Saturday, September 11, 2021

The damned giving homage to Satan 911 2021

The damned giving homage to Satan 911 2021.

Bish is NOT Hillary. That evil Hildebeast, ironically, died on 9-11-2016.

This is that DOESN'T LOOK LIKE HER AT ALL double.

This is also proof they don't have clones, just like the mandalla effect is a scam. For if they did, don't you think a HIllary Clone would have been useful? Rather than use obviously not Hillary doubles all whacked up with plastic surgery.

I'll explain the whole clone scam another time.

Laughing Sniffy. He at least isn't pretending to be at a somber memorial for the dead. He was part of it. THEY ALL WERE.

The dead and judged one.

So much suffering at her hands

The double they ran at first.

Not Hillary. The double. The one standing there today by Bill.