Friday, September 11, 2009

Reptilian video evidence

Reptilian video evidence

By Don Bradley, 9-10-09

There’s a great deal of well-poisoning going on out there on the internet regarding the whole annunaki/nephillim/reptoid/lizard thing, especially regarding videos. Detractors will demonstrate how pulling a cord in or out of your console will cause temporary line feed distortion; their examples are nothing like the videos on reptoids, so that debunking falls flat. Another technique is using movies or rock videos as examples. The problem with this is, these videos are squeaky clean, are washed digitally to make sure the stars look “great;” or if the anomaly is too bizarre, the scene is reshot, usually on the set, as shifting shows up on the set monitor immediately and is also visible to the crew.

Movies are usually shot in film, whose snap frame rate and media are not capable of catching a shift. Again, if it does occur, the scene is usually reshot later or touched up digitally to make things come out as desired.

Live video feed is another situation entirely. Even with their seven second delay, they simply cannot edit in real-time fast enough to stop shifting.

What captures the shifting is one of two things. In a video camera, an advanced CCD receptor chip that can capture light wavelengths at high speed will do it. In people, same thing applies. Advanced rod and cone receptors that are capable of perceiving etheric realities faster than visible light spectrum then become information that presents itself to the brain. The brain then sorts out what it sees.

In people, brainwashing, ignorance, or lack of understanding can act as a “wash” of the information presented and in the coming years, this will decidedly be the case. The mind—not understanding what it sees—will simply wash the image clean. Unless divine intervention causes the human soul to notice the differing images. Of course, such a soul will also see the other aspects of the etheric dimension: tree spirits, etheric entities in the air, water, ground, shadow walkers, etc. Many people are already seeing things and they simply just close their eyes, shake their heads, and then things are right again. This is a kind of self-imposed brain-washing. A personal unwillingness to face the new information being presented to the mind.

In my experience, I simply explained away the green I was seeing around people’s heads as weird lighting of the moment or whatever. It was only until around 2001 that I began to take serious notice of what was becoming more and more visible to me.

Another debunking technique is presenting false evidence of shifting when it’s really just poor lighting, or a bad hair day, or some such similar. You’ll know when you are seeing the real deal or just nonsense.

All the above is called well-poisoning. This is done to so confuse the information pool being presented these days so that anyone who stumbles upon this reality will become so befuddled that they will deny it as some kind of hoax and dismiss it. This is what is wanted by the reptilian Cain bloodlines of earth.

They know, as I know, that the time is coming for their being made visible and they are not quite ready for the world to see them until they have their boot squarely upon the neck of humanity. That means disarmament, concentration camps for those able to see or who are an obstacle to their plans (you and me), and martial law. Until that time, they fear a general panic followed by an all out war by the sons of Adam against the sons of Cain.

For the record, when a lizard or kinsmen starts to shift, it’s usually the eyes that go first. Either into interior slits or exterior slits, depending upon the purity of the bloodline, level of demonic possession, and environmental factors. This is always stage one. And every time. Ever notice people who wear sunglasses indoors or at night? Guess who…

If the eyes go black, this indicates that very often the inhabiting soul is demonically possessed by several demons or the soul itself is completely black, usually conceived in a demonic ritual, so designed to attract black souls to the family. Lot of that around.

Sometimes, it’s combinations. Sometimes, the white part of the eyes turn yellow or red, both of which I’ve seen, depending upon the degree of rage flowing through the reptoid. I’ve also seen the center of the eye go red, usually when blind rage is flowing through them. This explains the long-standing gag about seeing red when one is angry. For lizards maybe…

Anger, lust, hate, and the like generally make for the shifting more likely. I’ve observed this closely and have found that if they let their minds wander into orgiastic sex, doing an act of cruelty, or sink into total contempt, this forces a general shift of the eyes to slits. To combat this, they use time-tested forms of self-hypnosis and mind control to keep things in control. Sometimes, they just can’t help themselves.

Stage two is a slight green haze around the jaw-line just below the ears. This indicates that they are about to morph into their reptilian aspects. If they are indoors, so what. If they are in public, and they are having problems getting control, they usually make some quick excuse to leave to wherever. Also during stage two, you’ll notice that their tongue gets extremely snake-like, able to extend far beyond the lips and moving quickly. That is quite a sight to behold.

After this point, comes stage three. This one is a mind-blower at first. But after the first few dozen sightings, it becomes very common. The skin on their face, hands, etc, starts to develop lines, like they are aging extremely fast right before your eyes. Smooth skin starts to wrinkle, sag and change shape around the original bone structure. This happens very fast. In a blink of an eye and you’ll be hard-pressed to see it in public. At this point, they full well know they are in shift mode. If they are among kindred spirits, they don’t care. Think “private parties” and you get the idea.

Stage four is going completely lizard. They no longer look human by any measure of accepted reality. Their speech slurs and hisses. Their eyes flash. Like that. I’ve seen this a few times, when they were unaware of my presence.

What can also force a shift is by thinking sublime spiritual thoughts in their presence, usually thinking of Christ or higher will do it. Filling your heart with the presence of spirit. This energy flows from you like light from a candle, also radiating spiritual heat, as does a candle. If they are close by, this causes them to cough at first, then the stages of shifting starts.

The cough, then the shift. But not always. It depends upon the lizard I guess.

