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Homeless Round Up Has Begun: Depopulation Agenda

David Hogg, Parkland High Shooting “Survivor”, Caught Lying On Tape

David Hogg's father is AN FBI AGENT

David Hogg, one of the self-proclaimed survivors who made an infamous tape while hiding out in a closet during the shooting, may have been caught lying on tape.
The media is telling us David Hogg interviewed his classmate in a closet DURING the shooting. In this video, he clearly states the time as 9:30 A.M.

But, as the timeline from the Sheriff’s office shows, the shooting did not start until 2:21 P.M.
What the hell is going on here? These student activists are LYING to us.
Folks, I have archived the video, so they cannot get away with this.
We need the truth, the public deserves to hear the truth.
I am NOT saying this is a false flag. I am NOT saying that these are crisis actors.
I am saying that these student shitlib activists are LYING to us, and we need answers. The public deserves to know, just what the hell is going on?
Here’s what I think happened: They had a drill that morning in order to scare kids into gun control. During the drill, they made these videos.
Then, that afternoon, there was an actual shooter.
They lied and said, “we made these videos during the shooting.”
First of all, why did they lie to us?
Second of all, were FBI agents online posing as Siegetards and goading this idiot, Cruz, into doing a school shooting that afternoon?
That way, they would have all the video and students who were anti-gun activists and media-trained all ready to roll for their massive anti-gun psy-op.
David Hogg, who is the face of this group of charlatans posing as “concerned activists,” is the son of a prominent FBI agent. What the hell is going on here, folks?
If true, this whole post-shooting “march against guns” activist movement is a HUGE chaimstream media-driven hoax, probably financed by that agent of Satan himself, George Soros.
More suspicious details about David Hogg that lend credence to the claim he’s a hired crisis actor tasked with pushing a major social movement to repeal the 2nd Amendment:
  • Hogg works for John Podesta’s Center for American Progress
  • From that same link, an antifa member claims Hogg didn’t go to Parkland HS; he went to school with him at Redondo Shores HS in California
  • Hogg really is the son of an FBI agent
Most hilariously, Hogg is seen feeding shitlib boilerplate scripted lines to a “schoolmate” in a video “interview” he supposedly shot “during” the Cruz shooting.
The whole hacktivist clown show has the feel of a top-down, rather than bottom-up, managed movement. A BIG LIE. Who’s behind the scenes, funding and directing the show? (((Curiouser and curiouser))).
Crisis actors and false narratives. It’s not like the Degenerate Leftoid Mob doesn’t have experience recruiting kids to tell whoppers. Turning out an army of child soldiers to shill for the cause du jour is the Left’s specialty.
America is drowning in lies. This age of chaos and spiraling decline will end, but not before the globohomos have tried every gaslighting weapon at their disposal. When the truth outs, the rats scurrying for cover will be a marvel to behold.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

CNN Doxxes Elderly Woman, Badgers At House Over Russian Troll - their fictional creation, not hers

CNN reporter Drew Griffin drove out to an elderly Florida woman's home this week to badger her about Russian trolls who targeted the Facebook group she operates during the 2016 election.

The woman, Florine Gruen Goldfarb, was unaware that her Team Trump Broward County Facebook page had been the target of Russian meddling efforts - a point which Griffin repeatedly and accusatorily made while Goldfarb stood outside of her home, defending herself.
"You guys were involved in Being Patriotic, right?" Griffin asked, referring to the Facebook group flagged as one Russia's troll accounts. "Very. Very patriotic, but not--" Goldfarb replied, before Griffin cut her off: "Being Patriotic was the group that contacted and helped to organize some of these activities," the CNN host interjected.
After the two argued over Russians for nearly two minutes, a flustered Goldfarb walks back into her house.
The Russian group "Being Patriotic" was detailed in last Friday's indictment of 13 Russian nationals and 3 corporations.
Goldfarb and members of her Facebook group attended a Fort Lauderdale rally held in a series of events organized by the Russian group.
As Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller notes, it is unclear exactly what Griffin hoped to accomplish with the interview:
Goldfarb was more focused on who actually attended her rallies.
“Those people weren’t Russians. I don’t go with Russians,” she said at one point.
“Those people that were with me were all Trump supporters,” she added.
“And all apparently following the direction of Russians who were actually infiltrating,” Griffin replied.
“B.S.,” said Goldfarb.
CNN's stalking and harassing of Goldfarb has not gone over well on social media:
Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino asked if CNN is going to show up next at Joy Reid's house, as the MSNBC host was heavily favorted by Russian trolls - which retweeted her content 267 times.

Allegations that senior ranks of the FBI were involved in “dirty tricks” to fix the 2016 presidential vote in favor of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton – potentially highly criminal conduct – are treated as if such allegations are scurrilous distractions thrown up by the Trump White House or Republican supporters.

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation,
It’s hilariously naive how mainstream American news media feign an air of disdain concerning accusations of impropriety by the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the last presidential elections.

