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A Millennial Job Interview with a feminist

"Everything Is Fake": Ex-Reddit CEO Confirms Internet Traffic Metrics Are Bullshit

"It's all true: Everything is fake," tweeted Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao regarding a Wednesday New York Magazine article which reveals that internet traffic metrics from some of the largest tech companies are overstated or fabricated. In other words; they're bullshit. 
we all lie. it's what we do. all of us. we are CIA.
Pao was responding to a tweet by the Washington Post's Aram Zucker-Schariff, quoting the following segment of the article:
The metrics are fake.
Take something as seemingly simple as how we measure web traffic. Metrics should be the most real thing on the internet: They are countable, trackable, and verifiable, and their existence undergirds the advertising business that drives our biggest social and search platforms. Yet not even Facebook, the world’s greatest data–gathering organization, seems able to produce genuine figures. In October, small advertisers filed suit against the social-media giant, accusing it of covering up, for a year, its significant overstatements of the time users spent watching videos on the platform (by 60 to 80 percent, Facebook says; by 150 to 900 percent, the plaintiffs say). According to an exhaustive list at MarketingLand, over the past two years Facebook has admitted to misreporting the reach of posts on Facebook Pages (in two different ways), the rate at which viewers complete ad videos, the average time spent reading its “Instant Articles,” the amount of referral traffic from Facebook to external websites, the number of views that videos received via Facebook’s mobile site, and the number of video views in Instant Articles.
Can we still trust the metrics? After the Inversion, what’s the point? Even when we put our faith in their accuracy, there’s something not quite real about them: My favorite statistic this year was Facebook’s claim that 75 million people watched at least a minute of Facebook Watch videos every day — though, as Facebook admitted, the 60 seconds in that one minute didn’t need to be watched consecutively. Real videos, real people, fake minutes. -NYMag
"It's all true: Everything is fake," tweeted Pao, adding "Also mobile user counts are fake. No one has figured out how to count logged-out mobile users, as I learned at reddit. Every time someone switches cell towers, it looks like another user and inflates company user metrics."
The New York Magazine article by Max Read goes much deeper, however, asserting; "The people are fake" , "The businesses are fake" , "The content is fake" , "Our politics are fake," and finally "We ourselves are fake."
Tell us how you really feel Max!
For starters Read notes that "Studies generally suggest that, year after year, less than 60 percent of web traffic is human." Some years, "a healthy majority of it is bot." In fact, half of all YouTube traffic in 2013 was bots according to the Times.
The internet has always played host in its dark corners to schools of catfish and embassies of Nigerian princes, but that darkness now pervades its every aspect: Everything that once seemed definitively and unquestionably real now seems slightly fake; everything that once seemed slightly fake now has the power and presence of the real-NYMag
Also of interest, the Times found in their August investigation that there is a flourishing business buying clicks. In fact, one can buy 5,000 video clicks in 30-second increments - for as little as $15, with the traffic typically coming from bots or "click farms."
So what constitutes "real" traffic, Read asks?
If a Russian troll using a Brazilian man’s photograph to masquerade as an American Trump supporter watches a video on Facebook, is that view “real”? Not only do we have bots masquerading as humans and humans masquerading as other humans, but also sometimes humans masquerading as bots, pretending to be “artificial-intelligence personal assistants,” like Facebook’s “M,” in order to help tech companies appear to possess cutting-edge AI. We even have whatever CGI Instagram influencer Lil Miquela is: a fake human with a real body, a fake face, and real influence -NYMag
Read the rest here - including Max Read's thoughts on navigating a world of "deep fakes," bullshit propaganda which purports to "redpill" people to the "truth" of everything, and how utterly fake people have become.

Angela Merkel: Nation States Must "Give Up Sovereignty" To New World Order

ubmitted by
Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty”, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who told an audience in Berlin that sovereign nation states must not listen to the will of their citizens when it comes to questions of immigration, borders, or even sovereignty.

Just another Hildebeast in bed with Satanists
No this wasn’t something Adolf Hitler said many decades ago, this is what German Chancellor Angela Merkel told attendants at an event by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin. Merkel has announced she won’t seek re-election in 2021 and it is clear she is attempting to push the globalist agenda to its disturbing conclusion before she stands down.
In an orderly fashion of course,” Merkel joked, attempting to lighten the mood. But Merkel has always had a tin ear for comedy and she soon launched into a dark speech condemning those in her own party who think Germany should have listened to the will of its citizens and refused to sign the controversial UN migration pact:
There were [politicians] who believed that they could decide when these agreements are no longer valid because they are representing The People”.
[But] the people are individuals who are living in a country, they are not a group who define themselves as the [German] people,” she stressed.
Merkel has previously accused critics of the UN Global Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration of not being patriotic, saying “That is not patriotism, because patriotism is when you include others in German interests and accept win-win situations”.
Her words echo recent comments by the deeply unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron who stated in a Remembrance Day speech that “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism [because] nationalism is treason.”
The French president’s words were deeply unpopular with the French population and his approval rating nosedived even further after the comments.
Macron, whose lack of leadership is proving unable to deal with growing protests in France, told the Bundestag that France and Germany should be at the center of the emerging New World Order.
The Franco-German couple [has]the obligation not to let the world slip into chaos and to guide it on the road to peace”.
Europe must be stronger… and win more sovereignty,” he went on to demand, just like Merkel, that EU member states surrender national sovereignty to Brussels over “foreign affairs, migration, and development” as well as giving “an increasing part of our budgets and even fiscal resources”.

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LinkedIn co-founder funding fake Russian tweets for Democrats

Electric Vehicles? Really?


