Friday, August 23, 2019

Le Cirque de freak - Silver Lake Neighborhood Councilfreak Maebe A. Freaky deak– yes, that’s its drag queen name and elected office – has thrown its bouqet into the 2020 congressional race with delusional hopes of unseating Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)

LGBT have one issue: themselves.  Running a campaign built on narcissistic monomania and alienating the vast majority of people with their conviction that every policy ought to revolve around their sex lives in some way. Every thing out of this group's mouth is about their sexual perversions, one form or another. 

Even when they condition young minds, it's always about freaky sex. ALWAYS.


And you who do you think is behind all this abomination? Have you thanked a Shekelberg recently for the decay of amexiKan morality?  You really ought to.

Less than 1/2 of 1% of the population, the queer population, compels the majority normal heterosexual population to aid and abet their neurotic behavior and its associated delusions with or without the force of government based solely on social activism. And we let them, or the democratic satanic left comes down hard on normies.

Trans freak, likes young boys, Hollywood transvestite. Ten bucks the satanic network puts this thing into the capitol.

Only gay as hell Hollywood could elect freaky deak to a public office. And now it wants to be in DC, presumably to dance and suck the night away for all the "big" boys in the democratic circle. Why am I not surprised.

Who to Vote for a closest Homosexual (Schiff lisp queer) that in the past got caught in cheap hotel in Burbank with underage boy (9 yrs old) or a Tranny that tapes it between His legs and Tells Everybody how Glorious it is.  The Dems sure make it Hard (really NO pun intended) to pick what NutJob to vote for.

This thing "teaches" gay stories to young children at schools and libraries, to condition them into accepting freakism as normal, the drag queen's REAL job.

I feel sick. More than usual.

Queer men and women like to engage in colon punching. FIFY. The statues of Baphomet tell you what the queer population in the USA wants to normalize to be like Sweden, Spain and Germany. Sadomasochism (colon punching), bestiality and pedophilia. Now some queer idiots are advocating for the normalization of cannibalism. Sandnazis and prognazis share common cause and the same deviant behaviors.

The last door is necrophilia. Count on it. There are already queer groups pushing for it. Think about it, fucking a recently fresh corpse. Question, which poor corpses get to be violated in this fashion, because they have to get them from somewhere.