Saturday, May 25, 2024

Stay dead Chucky

There is no truth in them, for their Father was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.


They keep the illusion rolling with rubber masks on actors whom always over act or of late, using Beatrice type synthetics they can bring out to a staged setting, with everyone on the scene, coven so the secret is kept.

Like with the Sniffy. I've cataloged four different sniffys over the years. Now, they are using synthetics. As in, can't kill a robot.

Robots can and will malfunction. But, you have that covered, because NOTHING is live anymore, its always delayed broadcasting to cover, cut away, or shut down the feed, if the thing breaks. 

Who cares. As long as the real meat sack is in judgment, doesn't matter how many fakes you run, the real criminal is no more. And that's the point.

Council of 13, council of 9, mothers of darkness (original and extra crispy), once gone, gone.

Erasing the big satanic power brokers and moving to rabbinical gimps and slugs. Taking the teeth out of centuries of spells, bloodlines, and their stench upon Earth, is also the thing. Go ahead and run fakes. These fool no one. The people just get pissed off that you resort to this kind of Edomite trickery. And that kettle is boiling.

No one buys anything you devils sell anymore. NO ONE.