In order to switch just passenger cars to electric, the US would need to increase its annual electricity production by 50 %.  Understand US electricity consumption today is roughly equal to what it was twenty years ago, due to increases in efficiency.  Adding capacity is staggeringly expensive, and renewables are just not up to the task.  Off the top of my head, I believe the amount of additional electricity production required to be around 2,000TWh.  This compares to total renewable production in the US (don't confuse "capacity" for actual production) of, again off the top of my head, about 50TWh.
If the generators really believed electric cars to be the future, don't you think they would be adding capacity already?  Would companies like The Southern Company not be priced in the toilet due to the massive obligations imposed by the need to build this capacity?  Do you, as a rate payer, wish to pay the cost of abandoning the trillions of dollars worth of functional, oil based infrastructure in order to replicate that capacity in the electric industry?
Do you understand the ampacities involved in the charging of these vehicles?  The faster you charge, the higher the ampacity.  Is 400 volts at 2,000 amps really suitable for consumer products?  Do you wish to charge a Tesla to 80% in 10 minutes?  How about 400 volts at 5,000 amps? Is that safe?  For perspective, if I installed such equipment in an industrial environment, best practice requires that I isolate the switching equipment in an entry restricted Motor Control Center.  Most plants which operate such equipment require a permit and two qualified technicians to be present to even open the door to the equipment.  The widespread introduction of all electric vehicles requires te availability of large scale charging stations.  How about a 20 bay QuickTrip?  400 volts at 100,000 amps? 4MWhs for one installation?  Does that sound feasible to you? Safe? Practical?
And we haven't even begun to address all the small delivery and service vehicles, yet.  All those little six wheelers being driven by delivery outfits, plumbers, electricians and HVAC guys need to be able to fuel on demand frequently, as moving the driver is not the primary purpose.
Oh, yeah.  What about the coming explosion of on demand delivery of small parcels by Amazon and on line retailers.  Are those vehicles also to be electric?  How much more electric production is required for that.
A wholesale switch to electric vehicles is simply impossible today, and will likely remain impractical for the forseeable future.  Have fun with your electric car.  They are cool as hell and fun to drive.  But don't think it is the future, or that you can impose the switch by legislative fiat on an unprepared economy.
 I was at a condo agm a few weeks ago. They addressed the charging of condo owners’ future electric vehicles. They have to spring for the cost themselves. The lawyers at the meeting said that some buildings are installing a backbone for 20 vehicles, but they don’t have the infrastructure to install for more vehicles. They would need a bigger incoming transformer. The 20 tenants would have to pay 1/20th of the the cost for the backbone and then the cost of the charger. It will cost many thousands for the install and metered power to charge up every time. 

Renters will frequently find that owning an electric is not possible, as they cannot install a charging station.  As Musk's vision, and that of the bulk of the futurists who push electrification, is one of a dense urbanization, the power requirements of chargers in residential buildings becomes a hard limitation.  The only way to provide the power, without encountering the limitations imposed by the wire's insulation, is to make open bus bars available, like the famed "third rail" in electrified subways.  I'm not convinced this is a good idea.

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Facebook is an intelligence operation - the proof


Put on the Whole Armor of Yahua

Casting out demons
This is how you deal with these devils and recall Ephesians. I could give you dozens of examples of the effect of this heartfelt prayer in public, against gang stalking satanists. YOU ARE DOING THEM A FAVOR, as it isn't against the person, but the demonic presence with them. This is good and holy work.

This is for all of our Father's elect, put on the whole armor of Yahua, the Torah.

As per Matthew 24, that which I bind on Earth, will be bound in Heaven.
Yahua bene Elohim...I ask and pray on the name and blood of Yeshua that all enemies of you, Yeshua, and ourselves, your sons of Yahua, be protected from all attacks, both human and demonic. That you send them to the dry places, cut the cords between them and the dark principalities in High places, and banish them to Sheol. Return to all those who cast spells, serve darkness, practice deception, and otherwise engage in all manner of wickedness against us here this day and all days.  return to them 100 fold and manner of making, curses, spells, and craft sent against us. I ask this on the name and blood of Yeshua, which as commanded whence so asked, will be honored. Thank you in abundance for your protection and blessings. Amen.

I ask and pray in the name of Yeshua, our King and on whose blood we are redeemed and made children of Yahuah, that all magic, making, spells, hexes, and sacrifices AGAINST MYSELF AND FAMILY, be turned back against all witches and covens.

MATTHEW 9:37-38
37Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly [is] plenteous, but the laborers [are] few; 38Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.

Trump's Plan To Crush CNN

Flat Earth - Camera Trickery From Globe Liars

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The satanic deep state NWO hates President Trump because he is unwinding their black agendas of war, slavery, and poverty - and moral corruption.

Trump is the real deal, one of those rare, irresistible forces of political nature who, by sheer exertion of will, character and – dare I say it – genius, ascends the misty mountaintops despite, or because of, the powerful forces aligned against him. In other words, the Trump phenomenon is an open window of opportunity to salvage what is left of the American political system, and the elite, fully aware as to what is at stake, is doing everything to destroy it.
The reason for belonging to the second camp of thought is twofold.
First, if Trump truly were just another political cutout in the Republican-Democrat, two-party dichotomy, the mainstream media would not be so fiercely committed to destroying this man and everything he stands for. It’s no exaggeration to say that never before in US history has a political leader attracted so much vitriolic, spleen-bursting venom from the so-called Fourth Estate, itself just another compromised arm of the deep state. Not only is he vilified 24/7 in nearly every mainstream media outlet, with Fox News as perhaps the only major exception, the attacks continue when the sun goes down and the merchants of late-night ‘comedy’ take over, spinning their tired anti-Trump ‘jokes’ night after shameless night. When has comedy in America ever been so mean-spirited? The same could be said of Hollywood, where the award ceremonies have turned into marathon hate rallies. Meanwhile, even across the pond in Britain the anti-Trump crusade continues, which seems rather odd given that a foreign country would be expected to present a more balanced version of reality. This concerted attack on one individual suggests something more than hate and loathing; it has the smell of palpable fear.
Another reason to believe that Trump is the real deal is because if he were just another political stooge, doing the bidding of special interests, then certainly we’d have been at war by now. It is easy to forget since the media never mentions it, but America has not experienced such a dry spell in full-blown military action like this for many years, since Barack and Hillary destroyed the most developed country in Africa and called it a peace.
Kimmel...satanic wanker
And who could forget how giddy the establishment became last year when Trump gave them their first taste of bloodshed with a limited missile strike on Syria? Hopeful of a military conflict, neo-Liberal wolves in sheep clothing, like CNN analyst Fareed Zakaria who declared that “Trump became president last night” following the unauthorized strike on the sovereign state. MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, not to be outdone, referred to the “beauty” of the nighttime airstrike three times in 30 seconds.

