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Scott Kelly Confronts "Bubbles in Space" ... AGAIN! [We Are Change Orlan...

Questions About the Mail Bomber

I Found This Creepy Documentary Again

When The Enemy Doesn't Hide His Plans Anymore You Should Pay Attention

38%, (or 96..3 million people), of the American work force is currently without a job

Unless you are gay, lesbian, Tranny, or sainted minority. These groups are the only ones being hired by anybody, especially state and federal government.

If you are white, and are part of the 92% of the population, you better know someone who likes you or have your own business. No one else hires whites, except as low paid store help or waiter.

In California, all the living wage jobs we SEE are held by hispanics and varying versions of the LGBTQFKOs. 

And if you are no white and commit a crime, they hide your race and make you "white" You cannot trust the MSM. They are liars hiding all truth

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BREAKING: WATCH as Migrant Invader Admits What’s Coming In Caravan On LI...

I Want My Sex Back: Transgender people who regretted changing sex (RT Do...

Will You Please Stop This Ride And Let Me Get Off?

The War on Men

BBC bans white people from getting jobs - OVERT RACISM

The CIA is sending out BOMBS to leading democrats and their shill orgs, like CNN, with a Trump supporter as the PATSY

This is all to discredit the right, and engender sympathy for the liberal satanic left.

You'll see...some crazy, day walker, white guy is already in place to take the fall.


X-prize gives 1.5 MILLION dollar STUPIDITY prize!

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Transgender freak Identifies as a Dog

NASA Scientists Discover Space Suits Blow Up In Vacuums SPACE FLIGHTS ARE FAKE

Only The Pedo Satanist and their friends hate this President...3 Executive Orders Mentions “Satanic Ritual Abuse”, “Human Trafficking” And “Natural Extraction” aka Blood Drinking.

This is Facebook's "war room"

This is Facebook's first ever "war room," designed to bring leaders from 20 teams, representing 20,000 global employees working on safety and security, in one room to lead a crusade against conservatives on the platform as political campaigning shifts into hyperdrive in the final weeks leading up to November's US midterm elections. The team includes threat intelligence, data science engineering, research, legal, operations, policy, communications, and representatives from Facebook and Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Instagram. It is designed to control CONTENT, by eliminating an content that exposes the satanic left.

"We know when it comes to an election, every moment counts," said Samidh Chakrabarti, head of civic engagement at Facebook, who oversees operations in the war room. An H1B migrant, he hates white America and wants to see it destroyed for brown people.
"So if there are late-breaking issues we see on the platform, we need to be able to detect and respond to them in real time, as quickly as possible. If it's christian or conservative, we KILL IT." 
This public demonstration of Facebook's internal efforts comes after a series of security breaches and user hacks, dating back to the 2016 presidential elections. Since the announcement of the Cambridge Analytics privacy scandal in March, Facebook shares have plunged -14.5% It seems the war room is nothing more than a public relations stunt, which the company is desperately trying to regain control of the narrative and avoid more negative headlines.

The war room is staffed with millennials from 4 am until midnight, and starting on Oct. 22, social media workers will be monitoring trends 24/7 leading up to the elections. Leaders from 20 teams will be present in the room. Workers will use machine learning and artificial intelligence programs to monitor the platform for truth tellers, flat earthers, Christians, and hetero America.

This is how the CIA intends to control the narrative for the satanic elite. It has been ongoing for more than a decade.

with their partners NYT, WAPO, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Huffinton Post, DailyKOS, Antifa Daily, etc


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More fun in Apollo 17

The Tragedy of Detroit: "It Didn't Have to Be This Way"

Texas Democrats Caught Mailing Pre-Filled Voter Registrations To Non-Citizens

The Texas Democratic Party has been sending pre-filled applications to non-citizens with the citizen box marked "yes," according to new complaints filed Thursday by the Public Interest Legal Foundation. The organization notified district attorneys and the Department of Justice, and included a signed affidavit from a man who claims that several relatives who are not citizens received the mailing, according to the Washington Times.

