Thursday, September 9, 2021

The damned are forcing all PRIVATE companies to adopt Mandatory Weapon Policy

75 Days to get whacked up or else. That's how long we have. 2.5 months. Mid November. That way it will be cold, snowing, and inclement weather for anyone thinking of hitting the hills.

In the meantime, they keep tightening restrictions and cut off food and gasoline. Power outages.

Everything changes from yesterday onward, as I was warned.


If you have a job, you have to get weaponized to keep it.

That officially makes it MOTB for the USA.

Consider the economy tanked by month's end.

Forcing all companies. All means all.

This is where it hits the fan.

This is when things get real bad. Now, it's just a matter of robot sniffy announcing compliance dates.


We'll see. Federal and state slugs and gimps will comply in those states and override any such resistance. Just watch. This map is baloney.