Allegations that senior ranks of the FBI were involved in “dirty tricks” to fix the 2016 presidential vote in favor of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton – potentially highly criminal conduct – are treated as if such allegations are scurrilous distractions thrown up by the Trump White House or Republican supporters.
When President Donald Trump has alluded to FBI collusion with the previous Obama Democrat administration to destroy his election campaign, or when Republican congressmen released a secret memo earlier this month also suggesting Deep State dirty tricks, there were gasps of disdain among major news media. Outlets like the New York Times and CNN affected a sanctimonious air that such allegations were contemptible slurs against the honor of the Feds – the nation’s top law-enforcement agency.
“Don’t dare impugn the reputation of our law officers,” is the attitude. Former FBI director James Comey – who was fired by Trump – is held up as a paragon of civic duty and squeaky-clean conduct. So too is Robert Mueller, a previous FBI chief who is carrying out a probe into alleged Russian collusion during the last election.
Of course, those media outlets would prefer to keep the focus on allegations of Russian interference in the US elections and supposed Kremlin collusion with the Trump campaign that somehow got him into the White House. That media bias is partly to do with their current political affiliation with Democrats and supposedly liberal politics.
Even though, after more than a year of constant, saturated media coverage on the so-called Russiagate story there is an embarrassing paucity of any supporting evidence. More reliable observers like Princeton Professor Stephen Cohen have cogentlyargued that the real story is US “Intelgate”, not the media sensationalized “Russiagate”.
One thing that would help the American public discern the relative merits of those competing narratives is greater awareness of the dark history of the FBI. Over the past century, the FBI’s political “influence campaigns” to control elected members of US government, including presidents, are on a scale that the Kremlin could only envy.
While the New York Times, CNN and others project a pious view of the FBI, as well as other secret arms of the Deep State, the reality is that the bureau has a long history of endemic political corruption – corruption that begs disturbing questions about the very integrity of American democracy.
No other individual in modern US history has a more sinister legacy than John Edgar Hoover, the founder and lifetime director of the FBI. He founded the bureau in 1924 and was its director until his death in 1972 at the age of 77.
Serving under nine presidents, from Calvin Coolidge to Richard Nixon, the FBI was turned into a “Gestapo by Hoover whose modus operandi was blackmail”. That’s how President Harry Truman (1943-53) reportedly characterized Hoover’s bureau. How else do you think he survived for so long – five decades – as the nation’s top law enforcer?
J Edgar Hoover and his henchmen kept files on thousands of politicians, judges, journalists and other public figures, according to biographer Anthony Summers. Hoover ruthlessly used those files on the secret and often sordid private lives of senior public figures to control their career conduct and official decisions so as to serve his interests.
And Hoover’s interests were of a rightwing, anti-communist, racist bigot.
Ironically, his own suppressed homosexuality also manifested in witch-hunts against homosexuals in public life.
It was Hoover’s secret files that largely informed the McCarthyite anti-communist inquisitions of the 1950s, whose baleful legacy on American democracy, foreign policy and freedom of expression continues to this day.
One of Hoover’s mainstay sources is strongly believed to be Mafia crime bosses who had lots of dirt on politicians, from bribe-taking to vote-rigging, to illicit sexual affairs. It is suspected that the Mafia had their own dossier of images on Hoover in a compromising homosexual tryst which, in turn, kept him under their thumb.
Absurdly, the FBI chief maintained that there was “no such thing as the Mafia” in public statements.
Two notorious cases of how FBI wiretapping worked under Hoover can be seen in the presidencies of John F Kennedy (1961-63) and Richard Nixon (1969-74).
As recounted by Laurent Guyénot in his 2013 book, ‘JFK to 9/11: 50 Years of Deep State’, Hoover made a point of letting each new president know of compromising information he had on them. It wouldn’t be brandished overtly as blackmail; the president would be briefed subtly, “Sir, if someone were to have copies of this it would be damaging to your career”. Enough said.
JFK was particularly wide open to blackmail owing to his rampant promiscuity and extra-marital liaisons, including with screen idol Marilyn Monroe. Kennedy more than once confided to his aides that “the bastards” had him nailed. It was for this reason that he made the thuggish Texan Senator Lyndon B Johnson his vice president even though he detested LBJ. Hoover and Johnson were longtime associates and the former no doubt pulled a favor to get LBJ into the White House.
However, Hoover’s blackmail on JFK was not enough to curtail his defiance of rabidly anti-communist Cold War politics. Against the hostility of the Pentagon, CIA and FBI, Kennedy pursued a courageous policy of detente with the Soviet Union and Cuba. Such a policy no doubt led to his assassination by the Deep State in Dallas on November 22, 1963. There is ample evidence that Hoover and Johnson, who became the new president, then colluded with the Deep State assassins to cover up the assassination as the act of lone nut Lee Harvey Oswald – a cover-up that persists to this day.
As for Richard Nixon, it is believed that “Tricky Dicky” engaged in secret communications with the US-backed South Vietnamese regime on the cusp of the presidential elections in 1968. Nixon promised the South Vietnamese stronger military support if they held off entering peace talks with communist North Vietnam, which incumbent President Johnson was trying to organize. LBJ wanted to claim a peace process was underway in order to boost the election chances of his vice president Hubert Humphrey.
Nixon’s scheming prevailed. The Vietnam peace gambit was scuttled, the Vietnam war raged on, and so the Democrat candidate lost. Nixon finally got into the White House, which he had long coveted from the time he lost out to JFK back in 1960.
But Hoover and Johnson got their revenge by subsequently letting Nixon know that there was classified information on him – thanks to FBI wiretaps. The specter of incrimination is possibly a factor in Nixon becoming increasingly paranoid during this presidency, culminating in the ignominy of the Watergate scandal that ended his career.
These are but only two examples of how Deep State politics works in controlling and subverting American democracy. The notion that lawmakers and presidents are free to serve the people is a quaintly naive one. For the US media to pretend otherwise, and to hail the FBI as some kind of benign bastion of justice, while also deprecating claims of “Deep State” intrusion as “conspiracy theory”, is either impossibly ignorant of history – or a sign of the media’s own compromised complicity.
Nonetheless, to blame this culture of institutionalized blackmail and corruption on one individual – J Edgar Hoover – is not fair either.
Hoover certainly was the devious architect of a malign Deep State machine. But he was not alone. He instilled a culture and legacy that pervades the top echelons of the bureau. And not just the FBI. The early Cold War years saw the formation of the CIA and the NSA under the Machiavellian guidance of men like Allen Dulles and Richard Helms and a host of others.
Once formed, the Deep State – as an alternate, unaccountable, unelected government – does not surrender its immense power willingly. It has learnt to hold on to its power through blackmail, media control, incitement of wars, and, even ultimately, assassination of American dissenters.
The illegal tapping of private communications is an oxygen supply for the depredations of the American Deep State.
Thinking that such agencies are not actively warping and working the electoral system to fix the figurehead in the White House is a dangerous delusion.
So too are claims that American democracy is being “influenced” by malign Russian enemies, as the US intelligence chiefs once again chorused in front of the Senate this past week. The consummate irony of it!
The real “influence campaigns” corrupting American democracy are those of the “All-American” agencies who claim to be law enforcers and defenders of national security.
US citizens would do well to refresh on the untold history of their country to appreciate how they are being manipulated.
We might even surmise that a good number of citizens are already aware, if only vaguely, of the elite corruption – and that is why Washington DC is viewed with increasing contempt by the people.


