henry pops up.
He says:
“What the f***, Aubrey?’ You said it was gonna be a party, not some ****ed up white girl s**t.”
Aubrey replies:
“I’m sorry you showed up early okay, I’m doing my black magic ceremony to banish s****y sequels and lazy reboots.”
Then Henry reminds Plaza that they both just did a new Chucky movie together. The joke is that the movie is basically a lazy reboot. Speaking of witch (not a typo), let’s take a look at the official poster of Audrey Plaza’s upcoming movie Child’s Play.
The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual
Chucky has one eye hidden. Not surprising. After all, it is a mainstream Hollywood movie.
Then Plaza calls for the “virgin sacrifice”. Sharon Stone pops out of nowhere with the virgin: Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things. Sharon says:
“I told him I was giving him a ride to Gamestop.”
LOL! Preying on minors is amazeballs!
The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual
In past articles, I (sadly) predicted that the child stars of Stranger Things would end up in some stranger … things. Him playing the role of a virgin sacrifice for a bunch of Hollywood witches is one of them.
As Plaza prepares to stab Wolfhard, he yells that he is not a virgin, that all women love him and that he’s a “four-quadrant cutie”. This whole discussion about the sex life of a 16-year-old boy is rather weird.
The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual
Sharon Stone then says that she can get another virgin.
How come Sharon Stone has access to so many virgins? Does she have a source for Hollywood virgins? This is all rather creepy, especially considering the actual child-exploitation rings that exist in Hollywood involving high-level directors and movie stars.
Then Plaza grabs a pair of scissors and violently stabs Wolfhard about ten times as the witches laugh. Plaza yells:
“Spirit, come to me! Make me your host!”
The Independent Spirit Awards Began With ... Witches Sacrificing a Virgin In a Black Magic Ritual
Plaza’s face becomes all bloody as she’s possessed by the “spirit”.
Then, with the voice of some kind of demon, Plaza screams “Let the Independent Spirit Awards begin!”. LOL. That was amazeballs.

In Conclusion

This movie awards ceremony began with a coven of powerful witches performing a blood sacrifice in the name of the industry. Not unlike the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the skit portrays the witches’ coven as a cool sisterhood that draws power from black magic.
The skit then trivializes the fact that the Hollywood elite actually preys on youth, abuses them and even sacrifices them. Here’s a question: Would this skit be deemed “funny” if five middle-aged men were sacrificing a 16-year-old girl? And that one man said: “I can get another virgin”? Probably not.
In short, this four-minute comedy sketch managed to sum up Hollywood’s toxic agenda, mental sickness, and deep hypocrisy.

Tesla Autopilot Fail ! Our Tesla Model S bounces off wall.

Smollet charges dropped. As we said it would

The network takes care of liars, thieves, and the damned.

I have a plot for Empire, the president of the United States is unjustly accused, his lawyer's office is emptied, his calls are monitored, his computers are dumped, and it takes two years to get justice, meanwhile his friends are all ruined.

On the other hand, a race baiting narcissistic psychopath is caught red handed and goes scott free. 
Naw, nobody would believe such a script, that's just crazy. 

Monday, March 25, 2019

Michael Avenatti Arrested In Extortion Plot Against Nike, Conspired With Smollett's and Kaepernick's Lawyer

