Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Inquisition has returned...

More and more countries are creating laws that make it illegal to believe in opposition to whatever the government tells them to believe. It starts with the holocaust, but that's only the beginning. Then it will be other topics until we are legislated into blind stupidity or face imprisonment...or death. The inquisition has returned. The dark ages have returned in modern times. Believe me when I tell you this holocaust business is only the beginning, as it is with any new law. Once the laws get passed, they simply will start expanding upon themes, until you find that you have to lie to live. And that is precisely what they want: a world full of liars lying to live. Welcome to the era of evil and the Beast, for it has come upon us.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fox Racing Logo

For years, I've been saying that the Fox racing logo - a brand name for a corporation - is actually a stylized upside-down five-pointed star: the sign of the baphomet, a Satanic thing: an inversion of natural order. For years and years. Yesterday, while flipping through a surf magazine, here is an ad for Fox Racing. With something extra they've added, just to make sure the faithful knew what they were looking at. You see, very often they'll telegraph information in subtle ways as to provide plausible deniability. Only those aware, who pay attention, understand what they are looking at. Stylized black magic path symbology is all around us, everywhere.

Commentary on Zeitgeist Addendum

Be kind to one another…

By Don Bradley

The film in question effectively deals with the fundamental problems of a money-based system of commerce and governance. I found it accurately and simply done, so even a child could understand the basics of this flawed creation. It goes on to mention the inherent divisions of religion and that, at the end of the day, technology is and will be the savior of the human race.

There are problems with that perspective. And important questions that beg asking, that should have been dealt with.

1. Why would any group of men or women create such a system as we have now?
2. What would be their motivations for doing so?
3. Why would anyone pursue a “profits only” outlook on life, at the expense of everything else, the destruction of the human condition, while creating endless suffering and poverty for the remainder of the world?
4. Why would one group of people pit the varying religions against each other as inherent enemies to divinity (our essential oneness with all that is) and their way of life?
5. Why would a small group of powerful people maintain the drug cartels and send cheap drugs to the masses, while passing stricter and harsher penalties for consuming the very drugs they make cheap and plentiful?
6. Why would technology be used to create effective slaves of the majority without their knowledge or consent?
7. Why do the Power Elite who control these evil corporations marginalize those men and women who have moved beyond the limitations of the human form and have, in fact, demonstrated a higher frequency of existence beyond the physical?
8. How can technology in and of itself be the only answer to our problems, when it is the exploitation of technology for dark purposes that only increase human suffering?
9. Why kind of people would do this to other people, get pleasure from doing it, and sleep well at night with the day’s deeds staring them in the face?
10. Why?

And see, we come back to the fundamentals of existence. Soul. I found it ironic that the video opened and closed with Krishnamurti, a person who I’ve been studying since I was 16 years old. I found his early life fascinating, and his story of who he was and how he came to be, amazing. Krishnamurti was a total clairvoyant in the highest sense of the word, who came to disavow the very group—Theosophy—as Satanic fiends intent on using him as a fake Messiah prior to WWII. As he came to awareness of the kind of dark souls he was rubbing shoulders with, he quit the worldwide movement funded by HUGE BANKER DOLLARS and POUNDS to put him on a world stage as the next savior and eventually went to live in seclusion in Ojai, Calif. The network really courted him and was prepping him for his “world mission” and his early years were spent globe trotting to varying groups while ensconced in castles and visited by the Super Elite and Extremely Wealthy of the 1920s. And what he saw among the “enlightened” and “special classes” sickened him.
Krishnamurti knew and understood the inner and outer conditions of life because to him, they were wholly visible. His discourses on emergent technologies and the industrial revolution make lucid reading and are still relevant today. More so, even.
He saw, as I see, the true nature of the soul working through the medium of the bodies. It is our inner divine self that is of moment, rather than the outer material and therefore technological aspect. And that inner self can be motivated by unseen agencies that function just out of phase in the etheric and astral realms. These agencies seek to empower and impress those willing to find connection to whatever serves their appetites.
And if serving your appetites is the sum-total of your existence, then you will find endless empowerment to do just that: feed the carnal self; the outer, the transitory, the thing that gets old and eventually dies off. But know this one immutable fact.
Feeding the lower and outer at the expense of the inner and more real has consequences which then lead to the very conditions we find in the world today!
The answers to the above questions are visible and simple. The Power Elite of our world—now as in times past—have a religion all their own. That religion serves the Dark Spirits who empower the carnal appetites at the expense of the spiritual and therefore divine. For every carnal appetite served stands as an obstacle to the divine within us.
Carnal appetites are greed, lust, power, hate, self-glory, desire, ambition, and so on. Once these dogs are fed, the beauty that defines humanity at its very best withers and dies. For the spirit of kindness dies when malice and hatred are given the day. Compassion ceases to be when ego and self-glory rule the human temple.
As long as those in power who maintain their hegemony with money and force, while serving their carnal selves over the better angels of their inner self, our world will stay in this continuous hell of poverty, slavery, destruction, and suffering.
To close…