There is also another stage, but it doesn’t involved them shifting. Your sight develops to a degree where you see them in BOTH their realities at the same time. This they have no control over. You’ll see them as they present themselves and how they are in their “other” self. After awhile, you’ll know where they are and how many, even if your back is turned. It gets that good. At this point, you’ll also be able to see the levels of demonic possession working through the soul: in short, how many demons are attached to their various chakras or centers. Some carry a whole caravan of “fellow travelers” with them.

Once you get to this stage, you feel compassion for them. For what a mess they are, as a group. Talk about a fouled nest of an aura!

What’s ironic is that their women are so pretty, after a fashion, and truly it is said, that beauty is only skin deep…indeed. But, I’ve also noticed that their beauty fades very, very fast as they age and they hag up really fast after the age of 28. But not always. You’ll also notice that reptilian women have a “look” about them, even when they look normal and you’ll notice bloodline patterns, especially among their celebrities.

I’ve seen all the above in black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and every culture on earth. So race and religion have nothing to do with it. At all. Ever.

Know this. Once you start to “see” them, they will know it. Probably before you do yourself. The mind acts as a kind of filtering agent that protects the unready soul for such information. You have to be a strong person to see things as they really are in this world. All this bologna about aliens and pleadians and whatever just become the lies they’ve always been, because you’ll see what’s behind this stuff.

A thousand times I’ve walked into a store or wherever and like a hive mind, they all turn at once, contempt or a smirk moving over their face. “It’s him…” You’ll have to get used to that. You’ll have to get used to being hated for seeing the truth of things. THEY WILL HATE YOU FOR IT. You become their worst enemy. You’ll be attacked both verbally and physically in public, as I have been countless times over the years (as long-time readers know full well.) You have to be strong. Ask for divine assistance and when you need it most, it will be there.

If you are one of those people who are able to see or are starting to see, it’s because you can handle the reality. So handle it and move forward. Tough words, I know, but you have to get strong inside and get your act together within yourself ASAP.

This is your chance to get into the spirit of Christ, make the connection to him, because he alone has the POWER over their demonic aspects. He alone. Once you make the connection, build on it with all your heart and soul. He’ll lead you to whatever next steps you’ll need to deal with the reality of it all. Trust in him.

Without Christ and his baptism of water and fire, these realities will eat you alive. For they are angelic realities of the lower kind, and until you develop your own gifts and blessings, it’s the only way you’ll get through the valley of the shadows to the other side.

YOU CAN HANDLE IT. This is the way of Earth and since the beginning, what with gibborim, nephillim, Cainites, et al.

“As in the times of Noah…”

Sunday, June 14, 2009

More on symbols and energy

Once we understand how symbols are focal points of energy, we see how the use of such symbols can be used to channel either positive or negative energy. We see this especially in Satanic circles in the use of the 5-pointed star - a universal symbol of man, with the point of spirit or divinity at the apex. In Black Magic, this symbol is inverted and turned upside down, putting matter over spirit - the very goal of the dark path - to kill the divine in humanity through the exaltation of matter.

Over and over again, we see how those following the dark paths both understand energies and symbols and are consciously using them for negative and dark purposes. When you see it on a national level, then the entire energy of that nation becomes negative, affecting it's relationship with all other nations and peoples, but especially, the people who live in that country. Ironically, the more "patriotic" you are - when the national symbol is inverted, as is with Nazi Germany and now, the USA - the more this energy affects you on every level of your being. Go ahead, wave your flags, wear the symbols inverted as is now the fashion, and sink into the mud of anti-spirit, anti-Christ.

It's time to pay attention to the world around us and see things as they really are. We are being led into a dark future by darkened hearts following a dark agenda.

You'll see more and more the actions of the United States mimicing those of Nazi Germany, as it is doing year by year. As most who read these words of mine are network assets, this is probably making you smile. Well, someone has to say it, so I guess it's me.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

National Black Magic: Germany and the USA

In the creation of the Nazi party, the leaders chose for their system a very venerable and ancient symbol of good luck and blessing. The swastika. But with one minor, yet important change. They reversed its direction.

"As differentiated from the swavastika (or sauvastika), which is similar but which has its legs take off from the ends of the cross to the right, left-handed (motion), implying counter-clockwise direction -- counter to the currents of Nature -- the swastika has legs which take off from the ends of the cross to the left, right-handed (motion), implying clockwise direction -- and therefore 'with' the currents of Nature. The symbol which Hitler used for the Nazi party was actually a swavastika (or sauvastika). "

"from Working Glossary: Svastika, any lucky or auspicious object; a sign shaped like a Greek cross, with the extremities of the four arms bent at right angles in the same direction"

"from Sanskrit Keys to the Wisdom-Religion: Swastika A mystical cross with its arms bent at right angles suggesting a whirling motion; also, a symbol of good fortune and blessing. Swastika is a compound of su -- a particle meaning 'auspicious,' 'blessed,' 'virtuous,' 'beautiful,' and 'rightly'; and astika derived from the verb-root as -- to be; hence 'that which is blessed and excellent.' The Swastika is a very archaic and sacred symbol which can be found in the religious relics of every ancient nation, for it depicts the whole story of the cosmos and man, their contrasting dual aspects, the four directions of space, the revolution of worlds, cyclic progression, and the union of spirit and matter at the heart of things."