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DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Hid Wife's Fusion GPS Payments (Bribery Payments from Hillary Clinton) From Ethics Officials

Authored by Luke Rosiak via The Daily Caller,
Bruce Ohr, the Department of Justice official who brought opposition research on President Donald Trump to the FBI, did not disclose that Fusion GPS, which performed that research at the Democratic National Committee’s behest, was paying his wife, and did not obtain a conflict of interest waiver from his superiors at the Justice Department, documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show.
Justice official who gave FAKE RUSSIAN INTEL to FBI, was receiving bribery payments through his wife, to cover the paper trail. If Trump did this, he would be impeached. Silence from the media and the traitor wasn't fired for bribery or filing false reports to the FBI. Scumbag Hillary agent is still at DOJ and won't be arrested, they say. Wow...if anyone else did that, they would be facing decades in prison.
The omission may explain why Ohr was demoted from his post as associate deputy attorney general after the relationship between Fusion GPS and his wife emerged and Fusion founder Glenn Simpson acknowledged meeting with Ohr. Willfully falsifying government ethics forms can carry a penalty of jail time, if convicted. But his wife is/was employed by the CIA, as an analyst...once agency, always agency.
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) hired Fusion GPS to gather and disseminate damning info about Trump, and they in turn paid Nellie Ohr, a former CIA employee with expertise in Russia, for an unknown role related to the “dossier.” Bruce Ohr then brought the information to the FBI, kicking off a probe and a media firestorm.
The DOJ used it to obtain a warrant to wiretap a Trump adviser, but didn’t disclose to the judge that the DNC and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign had funded the research and that Ohr had a financial relationship with the firm that performed it — which could be, it turns out, because Ohr doesn’t appear to have told his supervisors. Some have suggested that the financial payments motivated Bruce Ohr to actively push the case.
For 2014 and 2015, Bruce Ohr disclosed on ethics forms that his wife was an “independent contractor” earning consulting fees. In 2016, she added a new employer who paid her a “salary,” but listed it vaguely as “cyberthreat analyst,” and did not say the name of the company.
The instructions require officials to “Provide the name of your spouse’s employer. In addition, if your spouse’s employer is a privately held business, provide the employer’s line of business.” As examples, it gives “Xylophone Technologies Corporation” and “DSLK Financial Techniques, Inc. (financial services).” The dollar amount does not need to be disclosed. “Report each source, whether a natural person or an organization or entity, that provided your spouse more than $1,000 of earned income during the reporting period,” they say.
The DOJ says, “Financial disclosure reports are used to identify potential or actual conflicts of interest. If the person charged with reviewing an employee’s report finds a conflict, he should impose a remedy immediately.” Its guidance says, “employees should always seek the advice of an ethics official when contemplating any action that may be covered by the rules.”
Paul Kamenar, a Washington, D.C., public policy lawyer experienced in executive branch ethics and disclosure laws, said, “Based on my reading of the regulations and disclosure guide accompanying the form, he failed to disclose the source of his wife’s income on line 4 by not including the ‘name of the employer.'”
“The law provides that whoever ‘knowingly and willfully’ fails to file information required to be filed on this report faces civil penalties up to $50,000 and possible criminal penalties up to one year in prison under the disclosure law and possibly up to five years in prison under 18 USC 1001,” he said. “Since he lists her income type as ‘salary’ as opposed to line 1 where he describes her other income as ‘consulting fees’ as an ‘independent contractor’ it’s clear that she was employed by a company that should have been identified by name,” he said.
“And even with respect to her ‘independent contractor’ listing, it appears incomplete by not describing what kind of services were provided. Both these omissions do not give the reviewing official sufficient information to determine whether there is a conflict,” Kamenar added.
Bruce Ohr spouse financial disclosure (DOJ)
Ohr also did not get a conflict of interest waiver from his supervisors, suggesting that he may not have explained to anyone the true source of the income and how it intersected with his official involvement in the case, nor did he have approval.
If a potential conflict is disclosed and explained to supervisors, a government agency can grant a conflict of interest waiver, known as a 208(b) waiver. In response to a records request, officials told TheDCNF, “There are no … waivers for this filer.”
Scott Amey, general counsel of the Project on Government Oversight, said “he couldn’t get a waiver for that, that would have required outright recusal.” Making it potentially even worse than failing to recuse, Ohr’s pressing the Trump case appears to be something he decided to do on his own, rather than something assigned to him.
Bruce Ohr was demoted from his DOJ position shortly after the company’s founder acknowledged in a Nov. 14, 2017, interview with the House Intelligence Committee that he had met with him. Fox News reported in December that Ohr had concealed his meetings with the firm from his supervisors.
The form says, “[F]alsification of information required to be filed by section 102 of the [Ethics in Government Act of 1978] may also subject you to criminal prosecution” as well as “civil monetary penalty and to disciplinary action by your employing agency.”
The lack of disclosure is the latest of several examples of people apparently trying to conceal the financial relationship that Fusion GPS, which was funded by the DNC, had with the family of the DOJ official.
In Fusion GPS founder Simpson’s November House interview, he conspicuously omitted his relationship with Nellie Ohr, painting Bruce Ohr as someone who he was connected to independently. Investigators said, “You’ve never heard from anyone in the U.S. Government in relation to those matters, either the FBI or the Department of Justice?”
“I was asked to provide some information … by a prosecutor named Bruce Ohr,” he said.
Investigators said, “Did Mr. Ohr reach out to you?”
“It was someone that Chris Steele knows … and I met Bruce too through organized crime conferences or something like that … Chris told me that he had been talking to Bruce … and that Bruce wanted more information, and suggested that I speak with Bruce,” Simpson said.
Simpson also said his firm was not affiliated with any Russian speakers, even though Nellie Ohr appears to speak the language.
In addition to meeting with Simpson, Ohr also met with Steele before the election.
In an earlier Aug. 22, 2017, interview with the Senate Judiciary Committee, Simpson didn’t mention either of the Ohrs by name. He said he had not met with any FBI officials about the matter, without noting his contact with the DOJ official.
Simpson suggested in court records on Dec. 12, 2017, that the only way government investigators could have found out about Nellie Ohr’s relationship with the company was through its bank records. “Bank records reflect that Fusion contracted with Nellie Ohr, a former government official expert in Russian matters, to help our company with its research and analysis of Mr. Trump. I am not aware of any other sources from which the committee or the media could have learned of this information,” he said.
Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group that has been critical of the department’s handling of the Trump investigation, said, “This document ought to trigger an immediate criminal investigation if one isn’t already ongoing.”
Kathleen Clark, an ethics expert and law professor at Washington University in St. Louis, said beyond the disclosure issue, as far as the legal definition of conflict of interest requiring a recusal, it could depend on whether Ohr’s actions would have had a “direct and predictable” effect on his wife’s income from Fusion GPS.
Kamenar said what is known as the frequently used “catch-all” provision clearly applies, saying “Circumstances… would cause a reasonable person with knowledge of the facts to question an employee’s impartiality” require recusal.
Amey said, “As a lawyer and a top Justice official, Ohr should know that he can’t participate in anything related to his wife’s work … Ohr should have been upfront about his wife’s employment and not touched anything related to Steele, the dossier, and Fusion GPS.” The DOJ’s judgment is only as good as the information volunteered to them by Ohr, he said, and because he didn’t list the name of his wife’s employer, they likely had no reason to suspect it might have impacted his work.
Walter Schaub, a former government ethics czar who is an expert on the forms and resigned after offering sharp criticisms of Trump, declined repeated requests to weigh in on Ohr.
Bruce Ohr did not return a request for comment, nor did the DOJ.