Be Kind To One Another…

Bring a smile to your world…

Give courtesy and generosity…

Connect with all that you see, even your supposed enemies…

Connect with yourself, for all you need is within you…

Monday, February 23, 2009

In Search Of...

In Search of…

By Don Bradley

The issue of truth for me is to be in continuous search for it. Whatever and wherever its path leads, must by definition lead to awareness and understanding. Every time someone sees, knows, and ingests any truth on any level, their perception of reality grows abundantly. Providing it’s the truth, rather than a collection of varying fictions presented as truth to create slavery.

We know already that truth is both relative and absolute; providing it’s truth that has avoided the pitfalls and slanders so common to presenting one-sided “truths” or “truths” that are used to manipulate, destroy, and enslave, as so often is the case. Real truth is absolute, timeless, and requires little explanation to reveals its simplicity and beauty. It’s relative because the world, with all its customs, living environments, and educational foundations both in the home and outside of it, tends to color truth into those layers as suits the reality of the individuals wants, needs, and desires. The truth of yesterday has fallen to the greater truth of today.

Very often, Great Truths are attacked on the basis that those who gave out those truths were fictional characters given over as control centerpieces through the medium of religion. Over the decades and centuries, the Great Truths as ascribed to by the personalities known the world over as Buddha, Christ, Krishna, etc, are said to be bogus, simply—because attackers will tell you—these people never existed and anything ascribed to them must be bogus, as well. Everyone knows that you can always find those data sets to reinforce your conclusions and positions, if you spend enough time searching for them. This is especially true of the internet and its vast and varying collections of opinions, statistics, and so on.

It is hoped by those that would deceive, that you won’t realize the very obvious.

Once a truth is released into the world, regardless of its source, it has the enormous power of being able to be self-evident, heart-affirming, and has the amazing power to create epiphanies, release, and open doorways. It’s just the wonderful thing about truth.

The moment we start getting a taste for the truth regarding anything, we find that our appetite becomes insatiable. We want more of that good thing. This is so, because of the aforementioned qualities regarding the truth. We also find that our discernment skills grow ever more in our search for the truth and we then find that we can easily tell the difference between

a small truth interlaced with great lies
simple truth
great truths
simple lies
great lies, and
a small lie interlaced with Great Truths

We learn to pick out the beautiful flower of truth among the field of lies it is so very often surrounded by, especially in our time; where large budgets of governments in the billions of dollars are purposely and with determination, sowing vast fields of lies out in the world through books, the media, and the internet.

One the amazing aspects of our life on earth during this crisis period in which the entire human race finds itself is that with all the great deceptions being deployed against us, there is a tangible energy far exceeding it in power and scope that is here as a balance to it. The Spirit of Truth. A living, breathing, conscious reality that fills the world and touches upon every heart in existence.