The purpose of reversing the direction was to invert the energy this symbol is a focal point of. In short, it makes it an evil, or a dark energy. Even Wikipedia is in on the disinformation act by showing the swastika as a left-handed symbol in history. However, that is a lie. In all its ancient uses, you see the symbol spinning toward the right. The symbols used in Wikipedia have been inverted as well, giving the impression that the symbol has always been used this way. There are incidences in the past where some religious orders prior to the 20th century have used this inverse swastika, and they've been identified with Kali worship and the dark arts. The nazi's simply used what has worked in the past for channeling dark energy.

In point of fact, any positive symbol which is used on an inverted level by virtue of the very nature of symbols channels or shifts the energy from positve to NEGATIVE, which followers of the dark path like.

Sadly, it doesn't end here. Several years ago, american servicemen started wearing their battle flag patches on their uniform with the American flag reversed. All uses of the Stars and Stripes in the past have the flag with the field of blue on the left, with the bars heading toward the right. This is a positve flow symbol, that, as the Nazi's had done, has been inverted so that all the energy flowing through the symbol would be switched from positive to negative.

As it happens, today I found myself standing behind a gunnery sergeant in line at the store, so I point blank asked why his flag was on backwards and he told me it was because of how flags on when on a car being driven down the road, pointing backward. This is a ludicrous explanation in the extreme, but this is what the men in uniform are being told. Anyone with a thinking mind can see at once this simply makes no sense, to have all flags on uniforms, in literature and so on, switched in reverse, simply because of how it looks when a staff car might be driving down a road.

Such are the deluded and brainwashed. The unthinking.

This reveals to us that America has taken on the mantle of Germany in the 1930s - a force for negative energy in the world. And we know what the fate of Germany was. The math is simple.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blessings: a great gift

By Don Bradley, June 2009

It’s one of the greatest realities of existence, yet the least understood. It’s in every culture, religion, and action of our existence and most probably, given little thought or understanding as to the energies, forces, and connective realities in which it implies. In every way, form, expression, and action the reality of a blessing makes, creates, connects, uplifts, and empowers; and is evident of our ability to function on more than just a corporeal level. We seek it out, are grateful to be recipients thereof, and are filled with every good feeling in consideration of it. It is both a noun and a verb. It is a thing and an action. It is the miracle that reminds that we are always bound to all that is in our existence of life.

Blessings are sought out in marriages, starting new enterprises, and in moving forward in given directions. We seek out the agreement (the blessing) of others, in those cases where the protocol of our reality implies that such agreements be sought out, before moving forward. This can be seen in varying cultures all over the world, as seeking out sanction for an action state of the parties seeking agreement. If the blessing is not given, culture implies that the intent of the action should not be undertaken. One way or the other, this cultural premise is a nod to something unique to humanity and the human kingdom in specific. Right or wrong, people feel more assured of success when a blessing is given to go ahead, rather than when it is declined. This again, is an inherent nod toward the reality and understanding of the power of blessings as real and lasting energies in the world. Including all it implies.

The foundation of any blessing is to give of our mental approval, love, and good wishes in the form of a cohesive thought with an object in mind. The more we put into it—as we are capable of—the greater the value of the blessing is to all concerned. Blessings work for both the receiver and the giver, as it creates a connection on every plane of beingness, depending upon the wholeness of the person giving the blessing. Even the very foundation of a blessing is considered from the viewpoint as a thing that is given by one to another, or in fact, to any object in existence. This implies what is basically the foundational truth of a blessing: that someone is giving something to another. The measure and value of that gift depends entirely upon the quality, level of beingness, and intent of the person so giving.

This is so, because any blessing is an extension of the giver’s presence of mind, intent, emotional energy, substance of action, and clarity of thought when a blessing is given. As with anything else, the more that is put into a blessing, the greater its effect and value to the receiver of said blessing. To understand this phenomenon, let’s look at what occurs when a blessing is given.
First, we have the mental intent of the giver. As is obvious, the mindset is that of agreement, if the blessing is solicited. Otherwise, it’s simply the intent to impart the sender’s highest capacity for loving goodwill as lies within their boundary of ability. If the blessing given is as it usually is—mechanical, without much thought and feeling, and with little effort—the recipient generally is unaware of it. Of course, if the receiver is connected, aware, and strives to become connected with all their expressions of self as they grow through their daily life, even the mechanical blessing will be noted.

In short, if you live as a droid—a mechanical, routine oriented and unthinking person with little awareness of your mind, emotions, body or spiritual center—then your blessings are equal to who and what you are. However, if you are constantly doing, being, seeing, knowing, observing, and seeking out the path of divinity within yourself and the world in which you find yourself, your blessing will have greater impact and value to whomever or whatever you focus your intent upon. You can only give what you are, no more, no less.

The science behind a blessing and its impact upon people, places, and things is quite amazing. I’ve satisfied myself of this unique power we all have and its effect upon plants, people, ice, water, food, and so on. I’ve taken several photographs of water in varying states—by far the easiest element to observe and photograph—so that others too, may see and understand how our thoughts can and do impact the environment around us. Water is a great medium for these kinds of things and also, we must remember that we are 96% water and the earth’s surface is 7/10s water. These same ratios of water can be found in plants, animals, and all forms of sentient life. In fact, an article on water is forthcoming, which will help us understand this very simple compound, and it’s amazing life, beingness, and reservoir of energy far exceeding anything humanity generally gives credit.

Many of us are already familiar with the fact of photographs taken with a microscope of ice crystals making beautiful shapes after receiving a blessing. This is the power of a blessing upon this universal medium and element. Beyond that—and inclusive of that—are the countless photographs taken by myself which show the animated life expressions of water taking the shape of a variety of well-known symbols, archetypes, and expressions found in the human family and in the finer frequencies or dimensions of the physical. I’ve also demonstrated the beautiful and interesting forms in ice crystals that are plainly visible without the aid of a microscope. Readers of my blog over the years can testify to that truth.

