Sunday, July 18, 2021

If I had it my way

All I would be doing, publicly wise, is the Spiritual World Site

Not this exposition of evil in the world stuff. I've really, really, really had my fill of this all. How terribly wrong our world has become in Nephilim hands. I've been holding this shofar for so very long now, it seems a part of my hand. So to say.

Enough whining.



If you have questions about the lists and roundups, send them to me. I will compile them all and answer, as its given me to know or able to answer. Okeeday?

Next 3 days please, not after. 

Also, important. 

Expect a MASSIVE campaign of rounding up of the killer unvaxxed weaponized rhetoric from every quarter. This is a big one, so they are going to pre-echo, or foreshadow this HUGELY. They have to. From the Whitehouse, the blackhouse or any kind of house in every land. They must. The stinkers.

A black man from #Cuba has a message for BLM -"You guys suck."

"In Cuba you cannot think, you cannot speak.

Thinking in Cuba – take you to jail.

Speaking in Cuba – take you to jail.

In Cuba it's not about color – whatever the Government don't like, they can take you to jail."