Update 4: The SDNY has laid out its allegations of extortion against Avenatti - namely, that he tried to extort Nike - during an afternoon press conference.
After claiming to be working on behalf of an amateur basketball team in the AAU that had recently lost a Nike contract worth some $70,000 a year, Avenatti used "illegal and extortionate threats" to try and secure millions of dollars for himself from Nike. The coach from the team told Avenatti that payments had been made by Nike to high school basketball players. Avenatti threatened to make these allegations public if the company didn't meet his demands - paying his client $1.5 million, while awarding Avenatti and a co-conspirator a multi-million dollar contract to conduct an internal investigation.
Avenatti chose the timing of his plot very carefully, approaching Nike shortly before the company was set to report its Q1 earnings, and not to mention March Madness. At one point, he threatened to take $10 billion of Nike market cap.
Lawyers for Nike contacted federal prosecutors and reported the extortion attempt after they were initially contacted by Avenatti. Prosecutors suggested recording the next call with Avenatti - a recording which produced some choice quotations from the infamous "Creepy porn lawyer."
"I'm not f---ing around with this, and I'm not continuing to play games," Avenatti was recorded as saying. "You guys know enough now to know you've got a serious problem. And it's worth more in exposure to me to just blow the lid on this thing. A few million dollars doesn't move the needle for me. I'm just being really frank with you."
"I'll go and I'll go take $10 billion off your client's market cap. But I'm not f---ing around," he said.
When the company's lawyers balked, he said it could skip the investigation if it simply paid him $22 million.
The whole incident - which SDNY described as an "old fashioned shake down" - unfolded over a period of three days, beginning earlier this month. Avenatti was arrested in Manhattan earlier on Monday and brought to the FBI offices.
As one reporter pointed out, the funniest part of the NY Avenatti indictment is the seemingly obvious (for everyone but Avenatti) setup engineered by Nike's lawyers.
Watch the full video below:
Meanwhile, here's the far more extensive nearly 200-page complaint filed by federal prosecutors in LA that describes allegations of bank fraud.
Separate from the extortion case unfolding in New York, attorneys in California laid out a separate case covering alleged financial misdeeds attributed to Avenatti, who allegedly lied to banks and cheated clients. According to the complaint (above), Avenatti embezzled a clients' money to cover his debts and lied to a bank using faked tax returns.
For a few hours, observers were left to wonder about the identity of the unnamed co-conspirator in the New York indictment before WSJ revealed that the lawyer who demanded millions from Nike alongside Avenatti was none other than celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos, who - as it happens - is currently representing Jussie Smollett. Geragos has also represented Michael Jackson and Colin Kaepernick.
He joined Avenatti in a meeting with Nike officials in New York on March 19, according to the NY complaint.
The timing suggests that Avenatti went ahead with trying to extort Nike - probably believing that the evidence he had uncovered about the company illegally paying youth amateur athletes and their families would be a slam dunk - even as prosecutors in California closed in on his past crimes.
* * *
Update 3: Avenatti's most famous client revealed in a statement published Monday afternoon that she was "saddened, not shocked" by news of Avenatti's indictment, adding that she fired him after discovering that he had dealt with her in an "extremely dishonest" way.
With Avenatti in cuffs, and the Russia collusion narrative finally, definitively debunked, Michael Avenatti's star turn as a CNN stalwart are fading into the distance...except for the CNN hosts who feted him at their Hamptons estates.
* * *
Update 2: This is just getting more surreal. A second set of charges allege he embezzled a client’s money in order to pay his own expenses and debts — as well as those of his coffee business and law firm — and also defrauded a bank by using phony tax returns to obtain millions of dollars in loans.
Avenatti also allegedly defrauded a bank in Mississippi by submitting to the lender false tax returns in order to obtain three loans totaling $4.1 million for his law firm and coffee business in 2014. According to the affidavit, Avenatti obtained the loans by submitting fabricated individual income tax returns (Forms 1040) for 2011, 2012, and 2013, reporting substantial income even though he had never filed any such returns with the Internal Revenue Service.
The phony returns stated that he earned $4,562,881 in adjusted gross income in 2011, $5,423,099 in 2012, and $4,082,803 in 2013, according to the affidavit. Avenatti allegedly also claimed he paid $1.6 million in estimated tax payments to the IRS in 2012 and paid $1.25 million in 2013. In reality, Avenatti never filed personal income tax returns for 2011, 2012 and 2013 and did not make any estimated tax payments in 2012 and 2013.
Instead of the millions of dollars he claimed to have paid in taxes, Avenatti still owed the IRS $850,438 in unpaid personal income tax plus interest and penalties for the tax years 2009 and 2010, court papers state. The affidavit also alleges that, as part of his loan applications, Avenatti also submitted a fictitious partnership tax return for his law firm.
Avenatti reportedly negotiated a $1.6 million settlement on behalf of a client, then turned around and gave the client a "bogus settlement agreement" with a fake date and fake amount. He used the stolen money to pay "expenses" for his coffee business.
That office said "Avenatti misappropriated his client’s settlement money and used it to pay expenses for his coffee business, Global Baristas US LLC, which operated Tully’s Coffee stores in California and Washington state, as well as for his own expenses."
"When the fake March 2018 deadline passed and the client asked where the money was, Avenatti continued to conceal that the payment had already been received, court documents said," according to prosecutors.
"A lawyer has a basic duty not to steal from his client," said U.S. Attorney for Los Angeles Nick Hanna.
"Mr. Avenatti is facing serious criminal charges alleging he misappropriated client trust funds for his personal use and he defrauded a bank by submitting phony tax returns in order to obtain millions of dollars in loans."
Full complaint here.
It's been a bad few days for the #resistance.
*  *  *
Update 1: Just minutes after lawyer Michael Avenatti tweeted his tease of a press conference tomorrow claiming Nike is involved in a college basketball scandal, Bloomberg reports that Avenatti was just charged by federal prosecutors in New York with attempting to extort millions of dollars out of Nike Inc. by threatening to release damaging information about the company, which did not meet his demands.