Today, the ‘peace-loving’ Liberals have once again betrayed their true colors, not to mention masters, by rebuking Trump for having the audacity to bring our troops home from a warzone.
Does all of this mean that Trump – who may have been compelled to withdraw from Syria as an act of vengeance against the Deep State for not only pursuing him with ‘Russiagate’ for the last two years, but for refusing to fund his Mexican Wall - will continue to endorse non-military solutions to global problems? Not at all. In fact, we may actually live to see more militaristic mayhem under this president than from his predecessors.
Already, the situation between Ukraine and Russia, for example, where Kiev is deliberately provoking Moscow, looks ripe for some sort of escalation of events that could trigger a chain reaction of unfathomable consequences.
Whatever the case may be, one thing looks certain right now, and that is Trump’s newfound desire to unilaterally call the shots in his presidency. The Deep State must now be rightly wondering what Trump could do next: order the US military to build his wall on the Mexico border? Initiate indictments against the Clinton Foundation over “pay to play” allegations, among other things? Shut down the Federal Reserve and bring back the US Treasury to print America’s money supply, as called for in the US Constitution? Everything is now on the table as far as Trump’s options go, and that must certainly be of no small concern to the powers-that-be in Washington DC.

source zerohedge

Buggles to all and to all, a good day!

Today is NOT Yeshua's birthday. However, any time you honor the sacrifice, is a good day.

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God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen - Triggering satanists all day long

Gay bars using 10 year old boys to strip

When they trot out the little boys...the fag bars are PACKED with gay pedophiles. Packed. Of course, these young boys come from gay marriage couples who adopt, with the blessing of the state, and sign performance waivers for the young boy. Turns out, for a very high fee, you get to spend some time with the boy behind the curtains.

Here is your satanic/liberal utopia. Destroying the lives of young children as pedo-parents adopt children and raise them as mentally ill prostitutes.

This is the big rage with fag bars. This is happening in every single city that has at least, one fag bar.

Ten year old boys...

And these liberal freaks think THEY have the high ground?

Your mother sold you into slavery and your globohomo pedo-parents took it from there.

There was a time, when we actually cared about this kind of thing, when all involved would be thrown in jail for a thousand years. Now they are celebrated as being "progressive."

White slavery is white slavery, and here is your proof it not only goes on, but its lauded by liberal governments everywhere.

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A fellow awakened soul writes

Diversity & Comics posted

This video about YouTuber Matt Christiansen talking with Patreon’s Jacqueline Hart has convinced me to close my Patreon account ASAP.
This discussion with an employee of Patreon is deeply disturbing on many levels. Patreon is (or was) a very simple service. A way for creative people to receive funds from backers. My Patreon backers provided initial funding for my IRON SIGHTS graphic novel (and received a free PDF of the book as a reward).
But Patreon has made the stupid decision to jump on the SJW bandwagon in order to appease zealots. Patreon is now investigating and punishing people who use their platform. Not just for their behavior on the platform, but for all of their behavior in their entire life. This is ridiculous. I don't remember joining a religion when I signed up for this platform. I never noticed anyone at Patreon holding any sort of unquestionable moral authority. They are a simple financial service. Or at least they were.
Jordan Peterson has announced that he is launching an apolitical replacement for Patreon soon.
He says it will launch within a week or month, but it may take longer. I don't care. I'm leaving Patreon at the end of the month (or sooner). I just wanted to give my backers the chance to un-back me first. Several of my backers have already done so and they wrote to me to explain they were leaving because of the actions of Patreon, not for anything I did.
Thank you to everyone who has backed me on Patreon since I started this account in Summer of 2017. I appreciate you all and hope to see you on the replacement that Jordan Peterson cooks up.
Thank you,
Richard begins

Our Spiritual World: The Angel that is also a ...: This is what you get when you get a really good zoom on a camera or a telescope, or both. The twinkling sta...


The Reality of The Stars Youtube has blocked this video worldwide from being shown. It has zero views. Stars ARE NOT GASEOUS BALLS, BUT ANGELS

Neighbor spying on my computer This is how they do it

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California Ammo Law Coming in 2019! Get Ready

Moon Hoax , Who is getting hosed

Chimera witchcraft

Anthony Bourdain was exposing the Illuminati. Cast of the show "Friends" would shout HAIL SATAN during film breaks.

Man Ejected from British boxing title fight for wearing a Union Jack UK flag

In Muslim countries, Christians are crucified...daily...for giggles

And passersby are encouraged to torture them. It's, oddly enough, the women that are the most vicious.

The Daily Messenger: Domestic Terrorism Bill Targets Patriot Groups and...

The Daily Messenger: Domestic Terrorism Bill Targets Patriot Groups and...:  Their Goal is to label all violent deaths of brown race people, Muslims and Jews as Acts of Terror by “White Supremacist Patriots”, inclu...

Passengers Killed on Crashed Russian Plane Include CFO of Rosatom/UraniumOne and Russian Source for Christopher Steele's "Dossier" against Trump

The Daily Messenger: Passengers Killed on Crashed Russian Plane Include...: "Dossier" against Trump Sunday, 11 February 2018 22:46 33 Comments As most the world knows by now,...


Homeless Round Up Has Begun Depopulation Agenda

Witches vs Christian women

Be honest.

Which girl would you want your son to bring home to meet the parents?

The nasty, blood drinking, dildo and orgy banging, hideous examples of a worst kind of carnival freak show OR a smart, pretty, well-groomed and clean cut young lady with a future?

If you have to think about it, then it's time to start rethinking your life.


I'd say the satanic agenda has done its job. But, NORMAL men and women are having none of it.

The 50 year plan is near completion, they have all but banned the bible and Christians from the west. And replaced it with nasty gay and lesbian hookers with no shame

Incels: women making them

Fake SpaceX landings

The Daily Messenger: Proof that (satanism) liberalism really is a menta...

The Daily Messenger: Proof that (satanism) liberalism really is a menta...: Wife has affair with another man, soy-boy raises child. wife continues to have affair, no kidding, so she can "express herself and ...


Thursday, December 20, 2018

Trump ends two separate wars we are involved in: Syria and Afghanistan


After 17 long years with no end in sight.

We are finally ending our wars of commercial exploitation in Syria and Afghanistan. Both highly illegal, lied to get in wars, that only controlled the heroin trade for the CIA and the other, to please Israel and Globalist plans.

Trump has done what JFK would have done had they CIA and the satanic cabal hadn't killed him.

God bless you for being a peacemaker, Mr. President.

