Saturday, September 5, 2020

We're Facing The Biggest Election Nightmare In Modern American History No Matter Who Ends Up Winning


People keep telling me that things will be really bad after the election. To me, really bad, has already happened. This whole year has been really bad. 

Economy in a shambles, by design, whom was foretold, they would do such a thing by summer's end, to reduce Trump votes. It backfired.

And they are burning down our cities, with criminal provocateurs being bused in, and with free hotel, a daily pay stub, and free legal counsel and unlimited bail funds. Who is paying for all this?

Covid. What a bummer. Nothing to be said, we all know it. All for a vaccine to Luciferase us into obedience. 

The Gates Luciferase vaccine weapon is being readied. Has been ready. For a few years. They are slowly creating legislation to force this into our bodies. OR ELSE.

The above to me is really bad.

With the election, it will go either of two ways, the left tells us. But they lie. Even they know Trump has this by a landslide and they are threatening us with punishment if the whiny satanic brats don't get their way. 

1. Trump wins. They burn the country down, while the Supreme court decides - along with counties in on the scam - with new tallies and votes and what have we here, a whole city of votes either showing up or missing entirely. Or both.

2. Trump loses and we descend into Germany 1939.