Saturday, August 24, 2019

Epstein, Byrne, Ghislaine, Pizzagate, Pedo Island latest intel

Being straight is slowly being outlawed
All of these killers and freaks will pay dearly when the time comes. Let the 2nd trumpet sound.

2024: Be gay or get fired, evicted, and made homeless

Many of the young girls, who are now young ladies, seem to be dying off in accidents rather quickly and they are dying of "drug overdoses" left and right. It's a very long list, in both directions, honey. 12 so far. Okay, that means at least 12 pedos must account. This is only fair. I pray fervently that the sword of Almighty Justice comes quickly for those responsible. I ask all true servants of Yeshua to so join me in this prayer.

Wallowing in the filth of the Dark Side, but this information needs to be made public. See below.

Vanity fair article quote about underage girl models she procures. Like most Jewish satanists, she's sees the world as something to be used than tossed aside. Hey Jizzlady, enjoy the demonic eviction.

Fixed it. More truth than Vanity faire would publish. And how is it this hag gets her very own VF article, to whitewash her sins?

The day after Ghislaine's photo leaked there was a NATIONWIDE CUSTOMS COMPUTER OUTAGE. Only the CIA could do this. They allowed their asset to exit on fake passport. She is in Spain, then Israel.

The various raids in Epstein's properties have produced a metric shit ton of super freaky evidence. We're talking about a guy who had a 7 floor home in the upper east side with some 40 rooms all by himself, entirely filled with the most grotesque erotic hardware and art. We're talking about a guy who had a chess board on display in his home where every piece is representing his closest employees dressed in a very suggestive way. We're talking about a guy who has signed pictures of Mohamed bin Salman and Bill Clinton on his desk. We're talking about a guy who has a human size sex doll as a chandelier.

In the evidence side of things we have a black book Epstein left filled up with names and contacts. Clinton same shit. We also have some of the flight logs from his 2 planes. We know almost exactly who and when went aboard Air fuck one, and we have a good sense of who went to pedo island, and yes Stephen Hawkings and prince Andrew did visit the island, among many others.

This freak is a monster, for the beast yet lives. 

Just like the Russian Revolution of 1917

Assemblage of satanic criminals
Parents are satanists. And the MSM is just as guilty for promoting what amounts to child abuse. That is how bad it is now. Is there no shame? We have sunk to every low, allowing this. This child was SRA MKultra'd into a horrific life existence and one day, will wake up and take his revenge.
Tranny turns adopted son into tranny, too. Child abuse of the worst kind. Kid admits to having sexual relations with its "mother." And where is CPS? They see nothing wrong with this. See, the satanic network CONTROLS EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE.

Most of the girls (some/a lot of them 8 to 15 years old) were supposedly lured by being recruited to give massages. Other explanations used were for modelling. Once they arrived, they were then sexually abused among other things. And some girls were recruited by other girls in order for them to avoid having to be abused themselves. And this is just what some witnesses have told about. A number of them were murdered. Where is the FBI, CPS, and DHS in all this. Dead silence. And silence is consent.

Girls that young rely on society and their family and guardians to protect them. But satanists/witches use these children for every vile purpose, then hand them off to other covens for their wicked pleasure. And if society, such as Hollywood, animation such as Simpsons, etc., intentionally gives sabotaging and destructive advice, it helps make them even more vulnerable. And the girls that are resistant to these kinds of things might not fit in or be shamed and attacked in various ways.

In olden times, children were warned with tales such as "the red riding hood" and "Hansel and Gretel". These days, they are are instead filled with insanity, decadence, gender-change with hormones at 3 years old, "3+ genders or you are a bigot!", "modelling (and casting couches) are great!", etc., etc., etc.

School teachers are the worst. Teaching Gender blather from kindergarten on up. The children have no one to defend them, save a few loudmouths on the internet. And where are the police? Again, silence. 

The children, in every country, have no one to defend them. And were someone to try to stop it, they would be doxed, arrested, or worse. The churches? Name one that is doing anything about this other than some vague reference to Sodom and Gomorrah.

All these groups have blood on their hands.



MORE ON GHISLAINE (code name Jizzlaine)
Sure we can prove it, they end suicidal, hookers and strippers, and drug addicts before they are 18, 91% of the time.

when maxwell filed paperwork for ellmax enterprise, she put the wrong postcode.
Orchard End Fittleton
Salisbury, Wiltshire UK SR4 9QA
SR4 9QA is in Sunderland, United Kingdom

while the correct postcode for Salisbury Wiltshire is actuallySP4 9QA

i looked up what business was in orchard end fittleton, and the first one to come up was
Company number 09251609
Correspondence address
Orchard End, Fittleton, Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, SP4 9QA
Nature of business (SIC)
>70229 - Management consultancy activities other than financial management
>78109 - Other activities of employment placement agencies

this company was registered to these people:
VAUGHAN-EDWARDS, Catherine Mary Emma
Role Secretary
Appointed on 7 October 2014
VAUGHAN-EDWARDS, Simon Alexander
Role Director
Date of birth April 1966
Appointed on 7 October 2014
Nationality British
Country of residence United Kingdom
Occupation Human Capital Consultancy

this company dissolved on 11 June 2019


Because Epstein et al KNEW what was coming and had 8 months to prepare, get rid of REAL evidence, bury the DUMB at pedo island and kill off a few people (11 all told)

Celebrities, pols, rich fuckos and pizzagate deniers ALL PEDOPHILES.

Are you kidding me? Killing a baby after it is born is just plain old MURDER. This is what the Democrats want and are legislating to make legal. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING TO YOU. They are making laws to legally murder young children at will.
Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello. She knows nothing will REALLY happen to her. Any real evidence was long since killed off and dumped in a shallow grave. In Cartegena, St. Thomas Island, and NYC.

Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello

Glamorous social media star, 48, known as 'La Madame' is pimp with prostitution ring where 250 underage girls 6 to 12 years old, were branded with tattoos, prosecutors claim.
 (Again with the satanic sigil branding...this alone proves she is a satanic witch. We have another one. And there are so very many of them. thousands doing this to kids, worldwide. DB)
Social media star allegedly worked as a pimp recruiting underage girls
She is accused of forcing underage girls to work in her sex-trafficking ring
At least 250 minors were reportedly lured to Cartagena in one year
She was arrested last year alongside 17 others in 'Operation Vesta' police sting

Because the girls ARE nothing to them
it's a common thing in those circles