Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Illuminati satanic network smear campaign started today against Trump

In all of the 2000 plus pages of testimony, not a single girl or woman ever placed Trump with Epstein or on his island. On the contrary there are dozens of pages where you can clearly see the prosecuter is TRYING to solicit dirt on Trump, but over and over again, the girls say the same thing\

Never saw him there

He was not there

You asked those questions four times already

Two dozen girls have testified that they DID NOT see Trump at any of the Epstein events. However they have named hundreds of famous celebs and politicians there.

Fake smear campaigns are sprouting up everywhere today, but there is nothing there.
Actual court docs proving he had nothing to do with Epstein ANYTHING. You satanic freaks really suck with your lies. You will be exposed.

Fake creation of Trump body count ala Clinton. There is no Trump body count like that nasty skank has

Trump banned Epstein because he was a pervert YEARS AGO.