Avenatti is alleged to have told Nike that he would cancel a press conference critical of sports apparel company only if it paid an unidentified client $1.5 million, and hired him and another California lawyer to conduct an internal investigation for $15 million to $25 million.
Avenatti is accused of wire fraud and bank fraud. He was arrested Monday, prosecutors said.
CNN's Erica Orden tweeted the details:
" SDNY is charging Michael Avenatti for "attempting to extract more than $20M in payments from a publicly traded company by threatening to use his ability to garner publicity to inflict substantial financial & reputational harm on the company if his demands were not met.""
According to the complaint filed in federal court, Avenatti told Nike attorneys by phone last week if his demands were not met, "I'll go take ten billion dollars off your client's market cap ... I'm not f*cking around."
"I'm not fucking around with this, and I'm not continuing to play games. . . . You guys know enough now to know you've got a serious problem. And it's worth more in exposure to me to just blow the lid on this thing. A few million dollars doesn't move the needle for me. I'm just being really frank with you. So if that's what, if that's what's being contemplated, then let's just say it was good to meet you, and we're done. And I'll proceed with my press conference tomorrow . . . .
I'm not fucking around with this thing anymore. So if you guys think that you know, we're gonna negotiate a million five, and you're gonna hire us to do an internal investigation, but it's gonna be capped at 3 or 5 or 7 million dollars, like let's just be done. And I'll go and I'll go take ten billion dollars off your client's market cap. But I'm not fucking around."
And Nike shares are rebounding...

SDNY is having a press conference on the Avenatti charges at 2:30pm.
*  *  *
As March Madness hits its stride, former Stormy Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti has found another outlet for his unique legal capabilities. In a tweet, Avenatti warned:
"Tmrw at 11 am ET, we will be holding a press conference to disclose a major high school/college basketball scandal perpetrated by @Nike that we have uncovered. This criminal conduct reaches the highest levels of Nike and involves some of the biggest names in college basketball."
The reaction was instant with NKE shares falling to their lowest since early February...

This news comes after Nike shares have been sliding recently following weak domestic orders.

source the whole web


The Trump Witch hunt, by actual witches

The Truth About 'Russian Collusion'

#18 - Giant of Kandahar Afghanistan - Episode 18

NSA Wistleblower Inadvertedly Destroys Sattelite Myth


Google influenced 2018 midterms, shifted millions of votes to Dems – new...

Sunday, March 24, 2019

ACTUAL SCIENTIST: "Climate Change is a Scam!"

