Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Epstein, Larry Celona (clown), Kubrick, and dead people. Contract agent for Clown World.

How it works, the synagogue of Satan

How about this...

In Kubrick's Eyes wide shut a woman is killed by a cult, Larry Celona, a real journalist, writes a fake article where he pretends that she wasn't murdered by saying she was happy before dying, and there was nothing suspicious about her death.

In real life, Larry Celona has to make an article about Kubrick's death, he writes that he was happy and nothing suspicious happened.

Twenty years later Larry Celona gets the only picture of Epstein death body. Celona seems to be around every key CIA death, to cover it for the agency, to whitewash it and sanitize any REAL TRUTH out of the story.



Let me get this straight...

In 2008 Epstein got a sweetheart deal and had his sentenced reduced from 20+ years to 13 months. HOWEVER, my concern is with all those names and evidence collected during this conviction, they were sealed as part of the agreement.

So here's my question; if the FBI is here to "protect" the lives of children why did they seal all those names and failed to prosecute anybody in these past 10 years????


I have another question. Why is the Pentagon (the place where politicians decide where and when to send you to die on a foreign land) getting caught downloading child porn by thousands of federal employees and only like 3 people get arrested????


why did the FBI cover-up the Muslim child camp in New Mexico and failed to prosecute the culprit, even after finding weapons and child's corpse.

Also why did the FBI give a 2 years sentence to Epstein's Butler for trying to sell a book with names of hundreds of victims.

Also why did the FBI threaten to arrest children that tried to testify against the Franklin Credit Union for child rape and trafficking???

Here's another Big Think question.

Why does the US state department continue funding (billions) and hiring DynCorp International, a company that has a record (4 separate known cases) of child rape and child trafficking in 4 different countries???

Also why were they handed a billion dollar contract to provide border security in the US/Mexico border where human trafficking is rampant???


Larry, you got a lot of splainin to do...
You could get hold of a pic of him in one of these tv episodes of The Perfect Murder 2014
- Driving with the Devil (2016) ... Himself
- Horror in Harlem (2016) ... Himself
- Ring of Fire (2015) ... Himself - Reporter New York Post

Obviously, his ego as a field agent, he wanted to be some killed of "movie star" but sucked massive as an actor. No matter...the agency puts their assets everywhere they can and often do.

The name 'Larry Celona' attached to a story is more about who Larry Celona is. The name is a sort of dog whistle to indicate there is a message in a particular story. Larry Celona just means comms. So instead of looking for headlines, whoever the intended recipient of the message is just has to watch for that name, and the comms are in the story. It's why they use him over and over again, to break these kind of CIA clown stories.


Running interference of clowns and jokers

Celona covering suicides for intel, really means covering up murders. Turns out, all these dead cops were the very same cops that were in on the Clinton/Weiner investigation where there was a video found of Weener's laptop of the Hildebeast slaughting a child and cutting her face off while she was still alive and wearing it to torture the girl. Huma was in the video as well, participating. These cops are ALL DEAD NOW. The Clinton dead list grows and grows.

Kubrick outed Pedophile ring in England by naming Lord Longford, who ran cover for Special Branch to keep the media blind to the truth. How ironic he used a lesbian actress whose father was indicted in several pedophile scandals and who was murdered a few years after the film was released. Stanley was a really smart guy.

Celona covers pipe bomb guy from yesterday? What are the odds?


Two agency shites, both very evil

Celona happens to scoop Clinton reveal on Epstein Mansion

Celona's forte is covering suspicious suicides...

Celona again...dozens of high profile people suddenly off themselves and its Larry Celona who handles the coverup er, story.

Hillary, Podesta, Celona...all CIA. You have to be, to run in those circles of evil

Like most films, the clowns are always in the mix. Nicole Kidman's father Anthony Kidman was accused of child abuse. He suddenly died in 2014 in a restaurant:



The next year Kidman's brother in law dies, cause "undetermined"


Iirc, the Murdochs and Anthony Kidman were social, being Aussies

Larry "starts writing before your suiciding" Celona
Larry "ghost at The Post" Celona
Larry "article on top when you get the glock" Celona
Larry "phone is a burner for The Perfect Murder" Celona
Larry "pens the piece before you die in your sleep" Celona
Larry "cracks the booze before you hit the news" Celona
Larry "types the prose before your overdose" Celona
Larry "papers in the rack when you get two in the back" Celona
Larry "knows you're dead as you give him the cred" Celona
Larry "edits the note before it hits The Post" Celona
Larry "fucking oops you just fell off a roof" Celona
Larry "publishes at five when you get the nine" Celona
Larry "picks the font before you're gone" Celona
Larry "often suspected when a death is unexpected" Celona
Larry "just a normal guy writing your suicide tagline" Celona
Larry "picks the article head before you're dead" Celona
Larry "say it's the jews, now you're in the news" Celona
Larry "receives the feed before you bleed" Celona
Larry "picks the heading before you know what you're getting" Celona
Larry "no matter how tough, he can cover it up" Celona
Larry "makes it clear when you disappear" Celona
Larry "it's okay, there was no foul play" Celona
Larry "don't be snitching or you'll be happy and giggling" Celona

Transgender eating dog shit. See what I mean?


White gays and nasty whores

A vomit in a bucket and we're on our way