"This is how the Texas Democratic Party is inviting foreign influence in an election in a federal election cycle," said PILF spokesman, Logan Churchwell.
The Texas secretary of state's office confirmed that it too had received complaints from immigrants and the relatives of dead people who said they were sent the registration mailings.
"If true there will be serious consequences," said Texas governor Greg Abbott, a Republican.
The PILF publicly released complaints it sent to Hidalgo and Starr counties asking for an investigation. The organization also provided copies of pre-marked voter applications and the affidavit from the man who said his non-citizen relatives received the mailing.
The applications were pre-addressed to elections officials, which is likely what left many voters to believe they were receiving an official communication from the state.
But the return address was from the State Democratic Executive Committee, and listed an address in Austin that matches the state Democratic Party’s headquarters.
The letter is emblazoned with “Urgent! Your voter registration deadline is October 9.” It continues: “Your voter registration application is inside. Complete, sign and return it today!

Letter from PILF to the Hidalgo County DA, and a signed affidavit from David C. Kifuri, a former employee of the 229th Judicial District Attorney.

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Not This Time Satan: Exorcist Plans To Counter Kavanaugh Hex By Angry Coven Of Witches

Many of us are already on the job in this respect, in prayer to the Most High, YHVH-YESHUA.

Authored by Mac Slavo via,
Father Gary Thomas, an exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, California, is “appalled” that a coven of witches is planning to “hex” president Donald Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, on October 20.

But Father Thomas has a plan to “counter-attack” the hex being put on Kavanaugh.
The priest will hold two special Masses for the judge, one tomorrow and one on Saturday when the “hexing” will take place at Catland Books, a metaphysical boutique and occult bookshop in Brooklyn, New York. The hexing ritual will have coffin nails, effigies, and dirt from a graveyard.
Dakota Bracciale, the Brooklyn-based witch who is organizing the hexing event, said the witches see the hex as a radical act of resistance that continues witchcraft’s long history as a refuge and weapon for the “oppressed, downtrodden and marginalized.” Bracciale is also the witch who organized three hexes against President Donald Trump last year.
“Witchcraft has been used throughout history as a tool and ally for people on the fringes of society who will not ever really get justice through the powers that be,” Bracciale told The Huffington Post. “So they have to exact their own justice.” Bracciale added that the ritual is meant to be cathartic for alleged victims of sexual assault. Kavanaugh will apparently be the focal point for the hex, but not the only target. The public hex is meant to exact revenge on “all rapists and the patriarchy at large which emboldens, rewards and protects them,” a Facebook page dedicated to the event states. –SHTFPlan
The National Catholic Register‘s Patti Armstrong quoted Thomas as saying:
“They [people in the satanic world] are more confident that the general public will be more accepting of the demonic.” Armstrong also wrote: Father Thomas noted that throughout history, satanic groups have been secretive, but now they are making it public in the name of freedom of religion. When asked about the witches’ hex, Thomas said it’s just evil.
“This is a conjuring of evil – not about free speech,” he said. “Conjuring up personified evil does not fall under free speech. Satanic cults often commit crimes; they murder and sexually abuse everyone in their cult.”
Patheos reported that Father Thomas believes whoever helps hex Kavanaugh believes in the power of personified evil.

Armstrong further reported that word is traveling quickly about the hex. Those taking a stand against it are urged to pray and fast for the protection of Kavanaugh.

Living in my truck- Why I never sleep in parking lots

Life Of The Human Pups THIS IS SO WRONG.

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4Chan Sparks Mass Triggering With NPC Meme; Twitter Responds With Ban Hammer

4Chan have done it again, because they can; a new meme suggesting that liberals are soulless idiots who can't think for themselves has gone viral. The concept compares Democrats to "nonplayable characters," or NPCs - the recurring characters in video games with repetitive lines and limited knowledge. Lack of an "inner voice" is a dead giveaway that someone may be an NPC.