In our earnest search for truth we find that we must be the very thing that we seek out. We realize it is our solemn duty to express the very spirit we try to find in the world. And so we do…providing our seeking is in earnest and coupled with sincerity.

Then, to our continual amazement, we also find that we make less noise in the world. We stop becoming the chatterboxes of yore and instead, speak directly, to the point, and of course, honestly. We find that for us, there can be no other way. This is well. For it indicates that the spirit of truth has found a home in our soul and is even now, expressing itself in every possible way that can be.

Good. Very good. Let it be so.

It’s an easy thing to get discouraged by the ugliness permeating the world right now by those men and women who have and are, making it their life’s work to destroy, pollute, deceive, create divisions, and are day and night, filling our planet with every detestable and loathsome expression of our baser characters. It seems there is a limitless expression of greed, hatred, double-standards, and manipulations going on in the world today. The veil of darkness covering this planet at this point in history is unparalleled. Because of this, the balance always being sought out by the divine realities of all life, everywhere, is creating those spiritual torrents which are available to any and all, without discrimination, should they avail themselves to the spirit of the times, high and above, the dark forces moving through the corporeal world today.

It is up to each of us to make those choices that will connect us directly to these freedom-releasing energies, ideas, and awarenesses, and take whatever steps necessary to end the slavery being imposed on ourselves, as well as the world around us. It’s about choice and freewill. I pray that we all make the right ones.

Friday, February 20, 2009

As an ongoing theme of mine to educate regarding how things work, back in October this billboard was put up in a huge intersection in Canyon Country, Calif. Pay close attention to the alignment of the stars in the symbol. Now, as can be seen, at first blush, it just seems like a "get out the vote" thing, and non-partisan. Look again. Especially at the alignment of the stars.

On the republican colored stars, all are normally aligned, 3 points up, 2 down.

On the democrat colored stars, we find that one star is upside down.

On the far left you see a stack of stars, the top one being inverted again, indicating a trumping of the divine by the carna materia.

Now, why would someone - who obviously spent a great deal of money designing an placing an expensive billboard at a prime location - make such a blunder as this? Because it was intentional and it's a safe bet that this same billboard was splashed all over the country.

Its purpose? To let the faithful, all across the land, indicate who was coming into office and which party is going to be selected as the winner. This is message sending. And those who understand such things, as well as those men and women who follow the dark path, know that an inverted 5-pointed star is anti-Christ, anti-Spirit, and is the main symbol for Santana, the ancient Arimaic name.

Ironic, isn't it? One one hand, they overtly paint him as a messiah figure, while at the same time signaling to the faithful exactly what he really is.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Barky the False Prophet

As can be seen, even the network controlled chain bookstores are in on the fix, for selling Barky as a messiah. This kind of blasphemy is so patently shameful and beyond the pale, that what can one say at this point?

Early trickery exposed...

This was the campaign poster/flyer/TV ad image used after Barky's VP selection. Notice the soft white light descending from above, indicating a divine blessing from on high? Notice that same diffused white light around their names? They do this because they know that divinely inspired people carry this soft light about them, in varying shades. Notice his campaign symbol, which is yet another nimbus of glory motif.
All these combine to sell, sell, sell that here comes the savior to America's problems...HOPE...CHANGE...are the chanted words, along with his name, at his rallies and so forth. They plant the crowd with shills to start the chanting, and an emotional crescendo of energy builds. The folks at the crowds liken the moment to a religious experience and for them, it was. Because any time you brainwash a group of people you've gathered into one spot into believing your man is divinely sent to "save" you, the energy forms built create these powerful matrixes kindled out of the combining energies of everyone present.
You see the same things at rock concerts, but in a lessor degree.
It's all a con, a manipulation. The moment you stop thinking and fall into the raging river of cheap emotionalism and sentimentality, you are gone. The key is to stay centered, focused, and if needs be, ask for your own divine inspiration to see things as they really are. Then, you'll be the one who will see the truth of things, rather than become victim to the created false prophet fictions so craftily put out by the dark side.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What was, will be...What will be, was

By Don Bradley
December 26th, 2008

It’s that time again. 2008 is about finished and we are heading into the next year. As stated last year around this time, ’08 would be the year of destruction, mainly in the financial markets, banking, and industry. Now that these things have occurred, everyone is bemoaning the recession sliding into the depression, which looms over the horizon like the first strains of light at dawn. The bulk of the articles put out by bloggers and the like since summer became autumn are of this ilk: “Woe is us, the sky is falling.”

