Friday, November 19, 2021

How can we really know about La Palma

 If I lived anywhere within 10 miles of the coast at an altitude under 50 ft above sea level and within 2,000 miles direct course from La Palma, I would make immediate arrangements to even temporarily higher ground. Somehow. Someway. 

The village dork

I was talking with a friend yesterday. Of course, the whole La Palma thing came up, as these things do.

It occurred to me. Would there be any tells in local governments that have shoreline that could be affected by that burning mountain into the sea prophecy of revelations?

Seems that possibly large corporations would protect and pull back any strategic resources in varying levels of danger. But, then again, they WANT to destroy the country, so that's not necessarily so. 

Is there Tsunami signs on their beaches, like they put up on the west coast in 2012? 


These showed up one day in Feb 2012 every 1000 yards all along the coastline where the public meets the sand and water in California to Canada. These on the east coast?

I would look about for anything that would need to be looked after, without alerting the general public that this was being done. With the dark-siders, who like death, they might just leave everything in situ, just to keep people in place with some level of normality. Which on the surface, seems to be their plan.

Like keeping the stores open, when they want that more than anything, to finish off this place and do an Australia with martial law and troops and thugs for LEO. 

A country reeling from the shock of a Great Catastrophe is easier to control with martial law and troops under the guise of the event, than their real intentions of getting troops and checkpoints instantly done under the guise of their covid bs. 

People are chomping at the bit to get the big boogie going over the vax weapon. A nation dealing with a massive trauma event won't see the exact same level of boots on the ground as a threat, if they stupidly believe the UN troops are there from China to help them.

It's a sneaky way of getting Australia here, in gun land, without anyone suspecting this is what they are doing. They might even help and play first. Once people start coming out of the shock of the loss of family and friends, it will be too late.

I would look for local signs that might reveal if my area was in some kind of danger or being used as an ad hoc staging area. I would pray, as I am doing, for our Father to reveal to me any visible sign they are preparing in just such a way. For we know they are. I would. I have.

We already know they have martial law processing facilities setup at targets, lowes, and wally worlds. We know that most of the really bad camps are underground via wally world as well. Washington DC is a boarded up empty town, other than the small parts of government they do not care about. 

Everyone knows and has been proven in detail, the WhiteHouse is closed and sniffy and the gang of phags are filming out of Culver City with hardly ANY footage of life in the WH, as we've always seen all our lives with every president. Nowadays, they simply film on the lawn they built at the movie studios. Is Manhattan the same? The real players are already gone, like during the 911 event, in which the three WTC tower buildings normally held more than 250,000 workers, but on that day, all surviving witnesses said, the buildings were mostly empty that morning, with everyone staying home. No one ever asked WHY were they empty, I've noticed over the years. The only people who obviously didn't get the word were mostly low level security guards and secretaries.

See what I mean?

There must be some things they cannot hide, but I don't know what. That would be a matter of a county by county basis, whether you are in Portugal or Manhattan. 

Ask in prayer to have the truth of your reality and what to do about it revealed to you while there is time to do so. 

As for La Palma. I literally hope its all bullshite. I hope and pray this is much ado about nothing. That this event will happen somewhere where so many modern lands and cities will NOT be affected. Like the Aleutian islands or something. 

Then...of course...of all people. And the information and other things He is giving us all is most disconcerting and dreadful. There is that. 

I've said to close family...that I already have been feeling on the inside that some great tragedy has happened and I'm already in mourning about it all. Since May. It's an ugly crappy feeling that just overwhelms me from time to time. Like its already happened. And you have to be a part of it, even when its the very last thing on your heart you ever want for any reason. 

None of this is fun or an adventure. The loss of life on a thing like that is already, quite a staggering perception. All in a single day, it will be. With a month long continuous follow on of severely injured, unable to get real medical help because the hospital killers have been busy all year slaying the population with the death weapon. These will not find compassionate souls at the local hospitals or will be overwhelmed and triaged by weapon status anyways, as they are already doing to folks who NEED medical treatment now, but cannot get it because they don't want the beast weapon in their blood.

All those nurses went back to work killing us when they walked off the job rather than get the weapon themselves. Those murdering bitches have no problem killing you or me; but when the gun was pointed at them, they all plead the stand together and poor me stance. Once the feds and local govts rescinded their mandates, they all went back to that 3800.00 per week covid bonus they were getting on top of their regular pay and what?

No more nurse videos anymore. Have you noticed?

I have.

As a west coast surfer, we learn early on that our waves, or more accurately swells, are created thousands of miles away across the Pacific. When there is a local storm in the South Pacific, we get it days later as head high waves. Usually less. Same with Hawaii. It's an event thousands of miles away that makes our daily surf what it is or isn't going to be that week. Especially if it is a typhoon somewhere; then we get really big surf. Double overhead and the like. This is how waves work. This is where they come from.

So, an event like La Palma would make wave sets (its never just a single wave, but a series of waves that can last days,) that could be half a dozen waves. Each succeeding wave adding to the storm surge height (look that up so I don't have to explain it) of the preceding waves. 




Rittenhouse. They were waiting for full moon to do a verdict, because they are satanists. All of them. Today we will get it. These are such evil demonic people.