The NPC meme essentially meant to ridicule the post-election perpetual outrage culture in which liberals simply parrot the latest talking points from their favorite pundits, who do their thinking for them.
The 4chan version is a simple greyed out, expressionless face known as "NPC Wojak" - which has triggered the left so hard that Twitter conducted a mass-banning campaign for accounts promoting the meme, and the New York Times wrote an entire article trying to figure it out.

The Times writes of the Twitter bans: 
Over the weekend, Twitter responded by suspending about 1,500 accounts associated with the NPC trolling campaign. The accounts violated Twitter’s rules against “intentionally misleading election-related content,” according to a person familiar with the company’s enforcement process. The person, who would speak only anonymously, was not authorized to discuss the decision. -NYT
There is precisely zero evidence that the accounts were spreading "intentionally misleading election-related content," so we're just going to have to take Twitter's word for it.

According to KnowYourMeme, the NPC meme was created in 2016 after an anonymous 4chan user made a threat titled "are you an NPC?" to the /v/ video games board.

On September 5th, 2018, several threads were submitted to 4chan discussing people who did not have an "inner-voice." In the comments sections, many described those who do not have an internal monologue as "NPCs." On September 7th, a grey-colored variation of Wojak began appearing in threads about NPCs (shown below). KnowYourMeme

The triggering begins
After the meme began to spread, Twitter user @brightabyss accused those who "refer to living humans being as NPCs" as being "facist""
And according to KnowYourMeme, "On September 15th, Twitter user @DreddByDawn tweeted that NPC was "dog whistle" used by "fascists." The same day, Twitter user @Sharessan accused a centrist of being a "fascist in denial" after labeling them an NPC. Meanwhile, Twitter user @stackflow33 tweeted a screenshot of the tweets along with the message "What the fuck is even going on anymore? Lmao.""
Angry NPCs Twitter users continued their opposition to the meme, telling users to "report and block" anyone using the "dehumanizing" NPC meme.

Once the meme reached critical mass, it was only a matter of time before Silicon Valley did something about it:
And before they're totally scrubbed from the internet, here are a few NPC memes that slipped through the cracks:

NPCs are even getting ready for Halloween:


Why the NPC Meme FREAKS OUT the Left

They Live Was A Documentary About NPC's

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Justice prevails

Globalist CFR: G9 Committee Must Save “World Order” From Trump

This is no more than a flat out declaration of their intent to kill President Trump.

