Monday, June 17, 2019

Becoming Deplatformed...for the 7th time in 22 years.

Looks like YouTube is about to Deplatform me. After 9 years of bringing an eclectic array of videos (half of which have been removed by them this year alone without explanation) exposing the dark underbelly of our world and also, a bit of humor and some hope. 

This is all about to go away. Again. Youtube has done the following, in stages.
  • First it was shadow banning.
  •  Then it was making sure any kind of monetization would never happen back in 2010.
  • Then keeping my video stats so low as to be rediculous, even reversing numbers as I reloaded the page.
  • Then it was kicking my subscribers off
  • Then it was disabling my ability to embed videos anywhere else
  • and Now, It is disabling my ability to download videos, so i can get material before it is deleted, which happens A LOT.
 As well, I'm also going to need a new home for this blog, which Google now owns, as well as YouTube. is what I need. If possible. A blog platform that can take xml backups that isn't owned by a bunch of angry lesbian women and soy boys happily serving the satanic network. If that's not possible, A website that will allow a blog type software to be setup and installed, that won't charge an arm and a leg for all the traffic that will come to it.

Now I do have a dedicated website WWW.UWANTSON.COM, that I haven't updated in years. I put all my efforts on the 5 blogs I run and the YouTube channel. However. When my deplatforming happens - I see all the signs, I'm good at reading signs - go to the above website for instructions and new addresses for both video and blog information. I will update the website on the front page to point all of you to the right place.

Hopefully, these new sites will allow my content, not delete my videos when they feel like it, and block me from doing work, and DOS my viewers as they constantly do.

I need independent sites that have been proven out and vetted by others.

So what I AM ASKING IS, WHERE ARE THESE SITES OR SERVERS? If you send me obvious BS, don't bother. I intend to do the due diligence work necessary and vet them according to the standards I seek. And that standard is simple


I thank you all in advance and I apologize for this imminent hiccup in this whole mess. But this is them doing it, not me.

Thank you and May the Most High Bless You all

Don Bradley
June 17, 2019

Dad's cathedral is so peaceful and without strife...