Saturday, March 16, 2024

The Kate affair

The Kate affair and judgment

No one has seen this phreak since AFTER the Pedo Plague adjudication on 12-19-23.

One picture, many covers. The lies remain the same, though.

Why they haven't replaced the dead princess with a double with the sniffy mask is an acknowledgment this line is kaput. Vanity is a hell of a thing, being of satan. Thing of it is, the adjudication against the royals of both aug 2022 and dec 2023 is quite telling.

  • King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Queen Camilla has canceled all public appearances.
  • Crown Prince William has vanished.
  • Kate Middleton has had abdominal surgery and has not been seen since December.
  • Sarah, Duchess of York was diagnosed with skin cancer.
  • Prince Edward is ‘stepping back’ from Royal Duties.
  • Thomas Kingston, who married into the British Royal Family, died suddenly.
  • Jacob Rothschild died.
  • The King of Norway was rushed to hospital with an infection.
  • The Queen of Denmark announced shock abdication.

This is serious, friends. The stuff YHVH hands over for the world is as serious as it gets. This is justice. This is about endings of great evil in our world. Sadly, an even greater evil is hard by the door, which gives life and power to these lessor kings. 

Then the Real Show starts, of which all this has been preamble. About all I can say about it it at this time. It is enough.

So, we wait to see if a double appears or they arrange some satanic date death thing, with spectacle, to honor the nasty wench of the Highlands. No Grand Druid title for you, dude. They're dead, too.

This whole thing is a well crafted psyop for an intended end. They need to control the narrative, or things fall apart faster than they can control it.

What surgery. So far, the royals have floated four different kinds of surgery she was having. To see which one sticks, I guess.