Sunday, October 31, 2021

Please...come out of Babylon 

End is nigh...Operation Shielding

Which is the approved by congress, signed by Sniffy, removal of all Christians and those with the HOLY SPIRIT from their homes and placed in DEATH CAMPS. This removes the last of the holdouts from the Mark, so Satan can smugly say to the world, "I am your god. I am in the blood, there is none else."

Anyone not with the beast is to be destroyed. The tribulation of the saints began earlier this year, as stated and proved out.

The only reason they are allowing this information, when 20 years ago, they were taking down my sites for a fraction of this knowledge, is because they know that you cannot stop them.

For this is their appointed time, and times, and half a time. We are in the middle of that timeline. It gets really bad from the witches black sabbath of Samhain onward (Halloween).

Come out of Babylon. Now. Not later. Not when you get around to it. Look deep into your life and see what is unholy and what is not. Do the right thing. For your VERY OWN SOUL'S SAKE and the souls of those you love.



The same ingredients in the vax weapon is now and HAS BEEN deployed in our food supply, as we know. It's why our food is showing up magnetic and sometimes, GLOWS UNDER A BLACK LIGHT, LIKE SOME CHICKEN PRODUCTS DO.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Zombie bio weapon is a killer

They have blood on their hands

This woman, this nurse, is a murderer. Her and her friends are murderers.
Where was this indignation when it was the lives all the people that were murdered under her watch? Why didn't she stop it, once she knew better, as she is doing FOR HERSELF.

These kind have no problem watching others die; they took the 3800 a week payday for vaxxing the naive and programmed. You watched them die, the morgue filling up daily. And you did NOTHING. Until the gun was aimed at YOU.

And now they want us to poor baby them and the loss of their job. Honey, you are a serial killer. Your friends are serial killers.

Nurses are serial killers, in our time. If you work at a hospital, you know everything that is going on FOR REAL at the place. Can't say, that wasn't my floor. Gossip in a hospital, like any group setting, spreads fast. She knew.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Vacuum Gas Chambers at Walmarts now

4th dose of Death Weapon is here

The reptoid happily tells all about this CDC moment of continuing doom.

Then a 5th, then a 6th, then....

Delta is over? I have a list going back to 2018 of all the planned phases; anyone remember the one after Delta? It's on my web sites. Here it is again.