Friday, October 18, 2019

France Spends Almost $1 Billion Per Year For 25,000 Fake Child Illegals. 30 year old Jihadis are considered "children"

The satanists want a civil war with Christianity in every country in the west and the one, sure fire way of getting that is to pay for, import, and sustain the killers who have already taken the blood oath to wipe out all Christians. 1 million jihadis illegally enter western countries every year, creating no go zones, rape gangs, and funded hate whitey/hate christian groups that work in secret to achieve the goals set forth by their satanic Imman. 

And all you demoncrat liberals take note. These killers do not see a difference between you and those that love Yeshua. It's not like they take a vote of their victims before they strike. Everyone gets the bomb, the knife, the gunshot. 


These Jihadists are considered children, and as such, get free income, housing, health care. Imagine if we did that for our own citizens? The homeless crisis would cease to exist. Sure...children...with beards. Take a good look at these "children" We do the same thing in the USA.

Under French law, any “unaccompanied minor” is given automatic asylum, and to date, France has spent an astounding $1 billion per year on the “welfare” of these adults pretending to be “under age”:

  • According to a an article in the Le Figaro newspaper, the number of newly-arrived nonwhites posing as “child refugees” has risen from 4,000 in 2010 to over 25,000 this year.
  • Each of these nonwhites costs the French state between €40,000 and €50,000 annually, and they are actively used by their parents as means to establish a foothold in France, Le Figaro said.
  • The article went on to report that the influx of “unaccompanied foreign minors” is now a “well-established pattern, with human smugglers transporting these children to Europe’s borders, where humanitarian organizations care for them before handing them off to states.”
  • “Children are considered perfect clients for traffickers, given that they are automatically granted asylum,” the article continued.
  • “Moreover, according to French law, once they arrive in the country, they can invite their parents,” the article said, a fact which “provides an incentive for parents to push their children” to invade Europe by themselves.
  • “In some cases, the issue of who is really a child also becomes a problem, with young men without identification and with the biological features of men in their twenties claiming to be between 15 and 18 also treated as minors,” le Figaro continued.
  • France has seen over 323,900 “asylum applications” registered between 2014 and 2017, all of them fake, as all of them came from safe countries before reaching France. This means they are coming from non war zone countries as refugees, but stable Muslim countries EXPORTING THEIR ARMIES. 
Quite simply, only “leaders” intent on destroying France would ever agree to waste this extraordinary amount of money on what they know to be mostly adult migrants pretending to be children.  Lavishly-funded public welfare programs attract these Third World invaders in the same way dung attracts flies.  These “asylum seekers” have never paid a dime in taxes, and have no vested interest in France, and yet they are treated lavishly like visiting foreign dignitaries, rather than the cold, calculated parasitical invaders that they are.

Western Europe’s economy over the next 20 years will be crippled by this Third World albatross hanging around its neck, and that’s exactly what the plan is — this is not some bureaucratic mismanagement.  France will be brought down to a Third World status, and the future coffee-colored “French” people will be indistinguishable from their Arab invaders today.  And none of these scenarios is accidental, or the result of incompetence.  According to the nation wreckers, there is so such thing as a native French person.

They create Muslim zones that expand from towns, then to cities, and eventually counties, which is the end goal. Once they achieve that, with the numbers  being allowed in each country, that country now has a war on their hands. We are very close to this worldwide war. Once the orders go out, the daily death toll will be staggering.

A Renault Clio going up in flames on Tollenstraat early on Wednesday morning, marked the 19th car fire in 2019 alone in the Dutch city of Oss:
The police are baffled, the Telegraaf reports.
The police have been investigating the car fires in Oss for months. “This year we have had 19 car fires in the city of Oss. In most cases we assume arson, although that could not be established with every fire”, the police said.
Every fire is first investigated separately. “What was the cause? Who was the owner? Are there conflicts?” The police also always talk to people in the neighborhood and look for relevant camera footage.
The police ask residents of Oss to be extra vigilant and to share any information they may have.
The police obviously have no interest in finding out the cause of this series of arson, which is why they are treating each individual car fire as a separate and unrelated event.  For the last number of years, the Netherlands has been rocked by explosions, fires, and violent crime, and every single person in the country knows that this crime wave is caused by Muslim migrants, but it is official government and media policy to avoid that conclusion to preserve the country’s delicate balance of diversity.

And the average Dutch citizen is apparently perfectly content with allowing the media blackout on serious Muslim crime; after all, if the country has to sacrifice some fellow White people to this greater cause of White genocide, then so be it.  For the Dutch people, it has become literally a fate worse than death to be called a “racist” or “Islamophobe”.  Sure, the Dutch know they are being replaced with Arabs and Africans, and even the U.N. considers this a form of “genocide”, that is, unless it involves White people, in which case, it’s seen as a natural and inevitable population “shift” for the “greater good”.

A German woman posted a video on Facebook describing what life has become for women today who are now forced to share their streets with violent Muslim migrants who brazenly harass, assault, rape, rob, and even kill them with seeming impunity:
She states, “Hi, folks, can you see it?  This is what happens when you tell ‘a foreigner’ not to call you ‘bitch’; when you tell ‘a foreigner’ to stop staring and stop undressing you with his eyes.  Dear folks, this is Germany!  Here women are beaten up, here children are kidnapped and raped; and you are stared at and stared at, and you are stared at!  Welcome, Facebook, you lovely social media, I am so thrilled what you going to do with that! So cool, right?  Really fantastic!  I’m so happy!  Nice Father’s Day to those male bitches, to those woman-beaters.  Isn’t it brilliant?
There are thousands of White women all across western Europe who have similar stories, but because these violent attacks do not fit the official narrative of “diversity is our strength,” you will not see them reported on your mainstream news sites.  Of course, ultra-liberal Germany pretends to be pro-women and pro-children, that is, as long as the women and children are non-German migrants, but when the victimizers are migrants, which is the case 90% of the time, the crimes cannot be reported in case the locals get angry at the migrants and take the matter into their own hands.

But then again, many Germans know what’s going on, but they are so traumatized and emasculated by the de-nazification programs which they have endured since the end of WWII that they don’t dare speak out or fight back for fear of being called “Nazis” or “xenophobes” or “racists”.  And they don’t defend their own women because the feminists who now rule Germany have convinced the German men that they are no longer needed, that German women can do anything they can do, including, apparently, defending themselves against violent “foreign” rapists.