President Donald Trump, they say, seeks to “upend” their “liberal world order.” And so, the globalist-minded Council on Foreign Relations, a key Deep State institution behind the “world order” agenda, is calling for the creation of a new “Group of 9” (G9) committee to save the “rules-based world order” from Trump. Basically, the proposed coalition of nine powerful governments, which would include many of America's close allies and even the emerging European Union super-state, would hold down the “global governance” fort until a pliable globalist can be placed back in the White House. The two authors of the proposed scheme, CFR members Ivo Daalder and James Lindsay, along with their comrades, have played lead roles in some of America's greatest foreign policy blunders of recent decades. And yet, using dishonesty and deception, they make the case for preserving and even expanding this CFR-backed “World Order” that Americans and humanity increasingly oppose. If Trump plays his cards right, however, he can foil their globalist plot and save constitutional government.
Calling their scheme a “Committee to Save the World Order,” the dynamic globalist duo argued in CFR mouthpiece Foreign Affairs that Trump was working to “upend” their precious “world order.” “He has raised doubts about Washington’s security commitments to its allies, challenged the fundamentals of the global trading regime, abandoned the promotion of freedom and democracy as defining features of U.S. foreign policy, and abdicated global leadership,” the two claimed, assuming readers would agree with U.S. government policing of the world and submission to a globalist “trading regime” that undermines American independence, prosperity, and self-government. They lament that, contrary to the hopes of some — Obama even left a note in the Oval Office urging his successor “to sustain the international order” — Trump did not abandon his campaign promises and embrace a more “traditional” (read: globalist, militarist, and hyper-interventionist) so-called foreign policy.
Basically, the globalist screed complains that Trump refused to bow to CFR demands and defy the will of the American people. Instead, they whine, Trump went on to withdraw from the CFR-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a pseudo-“free trade” regime that would have surrendered U.S. sovereignty to what then-Senator Jeff Sessions described as a European Union-style “Pacific Union” — a union in which America's vote would be equal to the votes of communist and Islamic dictators. (Parts of TPP have been resurrected in the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement negotiated by CFR member Robert Lighthizer.) The Foreign Affairs piece also bemoans Trump's announcement that the U.S. government would be withdrawing from the United Nations Paris agreement on “climate change,” a pseudo-treaty never ratified by the Senate that would undermine what's left of the U.S. economy, empower China and the world order, all while doing next to nothing to help the environment. The two globalists complain about the withdrawal from the CFR-backed Iran deal, too, as well as Trump's questions about NATO.
It is all evidence that Trump truly is opposed to globalism, as he has said repeatedly for years. “He is not looking to reinvigorate the rules-based order by leading friends and allies in a common cause,” conclude CFR vice president Lindsay, a longtime bureaucrat, and Daalder, president of the globalist Chicago Council on Global Affairs who worked for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
Among the alleged evils of this Trump policy, the CFR minions claim, will be a reduced ability of the “United States” (read: the globalists at the CFR) to “shape global rules.” Why Americans or anyone else should want “global rules” as opposed to self-government, diversity, tax competition, and national independence was never made clear. Another alleged downside of Trump's efforts will be an alleged forfeiting of “the admiration and trust that come from standing up for freedom, democracy, and human rights.” The irony, hypocrisy, and obliviousness of this statement is almost beyond comprehension. Have millions of dead bodies and decades of illegal wars unleashed by both parties to allegedly spread “democracy” helped bring about “admiration” for America? Anyone who has been in a foreign nation or has any common sense knows the answer to that. Of course, America's founders established a republic, anyway, loudly warning Americans about the dangers of democracy. Additionally, when Trump tried to stand up for the human rights of farmers in the South Africa facing horrific murders and “legalized” government theft of property, the Deep State freaked out. Clearly the CFR authors are hoping readers will be ignorant, stupid, or in bed with the globalist establishment.
