Thursday, November 18, 2021

Got a haircut today

 Got a haircut today


And the lady who was going to cut my hair asked me about the jibbyjabby. I asked her if she had. Yes.

I simply said, "You won't get covid from me. Covid, backward and in Hebrew, means demon.

She went ahead and cut my hair after that. She didn't say another word. But the wheels were turning and she carried a heavy heart. She had a subtle look of panic about her. Either about me or about the weapon. Or both.

Just sharing.


It amazes me that people are still on that island. Check out the 73 over the spear.


If I lived anywhere within 10 miles of the coast at an altitude under 50 ft above sea level and within 2,000 miles direct course from La Palma, I would make immediate arrangements to even temporarily higher ground. Somehow. Someway.