Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Destroying the economy to destroy President TRUMP


Heed this warning: If Biden wins, our constitutional America is gone. We will be a socialist country. If you don’t believe me, just read the Democrat platform. They’re not hiding their goals.

Layoff news, past 24 hours:

* Disney: 28,000 jobs cuts
* Shell: 9,000
* Dow: six percent of workforce
* Marathon Petroleum: 

Many of these cities such as NYC , Portland, Seattle.... are never going to recover, look at Detroit 1967 riots and how they NEVER recovered as your model.  

They will have their excuse to take down the stock markets, and make all them people who have benefited from these rigged markets, poor. And the panic that will be created will far surpass this corona-virus panic they have created. The wealth effect they have created from these rigged and fake markets will be replaced by the poverty effect. And we will experience the greatest economic collapse mankind has ever witnessed. So severe that the Dow will drop down below 6,000 points.