Vacuum Facts Dismantle SpaceX/NASA Hoax

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Only 5% of Italy's 630,000 migrants are recognised as refugees - the rest are jihadis and the president is calling out the military to deal with them

"They have pissed off their employees, they have pissed off customers, and they have pissed off their vendors," said a Whole Foods vendor of eight years who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. "From a financial perspective, we can only take so much abuse before we say this just isn't working for us anymore."

Whole Paycheck Amazon Walmart combine
The independent and up-and-coming brands that were once a hallmark of Whole Foods Markets' success - particularly during the early days when it was still a privately-owned brand based in Austin, Texas - are on the verge of a revolt against the store now that it's under new management as Amazon tries to squeeze every last penny out of one of its most high-profile investments.
Several small brands complained to Business Insider that WFM recently hiked the fees its vendors are expected to pay, making them responsible for more of the costs of shipping and stocking their products. The company has also started instituting higher fees for prime shelf space, as well as additional fees if smaller brands want to hold product demonstrations in Whole Foods' stores.
It's also forcing smaller brands to pay additional fees to a small, Connecticut-based "retail consulting" shop while also dropping "minimum shipment" guidelines that helped stores experiment with small batches of new products.
The hostility of the brand's new corporate overlords has made some smaller sellers nostalgic for the good ol' days when WFM was still an innovator in the world of independent food brands and locally sourced products...
"I once drove to every Whole Foods store in the Portland area and dropped off jars of our nut butters" for stores to sell, said the founder of a brand of natural nut butter. "That's over, that's done. That's not ever happening again."
Another vendor intimated that their brand is on the verge of pulling out of WFM because, with the added fees, the company is now losing money on some of its shipments...
"They have pissed off their employees, they have pissed off customers, and they have pissed off their vendors," said a Whole Foods vendor of eight years who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. "From a financial perspective, we can only take so much abuse before we say this just isn't working for us anymore."
And while the company didn't officially comment, it's likely that these higher fees are meant to offset massive price cuts that Amazon instituted almost immediately after taking over WFM...because even Amazon shareholders can only tolerate massive losses for so long...

But the irony is, by squeezing small brands past their breaking points, Amazon risks destroying the one competitive advantage that helped bring WFM to national prominence: It's offerings of local and independent brands. In the old days, store managers were famously given autonomy to strike deals with small producers. Now, most product decisions have been centralized at WFM's headquarters in Austin.
Of course, Daymon, the consulting firm that WFM now employs, says WFM is just trying to equitably distribute its cost making it impossible for small brands to compete with faux-indie labels like Annie's Homegrown, which is of course owned by General Mills.
Jim Holbrook, the CEO of Daymon, the consulting firm working for Whole Foods, said local products were still vital to Whole Foods' business model. The grocer, he said, is just charging them for the labor it costs to move products around during demonstrations.
"There's no move to keep those vendors out of the stores," he said.
It's also worth noting that most of these policy changes were implemented before the Amazon takeover, when the former retail darling was still a stock-market dog whose future as a public company was very much in doubt. Whole Foods stopped covering shipping fees and dropped minimum-shipment requirements in March 2016 for vitamins, supplements, and beauty products...
...Then, about a year later, WFM started rolling out an order-to-shelf inventory-management system that cut back drastically on storage. As a result, stores started making smaller, more frequent orders, making it too expensive for smaller vendors. Some vendors also complained that the store blindsided them last year by inviting them to a conference in Oregon and then announcing that they would all need to start paying fees to two outside companies: UL Everclean and IX-One. UL Everclean is a food-safety auditor, and IX-One takes photographs of suppliers' products. Both charge ongoing fees.
* * *
While some suppliers are considering pulling their goods from WFM as a result of the changes, others are terrified of being cut from store shelves and being replaced by larger brands.
"A lot of the vendors are refiguring their game plans with Whole Foods," a broker who represents more than a dozen suppliers said. "At one time it was considered a reciprocal relationship. Those days are over. There is no feeling that Whole Foods cares anymore."
Uh, caring for vendors?
Somebody needs to tell these people that there's no money in Bezos' world domination and monopolization budget for that.
Bankrupting small businesses is the Amazon way

The Duluth Model: A Must Watch PSA for All Men

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Church Exorcist: Hillary Shows 'Clear Signs' of Demonic Possession (Video)

There's just something about her...the Hildebeast. Glad she's dead.
Hillary Clinton has historically high "negatives" for any US politician.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, 55% of American view her negatively.  This number goes up to a nosebleed 72% with white males. Only 17% have a favorable view of her.
The WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who makes no secret of his sympathy for Clinton, and his hatred of Donald Trump, so these numbers might well be worse than the WSJ admits.
Reactions run the gamut, with some saying "there's just something about her I don't like" to "she gives me the heebie-jeebies!"

A screenshot from a recent viral video (see below) where Clinton acts, umm, demonically, scaring a reporter half to death. One is terrified, the other cannot believe what she is seeing, the man is just staring, deciding how to protect the campaign from these little "episodes."

Lately, some people have suggested demonic possession.  Franklin Graham, an influential Evangelical leader, and the son of Billy Graham, spoke about this in June:
“It is evident that Hillary has a demonic spirit inside her,” said Graham in an interview on WEHW. “She likes to wear red, which is a demonic color. She is also not a subservient woman, because she has pursued a career outside the home and sees herself as equal to a man. That is a rebellious, Jezebel spirit.”
Alex Jones, the host of one of the most popular news shows in America recently echoed the same sentiment, which has become commonplace, while walking through downtown Cleveland,
"... she just wants to piss all over the country and dominate everything, like a big fat goblin".  A Jones supporter chimes in, "She's a witch, she's into witchcraft." 

The existence of demons is an article of faith in the Russian Church, and demonic possession a common topic of discussion.  Exorcisms are a normal occurrence.  Russia Insider spoke to a leading exorcist in the Russian Orthodox Church, asking him to evaluate several Hillary videos. He agreed to do so on the condition of anonymity, because giving his name would require getting permission from church authorities, an unlikely prospect.

The exorcist is a well-known Russian monk at a major Russian monastery who has performed hundreds of exorcisms.  According to him, Hillary's manic energy had "clear signs" of demonic possession.  He also pointed to the results of her government service, citing the Bible, "By their fruits you shall know them".   "From the bombing of Yugoslavia to the killing in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine, Clinton seems to reflexively support policies that lead to needless death and suffering.  This is also a sign."

