Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Testing for IONIZING radiation at Ventura Calif beaches...

We live a few miles inland, on a ridge overlooking the delta that goes into the ocean. We have a view for miles and miles. The air count here, inland is typically around 50-60 CPM. Daily. Every day.
Ventura Calif, Ojai area.

Normal background, PRE 2011, according to stats I've read, was about 8 CPM, for ionizing radiation.
Geiger counter was directly on the rock and sand.
for air, six feet above ground, aimed at sky.
The numbers are really high, after rains or heavy fog.

The averages over the summer have been between 60 – 100 CPM. THis is alarming to us. We are surfers and live near the water. I've read of huge numbers in San Diego and San Fran, but we've seen none of that here. So far.

The birds are showing up again after having been missing all spring and summer. Saw a great deal yesterday and our first pod of dolphins this year. Usually we see them a few times a month. But not in 2014. It was a huge pod too, looked to be about 15 – 20.

  • The Inspector plus IS BAGGED – ALWAYS.
  • Big tide boulders at the beach
    Car windows
    Drain gutters
    Outdoor table surfaces
  • Always clock the highest readings.
  • What was in the 30s a year ago, is nearly double that now.

If we waited for "professionals", whomever they are, we would never have data like this reported.
We have TWO Geiger counters. The pancake inspector and a tube of German Make.
We test weekly. Name me a California beach with black sand. This is good old off-white sand.
The above should effectively slaughter the doubt attack laid on here. Are YOU posting data online, because that is what this area of ENENEWS is about, rather than casting doubt on the work of those who care.

The closer we are to the water, the higher the readings.

 Took the Inspector plus to my dentist in December…the thing freaked out that red-lined the device, when for a test, she ran the xray machine while i was down the hall, with a lead wall between us.
The Inspector's make quite a racket when they hit 2500!

For the Record. And As I've been posting here for a long time.
We test the tide boulders farthest from the shore. Then the Sand at the water's edge. Sand 50 feet from water. Air, pointed to the sky, and the reading is typical no matter WHERE WE ARE.
The numbers are the numbers and must be faced. It is the reality of our time. We decided that when the averages of all three test areas are consistently over 100 CPM, we are going to stop surfing and doing the whole beach life. Which we dearly love.
The only happy part of what we are doing is that ONCE in a great while, someone comes up to us and asks what the black box is in our hands. Then they get the 3 minute fukushima education primer. They see the data. Most get it instantly when they understand what ionizing radiation is and what NORMAL used to be in the USA, as to what it is now.
Now, 60 CPM is the average normal for the area.
What will it be next year? Because it is going up, folks.

These are the facts.

Between two separate machines of differing make: tube and pancake.
All I know is the numbers are sobering and speak volumes. According to California OSHA, anything over 50CPM is cause for a Evacuation and Hazmat level 5 event. Nope. Silence. Nothing happening. No one says a thing. No education. But oh boy, light a cigar or cigarette and IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AND THE SKY IS FALLING!!!

Rocks, sand, and in the distance, water...