For my own research, I double-blinded my work and used pure, distilled water. These results can be reproduced by anyone and patently reveal that each of us contains within ourselves the ability and power to change the elements by a simple act of will—in this case and for the purposes of this treatise, a blessing. I’ve done the same with tap water, bottled water, and so on. In each instance, the act of blessing the water created those visible changes which have been faithfully recorded photographically.

(An ice cube created from blessed water)
Yet this act of will can only occur when there is agreement between the water elements and the person giving over the blessing. Something amazing happens at that moment, for the act of blessing a glass of water raises it to a new and more refined level than it was previously. As has been demonstrated, water is a living substance; filled with myriad levels of consciousness. When these elements receive a blessing from “on-high” as it were, it expands them, empowers them, and “grows” them as beings on their path of existence. We are then performing a wonderful service to that element. This growth becomes visible in their outward forms as noted in their crystalline matrix structure changes and the forms they produce in ice, liquid, and vapor.
And so it is with any of the elements. For all elements are living: mineral, water, fire, air, and so on. Once we understand that we can change the elements at their foundational levels, then we can also come to see that we ourselves—components of elements in creation—are also subject to change. A whole new perspective of understanding then occurs in how we see ourselves and the world around us. Thought does indeed change matter. Then the declared statements that “all change is preceded by thought” become more than just a nice saying. They become demonstrable realties we can see for ourselves, should we but put forth a modicum of effort in doing so.

Once a person sees and truly understands this as fact, their life can then open to the possibilities of wonder. Our thinking, our intentions, can create instant change, instant beauty, and allows for amazing fundamental changes in the basic structures of life. For if a simple act of blessing water changes it into amazing and beautiful complex forms, which are potent on a homeopathic level, then what of our selves? What can be changed in our selves by simple thinking and intent? It leads to serious considerations and possibilities, if given enough thought.

The simple realties of blessings then create new avenues of perception beyond anything hitherto given consideration. For example, if I bless one plant and leave another unblessed for thirty days, what changes are visible in the two plants? As with music, and other environmental influences, the plant that is blessed daily is larger, more vibrant, and has amazing qualities of presence and beingness. And what of soil? Same thing.
Once we understand that there is more than just an intellectual appreciation behind the mere “niceness” given by most people when considering receiving a blessing, it occurs to us that this may be something we might want to incorporate into our daily reality. We see how our small contribution of blessing all that comes within our sphere of contact will increase and make for a paradigm shift in all the bodies of creation which happen upon to be impacted by this very simple, loving, and easy-to-do act of will.

My sons and I, when going out surfing, always paddle out to the ocean, sit on our surfboards and give blessings to the ocean, sky, air, the Great Father, etc. You can, with the right eyes, see a shimmering, outward ripple of energy move in concentric rings from us in all directions, sweeping up over the land and far out to sea. When we consider all the billions of life forms living in the land, sea, and water receiving that blessing, we know that each time we do that, we are changing—upgrading?—every life form that energy wave reaches. And so it is.
The psycho-spiritual connection that exists in reality becomes deeper and more fulfilled as we seek to understand the nature of blessings, each in our own way, according to our perceptual understandings and wisdom. We then see the serious responsibility we all possess in ending all curses uttered from our mouths and replacing them with the much more helpful and wonderful thing that is a blessing.

For it is more than true: if a blessing uplifts, a curse reduces.

As we take responsibility toward the life we find ourselves in we see that any issue of defamation, cursing, gossip, and other foul acts clearly do reduce the world, its connectivity and its potential for growth. There are well known studies out there where folks took two sets of plants, separated them, and cursed one group daily and gave loving kind expressions to on the other group. The first group slowly wilted, withered, and died. The second group bloomed amazingly and became vibrant.

These experiments and our own practical efforts along this line lead to the same conclusions, over and over again. That, indeed, we are responsible on every level for the upliftment or downfall of the world around us and how powerful thoughts, words, feelings, and intentions really are. For what give to the world, we give to ourselves. If all we do is spend our time cursing, bemoaning, and hating those realities, situations, and people whom we have judged, then we ourselves will begin to shrink by equal degrees within ourselves. By changing our perception of the world and by becoming more responsible toward our thinking, feeling, and perceptual states in relating to that same world, do we ourselves find new avenues of beingness within ourselves that can expand us by equal proportions.

The road to understanding the blessing is the same road that leads us to understand how the elements of existence work together, both within ourselves and in the world around us. Love truly does make the world go round, after all. For the intention behind the thought, the idea, and the feeling of love has, and always will be, positive and constructive, when these same thoughts, feelings, and intentions are genuine and sincere.

Then the great wisdom prevails as a truth more than any other. Bless your enemies, rather than curse them. If we can see to it in our efforts to live our lives using this understanding, it stands to reason that all that comes within our realm of expression can be counted on to finding and contacting uplifting currents of loving, thoughtful, kindness. Surely, that way lays real salvation, over any other.