Debunking Flat Earth 101

Monday, December 17, 2018

Why Everything You Think You Know About the Lincoln Assassination is Wrong: Part II

I know what you must be thinking here: “How the hell could you leave Francis Tumblety out of the previous post? Compared to him, guys like Boston Corbett, Henry Rathbone and Edwin Stanton seem perfectly sane. And whose name was in the news in a weirder way in the years following the assassination than the esteemed Dr. Francis Tumblety? And in addition, doesn’t he deserve honorable mention for the ridiculous facial hair alone?”
I can’t really argue much with any of that. I think it was probably a subconscious omission so that I would have something really good to start this post with. Because as stories go, the Francis Tumblety story is pretty damn good. And seriously strange. But before getting to that, I must also quickly add Father Wiget to the list. Not much can be dug up on him other than that he was assigned as Mary Surrat’s spiritual adviser during the brief period that she sat in her cell waiting to be executed, and he died shortly thereafter.
Moving on now to the man of the hour, Francis Tumblety was arrested on May 5, 1865, on suspicion of being complicit in the plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. Tumblety was an associate of – and by some reports a sometime employer of – executed conspirator David Herold. His arrest was ordered by Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. To be fair to Tumblety though, it should be noted that he was only one of some 2,000 people who were arrested as possible conspirators. That’s how things work in a democracy, you see – falsely imprison first, ask questions later.
The esteemed Dr. Francis Tumblety
In any event, Tumblety was held for nearly a month before being released on May 30, 1865. Prior to his arrest, he had lived a very colorful life. Born circa 1833 and raised in New York, Tumblety was widely viewed as a charlatan and a kook. While still a minor, he reportedly peddled pornographic materials. He soon transformed into a quack “Indian herb doctor” who was run out of various parts of the country for running cons. In one reported case, he was directly involved in the death of a ‘patient,’ though he suffered no repercussions for his actions. According to one account, he kept a collection of human uteruses on display in his Washington, DC home.
Some twenty-three years after his arrest in Washington, Tumblety took up lodging in, of all places, a boardinghouse in London’s Whitechapel district. He was identified at that time, and has been identified by various researchers since that time, as being a prime suspect in the still unsolved Jack the Ripper murders. Following an arrest on November 7, 1888 for “gross indecency,” Tumblety fled the country on November 20 under an assumed name and quickly made his way back to the US, where he died some five years later.
What are the odds, one wonders, that the very same guy would be suspected of involvement in two such completely different and seemingly unconnected crimes? Two crimes separated by a vast ocean and the passage of nearly two-and-a-half decades? Probably about the same odds that a guy like John Phillips would have connections to both the Black Dahlia murder and the Manson bloodbath.
Pictured below is the single-shot derringer that, according to the legend we all know so well, John Wilkes Booth used to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. One of the most iconic pieces of historical memorabilia that this country has to offer, it has been displayed for decades, viewed by millions, and written about by thousands. But after the passage of 149 years, it doesn’t appear that anyone has ever thought to question why Booth, an intelligent and educated man by all accounts, would choose such a ridiculous weapon to take with him on his mission.
Let’s imagine that it is the evening of April 14, 1865, and you are John Wilkes Booth. Your mission is to assassinate the president. In a crowded theater. In the middle of Washington, which, at the time, is heavily fortified and militarized. Because there is, you know, a war going on. And the enemy’s base of operations – in Richmond, Virginia – is only 100 miles away. So the nation’s capital is crawling with armed military personnel, armed police patrols, and armed thugs in the employ of Baker and Stanton.
Your mission then is not going to be an easy one. The president is under armed guard, or at least he’s supposed to be. He’s also supposed to be in the company of General Ulysses S. Grant, who is known to always be armed. Of course, Grant has fortuitously opted to get the hell out of Dodge just hours before he was to have accompanied the Lincolns to the theater, but you shouldn’t have any way of knowing that, just as you shouldn’t have any way of knowing that Parker will desert his post. And there will be no shortage of other armed personnel in Ford’s Theater, including Army Captain Theodore McGowan (no relation), who is seated very near the door to Lincoln’s box seats.
So you have to assume that you’re going to have to get past at least two armed attendants, and probably more, to get to the president. And you’re going to have to do that without firing a shot, since you only have one and you will need to save that for Abe. And since the only realistic chance you have of actually killing Lincoln with your wildly inaccurate weapon is by sneaking up behind him and delivering a contact wound to his head, you’re going to have to get past any guards without making any noise. And since Grant is supposedly also on the hit list, you’re going to have to kill him as well, which I guess you’ll have to do by bludgeoning him with your empty gun. That should work out pretty well.
Ford’s Theater, circa 1865
You’re not on a suicide mission, by the way, so even if you somehow manage to successfully assassinate the president, and presumably General Grant as well, you’re still going to have some major problems on your hands. First of all, you’re going to have to make your escape from a theater full of people, many of them armed. Because in April 1865, the beginning of the era that will be mythologized as the ‘Wild West’ days, there are guns everywhere and everyone is packing heat. And you, of course, will have blown your wad and will be unarmed.
If you somehow manage to make your way out of the theater, then you will face the daunting prospect of making your way out of the city and across the Potomac. And as I may have mentioned, DC is swarming with armed soldiers, armed spies and armed police, as well as armed citizens. And your only means of defending yourself will be with a dagger, which probably isn’t going to be very effective.
Your goal is to reach the Navy Yard Bridge, which will get you across the Potomac and to relative safety. But even if you reach it, you’ve still got a big hurdle to overcome: the bridge has a strict curfew and the armed guard is under standing orders not to allow anyone to cross without explicit authorization. If you attempt to cross without anyway, you will be shot. A gun might come in handy, but you won’t have one.
The Navy Yard Bridge, John Wilkes Booth’s passage out of town
To recap then, you have set a very ambitious goal for yourself. You must first get to the president, who is sitting in a private box in a crowded theater with at least two armed attendants. You must then kill the president with a single shot, because your weapon doesn’t allow for second chances, and also somehow kill General Grant. You must then, in an unarmed state, make an escape first from the theater and then from the city, and you must get past an armed guard at the bridge. And you have to do all of that with just one bullet. It’s hard to see how anything could go wrong with such a brilliant plan.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are other weapons available. Weapons better suited to your mission. And as an alleged Southern operative, you should surely know that. It was, after all, Confederate guerilla groups that pioneered the shock-and-awe tactic of using overwhelming force in the form of multiple revolvers. We’ve all seen images of Wild West gunslingers riding hard with their reins in their teeth, six-shooters blazing in both hands. It’s only natural to dismiss such images as a hackneyed Hollywood creation. But strangely enough, it’s actually not. Rebel groups like Mosby’s Rangers and Quantrill’s Raiders really did train to do exactly that. And they wore custom-made holsters that could hold as many as six revolvers, three on each side. That allowed them to get off as many as 36 shots before their overwhelmed Union adversaries, armed with muskets, could reload and get off so much as a second shot.
Those semi-mythical figures in American history that we know as Frank and Jesse James, and Jim, Bob, John and Cole Younger, and Bill, Grat, Bob and Emmett Dalton, learned the skills they later employed as Wild West ‘outlaws’ while riding with the likes of William Quantrill and “Bloody Bill” Anderson. But that’s not really the point here – the point here is that revolvers are easy to come by and might serve you better than a nearly-worthless single-shot derringer. And according to the official story, you definitely have access to at least two of them (pictured below).
There are other things you might want to consider as well, such as not committing the crime as John Wilkes Booth. You are, after all, a famous stage actor, which means that you are also a wardrobe and makeup guy. Because in your era, you and your contemporaries have to handle those duties yourselves, so you travel with a couple large trunks full of stuff like wigs and fake beards. You could easily don a convincing disguise so as not to be easily recognized. Then you don’t have to worry about getting out of the city alive; all you have to do is make it out of the theater, quickly ditch the disguise, and then you can circle around and rejoin the crowd at Ford’s without arousing any suspicion at all.
And you do, after all, have a lot at stake. Even if you manage to make an escape from DC, your lifestyle and career will be distant memories. All the fame, all the female adoration, all the success, all the wealth … it will all be gone if you commit the crime as John Wilkes Booth. So you might want to put on a disguise. And replace that derringer with a revolver or two. And maybe bring an accomplice or two along for additional firepower. You have quite a few co-conspirators to choose from.
You also might want to reconsider whether Ford’s Theater is the best place to do this. According to numerous historians, Lincoln has a bad habit of ignoring advice from aides and strolling around Washington unescorted at times, leaving him seriously vulnerable. That might make it a bit easier to successfully pull this off.
Fanny Brown, one of Booth’s many paramours
In summary then, your best bet is probably to make the attempt on Lincoln’s life when he is alone and unprotected. And you should probably bring along some more impressive firepower, just in case. If you are determined to do it in the theater, you should don a disguise and bring along a couple other gunmen in case one or more of you are killed or physically prevented from reaching the president. The dumbest thing you could probably do would be to go it alone, as John Wilkes Booth, and arm yourself only with a derringer. But I guess you can’t argue with success … right?
Meanwhile, one of your comrades-in-arms, Lewis Paine/Payne/Powell, has a difficult task ahead of him as well. His goal is to kill Lincoln’s Secretary of State, William Seward, who is recuperating at his stately manor in the heart of DC after being severely injured in a fall from a horse-drawn carriage just nine days earlier. Seward had suffered a broken lower jaw, a fractured right arm, torn ligaments in his foot, and heavy bruising over much of his body.
The 63-year-old secretary is therefore physically vulnerable, but assassinating him is still not going to be easy. For starters, Paine is going to have to gain access to the estate. Then he’s going to have to find Seward without knowing the layout of the home or which floor or which of the many rooms the secretary is in. And he’s going to have to get past a lot of people, because there are no less than eight other able-bodied adults in the home, five of them men, two of whom are military personnel. And there are readily accessible weapons in the home. And, as I may have mentioned, there are armed patrols all over the city, and they are quite capable of quickly responding to any signs of a disturbance at the Secretary of State’s residence.
The rear view of Ford’s Theater and ‘Baptist Alley’
The attack on Seward has been all but written out of our history books, but in 1865 it was portrayed as an integral component of the plot against Lincoln, particularly during the show trial of the alleged conspirators. It is now mentioned only in passing, if at all. Which is probably because the story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
In the home are: William Seward, the injured Secretary of State; William Bell, Seward’s black servant; Frederick Seward, William’s son as well as his Assistant Secretary of State; Major Augustus Seward, another son and a career Army officer (who will be promoted in a few weeks to lieutenant colonel); Private George Robinson, Seward’s personal attendant (who will be promoted to sergeant in a few weeks); Emerick Hansell, a US State Department courier; Frances Seward, the secretary’s wife (who will be dead very soon); Fanny Seward, his daughter (who will be dead fairly soon); and, finally, the wife of one of the Seward sons.
Payne of course is going it alone, just like Booth, for reasons that have apparently never required an explanation. The five able-bodied men in the house, at least a couple of whom are likely armed, will pose a physical challenge. The three women will pose less of a physical threat, but one or more of them are very likely to run out into the street to summon any nearby patrols. And just the fact that there are so many people in the way will make it extremely difficult for Powell to control the situation.
 Another of Booth’s paramours, this one unidentified
Paine’s mission is not unlike Booth’s; he must enter the building, work his way past any resistance to get to his target, take out his target, work his way back out of the building past any resistance, and then somehow find his way out of Washington. But unlike Booth, Payne won’t have even a single bullet to work with. Instead, he is going in armed only with a bludgeon and a knife. And he’ll be coming out with nothing but the clothes on his back.
Technically speaking, he will be carrying a gun, but it doesn’t work and so is only useful as a bludgeon. In a city overflowing with guns, Paine has chosen to bring one that doesn’t work. Which means that, luckily for the Sewards, no one is going to die.
Paine though is going to leave quite a trail of destruction once he enters the estate, which sits just a half-dozen blocks from Ford’s Theater. Frederick Seward will be left gravely injured, with his head reportedly split open and his skull fractured in two places. Major Augustus Seward will also receive severe head injuries, with one report claiming that he was half scalped. Private Robinson will also be seriously wounded, with deep stab wounds to his chest. Emerick Hansell will receive at least one deep, very serious chest wound as well. Fanny Seward will be wounded as well, in some unspecified manner. And William Seward – who is lying in bed on his back, unable to defend himself – will be brutally stabbed about the head and neck, but will, despite his already weakened condition, miraculously survive.
It is difficult to believe that the attack on Secretary of State Seward ever took place at all. Lewis Paine supposedly gravely wounded six people in hand-to-hand combat, four of them able-bodied men, and yet, as photos taken soon after his arrest just days later reveal, he didn’t have so much as a scratch on him. He supposedly left his hat, gun and knife behind, creating a handy evidence trail, but why would he leave his only weapons behind? He also allegedly left a bloodstained coat with gloves and a fake moustache in the pocket in the woods just outside of DC. Lewis Paine was apparently a very considerate attempted assassin.

