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What happened on the moon 1 of 3

Apollo Moon Landings, a time study

Not likely...think about it.

Yeshua and the Great Pyramid

The reason that the King's chamber ventilation shaft is open to the star "Al Naith" in Orion's belt is because that star, whose meaning is "The Wounded One", describes the God who has come. This God manifested in human flesh, died and rose again. The ventilation shaft in the Queen's chamber which points to Sirius is CLOSED. This is symbolically accurate because Sirus represents the same God who died and lives, but has not as of yet returned. Sirius is not the consort of Isis (the degraded meaning), but the symbol of the God who remains to come as the King of Kings. Sirius means, "THE EXALTED KING"--the ruler of the whole earth. When He returns He will set up a kingdom that will never end.

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Cutting Through The Haze

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The truth of the moon landings is in the alleged photography...

Official NASA photographs confirm all Apollo Moon missions were faked.
Over 45 years on from events that never took place, there are still many gullible people who believe that men went to the Moon and back in 1968, and 6 months later landed on it, so here is the evidence which proves otherwise.
In the 1970's many people worldwide had serious doubt that the Moon landings were for real, but there was no material available upon which to base an investigation, other than the few photo's in a limited number of fictional/fantasy books which endorsed Apollo.
In 1995 the INTERNET brought about the full expose of NASA's 25 year scam, as people worldwide now had full access to NASA's web site pictures, and could see for themselves how the pictures had been doctored with false backgrounds. Before 1995 it was not possible to see these pictures, and that was because most of them had not even been made, (see APOLLO FAKE site). However all are now available.
There has been a lot of "faking" in the past, remember the Cottingley fairy photographs? Many war photo's were faked for propaganda purposes, and lets face it women have been "faking it" for years, albeit in their partners company, unlike NASA who involve the whole world. Anyone "faking" it can only do it for so long before being uncovered, 45 years is way past the mark, which only makes the saga appear more ridiculous than what it did back in 1968.

Look at this picture of the LM, taken from the fake Apollo 17 mission. Notice curved light marking at the rear, with small pot crater above it. Notice dark crater to the right of picture, and abrupt straight line evident between the foreground and rear background mountains.

Now look at the picture right and see the SAME identical landmarks. Where is the LM in this photo, has it been nicked by joy riders on the Moon? No NASA simply used the same pasted backdrop on most pictures from the 17th mission. The curved light marking, and abrupt line are there again, signifying that backdrop has been pasted onto picture. NASA constantly used this same backdrop scene and then claimed that each picture was taken elsewhere on Moon.

Picture on left, shows SAME background again, with a frustrated astroNOT looking for his lost lunar module. NASA constantly used this same background scene even though astroNOTS traveled many miles from base in four separate directions.

The picture on right shows the SAME background again, and still no sign of the lunar module. The astroNOT in picture appears to be transfixed on a large boulder. With impaired vision from his supposedly gold tinted visor, he has probably mistook the large boulder for his lost lunar module. Lets be serious shall we. The foreground in this photograph was taken at some remote desert location. The shadows are genuine shadows from daylight sun here on Earth.

This photograph appears in Patrick Moore's book "Mission to the Planets", and Mr. Moore claims that Armstrong took the picture as he was approaching the Moon, with SHADOW of the space craft visible on the Moon's surface. Mr. Moore also claims that the large crater in this picture, (Maskelyne) is 19 miles in diameter. If that be so then that is one helluva big space ship hovering above the Moon. NASA now claim that it is not a shadow, but the rear booster of command module in view of camera. Each time someone brings up a serious anomaly, NASA reply with the most absurd comments.

This color picture on right shows a Moon surveyor probe at some remote desert location here on planet Earth, probably Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic, where they are now preparing to fake a manned Mars mission. Why would NASA ship the probe to a remote location in order to take this picture, and why are there numerous Moon boot footprints all around it? Do NASA technicians wear Moon boots all the time? The sandy surface also shows signs of "brushing", evidently to remove other footprints not consistent with a Moon boot print.

