Thursday, September 9, 2021

Project Zyphr and Trump

Pay attention to this video I uploaded 2 years ago. It's time again to review this information and free your mind. If possible.

PS. The doomsday variant is the FINAL VARIANT. I think you all realize what it means, too. As in FINISH.

Trump IS NOT the anti Christ. People are and will start pushing that; and he'll play his part to be that, to deflect attention from the real monster who made his appearance, albeit briefly, in April, after the 3.5 year mark of the Tribulation of the saints.

It's why Sniffy and the gang of devils are in LA, not DC. This thing rules all from Jerusalem. Sniffy is just a decoy; window dressing; a stooge. 

To my knowledge this and the video of this event, is the so far only public appearance of this creature.

I was advised last spring, in April, to dump everything I knew about the end times and start afresh. So I did and do. Everything we expected has not gone as we expected, for anyone who is honest about eschatology.