As an example of how widely accepted exorcism is in Russia, here is a news segment about the phenomenon from the mid 2000s on a leading Russian news show, "Post Scriptum".  The host is Alexey Pushkov, a respected journalist, who since has become an influential politician, currently heading the important foreign affairs committee of the Russian parliament (Duma).  (Wikipedia)

 Type "Russian exorcism" into Youtube, and you will see dozens of examples.
The reactions on Youtube to the recent viral video seem to suggest that a lot of people agree

Our Spiritual World: The sun is near, and our Father is nearer, in our ...

Our Spiritual World: The sun is near, and our Father is nearer, in our ...: Thessalonians 4 1 Furthermore then we beseech you, brethren, and exhort [you] by the Lord   Yeshua, that as ye have received...

The Hildebeast(and Death Consortium) is a LTC CIA covert bride of satan. Only the agency takes out whole planes to get to one man...or two. Only souls in love with death, kill women and children.

The number she had her hand on was nearer to 200 souls, not counting satanic ritual murders. Also, not to mention all the "pizza and hot dog" parties her, podesta, Obama, and many others routinely participated in to slake their blood-lust of children.

Part 4: Ronald Bernard, revelations from an insider

Wells Fargo was caught foisting auto insurance on more than 800,000 customers who only wanted to take out auto loans.

Well, ever since those Wells executives were found guilty and went to jail for falsifying all of those fraudulent savings/checking accounts, they have really cleaned up their .....

Wait....what?  You mean no one went to jail for outright fraud?  Oh...okay, never mind then.
Used to be, folks robbed WF. Now, they are the robbers
Tacking insurance onto the loans were part of the bank's "cross-selling" actice of offering products across different segments - which also included opening millions of credit card and bank accounts for people who never asked for them.
It gets better: the expense of the unneeded auto insurance (which covered collision damage) pushed some 274,000 Wells Fargo customers into delinquency and resulted in almost 25,000 wrongful vehicle repossessions. And the cherry on top: "among the Wells Fargo customers hurt by the practice were military service members on active duty."
The mechanics of the fraud, via the New York Times:
Here is how the process worked: When customers financed cars with Wells Fargo, the buyers’ information would go to National General, which was supposed to check a database to see if the owner had insurance coverage. If not, the insurer would automatically impose coverage on the customers’ accounts, adding an extra layer of premiums and interest to their loans.
When customers who checked their bills saw the charges and notified Wells Fargo that they already had car insurance, the bank was supposed to cancel the insurance and credit the borrower with the amount that had been charged.
In some cases the bank did just that. In most cases, nobody noticed and the scheme continued: "The Oliver Wyman report indicated that many customers appear not to have notified Wells Fargo of the redundant insurance. This may have been because their payments were deducted automatically from their bank accounts and they did not spot the charges."
The bank ended up paying $185 million to regulators and settled a $142 million class-action lawsuit for more than three million fake accounts opened up by Wells Fargo employees to meet sales quotas.
The 38,000 erroneous letters were allegedly part of a "coding mistake" caught by the vendor responsible for the communications, reports the New York Times.
"We will work with our vendor to ensure these customers receive the appropriate communication — including any refunds they're eligible for," said Bank spokeswoman Catherine Pulley, who also confirmed that the bank mistakenly sent a check to a non-customer.
The bank acknowledged that they signed up hundreds of thousands of customers for auto insurance they did not need - which the bank says they will pay a total of $80 million to make amends to affected customers.
"We'll continue working very closely with our vendor and we expect the remediation to be substantially complete by the end of second quarter, 2018," said Pulley.
What's going on at Wells Fargo?
On top of the credit card, bank account, and auto loan "cross-selling" scams, the beleagured bank also offered refunds to for up to 110,000 customers who were unfairly charged fees to lock in interest rates on mortgages.
Even the way Wells Fargo is offering the refunds sounds shady:
The Wall Street Journal, citing people close to the process, said the bank planned to send letters to customers informing them that they must opt into the possible refund, and estimates that half or fewer will open their mail and respond. Wells Fargo spokesman Tom Goyda said details of the outreach effort were still being worked out but that it would include follow-up phone calls when appropriate and "not just a one-off mailing." -NYT
In early February, the Fed said it would bar Wells from expanding its assets beyond their end-2017 level until it "sufficiently improves its governance and controls."
The Fed also demanded that Wells replace three current board members by April and a fourth board member by the end of the year. The release says the board of directors must also improve its oversight practices. The bank will not be allowed to grow until the Fed approves a detail plan of action to be submitted by the bank.
"The enforcement action we are taking today will ensure that Wells Fargo will not expand until it is able to do so safely and with the protections needed to manage all of its risks and protect its customers,” Yellen said in a statement. "The enforcement action we are taking today will ensure that Wells Fargo will not expand until it is able to do so safely and with the protections needed to manage all of its risks and protect its customers."
As we wrote several weeks ago, Wells pursued a business strategy that prioritized growth over managing risks and offering sufficient oversight of the firm's lending practices. As a result, the firm cheated customers of its auto-lending division and also overcharged some mortgage borrowers. And that was AFTER the cross-selling scandal mentioned above. The bank is also facing a criminal probe into its foreign-exchange desk, which allegedly overcharged its large corporate clients. The firm also lacked "an effective firm-wide risk management framework in place that covered all key risks." This, the Fed says, prevented the serious compliance breakdowns from being adequately reviewed by the board.
Meanwhile, in January we showed that Wells posted the worst mortgage numbers since the crisis - so maybe the Fed's new "growth restrictions" on the bank weren't needed after all.


Regulators Open Probe After Whistleblower Exposes "Rampant Manipulation Of VIX"

I personally know people who were scammed out hundreds of thousands of dollars - must be nice - who were cleaned out not on XIV, which was purposely crashed last week, but VIX, what with all their endless reverse splits and manipulations.

Update: In a quite shockingly fast reaction, WSJ reports that a U.S. regulator is looking into whether prices linked to the widely watched Cboe Volatility Index have been manipulated, according to people with knowledge of the matter.
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is scrutinizing whether traders placed bets on S&P 500 options in order to influence prices for VIX futures, the people said.
Proving manipulation is difficult, lawyers and academics say. The regulator must prove that a person or firm had the ability to move prices and did so intentionally. In addition, the regulator must show that the person intended to create artificial prices, said Craig Pirrong, a professor of finance at The University of Houston who has written about futures manipulation.
*  *  *
As we detailed earlier, we first exposed the "conspiracy fact" that VIX manipulation runs the entire market back in 2015 as the ubiquitous VIX-crushing algo-runs coincided with a non-stop shorting of VIX futures by a seemingly bottomless-pocketed player in the market... which happened to coincide with the arrival of Simon Potter as the head of The New York Fed's trading desk...

