Saturday, November 7, 2020

Election 2020

 Angel of Liberty - The Vision of George Washington

Election 2020

Don Bradley

November 7th 2020

Well, what an amazing five days this has proven to be. The deep black wave of satanism has revealed its power and influence extant, in every part of the election. There is something I noticed right off, given my unpleasant background in studying the occult for understanding the adversary.

The entire summer, the Biden campaign and their supporters in education, media, government, banking, you name it all acted as if he had already won. They were merely waiting for the official announcement on November 3rd.


I've seen this before. See, in the dark arts, they have a thing called the AS IF principle. In the main, it's a kind of self-hypnosis, mind control technique that, over time, if one BELIEVES they are the thing, than it is so. Our asylums are full of people who think they are God or Napoleon. You can see this being acted out in the transgender movement (wholly occult in origin)and in every aspect of how the left functions. Believe you are the thing, repeat it, and it becomes so.

There are thousands of people enslaved by self-delusional, self images of being. And, as they believe or see, they then create. Some become puppies on leashes. Some go so far as to emply hideous and tragic surgeries to make the reality, agree with the delusion. And it's all satanic.

It's how they destroy a culture. They start with our youth.

And so it was, this whole summer, the vampires of death, the twin ghouls biden and harris started preying on the souls of this country. The giggling witch, and the child carnivore in the oval office. Selah.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The second thing is this. In the 90s on radio and tv and a dozen years ago, I did an articles/shows about the vision of George Washington. At Valley Forge, he was visited by an angel, who showed him 3 futures of America.


The first vision revealed he would prevail against England, winning independence.

The second vision, showed that 80 years later, a great Civil War would take place, to cleanse and purify the soul of the Nation.

The third and final vision was during the last age, when the republic would be torn asunder from INSIDE by socialist forces and they would appear to be winning, when the Almighty blessing of God would cast them aside, making the United States of America the premiere republic of good, it was always meant to be.

That's heartening to know. I think of that vision often, over the years. Check it out, its recorded in the library of Congress.