To be practical, a blessing is a simple thing. Unneeded are ostentatious displays with verbose sounding words. None need be spoken; its act an act of will, animated by loving intentions. It’s that simple. Really. Refrain from waves of the hand, creating symbols in the air. Very simply, when I bless the water jug on a daily basis, I simply place my right hand over the water, fill myself with a warm loving vibe, and release that energized thought form into the water, through my hand. Using the right hand tends to act as a barrel, which focuses the energy when the object of our blessing is nearby. However, I have achieved the same results without using my hands. Our intention is enough.

Start simply. Bless the water that your family drinks from. Bless the food it eats. Bless your family themselves, the plants, animals, and all that lives within your home. Then expand outward to wherever your life leads. Let yourself be guided into finding more ways, things, elements, and all that is, that could receive your wonderful gift of a blessing. Once you start giving this gift to the world, you’ll begin to understand what a wonderful thing you have to give, that costs nothing.

As you start upon this amazing journey of blessing the world in which we live and in which you find yourselves, pay attention to the situation. Stay in the moment and refrain from daydreaming or acting mechanically. Be Present. Focus. Put yourself into the thing totally. You’ll pleasantly surprised by the results you’ll witness.

You’ll see changes in yourself as well. As each of us is uniquely different, these changes will be just as individual as you are one from another. However, as I’ve observed, those rare individuals who do live to bless as a daily reality have much brighter energy fields, with sharper hues of definition, especially around their hearts and heads.

Will this make you some kind of saint? Only if you are a pretentious snob, I suppose. You’ll instead see changes toward being a more gentle soul, less abrasive, certainly more kind and understanding. You’ll find that gossiping, shallow, and invective discussions to be literal cups of poison, and you’ll shun such behavior, at first within yourself. Those that try to trap you into such things become apparent for the lost and stunted souls they have allowed themselves to become. And you’ll bless them, every time. You’ll see, as the wise souls have in the past have seen, how important it is to refrain from such blasphemies of the mind and heart and will choose rather, to express sincere directness and kindness, as much as is possible for whatever your level of soul beingness may be.

And in that last category, I believe that most of the changes will be visible; invisible to the outer world, but more than visible to your own sight. For who knows us better than we our selves? It is there we will notice the gradual and yet expanding changes in our perceptions, skill sets, patience, and all the other qualities which make up for someone who has chosen to live as a focal point for bringing loving blessings to the world, rather than to add to its miseries by cursing. For such a person, the truth of things becomes more than visible. The lies stand wholly naked, easy to perceive.

Try it yourselves for seven days. Give it a go. See what shakes out.

Rely upon yourself to teach yourself all you need to know and understand regarding this amazing aspect of reality. Be a participant, rather than a spectator. Be a doer, rather than an observer. Those that do, become. Those that bitch and curse and complain, become nothing.
Bless you in your endeavors to be a fount of continuous blessings to the world.

The Real House Price numbers

The Real Numbers

"unemployment is over 20%, gross domestic product is shrinking by 8% and consumer prices are jumping by nearly 7%."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Book burning: 1930s * 2009

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced plans to phase out school textbooks in favor of digital learning aids as the state looks to plug its massive budget hole.
This is book burning. Getting rid of archival material. Once the books are gone, then they can rewrite history at the push of a button and there will be no archives to refer to , because they will be digital, too. Once California does this, the rest of the nation will follow.

It's digital book burning and Orwell's 1984 has yet another correct hit.

Gas prices...pillaging the people

Gas is going up ten cents in Southern California EVERY FOUR DAYS! At first, it seemed they were going to take all summer to rack us back up to 5 dollars a gallon - as they did last year. Now, it appears they want that price much, much sooner.

And no one says a word...

Even though demand is down to levels not seen in 12 years.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hypnotizing the masses

This may help

In the video above, we see that General Mills cereal contains actual inorganic iron filings, which is added to the manufacturing process so they can claim that it is "fortified." This kind of "fortification" of foods has mainly to do with the fact that processed foods are DEVOID of any kind of nutrition, so in order to sell people on them, they "fortify" them. The problem with this is that their methods of doing so then turn their already non-nutritional foods into poison time bombs. It was for this reason that I urge others to prepare foods from scratch whenever practicle.

Notice in the comments section of the video, a shill from either one of the big agro/food combines or lobbying agency going on and on about how this is good for you and necessary. In point of fact, this kind of fortifying is rejected by the body, causes damage to the kidney, liver, and brain.
Eating inorganic metals like iron filings is simply poisoning your body. With poisons. Metal flings can shred organs, like your alimentary canal.

Go scratch. Go organic. Stay away from anything "fortified."

And save your life and the lives of those you love now.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Remineralizing your gardens

For all of you blessed with a garden - or the ability to create a garden, should you want one - one of the best things we can do for our family and friends is to plant a vegetable garden and grow our own organic produce. In the mid 90s, I had set aside a huge space and proceeded to plant a vegetable garden that was about 40' x 50'. This garden produces so much food in such a short time, that I was handing bags of it away for free at the front door to anyone who showed up. Not only did we save a fortune in money from the produce department, but we were able to grow our food organically and it tasted great, was 2 to 4 times the size of grocery store vegetables, and just melted in your mouth. Happily, our friends and whomever happened upon our door, got free groceries at each visit, because the garden produced a ton of food constantly. I got to the point where I just kept bags outside the front door in the entranceway. "Please take one on your way out?" And they did.

Living in a condo, those days are gone now. But, if you can, do it. You will know exactly what is going into your food and you can choose non-GMO seeds that makes sure you are staying away from making frankenfood.

But also remember to mineralize your earth with the good stuff. For even with NPK, your vegetables and fruits won't have an abundance of minerals in them, which is what you want in the first place. You have to put them in the earth, before you plant.