Now can you see why NASA shipped the above probe to that remote location. This is the SAME probe, albeit picture was taken from a different angle.
The height of probe is at least twice that of the astroNOT, and yet picture was taken at the same height level as probe. This would mean that the other astroNOT was either 18 feet tall, or he carried a large pair of steps with him to the Moon.

Picture right shows astroNOT John Young from the so called Apollo 16 mission on Moon. In the surface sand, moist ash, or whatever it was they used, there are other footprints. The footprints, (arrowed), have been made by pointed "winkle picker shoes", (quite common back in the 1960's), or possibly lady's stiletto shoes.
The footprints therefore either belong to the photographer who accidently walked across the fake "Moonset", or Mr. Young took his Mrs with him to the Moon.

It looks as though astroNOT in this pic is about to topple over, he's certainly not upright, probably drunk to much Moonshine. NASA should breathalyze its astroNOTS on future missions to the Moon, question is when will that be in another 45 years?
What's more ridiculous is that there is no shadow at all from the flag and pole, evidently it was added, (pasted), after the photo was taken.

Picture shown right, and the one below, are supposed to be separate Moon missions, ie 12 and 14. However the primary, and secondary horizon lines are practically identical, as to is the fake, (scooped out), crater behind the flag. Notice in both pictures the astroNOT is having to hold the flag, unlike previous picture where it was pasted on.

This is supposed to be A. Shepard. How do we know? It could be anyone inside that space suit, incidentally Shepard was removed from ALL space missions with meniares disease before Apollo 8.
Notice the discarded condom between astroNot and LM shadow. These people must have been practicing "safe sex" long before it became fashionable, or it could be they were simply f*****g about. I think it is the latter.

Early fake pictures were taken at LRC, Virginia. The latter pictures however, (excluding wide pan shots), were doctored photo's from KSC shown left. Notice the background hedge's and tree's. Unfortunately this same site was used to take picture on right, which they claim is on the Moon. The reflection in visor, shows the trees, hedges at KSC.

In the Apollo 16 picture above left, the shadow from astroNOT looks somewhat weird, and so to does the LM shadow. The shadows are not parallel with one another, and there is no shadow at all from the flag. Look closely at the fake craters on rear mound, and the fake, (scooped out), crater just behind the astroNOT.
Now compare it with the picture above right. NASA must have had a limited number of backdrops to paste on the fake pictures. This is supposed to be Station 1, over 2 Kms from the landing site yet background and foreground are identical. That dam LM is missing again in this picture, hoisted out of view to give the impression photo was taken elsewhere. Notice pathetic scooped out crater which looks though it has been done by some energetic dog in the process of burying a bone. Now we know what they mean when they refer to the Rover, it's a flaming dog.

Here's a astroNOT with some kind of scoop. Probably a scoop for picking up Rover's poop. One thing that puzzles me is that I have not seen any evidence of Rover's paw prints yet. No doubt they will show up in some picture I have yet to see.
This fake picture is from the Apollo 17 site, but notice that "twin peak" mountain in the left of picture, and mountains to the right of it.

That "twin peak" mountain appears in this shot, but somehow the mountains to the right of it have disappeared altogether. First we had a disappearing Lunar Module, now we have a whole mountain range which has vacated the scene. It would appear NASA not only had the technology to land men on the Moon, but also the technology to move whole mountains as well. Incredible!

Look at the background in this picture of the Apollo 17 LM, you've probably seen it many times before, as it is the most common backdrop which they used in the fake Apollo 17 photo's.
Notice the decent ladder attached to suspension leg on the right hand side of LM.

