Monday, July 5, 2021

A way out of vax hell?

 I am making further inquiries into this with all due haste. Hoping to either acquire the compound or at least the process to make it, so it can be distilled by others and made available, hopefully for FREE. Which is my wish in the matter. However, there may be cost. 

If it proves out efficacious then wonderful. But, we shall see.

I maintain, and have maintained, that the weapon must have an antidote or they would NOT have released the plague of all plagues upon the population, as they have quite obviously done. I have been keeping my nose to the ground, as is said, in just such a search.


Forwarded to me this morning.

Hi Don,

I sent the graphene videos to a friend who is a homeopathic practitioner. This is what he wrote:

Thanks for sending this Geoff.  I actually know a lot about Graphene.  Through my dentist friend a couple years ago I was connected with one of the major graphene scientists in the world, who just happened to be his patient.  My friend asked the scientist, could we possibly get a sample of this material, since we're always on the lookout for new materials from which to make remedies.  So, after acquiring a sample, he passed it on to me, & after some experimentation I was able to make a colloid out of this material that is usually quite hydrophobic, using certain alchemical techniques.  From this I was able to fashion a homeopathic graphene remedy, which had for me somewhat miraculous results.  It took me, in less than 2 weeks, out of atrial fibrillation--something the doctors told me would never be possible without meds or other intervening procedures.  
Plus, as a side benefit, I began to notice a marked positive impact on brain function.  I found my recall, comprehension & articulation were improving markedly the longer i was on the remedy.  So, in short, this is the other side to the graphene story.  I think it all comes down to intention--how one prepares & chooses to employ the substance,  Like all the other carbon molecules of pristine geometry, such as fullerene, there is both positive & negative potential, depending on how the material is used.