Then comes another whopper of immense proportions — basically a total reversal of reality. “Worse, by alienating allies and embracing adversaries, Trump is providing an opening for China to rewrite the rules of the global order in its favor,” claimed Daalder and Lindsay. As readers of this magazine know very well, the CFR and globalist bigwigs associated with it such as Henry Kissinger, George Soros, and David Rockefeller have been aiding and abetting the mass-murdering communist regime's rise to global power for generations. Soros, for instance, publicly called for Beijing to “own” what he called the “New World Order.” The fringe billionaire even claimed China had a “better functioning government” than the United States. The late Rockefeller, a CFR leader and self-described member of a “secret cabal” that is “conspiring” against his nation to create a “one world” order, claimed in the New York Times in 1973 that the “social experiment” in China under mass-murdering dictator Mao was among the “most important and successful in human history" — ignoring the slaughter of over 60 million innocent people and the complete eradication of freedom. In fact, CFR members in the U.S. government betrayed U.S. ally Chiang Kai-Shek and helped bring Mao to power in the first place. And yet now, CFR globalists and their fellow travelers hope to blame this sorry state of affairs on Trump, playing Americans for fools.   
In a book called The Empty Throne: America's Abdication of Global Leadership, the two globalist bigwigs make the same arguments. In a summary of their book offered by the publisher, the two globalists actually blame Trump for the very evils that their globalist cohorts at the CFR have brought about — namely, the ongoing takeover of “global governance” architecture by the mass murdering regime ruling Communist China. “The biggest beneficiary of Trump’s decision to turn his back on American global leadership was China,” claims the “What's Inside” promotional copy for the book. “It was the one country capable of filling the leadership vacuum he had created — and it was all too eager to do so.” For those who would like to know the truth about the globalist-engineered rise of the butchers in Beijing, a TNA cover story from long before Trump can be found under the headline “China: Staking Claim in the New World Order.”
As Trump takes steps to fulfill the mandate delivered by the American people — he has already withdrawn from key globalist institutions and agreements — the CFR globalists want their proposed G9 to step in. “The major allies of the United States can leverage their collective economic and military might to save the liberal world order,” they wrote, calling on the governments of France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the EU, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Canada “to supply the leadership that the Trump administration will not.” “Together, they represent the largest economic power in the world, and their collective military capabilities are surpassed only by those of the United States,” the globalists added. “This “G-9” should have two imperatives: maintain the rules-based order in the hope that Trump’s successor will reclaim Washington’s global leadership role and lay the groundwork to make it politically possible for that to happen. This holding action will require every member of the G-9 to take on greater global responsibilities.”
At the top of the proposed agenda: “economic cooperation.” Essentially, the globalists are calling on America's allies to create radical new “trade” regimes and international institutions among themselves to further erode sovereignty and self-government. Then, once the U.S. government is back in the hands of a CFR-friendly globalist, the hope is that America would be compelled to join. The piece in Foreign Affairs points out that combined, the G-9 nations produce some 50 percent more economic output than the United States, meaning that America could, in the CFR vision, be compelled to submit to its agenda, rules, and regulations at some point in the future. As an example of the globalist scheme, the CFR operatives propose a merger between the EU and the TPP, creating a global “trade” regime that would “intensify competition” between the United States and the globalist super-bloc, giving the proposed G-9 and its partners an advantage. The CFR proposal also calls on the G-9 to weaponize “foreign aid,” taking over the role of the U.S. government in bribing and bullying Third World governments with tax-funded “aid” into submitting to the world order they seek.
Beyond “trade” and economic “cooperation,” the globalists call for more “military cooperation” among the proposed G9. “The G-9 represents a military power second only to the United States,” the globalists said, as if the G-9 were already a real entity rather than a figment of the globalist imagination. “The G-9 will also have to use military force independent of Washington.” They also call for more military spending by members of this “G-9,” so that this proposed new alliance can continue overthrowing governments and intervening around the world to help build what George H.W. Bush and so many others have described as the “New World Order.” Of course, all of the new “G-9” militarism and intervention would be unleashed under the guise of taking over the U.S. role as “the defender and promoter of democracy, freedom, and human rights across the globe.” Perhaps the people of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Libya, and other victims of recent interventions could explain how much they appreciate the “democracy, freedom, and human rights” delivered to them at the barrel of a gun by CFR globalists in the U.S. government.