 Lewis Paine, April 1865
The descriptions of the conditions of the victims came from the first three people to conveniently arrive at the crime scene: Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles, and Surgeon General Joseph Barnes. You know, just your typical first responders. None of them reported seeing Augustus there. Stanton initially claimed that only William Seward, Fred Seward and George Robinson were injured; Augustus Seward, Emerick Hansell and Fanny Seward were later added to the victim list, apparently so that the prosecution would have suitable witnesses. It was an entire month before Fanny Seward came forward with her account of the attack.
Augustus was later presented at trial as both a victim of and an eyewitness to the attack – the attack that very likely didn’t take place, in the home he wasn’t actually in at the time. His testimony was wildly at odds with that of Robinson, with both men claiming that they had been in the room and personally witnessed the attack on William Seward. Not only did their accounts significantly differ, but neither really explained why it was that with the two of them in the room, and with Frederick and Hansell in the home as well, they were unable to defend the secretary.
This remarkable image of Paine, captured in April 1865, has been lovingly colorized
It is impossible to determine whether the alleged attack ever took place, but it appears extremely unlikely. It does not seem logistically possible for one barely armed man to have done what Paine is supposed to have done. And it doesn’t seem physically possible for him to have done so without sustaining a single visible injury. There is no tangible evidence that Paine ever entered the home. The only ‘evidence’ that has ever existed is the dubious (and conflicting) accounts told by the alleged victims and by the high-ranking cabinet officials who just happened to be first on the scene.
Let’s now briefly review the key elements of this story: two assassins; three targets; numerous people to get through to get to those targets; numerous other people to get by to flee the scene; a city essentially under martial law; and one – exactly one – bullet. Anyone see anything wrong with that scenario?
… to be continued

