Sunday, August 18, 2019

NY Post CIA media says this is Ghislaine in Los Angeles at in and out burger

Really? Well, let's see...

She is reading
“The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives”

First impression? Too contrived to be believed! A photographer just happens to be there, she just happens to be alone, she just happens to have a book about the CIA in her hands? Not buying any of it! Panic early
She has two drinks on,the table. One for her and one for the photographer as they set the scene.

First rule of hiding in plain sight is to change your outline. Sunglasses, different hair cut and hair color. Change the types of clothes you wear. If you are a NYC socialite, you wear hippy clothes. Dig? This is the first tell that she is NOT on the run, and has the CIA running interference for the stupid masses. She has nothing to worry about and belongs to Mossad and CIA. She knows Epstein is free and nothing will happen to her either.

– It is visible on the picture that she is posing… she took this pictures few months ago (we do not have any proof that it was this week), in order to lose cops (who are trying to hunt her) or whoever else who wants to delete her…she left LA a long time ago. This is all DIP for idiots. Disinformation Protocol.

– She is posing, she is confident, she is truly involved into this pedo story but nothing can happen to her, she is protected by very high VIPs…

– Why choose this restaurant? something about the name “In and Out?” Something about the fact that this is near Universal Studio?…

– Was she paid to take this photo? Are they in fact actors ? is that even real?
– On the main photo we can see a mobile phone at the opposite to where she is sitting like if she is not alone eating there… but on some photos… the phone is not….

 Real location of photo before editing and cropping by CIA,-118.3606784,3a,90y,45.39h,75.97t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSzfjoSamNPeXie8Q1gc6fQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
Ghislaine is Mossad, like her father before her. FACT.

Mixed edited photo

Dey wuz goot boyz
the pilot of the Lolita

Smudge tool used to hide detail removed from whom?

Good boys? The time stamp to deceive. he mystery deepened last night when an advertising agency claimed a poster on a bus shelter behind Ms Maxwell had been photo shopped in.
see what color the fence is. These “new” photos have it white while the google street view has it black. The google street view can’t be that old because there is an advertisement for Pet Semetery across the street

Actual location. You can clearly see these are different places.

Actual time and place of pic, see how different the background REALLY IS in this time? The NY CIA post article is a fiction of so much editing, it is laughable.
Daily reminder that the Satanic NWO machine suicided Epstein after bribing both security guards and turning off cameras, switched his body with Anthony Bordain at least for the cameras, and flew him out of country where he's been kept alive to prevent him from triggering his dead man switch, though not really an issue. Amounts to a closed investigation, no more testimony or indictments, pedo is still raping and murdering children, and the beat goes on. Sums it about up. PS
Also, Bill Hicks is Alex Jones

Really? Troy's art piece is about spying through the use of women, ala honeypots?

People ITT are like, "Why would Obama buy $50,000 worth of hot dogs and have them flown into a party?" The answer is simple: Obama purchased every hotdog stand listed on his pizza-related map, which just so happened to be printed on a pizza-related handkerchief. This shit's so fucking simple, folks!

Kids at a pool party (aged 11, 9 and 7, respectively, mmm) tend to get very hungry from all that swimming. They will be in that pool for sure, you guys. And they will thus require sustenance to maintain their lithe frames. And what's better for that than hotdogs smothered in walnut sauce? Oh, what, you've never had walnut sauce? I truly pity you fucking backwards inbred country-dwellers for never having the privilege to try the delectable cuisine we civilized folk like refer to as walnut sauce! Try it next time you eat pizza for 1 hour. Just make sure your pizza is hairless, i.e. prepubescent.

It's like my friend James Alefantis (I LOVE TODDLERS) says to his friend's kids as he binds them with duct-tape: "SHUT UP AND FUCK!" You uptight /pol/-tards need to get laid. Sure, I can help you, but first you have to sacrifice a chicken in your backyard to Moloch. There's no other way. Then you'll have to cut deeply into your left middle finger and eat the pain. Again, this is just how things work in the capital of the United States of America. I can excuse you for not knowing that, being inbred country-dwellers who've never been to DC, but you really should learn, because this ignorance of absolutely normal and common phenomena is embarrassing.

By the way, my friend has 480 Haitian and North Korean beanie babies he's looking to sell. Some of them are sassy, some of them are sexy, some of them are just a joy to be around. They get along well with each other. FREAK BRIGADE.

Ghislaine in previous politician blackmail deals.

Anderson Cooper...