Lindsay and Daalder go on to argue that, if the globalists in the G-9 governments execute the plan well, they can even use Trump's efforts to further advance their agenda. “If they seize this opportunity, the G-9 countries will not just slow the erosion of an order that has served them and the world well for decades; they will also set the stage for the return of the kind of American leadership they want and that the long-term survival of the order demands,” they wrote. “Indeed, by acting now, the G-9 will lay the basis for a more stable and enduring world order — one that is better suited to the power relations of today and tomorrow than to those of yesterday, when the United States was the undisputed global power.” They must do this not by focusing on how to work with the Trump administration, but on how to work without it, and “if necessary, around it.”
The two CFR writers quote German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas as an advocate of their dangerous strategy. “If we pool our strengths,” Mass told a Japanese audience last July, “we can become something like ‘rule shapers,’ who design and drive an international order that the world urgently needs.” They also call for the hypothetical G-9 alliance to “start by taking the lead in international institutions, such as the UN and the World Bank.”
Warning the governments being ordered to defend the new world order that Trump is serious, the globalist writers lay out some details for bringing their vision into reality. "To be effective, the G-9 will have to institutionalize in some form. Annual leader summits and regular meetings of foreign, defense, and other ministers will be needed to give the group’s efforts weight and significance. The G-9 could also form an informal caucus in international institutions, such as the UN, the WTO, and the G-20,"' they wrote. "In strengthening formal ties and cooperation, the G-9 should avoid appearing exclusive; it should at all times welcome the participation and support of like-minded countries, including the United States. The goal should be to uphold and rejuvenate the existing order, not to create a new, exclusive club.... In the long run, the best the G-9 can hope to accomplish is to keep the door open for the eventual return of the United States.”
For those unfamiliar with the globalist CFR and its machinations, it is important to understand what this self-styled “think tank” really represents. In short, it is a key outpost of the international Deep State in America. And its members have dominated virtually every administration — Republican and Democrat — for generations. Its goal, according to its own members and publications, is the destruction of self-government in the United States and the emergence of a global government controlled by themselves. U.S. Admiral Chester Ward, who spent 16 years as a member before defecting and blowing the whistle, summarized the CFR agenda concisely. “The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence, and submergence into an all-powerful one-world government,” warned the widely respected U.S. admiral. “This lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is pervasive throughout most of the membership.” Ward also previewed why the CFR’s members would be so violently hostile to Trump’s campaign promises. “In the entire CFR lexicon, there is no term of revulsion carrying a meaning so deep as ‘America First,’” he said, decades before Trump used that as his campaign slogan. Some CFR members, of course, are useful idiots who genuinely believe in the toxic and discredited ideology of globalism. But at the top, the real leaders know better.
Because of the so-called foreign policy and illegal wars pushed by the CFR and its leadership, Christians are facing genocide across the Middle East and beyond. Because of the “foreign policy” and illegal wars pushed by CFR globalists, the U.S. government is more than $20 trillion in debt, not to mention facing $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Because of their “foreign policy” and illegal wars, nations all over the world have been destroyed and enslaved. Countless millions have died and millions more have been displaced from their homes in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, and many other nations just in recent decades. And in exchange for what? Nothing but "world order" platitudes about “peace” and “security” and “prosperity,” all of which remain more elusive today than decades ago. Unless the goal of the CFR and its “world order” is to kill and enslave and destroy, it has been a miserable failure at best.
Instead of saving the globalist “world order,” the CFR members responsible for so much death, lawlessness, and destruction during the Bush and Obama administrations ought to be begging for forgiveness. And they should be held accountable for their crimes and obvious violations of federal law. Without accountability for those who unleashed so much evil on humanity under the guise of building a “liberal world order,” it is probably only a matter of time before it gets even worse.
To the extent that Trump truly is upending the globalist “New World Order,” Americans should be rejoicing. Much work remains in dismantling the globalist institutions of “world order” and extricating America from its deadly grip. But it can be done. And if freedom and Western Christian civilization are going to survive, it must be done.