The economy is dying—by design—and only rich investors are getting paid off. As anyone knows, the economy has little to do with bankers and Wall Street, and everything to do with real and living wages that allows the mainstream population a chance at making purchases to sustain life in our cities. But this information won’t be forthcoming on the evening news. The media is selling the lie that GDP has everything to do with saving rich investors because rich investors ARE the media.

With falling wages and jobs eliminations (ongoing since 1990 by outsourcing) those jobs that are left that have any real future are mostly in the government sector, medicine, and service. Even those are barely enough to keep the engine of commerce running, when unemployment is really running at 14-22%. In some areas, it’s even higher. Couple the above with the reality of retail store closures on a scale of magnitude unheard of since the 1930s and the picture becomes ominous indeed.

And this is Europe, as well as North America. And Japan, and China, and so on…
In short, it’s a global phenomenon, but America stands out as unique as being the one country with which controls the fate of the others, mainly due to the US dollar being the reserve currency of the world. Even that is going to change, in the coming years.

Even though the two-front wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are just meat-grinders for human lives, America and Israel is ramping up for yet a third and fourth war with Iran and Pakistan. Actually, when you look at a map of the Middle East, it’s really ONE BIG WAR, on several different fronts. Everyone expected WWIII to start off with some big flashy continental war, but like WWII, its occurring one country at a time, until the whole continent is in flames; as is happening now. A false flag for either the US or Israel will only accelerate the violence, rather than start it. For it has already begun, and for many years now, as everyone knows. Once enough Islamic countries are embroiled in this expanding theater of death, ancillary countries that are allied to those already under invasion and attack by the western nations will step up to the plate to resist the Axis of Evil’s intentions.

This too, is by design. All of it is. Every bit of it.

You see, when you look at the leadership of the countries being attacked, they are just are black and in the “network” as those leaders who are doing the attacking. It’s just one big scripted drama; only the rank and file citizens are in the dark, being lied to by their respective governments, and being used as cannon fodder for the war machine.

And those deluded souls who wrongly believe that a change in window dressing by Obama is going to change anything are about to get a quick lesson in things like the following

1. A draft. Mainly for poor whites, blacks, and other races of color.
2. A national ID card, complete with biometrics.
3. National gun confiscation.
4. An international depression. Far exceeding anything the Great Depression ever did, mainly because of all the seizures of the various governments by any and all open lands, as was not the case in the 1930s. Surveillance is state of the art these days, also non-existent in the 1930s. Where, after all, are all the lost souls going to go, when they have no job, no food, and no home? Well, Obama—or rather the network—has a plan for that eventuality. Civilian labor force and mandatory military conscription, to fight all those “evil Muslims” over there.

I’ve often wondered why the 2nd false flag in America hadn’t yet occurred. They’ve certainly been ready legally to do what they will, given the destruction of the constitution and civil rights in almost every country since 911, the Madrid train bombings, and other false flags enacted upon the world stage for the simple minded and those still sleeping. The Gestapo, er, I mean Homeland Security has had 7 long years of development and staffing with billions at their disposal to effectively put an iron boot on the neck of the population. I know it’s coming, because I’ve seen it. Many times. Smoking cities, the blacked-out bus windows carrying Americans to nameless camps for “processing.” And over and over again. I’ve always tried to find some visible marker in these “seeings” that would help me identify the time and locale, but to no avail. It had occurred to me a long time ago that it really wouldn’t be one singular event, but rather a series of events, each more devastating than the one before it. Like 911, it was many different events during a single day. These will be similar.

