Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Network shills, agency cut-outs, and well-poisoners

Any time the truth and freedom come to the surface on ANY TOPIC, these devils show up to poison the well and create doubt among the researchers. They are especially good at red-herrings and create an atmosphere of doubt. If that fails, they resort to ad-hominem attacks and go after the person(s) doing the best lead work. THis is how the satanic network operates. Watch for them.

Regarding Fukushima, here are some examples:

"saying it's radon washout,"

Unlikely, it is in the beach, and it is a sunny day.

"The geiger counter he is using is crap,"

The inspector brand is considered to be one of the best brands of Geiger counters.

"that this is baseless fear mongering."

Obviously this person is doing the best with the tools he has.

I noticed there appears to be black sand on the beach in the locations where he gets the high detections.

This could be a deposit of naturally occurring radioactive sand. Black sand on a beach can be contain radioactive materials such as thorium and monazite. This sand can be highly raodiactive depending on its concentration. Wave action can concentrate it because it is heavier than normal sand.

Radioactive sand causes mutations in human DNA.


But these above DOUBT ATTACKS are to be expected. This reveals their hand and then you know who've you've got in front of you.