Thursday, December 13, 2018

What Happens When Cities Make Homelessness a Crime: Hiding The Homeless

The Modern witch....lesbian and covered in sigils

Open borders...

California To Tax Text Messages

California regulators are passing a flat tax on text messaging which would help fund a program to make phone service available to illegal aliens, according to the San Jose Mercury News, citing a 51-page report released by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).
Typical texter
The tax would likely be a flat fee added to a customer's monthly bill, instead of a per-text tax - and could be applied retroactively for five years

So, every text you sent in the last five years, you will soon get a bill from your local county to pay up. Pay.

Pay now.

You know...the constitution FORBIDS ex-post facto laws. They are both immoral and illegal. Except in California.

In Kommi land...tearing our beloved Republic's constitution into tiny pieces is and always was, the satanic plan.

Because you have RIGHTS with the Bill of RIGHTS.


"Have They Learned Nothing?" - The End Of France As We Know It?

Authored by Tom Luongo,
When an event grabs headlines like the protests in France have I temper my reactions to it.  I didn’t give the Yellow Vest protests much thought at first wanting to see where they would lead.
Protests like this and even bigger ones like Catalonian independence are invariably betrayed by the European political establishment.  They become an excuse to move towards tighter control — more cops, more surveillance, crackdowns on free speech, etc.
So, sometimes it’s hard to separate the manufactured reality show from the spontaneous uprising of human frustration.
But after the past two weekends of violent protests, after the French government backed down on the new diesel tax which was the inciting incident of this story, it’s safe to say this is real and there is real fear brewing among the political elite of Europe.
As Rev. Steve Turley points out in this video, the media across Europe and the U.S. are scared of where this leads.

A return of national sovereignty across Europe is no longer coming.  I think it’s here.  This can no longer be stage-managed as a relief valve of the massive discontent at neoliberal policies rammed down Europeans’ throats as it has in the past.
Something far more significant is here.  They can’t cordon off this movement in France and use it to demonize the leadership and, by extension, the people.
It’s jumped borders.  It’s part of the zeitgeist now.
No matter how many times rags like The Guardian, Der Spiegel and Politico call these people ‘far-right’ or ‘alt-right’ and link them to Nazism it doesn’t stop them because the protestors don’t see themselves that way. 
And well they shouldn’t because they aren’t.
Macron made numerous mistakes in handling this protests.  But the biggest one was opening up his conversation with the French people with the same, tired insults used in the past to smear them and sow division.
Have they learned nothing in the past three years? 
Brexit was not a fluke.
Trump was not a fluke. 
Salvini isn’t a fluke. 
Orban isn’t a fluke.  
France is not a fluke.
These elections represent gut level revulsion to the path the political and economic discourse is on.  And crying Nazi wolf too many times eventually gets you eaten.
These people are sick of the corruption and demand results, not words.  Not campaign speeches, but results. 
And if these men don’t deliver quickly they will be on a short leash.  A very short one in Macron’s case.  Because it isn’t like 35% of France wasn’t willing to turn hard away from the status quo last year and vote for Marine Le Pen.
Macron was sold as the outsider, the reformer, who wasn’t in office a week before he began betraying the people who voted for him.  And now he’s stuck.
The media turned against him quickly because they know he is done.  Their job now will be to prep the narrative to puff up his replacement.
Kicking the can down the road means replacing the old boss with a new boss who is also just another globalist, neoliberal shill.
It’s what’s happening in Germany as Angela Merkel passes the torch of the CDU to a woman even more on board with Merkel’s agenda than Merkel was.
Theresa May’s attempted cynical betrayal of Brexit could actually fall apart as parliament looks ready to *gasp* do its job.
We’ve become used to France being the epicenter of nearly all the bad ideas coming out of Europe for decades.  But, that may be changing rapidly for the better. 
The villain always looks unbeatable when the second act closes and yet, more often than not, the heroes eventually prevail.  The French people are ready for something different.  They’ve donned vests and gas masks, picked up live grenades and thrown the crumbs Macron has thrown them back in his smug face.
Now the question is, what comes next?  Because political unrest leads to financial unrest really quickly and the market hasn’t even begun pricing France into Europe’s evolving troubles.

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Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within...

Brigitte Gabriel gives FANTASTIC answer to Muslim woman claiming all Mus...

MOSSAD-RUN False Flag Shooting In France UNCOVERED

PARIS, France – Sources claim that earlier today, Israeli Mossad, by faking YET ANOTHER mass shooting in Strasbourg, tried to put an end to the “Gilet Jaune” (Yellow Jacket”) movement which is seeking to expose and end Zionist control of France and Europe.
The suspect, allegedly named (((Chekatt Cherif))), was allegedly born in Cherbourg, a city which has long been known for its relationship to Mossad-operated false flags and espionage actions. Further, the name “Cherif” is often believed to be Arabic, but has a long and storied history of being used by Israeli media members and embedded Mossad agents as well.
This “false flag attack then blame the fake Arab” gag is a long running trick used by Mossad and by the Israeli-controlled media whenever public discourse begins to run against them. Remember that the motto of Mossad is “By Way of Deception Shalt Thou Make War”.