The worst of things is yet to come. In fact, the implosion of the world economy starting this passing year was necessary for the expansion of WWIII to occur, as was the Great Depression, prior to World War II. They need this to convince the billions of souls that they should fight everyone else not like them, the one real sin: That one race, or creed, or religion is better than another. We saw this ploy used with success by every regime in the 20th century and we are seeing again. The west versus the east, the north versus the south, depending upon where you live and your native tongue. Each country is being lied to by its leaders, it’s internal problems and threats to freedom and way of life in danger by someone else—not like them, mind you—“over there.”


This is the truth of things. How it is.

This is Earth. Lessons unlearned; liars and thieves controlling the destinies of the many. Instead of loving our neighbor, we rely upon hate to serve our interests and it’s leading us exactly down the same roads as we’ve been led before, life after life after life.

The ideal set before us: be kind to one another, barely echoes in the hearts of the masses. Instead, its play your neighbor; use them for your personal gain, gain control over them, and seek out power for your own end and increase. We have continuously ignored the divine qualities within ourselves and let the carnal appetites run wild with self-serving egoism and vanity. A simple glance at the magazines and television filled hero worship of plunderers, media whores, and mass-murderers (politicians) contained therein says it all. We worship vanity, power, and money. These have become our gods. And because of it, we are easily fed any lie, any load of nonsense, with which to control our behaviors and directions.

Well then…if that’s what the people want, then they must also want what comes with such a path and life outlook. They must also take what comes with all of the above: dissolution, delusion, and suffering. For that has always been the outcome of any life lived for such carnal realities, whether it be an individual, a nation, or…a planet. If you believe that someone who is a different race is inferior to you, than believe me when I tell you divinity has some surprises in store for you. If you believe money alone will make everything all right, then go ahead and amass all the money you can get your hands on. When it turns to dust, or vanishes like it did for millions of investors this last year, then that false god will finally show itself for what it is and always has been.

Remember this one immutable fact of the corporeal world and this always. Everything is of a time. Everything. Your beauty, your youth, your strength, your money, everything. Circumstances change. For change is the keynote of reality. The only thing that lasts, that you can take with you are those realities involving spirit and your increasing connection with the divine: which, as we already know, is within ourselves, not in some building or outside of ourselves. Connect with the divine within yourself, and you connect with the divine in creation. The two are symbiotic.

For without an inner divine connection that seeks a fuller expression in our lives, we are unable to see it outside of ourselves. And the only way to make such a fuller expression is the take those steps that are the causation of such an increase.
And of course, Love

Increase these qualities and the world will open like an oyster, full of pearls of amazement. All of creation will reveal its glory and its wonder to your eyes, making all the ugliness of wars, depressions, and evil just a minor annoyance. For evil, being in reality an outward and therefore a transitory reality, is of a time, and by the law, will one day pass away. But, you will remain, measure for measure, of all that you put your time and interest in. Certainly, do your mundane realities, as all must, given the nature of life on Earth. See to your responsibilities. While doing so, seek to express the above qualities in your daily and watch the mundane become…wonderful. For it will, in ways beyond imagining. For all of life is here to teach us, reveal to us, and to grow us into wonderful shining souls worthy of every great wonder. It’s up to us to make good on that gift of life, whatever our station and circumstance, and announce to creation: I am here. I will be. I seek love. I will know. I will see. I am.

And life will respond in full, measure for measure.