To help you get started, check out this link

Monday, June 1, 2009

GPS every citizen's home

"There is currently underway a new pre-census program in the United States, and Obama has hired 140,000 temporary workers to complete it as quickly as possible. The program is costing 700 million dollars, and the special census workers are not counting people, but rather marking the front door of every home in America with electronic GPS (global positioning satellite) coordinates. (29) Incidentally, the GPS coordinates for the front door of Obama's White House are 38.898590 latitude, and -77.035971 longitude. When you see someone standing one foot from your front door, they are marking the entrance of your dwelling for computer and satellite control purposes.

I recently received a letter from a man who reads the Last Trumpet Newsletter and was going to accept one of these temporary jobs until he found out during orientation that it was a heinous conspiratorial plot. I will not reveal his name, but he informed me that the workers were to stand one foot from the front door of every home and enter the coordinates into a hand-held computerized device. One woman in the orientation class jokingly asked, "What if a person lives in a cave?" The instructor gave the serious answer that she was to go to the entrance of that cave and enter the information. He then said, "There will be no place to hide." The workers were also told that they were not to give any information about their project to anyone or they would be fined and/or jailed! When we realize all of this, we can also better understand why Senator Judd Gregg declined the job of Secretary of Commerce. The Department of Commerce has always been in charge of the U.S. Census. Gregg was told that the Census was being taken away from the Commerce Department and would be under the direct control of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel!"

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Smoothie recipes by Don

Smoothie recipes by Don

Strawberry Classic

1 banana, peeled
One Fuji apple
1 box of strawberries
Four oranges, peeled or juiced
5 ice cubs

Serve immediately

Green Goliath

1 handful of Kale
1 banana
1 heaping scoop of Vegan Protein Powder
1 table scoop of Flax seeds
1 Fuji apple
1 half cantaloupe, skinned
4 oranges, peeled or juiced
5 ice cubes

Serve chilled

Berry Blast

1 heaping scoop of Vegan Protein Powder
1 cup of blueberries
1 Papaya, less core
1 Fuji apple
1 table scoop of Flax seeds
4 oranges, peeled or juiced
5 ice cubes

Creamy Dream

½ cup of blueberries
1 banana
5 apricots, without seed
4 oranges, peeled or juiced
1 Fuji apple
1 heaping scoop of Vegan Protein Powder
5 ice cubes

Friday, May 29, 2009



By Don Bradley, May 2009

My, how they sell it, package it, use it like a weapon, and shower it over the heads of the masses. Fear is the ultimate Weapon of Mass Distortion. It blinds, restricts, hypnotizes, impedes forward motion, and reduces the recipient to a quivering mass of spineless jelly, ready and able to receive any post-hypnotic suggestion and behavior. Fear is used mainly in our time as a control feature, its powerful solar-plexus frequencies shutting down the higher, leaving the mind and body under the animalistic control of the limbic brain and reactive thinking. And this is just the beginning.
Like most people, I’ve had my own confrontations with fear. At 19, I stood on the edge of a water control dam—only four inches wide at the top—with a drop off of about 60 feet on one side and about 90 feet on the other, all the while with a guitar strapped on and playing. The idea occurred to me to walk out on this ledge to the center of the dam (no hand rails or footing other than the 4” surface) and continue playing the piece. Naturally, from the pit of my stomach, came the reaction and fierce rejection of the suggestion. “If you fall, you’ll surely die,” kind of thing and so on. However, gently and firmly from above that pit, came the suggestion, “you’ll be fine.” So, I stepped out onto the ledge, all the while still playing, and went to the center of the dam and sat down. To this day, I am unable to explain how I was able to sit down, continue playing, and stand back up when the piece was done and return to the other side. The friends I was with didn’t say a word, neither to encourage nor object; they simply watched what was to them, something both insane and unbelievable.

I dealt with fear through cliff-diving, surfing, death, white-water rafting, treating with prowlers late at night, taking insane risks, and dealing with the mind-numbing viscidities of fate and what it brings to our door at the most unexpected times. Each time, the fear welled up inside me. Each time, it had to take a back-seat to the higher guidance I was learning to trust in. As many of us do, to be certain. Each time, the voice of fear grew less powerful, less controlling, when I refused to submit to it. Every time someone attacked me physically in my life, I began to find that I felt zero fear, even as I lay hospitalized with dozens of contusions to my head. I simply disallowed its powerful entry as a control feature in my life. I had a fear of flying (mainly to a few near air crashes when I was younger,) and as a birthday present to myself about a dozen years ago, hired a small Cessna to take me over the ocean. Again the fear welled up inside, as before, and again, it was put down as the ancient devil I had come to know all too very well. Not a quarter goes by without some kind of public attack—with physical threats to my person and implied harm. Each time, I check to see if the frequency of fear is to be found inside myself. This ancient evil, I am happy to report, is non-existent as a threat to my internal self awareness and strength. Several years ago, I began to test if even a miter of fear was still present on any kind of subjective, subconscious level by checking my pulse in dire circumstances and when under physical attack, especially when it related to a group of thugs intent on erasing my existence, as happened twice last year. My pulse rate remained low and steady. These are just the physical fears, usually ascribed to our more animal self, our physical bodies: fight or flight, if you will. There are other fears. Emotional and mental fears, which are far more devious to detect and defeat, given the fact that so very much of our identity is wrapped up in fearful self-perceptions and programming by our experiences and educational foundations inherent in the life we have lived, each to his or her own.

