Tuesday, July 6, 2021

If you are vax weaponized

Stay away as best as possible from 5G areas. All major metros, like Denver and LA, are 5G operational with coverage on most streets and parks. Especially for the month of July. They turned them back on and that is a very bad thing they have done.

The pre-zombies might find themselves getting unwanted heart and neural seizures.

There are no cell phones with a 5G chip inside them. That's all a scam. Like the insides of these tower panels say on the motherboard, COVID19. 5G is a weapon.

Motherboard with main CPU COVID19

Two cell phones with an empty spot where the 5G chip should have been. Software says 5G enabled and it is sold has having the chip. NONE OF THEM DO. It's a hoax, the whole cellular new fast thing. Speed really has to do with ALLOWED SOFTWARE BANDWITH, which is a software setting in the routers. One of my certifications/degrees is Computer Network Engineering 1995. I fully understand the technology. They can make your phone faster through software or make it drag, like they do me.