Sunday, April 25, 2021

What kind of a future do we have?

What kind of a future do we have?

Don Bradley

Let's look at some facts, we now know to be incontrovertible.

We know that the vaccine is no vaccine at all. It is a DNA remapper, the very companies and inventors that designed and made openly describe as a “rewriting human software.” They also call it, updating our software. Kind of tells us everything.

It then follows that the vaxxed are changing, because they are now GMO people, into something different to what they ever, ever were. Big surprise, down the road.

We also know that vaccine shedding is real, so it doesn't even matter if you got the jab or not. They brag about vaxxing half a billion people. Believe me when I tell you that is more than enough to kick start a new and more horrific pandemic, no one has ever imagined for, save movie and horror writers. Except for cases of extreme isolation, this will spread like the black plague of the 14th century. It's already has happened. On every street, rotting bodies. Or the roving damned. Being viral and in variants by shedding, this will hit and rehit us all. What future awaits us for the remainder of this year?

The little stinkers have been shoving zombie apocalypse on us for twenty years. Remember Z, I am Legend, The Walking Dead? All big time hits. For a reason.

Start paying attention to, initially, mood swings and feeling low grade flu ish. If you are menopausal and find you are no longer. Yep. Rashes, bruises, achy breaky, etc, yep. Any systemic changes that are just off, and STAYING OFF OR GETTING WORSE. Yes.

It's their science experiment on us all.

But the truth is, it's no experiment. That happened long ago at secret bases, DUMBS, in distant countries away from prying eyes.

No. This is weapon deployment. They know exactly how this thing works, progresses and even the end result.

It's just that we don't, you know. Only them. They know.

For example, this morning a dead pile of leaves was left at my door. No, didn't fall from any nearby tree, because there aren't and further, the leaves are from a tree not on my property or any tree on the hillside. They were also rotten and moldy. I was instantly warned this was a spell deployment. See, witches have deployments and disposals. Deployments is laying a trap for a victim to get them to touch it in some way. Like a business car on your window, etc. Of course, you will take it off and read it. Got you. They also have to dispose of spell elements, with other ritual acts, to do something about removing lingering curses and such.

I grabbed a broom and removed it, clearing it and sending it back to sender 1000 fold. See, only the witch knows what they spell was about and if it went as planned, the curse would have brought me great trouble. Another morning at the house...

Fortunately, what with the designer of these things coming forward saying STOP because something is going wrong, um.... Or he's doing a limited hangout, to cover his karma. They have to tell us. They have now.

We should pay attention to that. No one is.

I wish I had a cheery hope thingy for us all. I do not. There is so much going on right now, equally as ugly and bizarre, that it staggers the mind. However the vax thing tops them all.

Sure, the spike protein thing is the main killing agent, along with mercury, fetal cells, pig cells, aluminum, etc. But also, that mrna deal is a GMO combiner and design agent. No getting around the old remapping of one's genetic code. That's a hella thing.

Finally, remember this. This is a binary weapon system. Hit now, kill later. What if the kill switch is something we all do every day, without any thought whatsoever? It would have to be, wouldn't it? Or, they can just wait us out. Being vaxxed is a death sentence, right out. Your dead. Maybe not today, but yeah, soon.

What happens when the undead start shedding gmo gene splicer cells, which I think it is already doing. I mean, you can't get spike proteins and modifier cells without the gene splicer. Common sense. We all had life sciences and biology in college. Immunology 101.

Even if we have a strong and looked after immune system, the new coding of the splicer is to attack our native immunity. How F'd up is that.

They really do want to get the population under 500 million. They must have something on hand and already tested that will protect them from all this. They must. The risk is too great otherwise. Anything virally infectious is destined to eventually go EVERYWHERE. Like the Spanish Flu of 1919-20

Odd that timing, one world wide plague started by the first ever military vaccine and now covid 2019-20. Same time of year, too. Check it out.

We must know the antidote or protection. And is such protection an abomination and therefore unholy and not for us? Lots of questions.

We must pray to Yeshua, Our Father, Holy Spirit all these aspects of Love that Is for an understanding and our place or the lack of one, in this era. Seems to me.


Except those days be shortened, no flesh shall be saved.

Matthew 24-22