Friday, March 1, 2019

The depravity is astounding.

Not a girl.
Under age.
Splashed all over social media by parents, for approval from other degenerates.

 Only the satanic left could encourage such an abomination and raise a child to be a slutty, freak she-male.

Not even Sodom was this F'd up.

It's bad enough when the devils doll themselves up as demonic freak clowns, but to brainwash a child to act like a prostitute, buy it whore clothes and makeup, and then post his pictures on social media so the pedo freaks can go to town.

Oh...the parents are HUGE Hildebeast supporters.

The same leftoids who celebrate what is in the photo above are assuring us Trump is a sick f*ck. Which only confirms how satanic in the head leftoids are.