NZ PM TRANNY Jacinda Ardern who just disarmed New Zealand for slavery

The Denver Airport Installs a Talking Gargoyle That Says “Welcome to the Illuminati Headquarters”

The Denver Airport Installs a Talking Gargoyle That Says "Welcome to the Illuminati Headquarters"
The Denver International Airport (DIA) is a creepy place and it keeps getting creepier. If you read my 2008 article Sinister Sites: The Denver Internation Airport, you already know about its demonic horse that killed its creator, its Masonic plate saying “New World Airport Commission” and its horrific murals depicting a genocide.
The Denver Airport Installs a Talking Gargoyle That Says "Welcome to the Illuminati Headquarters"
Ten years later, this mural still thoroughly creeps me out.
All of these bizarre things and more lead to “conspiracies” regarding the airport and its possible secret purpose. What’s up with the bizarre markings on the floor? Why did they build a massive tunnel system underneath the airport? And, of course, why are there gargoyles looking over travelers?
The Denver Airport Installs a Talking Gargoyle That Says "Welcome to the Illuminati Headquarters"
One of two gargoyles overlooking the baggage claim at the DIA.

This year, the DIA decided to take the weirdness to yet another level by installing a talking animatronic gargoyle that surprises travelers with sassy jokes and comments. The airport posted a video on YouTube showcasing this thing that probably cost a whole lot of taxpayer money.
The Denver Airport Installs a Talking Gargoyle That Says "Welcome to the Illuminati Headquarters"
A screenshot of the talking gargoyle video.
In the video the gargoyle says to one passenger:
“Welcome to the Illuminati Headquarters, I mean, Denver International Airport!”
In another hilarious bit, it says:
“Well, I’m 243 years old now”.
If you do the math, that means that the gargoyle was born in 1776. The Bavarian Illuminati was founded in 1776. The video ends with classic Illuminati imagery.
The Denver Airport Installs a Talking Gargoyle That Says "Welcome to the Illuminati Headquarters"
I remember when airports used to focus on, like, planes and stuff.

The Ex-Model Who Claimed Silvio Berlusconi Hosted Satanic Rituals in His House Died From “Apparent Poisoning”

Imane Fadil, the ex-model who claimed to have witnessed “demonic rituals” at Silvio Berlusconi’s mansion died mysteriously on March 1st at age 34. She was writing a book called “I Saw the Devil”.

The Ex-Model Who Claimed Silvio Berlusconi Hosted Satanic Rituals in His House Died From "Apparent Poisoning"
Imane Fadil was a Moroccan ex-model who became a celebrity after becoming a key witness in the 2013 “Rubygate” trials which accused the media mogul and ex-Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi of “child prostitution”. Fadil was also looking to be a witness in a related investigation (dubbed “Ruby ter”) that is still ongoing.
In 2018, Fadil claimed in an interview that Berlusconi’s infamous “parties” lead to dark, satanic rituals. She was also in the process of writing a tell-all book about Rubygate and the dark secrets of Berlusconi. The name of the projected book was quite evocative: I Met the Devil.
However, in the past weeks, things dramatic turn in the past weeks. Imane Fadil died in a hospital room in Milan on March 1st after a month of agony. Media sources reported her death only 15 days after the fact, mostly because authorities announced the opening of a homicide investigation. Indeed, the cause of Fadil’s death is currently believed to be “murder by radioactive poisoning”.
Here’s a look at the bizarre story.


The Ex-Model Who Claimed Silvio Berlusconi Hosted Satanic Rituals in His House Died From "Apparent Poisoning"
Karima El Mahroug aka Ruby Rubacuori.
In 2013, Berlusconi was found guilty of paying for the sexual services of dancer Ruby Rubacuori when she was a minor. He was also charged with abusing his political powers in an attempt to cover up the relationship.
17-year old Moroccan belly dancer and alleged prostitute Karima El Mahroug (better known as “Ruby Rubacuori”) claimed to have been given $10,000 by Berlusconi at parties at his private villas. The girl told prosecutors in Milan that these events were like orgies where Berlusconi and 20 young women performed an African-style ritual known as the “bunga bunga” in the nude.
–  Daily Beast,  Berlusconi’s “Bunga Bunga Orgies”
The Ex-Model Who Claimed Silvio Berlusconi Hosted Satanic Rituals in His House Died From "Apparent Poisoning"
Arcore, Berlusconi’s private villa, where the parties took place.
In 2014, Berlusconi filed an appeal and managed to get the convictions against him overturned. However, the “Ruby ter” investigation is still ongoing which alleges that Berlusconi bribed 18 girls that participated in his parties to “speak positively” about Berlusconi. A month prior to her hospitalization, Fadil had requested to be a witness in this trial.

