Monday, August 19, 2019

The Illuminati signalling their intent to kill POTUS.

Authored by Steven Watson via Summit News,
Pictures show ‘assault weapon’ being pointed at likeness of the president

Democrats in Illinois have been forced to apologize after photos emerged of attendees at a fundraiser carrying out a mock simulation of assassinating President Trump.
The scene was photographed at a fundraiser for Democratic Illinois State Sen. Martin Sandoval.
Sen. Sandoval had to take to Twitter and apologize, noting that he doesn’t “condone violence toward the President or anyone else”:
The Democratic party of Illinois followed suit, albeit with an embedded dig at the President, insinuating that he is guilty of inciting mass shootings:
The state’s Democratic governor was also forced to apologize.
Democrats everywhere are now being forced to either apologize for the bizarre actions of their own supporters, and even party members, or more insanely, to embrace them.