Alex Newman

Melania Trump is the NEW Jacky Kennedy

First Lady Melania Trump was all smiles on Monday as she dashed out of the White House alongside President Trump to visit victims of Hurricane Michael.

Mrs. Trump played it sporty, rocking a pair of Timberland black boots — which retail for about $170 at Nordstrom — and a pair of grey skinny jeans and a black cargo jacket with her collar popped.
As Melania Trump smiled on her way out of the White House, President Trump complimented her on her weekend television interview where she hit back at the establishment media for attacking her, her family, and her marriage.
(MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)
(MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)
(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
(MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)
(MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)
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(MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)
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(MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)
(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
(MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)
(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
John Binder

Elizabeth Warren Ancestor Rounded Up Cherokees For Trail of Tears

Elizabeth Warren Ancestor Rounded Up Cherokees For Trail of Tears

For over a quarter of a century, Elizabeth Warren has described herself as a Native American.  When recently asked to provide evidence of her ancestry, she pointed to an unsubstantiated claim on an 1894 Oklahoma Territory marriage license application by her great-great grand uncle William J. Crawford that his mother, O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford, Ms. Warren’s great-great-great grandmother, was a Cherokee.  

After researching her story, it is obvious that her “family lore” is just fiction.
As I pointed out in my article here on Sunday, no evidence supports this claim. O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford had no Cherokee heritage, was listed as “white” in the Census of 1860, and was most likely half Swedish and half English, Scottish, or German, or some combination thereof. (Note, the actual 1894 marriage license makes no claim of Cherokee ancestry.)
But the most stunning discovery about the life of O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford is that her husband, Ms. Warren’s great-great-great grandfather, was apparently a member of the Tennessee Militia who rounded up Cherokees from their family homes in the Southeastern United States and herded them into government-built stockades in what was then called Ross’s Landing (now Chattanooga), Tennessee–the point of origin for the horrific Trail of Tears, which began in January, 1837.
This new information about Ms. Warren’s true heritage came as a direct result of a lead provided to me by William Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection, who in turn had received the information from one of his readers. Jacobson, who has questioned Warren’s explanation for her law faculty listing, calls this discovery “the ultimate and cruelest irony” of the Warren Cherokee saga.
Jonathan Crawford, O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford’s husband and apparently Ms. Warren’s great-great-great grandfather, served in the East Tennessee Mounted Infantry Volunteer Militia commanded by Brigadier General R. G. Dunlap from late 1835 to late 1836. While under Dunlap’s command he was a member of Major William Lauderdale’s Battalion, and Captain Richard E. Waterhouse’s Company.
These were the troops responsible for removing Cherokee families from homes they had lived in for generations in the three states that the Cherokee Nations had considered their homelands for centuries: Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  
While these involuntary home removals were not characterized by widespread violence, the newly displaced Cherokee mothers, fathers, and children found an oppressive and sometimes brutal welcome when they finally arrived at the hastily constructed containment areas. An estimated 4,000 Cherokees were warehoused in Ross’s Landing stockades for months awaiting supplies and additional armed guards the Federal Government believed necessary to relocate them on foot to Oklahoma.
Jonathan Crawford most likely did not join the regular Army troops who “escorted” these Cherokees along the Trail of Tears. He did, however, serve once more with Major William Lauderdale’s re-formed Batallion of Tennessee Mounted Infantry Volunteer Militia. This group fought the Seminole Indians in Florida during the Second Seminole War. Crawford arrived in Florida in November, 1837, and served there for six months until his unit was disbanded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana the following May. (Note: It was not uncommon in those days for militia formed to serve for a limited period of time under specific commanders would reform later under the same commanders.)
Jonathan Crawford’s service as a Private in Captain Richard E. Waterhouse’s Company of Major William Lauderdale’s Battalion of Mounted Infantry in Brigadier General R. G. Dunlap’s East Tennessee Mounted Infantry Volunteers is confirmed by his appearance in the muster roll of the Brigade, taken around June of 1836. (Note that this transcription of the muster roll incorrectly lists the date as 1832.)
His service a year later (1837) in Major William Lauderdale’s Tennessee Volunteer Mounted Infantry (Five companies of volunteers, one of which was led by Captain Richard E. Waterhouse) is confirmed by his widow O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford’s 1851 pension application before the Bledsoe County, Tennessee commissioners
Meanwhile, William J. Crawford (Elizabeth Warren’s great-great grandfather who would, fifty-seven years later, falsely claim that his mother was Cherokee in that now-infamous 1894 Oklahoma Territory marriage license application) was born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee in 1837. This was just a few months after his father apparently helped remove thousands of Cherokees from their homes and a few months before his father went off to fight Seminole Indians in Florida.
His father, Jonathan Crawford, Elizabeth Warren’s great-great-great grandfather, died in Jackson County, Tennessee in 1841. His mother, O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford, died sometime between 1860 and 1870 – most likely in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
Neither O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford, Jonathan Crawford, nor any of their seven other children, apparently ever claimed that O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford had Cherokee heritage.
As recently as two weeks ago, Ms. Warren publicly claimed to have Native American ancestry. In Dorchester, Massachusetts on April 27 at the Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Apprentice Training Center she stated,  “I am very proud of my Native American heritage.” Yet, decades after she first made this same claim, it now appears that it is without any foundation.
It is time for Ms. Warren to publicly acknowledge the truth of her ancestry. It is time for her to admit that she has no Native American heritage that she can prove; and it is time for her to acknowledge instead, that she is likely a direct descendant of a Tennessee Militiaman who apparently rounded up the ancestors of those who truly have Cherokee heritage, the first step in their forced removal from the Southeastern United States to Oklahoma over the long and tragic Trail of Tears.
Michael Patrick Leahy