I illustrate the above points for two reasons. That like many of you, I’ve faced my fears and beat them…so far. And that, in order to write the following article, there is a certain frame of reference that this author has and therefore is in some small way, capable of speaking about it with a degree of firsthand experience. This means that if someone as such as I can do it, anyone can. But before we get into the victory side of the equation, let’s look at the causations of fear and how it does what it does and why.

More than any one physical, emotional, and mental state in humanity, fear is by and large the most powerful contributor to action states, in both behavioral and sociological terms of understanding. You’ll be hard-pressed to find this information in psychological books or journals. If anyone is more locked into fear paradigms, it’s the head-shrinkers that have turned so many people of higher potential in mental wrecks. It’s why they have the highest suicide rate of any profession. Their fear and low self-esteem is of the worst kind.

So far, we’ve discussed physical fears, which each of us can relate to on some level. For all have undergone this experience. That car that zips just inches in front of you at an intersection in traffic and the amazingly fast working of fear and the adrenaline rush that comes with that. That trepidation that is felt as we cross a steep gully on a log, with a sheer drop on either side that spells certain destruction (done that.) We all know about physical fears.

The reason we feel this fear and sense it as a consciousness quite outside ourselves at souls is because it is outside our selves. As we’ve learned from the photography I’ve been making public for some years now, everything in nature is alive, on an elemental level and in the various kingdoms. We see the faces in the water, the sky, the trees, in fire, and so on. We see and have come to understand that the whole of creation is a living, breathing reality with varying forms of consciousness animating each form of life and its myriad expressions.

Once we understand this fact of life, it then occurs to us that we ourselves are in fact, miniatures of the world in which we find ourselves. Our physical, emotional, and mental bodies are as well, inhabited by the very self-same elements which make up the world in which we live. It stands to reason then that these vehicles of expression—of which the soul finds itself able to function and express itself—are conscious on the same elemental level that the elements of our world are conscious. They have a life, purpose, reason for being, job to do, and will to live—just as they do in the ocean, lakes, rivers, sky, and in the fireplace.

They literally have an existence to be. And their to be, is to provide every plant, animal, and human with a functioning body in which the spirituous or soul, can live, move, and have its being. It then becomes a symbiotic relationship in which we need our bodies and they need our soul, for both to exist on the physical plane. Think long and hard about this last series of statements, coupled with the evidence this writer has given over in the previous years. Some lights will come on. Once the soul leaves the body, it dies and begins to breakdown into varying components through the process of decay. If there is no body, then the soul cannot exist on this plane; symbiotic.

Very often, I will tell my sons, “listen to what your body is saying to you,” about this or that food or activity. Things that are destructive to the body will yield a negative reaction, whereas wholesome food and drink, and healthy activities will provide an affirming response. There is even a science in this regard known as muscle testing or Kinesiology. This is proof that the body is quite capable of communicating its likes and dislikes, as regards what it knows is best for its survival. That implies what exactly is so as fact: the body is conscious, even if we are unaware of the facts in the case consciously; the body knows when a poison is being handed to it or when something healthy is being provided. And this goes way beyond food. The body, via even the rudimentary level of kinesiology, will communicate its needs, warnings, and other realities as it applies to clothing, housing, items of use, even sound and color. Of course, there are higher forms of guidance as relates to our own spiritual and mental development, and very often, as we progress, we can discern between bodily communications and those of the much higher and divine planes of existence, especially as it relates to our own, inner planes of perception and contact, with the kingdom of heaven within ourselves.

The body is conscious, beyond chemical/electrical connections via the pathways of the nervous system and brain. How else to explain its ability to sense poisons from non-poisons, even when the items to be tested are in sealed, unmarked containers?

This is so because this elemental consciousness is a living, lower-order class of being. For the physical plane, its perceptions and functions are at once clear and decipherable, even if the host inhabitant (human soul) is wholly unaware and disconnected with this consciousness. Because animals function less as individualized souls and more instinctual, they are therefore more in tune with their body’s elemental. This explains why ants will avoid aspartame and other poisons, which human beings seem quite eager to consume, much to their detriment. The animal kingdom is more closely linked to the physical elemental than humanity is; except in advanced cases where the soul of the man, woman, or child has purposely made the connection, yet while retaining command and control.

Most of humanity is a slave to its elementals when said consciousness uses fear to express itself. Because the elemental has total control over the body, it is able to secret various enzymes from various glands, which enable it to achieve its necessary aims. Fear is its main control feature, forcing the human soul within to obey. This explains why someone who is, say, afraid of heights, will freeze and be unable to move. Even though they are advised it’s okay, know in their mind its okay, they will state aloud that they are unable. They are speaking factually, because the elemental—through fear—has taken control of the body.

Given the above, it would seem that obeying these fear frequencies are not only sensible, but a good idea, given the elemental’s connection to the corporeal reality. In our younger stages, especially when we are dependent upon parents for food, shelter, and clothing, this elemental feature is a kind of safety device which protects the child from basic dangers: the rabid dog, the black widow, strangers with mal-intent, and so on.

However, in order to grow beyond fear, we must become a master of it, so that we can then find freedom. And the first fears to be mastered are the physical fears. It is there that we set the tone of our future victories in the emotional and mental realities, of which the true slaveries on this planet threaten our very existence by the master controllers who have used fear for thousands of years to keep this planet in bondage.