Very telling is the fact that Israeli newspapers have been running constant stories openly expressing their concern that the protests will harm the “Zionist Globalist World Order” which Israel has spent decades building by subverting foreign nations through Mossad operations.
Earlier today, Daily Crusader reported on allegations that the “Gilet Jaune” protestors have acquired an armored vehicle, namely a Leclerc French Main Battle Tank, and are prepared to go to civil war against (((Macron and EU’s))) globalist/zionist forces. It is not surprising then, that Mossad would try to sway public opinion against Arabs, especially considering that the protestors have been calling Macron “President Rothschild” and have been calling him “A whore of the jews”:

“Macron is a whore of jews”
Also being reported by sources: the suspect’s apartment contained a large number of Israeli made grenades and several IDF Galil firearms. Also allegedly recovered from the suspect’s apartment were several passports, reportedly including a forged French, and a real Israeli, passport.

For a recent example of a similar Mossad false flag IN THE UNITED STATES, please see the alleged TRUE story of “CESAR SAYOC”, alleged Mossad agent and false flag actor. Please keep in mind that Broward County Sheriff Scott ISRAEL is the one who “dropped the ball” on Sayoc.
Also important to note: (((EU))) lawmaker Nikos Androulakis is one of the alleged witnesses to the crime. Very big coincidence, isn’t it, that the (((EU))) which is being openly rebelled against, had an observer to the shooting? Androulakis said: “The shooting happened in front of us. As I was leaving the cafe, I heard gunshots, police took us inside, and we are now in lockdown with lights off. They told us the perpetrators are still at large. There are families, small children in here.
Sound familiar to the kind of rhetoric (((they))) use in American false flags? That’s because IT IS.

BROWARD COUNTY: Headquarters for Israeli Mossad False Flag Ops and Mass Casualty Events

The Sayanim Must Be Exposed

DEF: Sayanim (sing. Sayan; Hebrew: helpers, assistants) are Jews who live in and often hold the citizenship of lands outside of Israel, but who are recruited clandestinely by the Mossad to assist with its operations.(Source)
SOTN Editor’s Note: The individuals listed below have unfortunately become household names in America.  It’s quite telling, then, that they all share the same county of residence, yes?  How is that possible except by purposeful design?
The latest terrorist crime spree to originate out of Broward County, Florida is alleged mega-bomber Cesar Sayoc.  His MSM story is so crazy and convoluted you’d think it was all made up by, say, a bunch of Hollywood screenplay writers! See: Desperate Deep State Democrats Orchestrate False Flag Bomb Scares Against Liberal Leaders As Midterm Election Ploy
Where is the FBI in connecting the dots where it concerns the obvious about the nonstop terror events in Broward County?  Or, is the FBI both enabling and abetting the multi-decade crime wave originating in that notorious southeast Florida county?
Broward County, it should be pointed out, hosts more Chabad Centers per square mile than any other place on Earth.  These Chabad centers are nests of Israeli Intelligence Service operatives, Secret Service agents and, of course, countless Sayanim.  The MOSSAD practically owns and operates Broward County.

MAGAbomber and Pittsburgh Synagogue False Flag Connections

Video Player
KEY POINTS: It’s quite significant that Fort Lauderdale, the true epicenter of Broward County intrigues and conspiracies, is the de facto LGBTQ capital of the USA, if not the world.  The far-reaching ramifications of this factoid ought to be self-evident in view of the targets and intended repercussions of each false flag terror operation that originates there.  Broward County is well-known for being a deep blue Democrat stronghold for decades.  It’s also a unique melting pot of wealthy liberal Jews, rich Saudi sheikhs, Jeffrey Epstein wannabes, offshore Financiers, Muslim moneymen, ex-Special Forces mercenaries, Sayanim politicos like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and MOSSAD-controlled lawmen like Sheriff Scott Israel.
Chabad Centers – Broward County,Fl


Disgraced former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) is a perfect example of a strategically placed sayanim who has effectively infiltrated the U.S. Federal Government. This video shows just how much power sayanim can wield against law enforcement even in the nation’s capital: Wasserman Schultz Threatens Capital Police With “Consequences” Unless They Return Equipment.
Then there is the extremely explosive and yet unresolved Awangate scandal that DWS was right smack in the middle of. AWANGATE: A CIA Black Operation That Used Pakistan’s ISI To Do The Dirty Work While MOSSAD’s Inside Woman Directs.
The ongoing DWS corruption story only gets weirder as more comes to light about the true extent of her undercover operation in Broward County.  Not only was DWS fired because of her pivotal role in Berniegate — the Bernie Sanders primary scandal that cheated him out of the Democrat nomination — she has also been directly linked to the murder of Seth Rich. See: The Direct Link Between Florida Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Seth Rich Murder
DWS has long acted as the point-person for helping Hillary Clinton achieve her political aspirations.  She has therefore been frequently connected to the multi-decade crime spree committed by the Clintons in both their official and personal capacities.  It has even been suggested that: The many scandals surrounding Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz will likely bring down the Democratic Party.
If just one sayanim can cause so much chaos and corruption within the Democrat Party, imagine how tens of thousands of secret sayanim can conduct covert operations anywhere in the USA to subvert the Republic.
In light of the extensive and well-established sayanim network of Israeli spies throughout America, it ought to be easier to comprehend their degree of involvement with seditious activities that significantly advance the NWO agenda.  In short, these brazen traitors have the whole place locked down; that’s why they don’t even care about their false flag operations and various hoaxes being completely exposed.
Hence, in order to correctly understand who is coordinating the current spate of terrorist attacks throughout the USA since 9/11, one need look no further than Broward County.  It’s also where the globalists plan to steal the FL governor election of 2018.

State of the Nation
October 31, 2018

N.B. The following list of obvious patsies all share a similar fate.  They were selected by their handlers to take the blame for false flag attacks and heinous crimes that shocked the American people.  Anyone of them may be completely innocent of the allegations.  Therefore, we do not wish to prejudice the reader with crimes that these folks may not have committed.
  • Nikolas Cruz (Broward County)
  • Cesar Sayoc (Broward County)
  • Mohammod Atta (Broward County)
  • Raees Alam and Sheheryar Alam Qazi (Broward County)
  • Sam Hyde (Broward County)
  • Jose Padilla (Broward County)
  • Imran Farooq Mandhai (Broward County)
  • Sami Al-Arian (Broward County)
  • James Gonzalo Medina (Broward County)
  • Officials & Agents in Broward County:
  • Scott Israel (Broward County)
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Broward County)
  • David Hogg (Broward County)
Source: (Video Description)
*Thanks to the “impartjewish” YouTube channel for the preceding “Broward County” list.