The Cherokee Nation issued a statement Monday declaring Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) DNA test results “inappropriate” and a “mockery.”


On Monday, Warren released her DNA test results to the far-left Boston Globe’s Annie Linskey, who has already had to issue two humiliating corrections. Hoping to spin the results in the best way possible, Linskey botched the math on the DNA findings, naturally, in Warren’s favor.
The truth is that even if you believe the results, Warren might have anywhere from 1/64 to 1/1024 Native heritage, which means she has as much Native heritage as the average white American, which means her claim to be a Cherokee has been debunked by her own DNA test.
The Cherokee Nation is having none of it. In a blistering statement, Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin, Jr. writes, “A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship. Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person’s ancestors were indigenous to North or South America.”
This is an important fact and especially true of Warren’s DNA test, which did not include any American Indian DNA whatsoever to compare her results with.
Buried in the Boston Globe story is this bombshell: “To make up for the dearth of Native American DNA, Bustamante used samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to stand in for Native American.”
In other words, all Warren’s DNA test really proves is that she might be 1/64 to 1/1024 Mexican, Peruvian, or Colombian.
What’s more, while some tribes are willing to accept 1/16 ancestry, they are not willing to do so through unreliable DNA tests. What they want to see is actual genealogy, and the truth is that Warren has no documentation to prove that her family has ever had an American Indian in her family. Warren points to her great-great-great grandmother, O.C. Sarah Smith, as part Cherokee, but all the documentation of the time lists her as “white.”
Hoskin continues: “Sovereign tribal nations set their own legal requirements for citizenship, and while DNA tests can be used to determine lineage, such as paternity to an individual, it is not evidence for tribal affiliation.”
The Nation is especially angry over Warren using an “inappropriate” DNA test to “claim any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation.”
Doing so is “inappropriate and wrong,” he writes adding, “It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, who ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is prove.”
Hoskin closes with, “Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.”
Thus far, every element of Warren’s claim to be part American Indian has been debunked. She continues to stand by her story about her mother and father being forced to elope due to discrimination against her mother’s Indian heritage. The only problem with that claim is that contemporaneous news reports and documents, including a wedding license, appear to show that her parents had a church wedding in 1932 — which would mean there was no dramatic elopement.
Between 1987 and 1995, Warren identified herself as “Native American” while she was teaching law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and Harvard.
The DNA test proves she had no basis to make such a claim.
In fact, her DNA test proves Warren is every bit as European as the average white American.
Warren was goaded by President Trump into taking the DNA test. The president frequently mocks her false claim to Indian ancestry. Upon the release of the results Monday morning, both Warren and the Boston Globe were trying to claim she had been vindicated. Warren and her media allies are obviously hoping to neutralize this issue as she considers challenging Trump for the presidency in 2020.
Unfortunately for Warren, though, two massive corrections and one press release from the Cherokee Nation later, it would appear as though she is not only further exposed on this issue, but her bungling of the rollout will have many questioning if she has the judgment and poise to take on a presidential campaign.  
John Nolte