Chemtrails: still gassing the population

Monday, February 9, 2009

The beach will get you through times of no money,

DB finishing a ride

Holocaust denial

"Holocaust denial is only a crime because the defenders of the orthodoxy are so terrified of an honest and open examination of the issue.
Throughout history, all hoaxes were perpetrated int the context of their own times; what the hoaxer could get away with. When Ramses The Great lied to his people about the battle of Kadesh he did so because in his time, few if any Egyptians had the means to travel to Kadesh (which actually remained under Hittite control) and find out for themselves what happened, and those few Egyptians who did know the truth had no means to get the word out to their fellow Egyptians, who were being brainwashed by the carvings on the temple walls.
But today, because of the ease of travel, and the internet, it is common knowledge that Ramses was male-cow-manuring his own people.
Over the years, many of the claims made regarding the horrors of the Nazi slave labor camps have come under re-examination as new technology becomes available.
As one example, there were claims that the Nazis were making soap out of the dead bodies of their Jewish victims. When the story first surfaced in 1943 as part of a fund raising tour by Russian Jews seeking aid to rebuild Russia, there was no way to verify it. As new science and technology came along, surviving bars of soap were tested and found that far from being made from the fat of human victims, the soap was a typical wartime soap made with very little fat at all. Later DNA tests showed the fat was not from humans, but from pigs (a serious embarrassment to those who had buried bars of the soap in Jewish graveyards).
Then there was the story about the human skin lampshades. This story went that the wife of a camp commandant obtained the skin from the camp's victims and used it as a crafts material for lampshades, gloves, and so forth. Again, at the time there was no way to verify the story. But as science developed new methods, the lampshades and gloves were found to be made of goatskin, a common craft material of the time.
The there were the claims of mass graves at Treblinka. Over 800,000 victims of the Nazis were claimed to have been buried there. But one of the grave sites abuts a water well, and when testing of the water failed to detect any of the contamination which would result from burying thousands of bodies near a water well (the water should have been lethal to drink), the story was revised to claim that as war's end, the Nazis had dug all those 800,000 bodies up and cremated them to conceal the evidence of their crimes. Again, as science progressed this story came into doubt as there was no trace of the vast amount of combustion residues which would have permeated the site of such a huge fire. And finally, ground penetrating radar, which certainly did not exist back when this story was first told, proves that the area where the graves are supposed to have existed has never been disturbed. The strata remains as it was laid down by the glaciers during the last great ice age.
Time makes ancient truth uncouth, and as new science comes along it is the normal practice to apply that science to the world to refine, and in some cases revise, what we know of our history. New technologies are being applied to the wreck of the Titanic, to determine what role the quality of metal played in the disaster, as one example. Seeking to know more about what we know is a natural instinct for humans.
Except, of course, in this one area of history. And it is the sheer weight of political force brought to bear to silence those who ask questions which most advertises that there is something being hidden from us all.
There is nothing that is beyond re-examination using new technologies. There is nothing above question. That we only just now learn that Tutankhamen had an impacted wisdom tooth does not bring about the end of Egypt. It's just scholarship. Even the much venerated Shroud of Turin has been subject to re-examination by science. The results were not as hoped for, but for those who hold truth to be the most valuable commodity we have, the outcome was still positive; we know more today than we knew yesterday.
Frankly, as we watch the political bludgeoning of Bishop Williamson by the defenders of the orthodox account of WW2 it becomes obvious that they are afraid, intensely afraid, which means they KNOW they defend a story which, like Ramses tale of victory over the Hittites, will not survive objective re-examination. Every act, whether it is the jailings of Zundel and Rudolph, the wrecking of academic careers, and now the imposition of Jewish religious will over the Vatican; each and every action is an advertisement that here is a question that cannot be allowed to be asked.
We do not arrest people who think Elvis is still alive. We do not send people who claim to have seen Bigfoot to jail. We do not wreck the careers and finances of those who claim they had sex with little green critters on board a UFO. Only on this one topic is refusal to conform to the 'revealed wisdom' so fraught with peril!
Look at where all the cover-ups overlap. Look for that most protected point. Look for that focus where even bitter enemies come together to conceal, and there you will find lurking the greatest lie of modern times; as great a lie as when the Pharaoh of Egypt claimed to have won a war against the Hittites.
Let the truth be told, though the heavens may fall.

from WRH