Here is another photograph of Apollo 17 LM taken from SAME angle and orientation. This is confirmed by the decent ladder which is clearly seen on the right hand side. The top section of LM seems to have taken a TURN for the worse, and one of the legs in top picture has been amputated, yet appears to have regrown elsewhere in this pic. Just a minute, what's with that background? Did they up the LM from its original site and move it elsewhere? Phew.
Holy Moon Rock! or should that be Holy Petrified Wood! That mountain in picture above has swelled to an enormous size, and yet astroNOT on buggy appears totally oblivious to the fact. What has caused this mountain to swell in size? Was it geological activity or another classic example of NASA PASTED BACKDROP.
Incidentally the buggy is 10 feet long, so the LM cannot be much bigger looking at this picture.

Lord Nordy ! Those astroNOTS had better get the hell outta there, and move the LM as they did in the first picture. That rear mountain is sure getting bigger, and about to engulf the LM at anytime. I can see why the photographer has "backed off". Forget Viagra, it looks as though NASA had a secret formula for increasing size way back in the 60's.

This fake Apollo 15 photo shows how NASA began to incorporate mountains in the background, as the fake pictures they put forward for the 11/12 and 14 mission, were bland and uninteresting. They assumed it would renew public interest, as the public had become bored by it all.
An impressive background scene was built up in various stages, and used as a wide pan photo for the 17th mission, ie, the Grand Finale.
This fake picture is made from 3 pan shots taken for Apollo 15. The small white hill to the right of, but some distance away from, the LM, is the SAME hill which appears in the previous picture, and is part of the mountain backdrop which NASA were creating. Notice large sloping mountain to the right of the hill, has disappeared in this picture. Looks as though NASA have been busy with the heavy earth moving equipment again. What's ridiculous about this picture is that it shows LM to be in WIDE OPEN SPACE, ie, flat open plain land, however in picture below left, which is also Apollo 15, the LM is shown to be surrounded by towering mountains and hills.

The two pictures above 'cap it all'. Picture left shows LM surrounded by high mountains. This does not match with previous wide pan shot which shows LM to be situated in wide open plains with NO hills. NASA claim photo on right is a 'relatively fresh crater' somewhere else on the Moon, yet both pictures have the SAME BACKDROP. Yes the LM has disappeared yet again in right hand picture. As for the 'relatively fresh crater' it is indeed "relatively fresh", because it is the fake crater which NASA created a few months before picture was composed. That fake crater can be seen on the APOLLO REALITY 2 site.
The two fake pictures above are from the Apollo 15 files, but notice that sloping foreground in both pictures is the SAME. This is confirmed by the shallow indentation, (fake crater), which is arrowed in both pictures. However notice that both pictures have an entirely different background. Canyon shown in right hand picture is actually a scene from Devon Island.
We are constantly told that it was the Americans who got to the Moon first, but I am not so sure. The picture on left clearly shows the front end of a Lada car in the right of picture, leading me to believe the Russians got there first. Meanwhile one of the astroNOTS in the right hand picture appears to have undergone a sex change whilst on the Moon. He sure has a slim, somewhat "shapely" waistline, either that or he is wearing a tight fitting girdle.

Picture left shows TWO astroNOTS on the Moon, meaning someone else took the picture. If that's not the case, then it shows how easily it is to paste another object onto an existing photograph. In the case of NASA they paste false background scenes onto photographs taken here on planet Earth.

Even I can be wrong at times. I assumed that the Rover was a dog, and have been examining the photo's looking for evidence of paw prints. No such luck, however I uncovered the picture on right which clearly shows a moggy on the Moon. The soft ash, or charcoal which they used at LRC to create the FAKE dusty Moon surface was, of course, ideal for cats. As we all know cats like a soft, fine soil to do their "turn out" as it makes it easier for them to scrap it over afterwards. The local cats near to LRC must have been in 7th heaven finding such a purrfect place in which to do their thing. NASA staff must have spent a considerable amount of time scraping the cat poop of the astroNOTS Moon boots.
Anyway that just about wraps it up for NASA's UTTERLY RIDICULOUS FAKE MOON PICTURES. For more info on the biggest con, hoax, scam, fraud, call it what you like, of the 20th century, check out the links below.

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