Friday, December 16, 2022

Prayer request

Public prayer request 12-16-22

Dear friends and readers:

The house I rented, the owners have been playing games for a month in getting me keys and fixing all the horrible rotten things on the house. They now have half my possessions, won't give me access to the house I leased, and are non responsive to emails or phone calls or text messages. They have four months of my rent, paid in November, and now its gone and they let me move in half my stuff and then cut me off.

They made me sign a hold harmless agreement on Tuesday when son Matt came up with a truck of my stuff—that says if my stuff is stolen or lost while it is there before I move in, they cannot be sued for it's loss. So now they can steal my possessions and I legally cannot do a thing about it. I have never had to sign a paper like that to move into a home. I talked with a real estate exec and they said there is no reason ever for such a document and it should have been submitted at time of signing the lease. It's a move someone makes when they plan on robbing you of your stuff, they say. 

I do not have a home now. Nor any further monies to get something else.

I go to the streets as of yesterday.

I am now homeless in a couple of weeks. Living in a truck in winter, wherever I can park.

I'm sure the covens are very pleased it's going this way, considering their hand is upon this event.

They have taken four months of rent and won't give over the keys or access to the house. As it's against me, personally, I cannot defend myself in the usual way - for we cannot use what He has given us for SELF - ever. I can only attack and defeat the demonic, wherever I find them. Which of course I do.

The owners know this is coming at a time, when I have only a couple of weeks left and there is not time for house hunting, moving, or anything. 


I am asking for prayers so that this resolves in my favor, somehow, someway. I just want my money back at this point and my possessions or the house and the lies and lying about EVERYTHING to stop with them and I can live peacefully in that house. One of the two. A moment for a prayer is all I ask.

Don and son Matt - happier days at Dad's cathedral, the great seas.