Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Our Modern Cities

 Watch videos of Israel. They have NONE of the problems they created all over the world, that the world must contend with. None. Understand?

This is nothing compared to what I could have put up.

Stage 1: Touchdown
>Dollar stores start appearing
>Cricket Wireless/Mint mobile
>Graffiti is more common
>Homeless people loitering and tents under highways
>Payday loans/quick cash stores pop up
>Pawn shops refusing to buy electronics, bicycles and jewellery
>Liquor stores having tighter security
>Bus transport becomes more “available”

Stage 2: Gibsmedat
>”We buy cars/scrap/homes” signs start appearing on sidewalks
>Homeless people start moving into downtown
>Walmarts/Krogers start appearing
>”We accept EBT/SNAP”
>Cigarette butts on the streets
>Smoke shops/Weed stores appear on most plazas
>People loitering at night/day, staring at people
>Trash in parks
>Dumpster diving becomes a thing
>Groups of blacks hanging outside of stores
>Stores start locking down most products

Stage 3: The Chimpening
>Homeless camps now at parks/outskirts
>Bikes need individual locks for frame and tires
>Stores start asking customers to give them their backpacks/bags
>Gas stations become dangerous because of carjackings
>Security cameras everywhere
>People start working “side hustles” as primary source of income
>Needles on the street are basically a daily occurrence
>Homeless people using trash cans as toilets
>Cars/bikes get stolen every day
>People start digging in trash bins for aluminum cans
>Houses have security locks and alarms
>Cops always downtown
>”China Kitchen” or “Caribbean general” stores are commonplace
>Outside is unsafe during night
>”Cash 4 Scrap”

Stage 4: Los Angeles
>Tent cities with bikes being broken up for scrap/individual pieces
>People fight in public everyday
>More abortion centers than hospitals
>”Social services” buildings
>Blacks screwing homeless skanks in public
>Trash all over sidewalks, micro-plastics all over the grass
>Empty soda/beer cans on the street
>Gas stations have personal security at the front
>Car racing at night
>Large groups loitering the streets at night talking very loud
>EBT is now a commodity
>Pitbulls are a common dog
>Needle dispensaries
>People drinking in public
>Cars that are highly customized
>People wearing bandanas
>Cups full of piss
>Empty water bottles with burn holes
>Smell of downtown is cow dung or something similar

Stage 5: Planet of the damned
>Forget using a bike without titanium locks (you need multiple)
>Everyone is sagging their pants
>Homeless districts on streets, putrid smell of human feces in them, needles every where, homeless skanks begging for money for sex, bikes near every single tent
>Can’t go outside without carrying personal defense
>Dogs (mainly pitbulls) sitting in front of houses with no leash
>Police don’t even show up unless it has to do with guns
>Loitering everywhere
>Parks have become trash dumping grounds
>People burning stuff in barrels
>All major retail stores have security, metal detectors, patdowns, security cameras and dogs
>Convenience stores have all products behind the counter
>Bags of piss near trash cans
>Weed dispensaries everywhere
>Car theft happens every hour
>Gangs start blocking roads and asking for money to pass
>Gunshots every night
>People get shot almost every night
>Chop shops aren’t hidden, just rebranded as “scrap stores”
>Basically every home has security camera and barbed fencing
>Black mayor (democrats, nephilim)
>Crazy people loitering, assumes anyone who walks near is a threat
>Black children throwing rocks at windows
>Walmart has security everywhere
>”Pay as you go” cell plans
>Fake cash is commonly used
>Riots every time a black man dies
>Dead grass from all the dumpings and homeless loitering
>”Diversity is our strength” or similar as city motto 


Nephilim Edomites did this by total control of media, commerce, and government.