Infamous Interview

Fadil’s last interview, given to the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano on April 2018, addressed topics that were not discussed in court: Satanic rituals taking place in hidden rooms inside Berlusconi’s mansion. Here’s a rough translation of this infamous interview.
Imane Fadil, a model of Moroccan origin, was just over 25 years old when she was invited for the first time to Arcore, the home of Berlusconi, in 2011. She participated in eight “elegant dinners” and during some of these, according to her, she saw everything: The girls, the stripteases, and the “Bunga Bunga” parties. She then stopped attending and went to the public prosecutor’s office to reveal everything she had seen, complete with names and surnames. The result? Photographers, interviews, headlines, lawsuits. Today, Imane is 33 years old and she is about to finish a book that will reveal everything you need to know about Berlusconi.
Today, after a few years, how do you remember that whole affair?
It was a devastating thing, impossible to describe. At first I was alone against everyone, nobody believed my version.
What did everyone think?
That I was telling those things because I wanted money and success.
And how was it?
I used to go to Arcore because I hoped it would be enough to get into that circle and get a job (in television). Then, I understood what was truly happening and I spoke up.
Were you defamed at that time?
Yes, by all. The first was Emilio Fede. But then I sued him and they condemned him, now there’s the appeal. He also sued me, but his case was dismissed because I said the truth and he didn’t.
Your ugliest memory?
The last night I went there, there were all these naked girls dancing. One of them was laying on the ground and was wearing only a loincloth and she was shaking desperately, staring at me. Her eyes seemed to say: “Don’t judge me, help me!”. A terrifying memory.
Have you ever witnessed explicit scenes?
No, I did not.
And who told you this happened?
Well, the last night a girl came to me and told me: “Look, to get something you have to do something more.” And I understood everything. Until that moment I had hoped I would never be asked for such a thing.
Now you are writing a book. Why?
Because I want to tell everything. This is not limited to a powerful man who had girls. There is much more to this story, much more serious things.
It’s not easy to tell, it will be the first time I do it. But the time has come.
Please go ahead.
This gentleman is part of a sect that invokes the devil. Yes, I know I’m saying something strong, but it is true. And many others know this.
They know what?
That continuous obscenities happened in that house. A sort of sect, made up of only women, dozens and dozens of complicit females.
Did you see these rituals?
Let’s say I have many clues. In that room where Bunga Bunga was held there was a small room with clothes, all the same, like tunics, about twenty or thirty. What were they for? And then there was another small underground room with a swimming pool, with another room next to it, totally dark, without any light. An underground pool and a room without lights? Why?
Weak clues. It could be a relaxation area. Is it a fact that you have not seen any actual Satanic rituals or anything like that?
Look, I’ve seen worse. Things that are difficult to explain briefly.
Please try.
I saw strange, sinister presences. I’ve been a psychic since I was a child due to my father being was sanctified. And I tell you that, in that house, there are disturbing presences. There’s evil in there, I’ve seen it, there’s Lucifer.
Do you know that saying such things could be perceived as crazy?
Of course I know, but I don’t care what people will say. I never said anything because I had no evidence. Now I have it.
Do you have proof? Please show it.
No, not yet, I’ll do it later. I just have to finish this book. And then the world will know.
– Il Fatto Quotidiano, Imane Fadil: “Le notti di Bunga Bunga a casa di Berlusconi. Ad Arcore una setta di Satana con tuniche e riti”

“I Met the Devil”

At the time of her death, Fadil was looking for a publisher that was “courageous enough” to print her book entitled I Met the Devil. Immediately after her death, the draft of the book was seized by prosecutors. The Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano published a small excerpt of the book that was shared by Fadil in 2018. Here’s a rough translation.
She saw the girls in a sort of circle, with Berlusconi at the center as a pivot: A kind of adoration, with some nude, others half-naked, and others disguised, wandering through the underground living room. It was then that Imane found courage and went to Berlusconi to tell him that she wanted to go home. But Silvio told her to wait. In the basement, Imane saw what she called a sort of brothel with naked girls and half-naked in the pool. There were also minors who perhaps did not realize what was happening.
“The virgin maiden arrived”, Imane repeated with horror. They were announcing the very young “selection” for that evening.
– Il Fatto Quotidiano, Imane Fadil, il suo libro mai pubblicato: “Io, in quel bordello sotterraneo”