Probably just a coincidence, right?
Then, in May of last year we academic confirmation of the rigged nature the US equity market's volatility complex, when a scientific study found "systemic VIX auction settlement manipulation."
Two University of Texas at Austin finance professors found "large transient deviations in VIX prices" around the morning auction, "consistent with market manipulation."

​Griffin and Shams calculate that "the size of VIX futures with open interest at settlement is on average 5.7 times the size SPX options traded at settlement, and it is 7.3 times for VIX options that are in-the-money at settlement."
So if you are a trader who owns a lot of the market in VIX futures, you could push around a large dollar value of futures by trading a small dollar value in options. This is particularly true because the S&P option volume is divided among many strikes, and the illiquid deep out-of-the-money S&P 500 options have a big influence on the VIX: You can move the price of those options a lot with relatively small trades, and those price changes have a disproportionate effect on the VIX.
While this was immediately played down by CBOE, and the subject quickly disappeared from the headlines - because VIX was dropping incessantly and stocks were going up, up, up - until VIX flash-crashed rather awkwardly into the morning auction settlement in mid-December, bring the chatter of manipulation back to life...
Bloomberg data show that of the 10 biggest gaps between the VIX settlement value and its closing level the night before, five came in 2017, including December’s, which was the biggest discount in 11 years.

On monthly expirations, settlement occurred outside the VIX’s same-day trading range 42 percent of the time last year, the most since 2005. The average occurrence was 15 percent in the decade through 2016.
While a lot of innocent explanations exist, “really, it is a mystery,” said Pravit Chintawongvanich, the head of derivatives strategy for Macro Risk Advisors.
“Some people rightly get confused about why the settle is seemingly out of context with the market.”
It actually seems like VIX manipulation is an inside-joke, as Hennessy of IPS says in a market dominated by professionals, everyone plays at his own risk.
“Like any market it is susceptible to manipulation by large participants but I think that most VIX traders understand that,” he said.
“2017 saw many settlements that came in points away from the previous day’s close value, and at this point you have to understand the risk you are taking on if you choose to let your options/futures position go into settlement.”
But now, Bloomberg reports a whistleblower has come forward telling U.S. regulators that a scheme to manipulate the VIX costs investors hundreds of millions of dollars a month.

In a letter Monday (see below) that his client found a flaw that allows traders “with sophisticated algorithms to move the VIX up or down by simply posting quotes on S&P options and without needing to physically engage in any trading or deploying any capital.” Billions in purportedly ill-gotten profits have been scooped up by “unethical electronic option market makers,” according to the letter.
The client wasn’t identified by name. He’s held “senior positions at some of the largest investment firms in the world,” according to the letter written by Jason Zuckerman of Zuckerman Law, who has appeared on Washingtonian magazine’s list of top whistle-blower lawyers in the nation’s capital.
Crucially, according to the letter, the whistleblower blames this VIX manipulation as the driver of last week's volatility complex collapse:
“We contend that the liquidation of the VIX ETPs last week was not due solely to flaws in the design of these products, but instead was driven largely by a rampant manipulation of the VIX index,”
CBOE quickly responded with a denial:
“We take our regulatory responsibilities and the oversight of our markets very seriously,”
“This letter is replete with inaccurate statements, misconceptions and factual errors, including a fundamental misunderstanding of the relationship between the VIX Index, VIX futures and volatility” exchange-traded products.
“As a result of these errors, we feel the conclusionary statements contained in this letter lack credibility.”
But, as we concluded previously, you don't even have to intervene over some long period to keep options prices up; you can just submit bids in the pre-opening auction once a month and move the settlement price for that month.
There is a sort of hierarchy of manipulability in markets. At the top is Libor manipulation: Trillions of dollars of derivatives settled based on Libor, but Libor was calculated by essentially asking banks "what should Libor be?" The banks didn't even have to do any trading in order to push the number around; manipulation was, in effect, costless. (Later, with the fines, it was costly.)
At the bottom is, like, manipulating the price of a stock by trading that stock. There are cases of it! It's a thing. But it is a dumb thing; it really shouldn't work. If you buy a stock, you will push the price up, sure. But to make any money you then have to sell the stock, which should push the price right back down.
But if you are going to manipulate a tradable market -- as opposed to a made-up one like Libor -- then VIX looks pretty tempting.
The product that you trade (S&P 500 options) is different from the product where you make your money (VIX futures and options), and the trading market is in the relevant sense smaller than the derivative market: You can move a lot of value in VIX products by trading a small amount of value, in a confined period of time, in the underlying market. So you can cheerfully lose money executing the manipulation -- trading the S&P options -- and make back more in the derivative.
The question is - why did the whistleblower come forward now - a week after the total and utter collapse of XIV and the short-VIX debacle?

Blame-scaping VIX manipulation for 'volocaust' but remaining silent during years of VIX-monkey-hammering sounds more like 'bad-losers' - no matter how much we believe in the manipulation of this 'tail' that inevitably wags the entire market 'dog'.
As a reminder, it is not just traders that are potentially "manipulating" VIX, The Fed's new chair Jay Powell admitted in January that they carry a short-volatility position. We wonder if they took the loss last week or unwound the position?
*  *  *
Full Whistleblower Letter To Regulators:

Proof that EVERYTHING IS AWESOME has been a tissue of lies since 2008

And still heading will NEVER get better, that's the plan

Now when the Russiagate project is proven to be collapsing - obviously concocted at CIA, everybody tries to pull out and do a turnover ... how pathetic, these scumbags are so predictable.

Disgraced Dutch Foreign Minister Resigns After Admitting Lying About Putin's "Greater Russia" Comment

Update: The Netherlands' foreign minister was facing a tough debate in Parliament Tuesday following his admission that he lied about attending a meeting hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin at his country retreat more than a decade ago.

