Saturday, February 8, 2020

Facing the Wuhan Reality

Halcyon days...that are no more. Thank you Dad for those blessings. I go to the ramparts to sound the warning.

Don Bradley 2-8-20

It's getting harder, and harder, to do these videos and blog reports. It requires several hours of constant prayer, searching, reading, crying, and compiling. Harder and harder.

I know that soon, I will see this all around me. In America.

This plague will strip the world of everything as its doing now in China. Mainly hope...that's what I see and feel most...hopelessness.

Harder and harder.

Doing the due diligence and research as this weapon is tearing China apart and slowly murdering millions, I've learned a great deal. All of it so very ugly, it takes a great strength of will to push the images, the voices, the knowing, out of my mind. Sometimes it works, usually not so much.

  • They will tell us to not worry and everything is under control. A lie.
  • The damn weapon has an incubation period of 14 days. For all we know, we're already carrying the thing, or soon will be, and never know it.
  • Chinese wealthy and leaders have all moved to offshore islands to live with their families. It's true. They did this around January 20th or thereabouts. That's confirmed. This tells us the only defense is NO CONTACT EVER. Where does that leave people like us who don't have islands to escape to?
  • I am already looking at every person I meet, as a carrier, that's how F'd up this research has made me. I feel terrible all the time, just from the spiritual and emotional blender I find myself in. What's worse, every where I look, I see the bodies that I will soon see on the ground, but it hasn't happened yet. It's freaky...weird...and it never stops. 
  • So I go deep inside, talk with Dad, cry, and get a little sleep. Until the next day, when I must help a friend move, do the research, and sit alone in the dark in prayer. That's my life now. I wake up early, like this morning at 455am, and start the am research cycle. Within 30 minutes I feel dead inside. It is very hard to sift through all those foreign web sites with information unavailable in the USA, and watch all that suffering. So you can know what you need to know, you know. Soon, you will know it. Because, and I pray our Almighty Father he spares our land, it will be upon us.
  • I see things of things to be. Like orders going out to kill your house cats  and such. Because they will blame the innocent house pets for spreading this. It's a lie. It's the flu, dammit. Animals have not a thing to do with it. 
  • Everyone will see everyone with suspicion. Shootings, stabbings, madness, will be the daily color of the community, when this gets going in whatever country it blooms in next.
  • Stores will close fast. Very fast. Because...who will want to work in such a place with random carriers coming and going? For minimum wage? No one I know. And probably not you, the reader. See it now? The time for preparing and stocking food and water was the before time. And most never did. Some of us did. I always kept food and water for 3 months for me and boys and for ten years now. Looks like we'll be eating out of these old stores of canned and other long term goods.
  • We will have to boil every bit of water we drink. And then one day, the taps won't run with water, because the workers will be sick. Like it is in China. No one at the controls and now Wuhan province is having water and power blackouts. That's our future. If we are still alive.
  • Deliveries from China will be one of the first reveals. And the shits and giggles part of it is, everything is made in China, because the satanic west moved all manufacturing there under Clinton and Bush. No one will touch anything that says CHINA on it. I don't blame them, either. 
  • I will hang in there, doing this work, as long as I can continue to take it. Yeshua and Dad give me the strength, given the other things going on in my life, and these other things - NEVER MENTIONED, BECAUSE WHO CARES - are about as bad as it can be: dead people, several in the last 4 months, all deeply loved, a ruined life, and attacks on levels beyond what most people can even fathom, plus one thing after another in my body, requiring medical attention, I cannot afford. The latest, these last two weeks was an abscessed  tooth so bad I lost it. Then it went dry socket. So every day is physical pain beyond describing. I point this out not for pity, but to show how hard it is to stand my post at the ramparts, doing my job. which is bringing truth to us all. I'm sure your lives has their own pain and suffering, so just know, I'm in there swinging with you, gettting through tough days, just like you.
  • I have to take a shower now. Pick up a moving truck. Make some coffee. And spend all day moving boxes into storage. Again.
I'll keep this updated, if I can. But, I thought it would be best to - in the midst of all this reporting - to let you know what's going on with the dorkboy. Not good. My sons have vanished, and very few people are taking this information seriously. I hope all of this never comes here, but it will hit Mexico and half a million mexicans will bumrush our OPEN BORDERS and that will be that for America. You retarded democrats have killed us all, you arrogant bastards.

See you later. I love you.