Strange Circumstances Surrounding Her Death

Fadil died on March 1st after a long period of agony as her vital functions progressively shut down. She experienced her first symptoms on January 29th. She was then hospitalized for nearly a month where she underwent a long series of tests as doctors were looking for the cause of her pain. During this time, Fadil told her brother and lawyer that she feared she had been poisoned.
After her death, it was revealed that she was probably poisoned by a “very strange” cocktail of radioactive elements that caused the progressive deterioration of her internal organs. These elements are not freely available to the general public.
On the day of her death, the Judicial Authority seized Fadil’s body and the entirety of her medical records.
When news broke about Fadil’s death, Berlusconi commented:
“It is always sad when a young person dies. However, I never met her this person.”

Saturday, March 23, 2019

San Antonio Bans Chick-fil-A from Airport for donating to churches - that's all.

“Everyone has a place here, and everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport,” Unless that "everyone" has Christian beliefs. Like schools, restaurants, parks, the MSM, et al.

So, donating to churches, as any owner has a right to spend their money where they want to, makes you a fascist bigot? My sons heard nothing but that while in college. I guess when 86% of colleges in the US are run by lesbians, this is what you get. Family oriented hatred.

The San Antonio city council has moved to ban fast food giant Chick-fil-A from the city’s airport because the company is famously supportive of traditional Christian values.

District 1 City Councilman Roberto Treviño entered a motion on March 19 to approve the city’s Food, Beverage and Retail Prime Concession Agreement but added a clause to ban the nation’s favorite fast food company from the list of vendors eligible to open a kiosk at the San Antonio International Airport.

“With this decision, the City Council reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality and inclusion,” Treviño said, according to NBC News 4. “San Antonio is a city full of compassion, and we do not have room in our public facilities for a business with a legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior”

Chick-fil-A was initially set to be one of the airport’s restaurant offerings, but the councilman’s motion came on the heels of a report by extremist organization Think Progress that highlighted the $1.8 million in donations to Christian groups that Chick-fil-A reported to its shareholders.

“Everyone has a place here, and everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport,” Treviño added. “I look forward to the announcement of a suitable replacement.”
Chick-fil-A called the attack “disappointing.”

source Breitbart

from the internet

Not a reason to ban a restaurant ... Chick-fil-A needs to sue the pants off the airport ... this is blatant religious persecution.
There is no chick-fil-a policy against gays....the issue is the owners simply express their belief in marriage is between one man and one woman. They probably are not too keen on adultery either but nobody seems to mind. Everybody is served with a smile. It's really about satanists hating YHVH.
And the owners have every Constitutional right to fund the political and social causes they support and, as so many others have said so well, I hope Chick Fil-A sues to defend its fundamental rights. Meanwhile, SA has lost my several thousands of dollars a year in economic stimulus. Forever. Unless and until it backpedals and apologizes to Chick Fil-A and Christians.

Another hoax attack by a black "woman" (they have to make this stuff up, because it just doesn't happen)_


The British DEEP STATE and their persecution of TOMMY ROBINSON

Russia collusion with Trump...a big fat lie

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,
The Robert Mueller investigation which monopolized political discourse for two years has finally concluded, and his anxiously awaited report has been submitted to Attorney General William Barr. The results are in and the debate is over: those advancing the conspiracy theory that the Kremlin has infiltrated the highest levels of the US government were wrong, and those of us voicing skepticism of this were right.

As we knew we would be.

The contents of the report are still secret, but CNN’s Justice Department reporter Laura Jarrett has told us all we need to know, tweeting, “Special Counsel Mueller is not recommending ANY further indictments am told.” On top of that, William Barr said in a letter to congressional leaders that there has been no obstruction of Mueller’s investigation by Justice Department officials.