But, Minister Zijlstra just confirmed he is stepping down at the beginning of the debate in the House of Representatives.
He called it "by far the biggest mistake of my political life, the Netherlands deserves a foreign minister who is beyond any doubt."
As reports, on Monday, the coalition seemed to want to support Zijlstra. But that became difficult when the Volkskrant reported that Zijlstra not only lied about the source of Putin's message - not he, but then Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer was present at the meeting - but that Zijlstra also misunderstood the content of the message interpreted.
*  *  *
In a shocking admission, Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra said he lied when he claimed to have heard President Vladimir Putin describing an ambition to unify Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and Kazakhstan into a single super-state to rival the influence of the former Soviet Union.
Zijlstra claimed at a party conference in 2016 that he had overheard Putin outlining the grand plan for a "Greater Russia" in 2006 during a gathering of businessmen. At the time, Zijlstra was working at Shell, RT reports.
The dead eyes of cruelty and lies
In the original retelling of the story, Zijlstra said he had been in a back room of a dacha (country house) when he heard Putin define "Great Russia" as "Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic states," adding that "Kazakhstan was nice to have."
The story was questioned by the newspaper Volkskrant, however, which quickly discovered that Zijlstra had not even attended the 2006 business meeting in Russia, despite being part of the Shell delegation. When confronted about this, the minister acknowledged that he had lied, and said he was simply trying to protect a source.
"I made the decision that this is an important geopolitical story with serious implications," he said.
"I put myself in the story to make sure that the revelations weren’t about the person who was actually there. Because that could have had implications for him or his company."
Zijlstra insisted he was told as much from a source whom he refused to name. The newspaper itself says the source was Jeroen van der Veer, who was the CEO of Shell at the time.
The revelation comes at an awkward time for the foreign minister. Zijlstra, who took office in October 2017, is set to visit Moscow this week to meet with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. Geert Wilders’ opposition right-wing Party for Freedom has called for a parliamentary debate about Zijlstra’s integrity before he leaves. Zijlstra told Volkskrant that he informed Prime Minister Mark Rutte about his conduct several weeks ago.
"Greater Russia" is an amorphous term usually used to describe the historic core of the Russian state, roughly corresponding to the territory of medieval Russia in the 16th century - the beginning of the reign of Ivan the Terrible, who was the first of Russia’s great expansionist rulers. The word “greater” is meant as a description of spiritual significance rather than physical size. The same term was applied to the core territories of some other countries, like Greater Armenia, Greater Walachia or Greater Poland.

Part 3 - Dutch banker Ronald Bernard Exposes The Elite - English Audio

Monday, February 12, 2018

Part 2 - Ex-Illuminati Dutch Banker - In English Audio - Ronald Bernard

Current financial crisis predicted in 1981 movie Rollover

Intentionally crashing the financial system by strangling the money supply

A little over three weeks ago, I became aware of a sudden and dramatic change in the US Banking System that made my stomach sick.  I "sat" on this story for almost three weeks hoping what I found was some type of anomaly or data error.  It's not.
Bankers have almost completely stopped lending . . . . TO EACH OTHER.
The plunge in "InterBank Lending" was so sudden and so substantial that it looks as though it is actually a PLAN, not happenstance or situationally appropriate.
It LOOKS like the Bankers are intentionally choking the US Economy and they're doing so at levels far FAR worse than what took place during the "Fiscal Crisis" of 2007-08.  
For more than 45 years, the Federal Reserve has tracked virtually E V E R Y aspect of banking in the United States. They literally look at EVERY financial metric and provide incredible amounts of public reporting to anyone willing to spend time on the Federal Reserve Electronic Data (FRED) web site.
As your trusted media servant, I peruse vast amounts of information every day to keep you abreast of what's taking place, and give you insight as to how and why certain things happen.  So when I undertook my usual perusal of FRED and saw what I am about to show you, I was shocked.


First, let me explain what INTERBANK lending is.  The interbank lending market is a market in which banks extend loans to one another for a specified term. Most interbank loans are for maturities of one week or less, the majority being overnight. Such loans are made at the interbank rate (also called the overnight rate if the term of the loan is overnight).
A sharp decline in transaction volume in this market was a major contributing factor to the collapse of several financial institutions during the financial crisis of 2007.
Banks are required to hold an adequate amount of liquid assets, such as cash, to manage any potential bank runs by clients. If a bank cannot meet these liquidity requirements, it will need to borrow money in the interbank market to cover the shortfall. Some banks, on the other hand, have excess liquid assets above and beyond the liquidity requirements. These banks will lend money in the interbank market, receiving interest on the assets.
The interbank rate is the rate of interest charged on short-term loans between banks. Banks borrow and lend money in the interbank lending market in order to manage liquidity and satisfy regulations such as reserve requirements. The interest rate charged depends on the availability of money in the market, on prevailing rates and on the specific terms of the contract, such as term length. There is a wide range of published interbank rates, including the federal funds rate (USA), the LIBOR (UK) and the Euribor (Eurozone).
Having now explained what INTERBANK LENDING is, and how it is  H U G E L Y important for those funds to be available so banks can go about their daily business without running afoul of the law or Depositor needs, take a look at the FRED Data for INTERBANK LENDING for the last twelve months: (Click image to enlarge)

Did you see the problem?  Let me point it out:

Yes. You see that correctly.  INTERBANK LENDING CAME TO A VIRTUAL HALT, plunging from $68.034 BILLION for the week of December 27, to a terrifying level of  $13.237 Billion as of January 3, 2018.  That's a DROP of EIGHTY-ONE PERCENT (81%) in one week.
Of course, some folks may have a knee-jerk rection to this and say something like "Hey Hal, it was the week between Christmas and New Years. Business was slow. Don't worry about it."
OK.  But this has never . . . .  and I can prove N E V E R . . . happened before!
To show you how utterly extraordinary this is, take a look at 45 years of INTERBANK LENDING from the FRED reports:

Going all the way back to 1973, INTERBANK LENDING has never ----   N E V E R --- been this low.  Not even in the "Recession" of 2008-2009 ! ! ! !
Each of those years had a week between Christmas and New Years.  NOT ONCE IN 45 YEARS did the Interbank Lending grind to a halt as it has now.
Let me put  this in perspective for you.  As of January 3, 2018, the Interbank Lending is about $13 Billion for the week.  The FRED Data goes back to January 3, 1973 at which time it was $29 Billion.
Therefore, 45 years later. in an economy that is much, MUCH bigger, the Interbank Lending has collapsed to about 1/2 of what it was in 1973.


What happened to cause this?  Good question.  And it is a question that NO ONE in the Banking Community seems willing to speak with me about.
For those unfamiliar, I live in New Jersey, about three miles due west of the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan, New York City. I can pull my car out of my driveway and be in midtown Manhattan in minutes (barring traffic!).
We've got ALL the banks here; ALL of the biggest, most powerful, most influential banks.
We've got back-office Bank Operations occupying entire skyscrapers.  Tens-of-thousands of people in the Banking industry . . . . and I know a LOT of those people, socially and professionally.  NONE of them will talk about this.  Not a peep.  Nothing.
Even the Federal Reserve told me "no comment."
THAT is troubling to me.  (Story continues below Ad)

Usually, no matter what the story, someone . . .  usually quite a few someones . . . . are willing to talk,  even if it's off-the-record.  Not on this topic.  Lips are sealed.
That tells me "trouble."  It also tells me that the recent major swings in the Stock Markets are directly related to this.