Parkland Puzzle – Moon Rock Books (More)


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Ron Wyatt's Untold Story: Discovery of Mount Sinai

Open borders, Nimrod, and the Beast system

 Image result for tower of babel
Open borders, Nimrod, and the Beast system

by Don Bradley
December 2018

Since the mid 1980s and far earlier, there has been a huge push—at first in the US—but later, all over the western world, to take and fulfill Albert Pike's satanic vision of their desired end times scenario. A vision horrific to contemplate, once one has all the facts. Their hope is to create as near as possible conditions as they were during the reign of Nimrod. Once this is clearly understood, everything that has happened and will continue to happen since World War 1 and earlier, will make complete sense.

And what was the reign of Nimrod?

He was absolute ruler over the post flood world and was alive when Noah was alive. He knew and lived with the earliest patriarchs of the Hebrew bible as revealed in Genesis, Jasher, Maccabees, and Enoch.

He was the first incarnation of the Beast. One who was, is not, and will be. Daniel

His country was the known world. One language, no borders, a singular dictator with absolute power. The European Union's various buildings all over Europa are bad imitations of the Tower of Babel, showing outright the satanic intent of the EU, the satanic enemy of Yeshua and humanity. Genesis

He is known to us for his burning desire to destroy heaven and act out Lucifer's credo—to ascend past the firmament and invade heaven as the Almighty. His empire was a shining example for every despot since that time until now and beyond. Look to Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, combine them, and you still won't have near the power over life and death this monster possessed. Genesis, Daniel

As folklore and Sumerian texts reveal, he had legions of demons at his beck and call, without satanic ritual, as the other lesser beings had to employ to gain the dimensional assistance of the damned in their personal business. He could and did, summon evil spirits at will.
adam and eve
He possessed the clothes that YHVH made for Adam and Eve, and which Esau stole from him after slaying him one fine day. In point of fact, the masonic leather apron, is the very design Yahua created for Adam to cover his modesty. Masons believe, if they are aware, that the apron once sanctified in black rites, carries a little of this mojo. Very few people know this. These clothes gave him special powers, strength, and protection. But, Nimrod's soul was sour, being the incarnation of Cain. These clothes were not a cloak or pants and what not, but a modest girdle with a leather loin cloth hanging in front. Same with Eve. Native Americans, to this day when wearing ceremonial dress, wear such a loincloth. Esau took Adam's loin cloth, which Nimrod wore over his royal robes, a symbol of his “allegedly” divine right to rule others. However, the spiritual blessing upon the leather imparted and enhanced what Nimrod was as a soul—Nephilim. He grew in physical (a 12 foot giant) and political stature, was of an evil mind continuously, and possessed no mercy towards anyone or any thing.

 Image result for masonic apron

In fact, a great book can be written, both from biblical sources and from ancient historians, regarding the reign of Nimrod. All of it terrible in scope and evil. He literally ruled the world.

But Yahua (YHVH pronounced) had all this well in hand, given the Archon invasion, the resultant Nephilim problem resulting in the flood (see my detailed essays on this material from 2001 on the Spiritual World blog), and the ongoing problem of Canaanite bloodline issues still visible today—people with six fingers and toes, black eyes, a shift to a lizard-like appearance when agitated revealing demonic possession of a high degree. Our Father took out Babel, dissolved the population into 70 primary languages and nation states, and Nimrod's power and rule began to decline. Finally, Esau beheaded Nimrod and hacked him to pieces.

Ding dong, the wicked King is dead.

What many do not know, is that Nimrod's male genitalia was sheathed INSIDE the Apron from Adam. Esau actually had to severe his penis to remove the loincloth. Hence, weeping for Tammuz and his lost...member.


In our time, the Satanic Network of Bankers, covens, intelligence agencies, and millions of lower ranked witches, wizards, and black magic practitioners have conspired—through their equally satanic political leaders—to create conditions as near as possible as it was in the days of Noah...and, Nimrod.

  • One world government
  • No borders
  • Christianity abolished
  • Sanhedrin Luciferanism as the state religion
  • And total obedience to the image of the Beast, Nimrod, in graven images that will see and speak, placed all over the world.
Georgia Guidestones with fresh blood 2014

In Georgia, as many already know, the outline of this endeavor was laid out on sour ground and under blood ritual. People with drones are still finding fresh blood pools on the tops of these granite stones. Which means they are STILL doing the dark rites until they are successful. Go to any world capital, in most countries, and the statues, carvings, and architecture prevalent reveals a near mirror enterprise of what these devils consider utopia. Demons moving among mortals, the elite ruling under a “king,” human sacrifice restored, grottos for rituals built and attended, et al.

Not a very nice future for those souls who love Yahua, Yeshua, and the souls around them and beyond.

But, it is what they are after.

This whole open borders thing isn't about helping migrants. It's about destroying our current world in favor of a recreation of the old one, from thousands of years ago. And the big money, big players, heavy hitters and local witches are having a full court press to make it happen and destroy anyone who stands in their way. When I look at these open border protests, sure enough, in the crowd and always leading it, are the witches. Blood drinking lesbians who hate all that is holy, good, and true. They carry the marks and markings of witches all over their faces and bodies. One look in the eyes seals it.

This is what humanity is fighting, not some left vs right political ideology. That's just a dodge, a cover story, a legend, for the black op. And this is precisely that, a black op. In every sense and meaning of the phrase. Once this is understood, then realize you, the readers of this essay, are now called to battle. Spiritual battle.

I recommend heading the call. It may very well be your last chance to do so.

Having stated all that, we all know that Revelations must be. He gets his kingdom, for a short while, he kills and enslaves his enemies, and then proceeds to commit every blasphemy in the book and the world joins him, thinking they are doing God's work, for is he not god? That will be the GREAT DECEPTION laid upon the minds and souls of humanity. Sorry, not flat earth. That's just a revealing thing. Like the Wyatt revelations proving Genesis real. People will literally convince themselves he is some kind of god in the flesh, for who is like the Beast? They will say aloud and to anyone that listens. All will nod and agree, seeing his wonders, endorsed by demonic “aliens” come to “save” us from our foolish ways. It's all so very droll...and sad.

We know this. You know this.

So, what is the point?

Well, between now and that black day, we have time to make straight the way of Yeshua. That's our job. That is what the fight is all about, nothing else. Nothing. For there is nothing else. Because...Our Father already told us, through Yeshua, then to John, what our end times will be. And it's a horror story beyond all imaginings.

Let us together, make straight the way of the YHVH. I can think of no finer enterprise in our age.

Don, your surfer boy