So that’s it, then. A completely unhindered investigation has failed to convict a single American of any kind of conspiracy with the Russian government, and no further indictments are coming. The political/media class which sold rank-and-file Americans on the lie that the Mueller investigation was going to bring down this presidency were liars and frauds, and none of the goalpost-moving that I am sure is already beginning to happen will change that.
It has been obvious from the very beginning that the Maddow Muppets were being sold a lie. In 2017 I wrote an article titled “How We Can Be Certain That Mueller Won’t Prove Trump-Russia Collusion”, saying that Mueller would continue finding evidence of corruption “since corruption is to DC insiders as water is to fish”, but he will not find evidence of collusion. If you care to take a scroll through the angry comments on that article, just on Medium alone, you will see a frozen snapshot of what the expectations were from mainstream liberals at the time. They had swallowed the Russiagate narrative hook, line and sinker, and they believed that the Mueller investigation was going to vindicate them. It did not.

I’ve been saying Russiagate is bullshit from the beginning, and I’ve been called a Trump shill, a Kremlin propagandist, a Nazi and a troll every day for saying so by credulous mass media-consuming dupes who drank the Kool Aid. And I’ve only taken a fraction of the flack more high profile Russiagate skeptics like Glenn Greenwald and Michael Tracey have been getting for expressing doubt in the Gospel According to Maddow. The insane, maniacal McCarthyite feeding frenzy that these people were plunged into by nonstop mass media propaganda drowned out the important voices who tried to argue that public energy was being sucked into Russia hysteria and used to manufacture support for dangerous cold war escalations with a nuclear superpower.

Just think what we could have done with that energy over the last two years. Think how much public support could have been poured into the sweeping progressive reforms called for by the Sanders movement, for example, instead of constant demands for more sanctions and nuclear posturing against Russia. Think how much more attention could have been drawn to Trump’s actual horrific policies like his facilitation of Saudi butchery in Yemen or his regime change agendas in Iran and Venezuela, his support for ecocide and military expansionism and the barbarism of Jair Bolsonaro and Benjamin Netanyahu. Think how much more energy could have gone into beating back the Republicans in the midterms, reclaiming far more House seats and taking the Senate as well, gathering momentum for a presidential candidacy that truly threatens Trump instead of 9,000 primary candidates who will probably be selected by superdelegates after the first ballot when there’s too many of them to establish a clear majority under the new rules.
We must never let them forget what they did or what they cost us all. We must never let mainstream Democrats forget how crazy they got, how much time and energy they wasted, how very, very wrong they were and how very, very right we were.

Never stop reminding them of this. Never stop mocking them for it. Never stop mocking their idiotic Rachel Maddow worship. Never stop mocking the Robert Mueller prayer candles. Never stop making fun of the way they blamed all their problems on Susan Sarandon. Never stop reminding them of those stupid pink vagina hats. Never stop mocking them for elevating Louise Mensch and Eric Garland. Never stop mocking them for creating the fucking Krassenstein brothers.

Every politician, every media figure, every Twitter pundit and everyone who swallowed this moronic load of bull spunk has officially discredited themselves for life. Going forward, authority and credibility rests solely with those who kept clear eyes and clear heads during the mass media propaganda blitzkrieg, not with those who were stupid enough to believe what they were told about the behaviors of a noncompliant government in a post-Iraq invasion world. The people who steered us into two years of Russiavape insanity are the very last people anyone should ever listen to ever again when determining the future direction of our world.
*  *  *


As left-wing news outlets were forced to cover the completion of the Mueller report sans high-level indictments (Trump Jr., for example), Rachel Maddow had a grand-mal meltdown after having been forced by MSNBC to cancel a fishing trip and drive in to work on a Friday night.
Maddow fought back tears as she reported on her own collapsing narrative, to which Twitter user 'Karli Bonne' (@kbq2251) posted a video of herself laughing at Maddow's despair.
As the video began to go viral, Twitter suspended her account.
Bonne then tweeted the video from another account (@kbq225) which was quickly amplified by several people, including actor James Woods, who truly gives zero f*cks now that Hollywood has blacklisted him for being openly conservative.
While Twitter's ban of Karli may have backfired due to the Streisand effect (not not the Streisand defect), reactions to Maddow's meltdown have been hilarious.