GOLD? Nope!

If Interbank Lending has suddenly stopped . . . . because Bankers have DECIDED to stop lending to each other (as opposed to not trusting each other), then it stands to reason that Banks which NEED liquidity to meet regulations and cash requirements, would have to get that cash from somewhere else.  The easiest place: The Stock Markets . . . . the Banks can sell-off stocks they have acquired and use the cash to bolster themselves.
This makes a lot of sense when you consider that, on Friday, February 2 (one month into the collapse of InterBank Lending)  the Stock Market fell 666 points.  If this was due to economic worries by the general public, we would expect to see a rise in the price of Gold.  It is well established that when Investors are worried about the future, they buy Gold.  But that didn't happen.
On Thursday February 1 - the day BEFORE the 666 Drop in Stocks, Gold closed at $1,349.46, which marked the high for the week. Friday opened with the price of gold slightly off at $1,345.35, and then the yellow metal pulled back to end the week at $1,333.39.  The price of gold WENT DOWN as STOCKS WENT DOWN.
So the money pouring OUT of the Stock Market was NOT going into Gold!  The cash was going somewhere else.  But where?
Days later, on Monday, February 5 - the first open market day since the 666 plunge, The Dow Jones industrial average plunged more than 1,100 more points as stocks took their worst loss in six and a half years.
Between Friday and Monday, those two days of steep losses erased the market's gains from the start of this year and ended a period of record-setting calm for stocks.
But again, Gold wasn't phased. Gold closed at $1339.41, up a measly six dollars and two cents ($6.02) from the Friday before!
To me, this is proof that the hundreds-of-billions of dollars coming out of the Stock Market on Friday, February 2 and again on Monday, February 5 is NOT due to Investors seeking safety.  The money is going somewhere else.


Now, I am not a licensed financial planner and cannot offer financial advice.  All I am doing here is my job as a Reporter/Journalist/Radio Host, to present the facts and offer my personal views which are clearly evident on their face.  DO NOT MAKE ANY FINANCIAL DECISIONS BASED ON WHAT I PUBLISH HERE.  Consult with a Licensed Financial Expert before making any financial decisions.
Having said that, I still must ask: Why has the Interbank Lending ground to a virtual halt and where is the money going from all the Stock market sales?
It seems to me that either:
1) Banks are selling-off their own Stocks to get cash to sustain themselves (very bad sign) OR . . . . .
2) Someone is pulling HUGE amounts of cash OUT of US Banks and they are scrambling to survive. (Much worse), or
3) The Bankers have decided they don't like new found American Nationalism and are deliberately choking our economy to force a Globalist Agenda upon our President and our people by breaking our economy and saying Globalization is our only hope.

Could this be a situation that mimics the 1981 movie with Jane Fonda, Chris Christopherson and Hume Cronin entitled" ROLLOVER?"  The situation being reported in this post could very well be the start of real-life efforts portrayed in that movie!
You folks had best prepare, right now.  Just in case.  Have emergency cash (to survive, not to pay bills) emergency food, emergency fuel for cars, trucks, generators. Extra medicines you may need to survive. and such.  


Passengers Killed on Crashed Russian Plane Include CFO of Rosatom/UraniumOne and Russian Source for Christopher Steele's "Dossier" against Trump

"Dossier" against Trump

As most the world knows by now, a plane crashed in Russia this morning a few minutes after takeoff, killing everyone aboard.
As Russian authorities released passenger names on the official Death list, several of those now-deceased names raised immediate "red flags" because they appear to be directly connected to the Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama UraniumOne Conspiracy and to the (fake) "Russian Dossier" used to smear President Trump.
Now that they've been caught, it appears to many that "the Deep State" is cleaning house and getting rid of any loose ends who might testify!
Sergei Millian, a Belarus-born businessman who briefly worked with the Trump Organization and was reportedly a key source in the explosive dossier alleging ties between President Donald Trump and Russia, was in the spotlight following release of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.
Glenn Simpson, who cofounded the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, told lawmakers that a trip Trump Organization representatives took to Moscow several years ago had come onto the firm's radar as part of their research into Trump's business history.  The trip was organized by Sergei Millian, Simpson said. He said Millian "came up in connection with Chris' work as one of the people around Trump who had a Russian background." Chris is a reference to Christopher Steele, the former British intelligence officer hired by Fusion to research Trump's Russia ties.  (Story continues below Ad)
This Russian Businessman Sergei Millian goes by another name; Sergey Panchenko.
Sergey Panchenko just happens to be one of the dead passengers in today's Russian plane crash that killed 71 people.                                         
Also dead in today's plane crash is Ivanov Vyacheslav the CFO of Rosatom who is involved in Hillary's Uranium One deal with Russia back in 2009 under Barack Obama.
There are other names on the list which correspond to other persons in UraniumOne and in high-level Russian government circles such as Oil and Energy development.  These names are being verified and additional news stories will be published about them.
For now, at least two people known to be directly involved the UraniumOne "deal" and the Russian Dossier are now apparently dead and cannot testify to anyone about anything.  How convenient.

Passenger List


Here is a photo of the Rosatom/UraniumOne Executive reportedly killed in the plane crash over the weekend in Russia:

I can now show you via the image above that the man whose face is circled is the alleged Rosatom Executive that MULTIPLE SOURCES have claimed to me, was targeted in the deadly plane crash that left 71 dead in Russia.
Here is the alleged victim's Linked-In Profile:

Direct Link:
For those of you who don't know what Rosatom is, it's the Russian nuclear company involved in Hillary's Uranium One deal in 2009 in the early part of the Obama administration.                              
Many sources with whom I have spoken are claiming the plane crash to be "a hit" and the rumor mill is running wild alleging Hillary and the US Deep State was willing to kill 71 individuals to cover their tracks with Uranium One...Possibly making sure that Rosatom's Executive reportedly killed in the plane crash couldn't testify against Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton and those connected to her APPEAR TO SOME PEOPLE to be trying to protect themselves from being held accountable in one of the largest acts of betrayal against America.

The Hildebeast is a LTC CIA covert bride of satan. Only the agency takes out whole planes to get to one man...or two. Only souls in love with death, kill women and children.