Saturday, October 19, 2019

Trump hog tied in advertising much for the tolerant left

So they have a nasty lesbian model who is also a self-proclaimed witch, stomping on the face of the President who is also hog tied. Every satanists wet dream. And this is spread far and wide and is on a huge display in Times Square NYC. The satanic left gets away with anything and everything, no one else would dare do. Of course, this also means the left has no decency and is populated with heart of stone droids.

If it were Obama it would be the end of the world and the MSM and Govt would insist upon hanging all involved and everyone should burn, loot, and riot in every town, everywhere. Only in satanic USA would this happen to a sitting president whose only crime was that he was elected over a dead witch.

Not Hillary, a really shabby double.

Not Hillary, a double. You can tell.

Not Hillary

Very bad double of Hillary

Close, but not Hillary

the real witch, the Hildebeast. And dead, too. Hence all the fake doubles.