To attain this mastery we simply must listen to any inspiring suggestions which encourage us to face our fears. We can discern this by the overwhelming sense of calm, peace, balance, and helpful nod that things will be okay. This is our divine connection within ourselves which is inspiring us to step up to the plate and become more than what we were before. This kind of loving encouragement is telling us that we are ready and able to make a new grade of being, to be more in mastery of our bodies than we previously thought possible.

Happily, this kind of divine guidance will often work as the elemental does, in warning us dangers, but without the adrenaline rush and mind-crushing communication that comes with fear. We still get the protection we used to get from the elemental, but we retain our balance, composure, clarity of thought, and most importantly, because we are mastering our fears, we get something extra: the ability to see the situation as it really is.

As many already know, the moment we choose to make these first steps in overcoming our fears, we find that we then have new-found levels of courage, conviction, and an increasing aspiration to overcome life’s obstacles on more than just what comes at us as physical events. We grow a spine, a backbone, and are eager to do and be more. We get inklings that we’ve only just begun, too. That there are other fears to be known and defeated; emotional fears and fears of the mind, by far the hardest to detect, and yet the easiest to defeat, once discerned.

We also begin to feel as though we are finally living. And that the old “us”—all full of fear and indecision—was a life lived in a kind of prison. A prison without walls, except in our own minds. We see how many times fear kept us from speaking, doing, and being. How many times we could have been, but our fears kept us back.

These are the moments in which the fears of feeling and of mind begin to make themselves visible. We finally begin to see that the real us—the aware and loving soul within the bodies—has been kept back, slowed, delayed, and hindered every step of the way by fears implanted in us by the culture, education, and rulers of our time. As we look back in history, we see that every slavery was sold to us, using mental, emotional, and physical fears as the means to deploy said slaveries upon the planet. We see its deployment in banking, wars, race relations, family relations, and in every aspect of our life, bar none.

Then the lights really start to come on, bit by bit. Then we start asking the big questions: Who is selling this fear and why?

At that moment, we start beginning to see the world as it really is. Fear is sold constantly as a means in which one party seeks to influence and control the behavior of another party. I have these scams laid on me all the time, with zero effect. They are visible to me, though it disappoints and even surprises that they are still used as weapons against me. If it didn’t work the first 200 times, what makes them think it will work now? Still, they try. If anything can be said of the dark side, they are a persistent lot.

Once we see the reality of fear paradigms within ourselves as control features, then we can see them in the world. But to have true victory, we must make real effort to understand how our minds work. We must understand how worry, fear, trepidation, and other aspects are all just varying magnitudes of fear. We can do this by observing how we function as souls using a mind, just as we observe and understand our bodies. We need to see that we are above these vehicles, yet they are extensions of our soul in expression. Once we clearly see that this is so, we can then proceed to work on seeing how fear keeps us mentally, emotionally, and physically in a kind of perpetual bondage that must end.

As long as we are subject and controlled by any and all kinds of fear, we are slaves. Regardless of how much power, money, and prestige we may believe we have, as souls, we are barely much better than animals. This may seem a slight towards those still in bondage, but rest assured that it merely means that animals as we know, are domesticated and trained to be whatever their trainers want them to be, whether it’s a puppy dog, cat, tiger, or horse. And that exactly describes the world today, as in times past.

We see it all around us, in television, articles, and movies and so on.

Last week, I was at the beach surfing and it being a weekday, there were only a few people there, and I knew them as fellow surfers. We surf together when we happen to be at the same break. Lo and behold, as I was standing on the road over-looking the beach, a channel 3 film-crew pulls up and wants to interview me and Sue, who was there with her husband, Randy. Boy oh boy, talk about selling the fear. It seems there was a double homicide on the beach at a house a bit up the way two nights before and she wanted us to say on camera how afraid we were about being around with a murderer loose! Really!

Her fist question was “Aren’t you afraid of being out here with a killer on the loose?”
She was clearly disappointed. She asked Sue the same question.
The newscaster was again disappointed, and showed it. She wanted a fear reaction, but Sue and I wouldn’t give her one. We both could see that she wanted to sell fear and refused to be party to selling that evil on the six-o’clock news. I made sure she could see I was saddened to see that she had chosen a profession where her goal of the day was to sell fear to the masses. I am sure our interviews never made it on the air. Other film crews showed up, but we avoided them by hitting the waves. They all wanted the same thing: to shove fear down the public’s throat. This is what their producers told them to go out and get.

Now, who are these people that tell newscasters to seek out citizens and get them to blather on about how all afraid they are? They have names. They have motives. They have lots of money. They have a kind of power. And it’s a power based on the energy of fear as a control weapon. It is power based upon manipulating the minds, feelings, and insecurities of those still in bondage. These very same people have used fear like a weapon successfully for so long, that many people are walking-talking billboards of insecurities and fears.


I remember the cold war and how fear was sold in schools, radio, television, magazines, and newspapers and by parents about how those evil Russians were trying to take over the world and kill us all. Then came part two of the fear sell, the what to do about it. And it always involved surrendering our money and freedoms to protect us from those evil communists. In the 21st century, it’s the War On Terror, a faceless, nameless perpetual war where huge budgets of money are allocated to do what? Save us from terrorists? Hardly.

And where do these monies go? They go into more surveillance of the people, that’s where. Cameras everywhere, new Federal Gestapo creations that focus solely on the average citizen; into training the local police into treating the communities they function in as sub-humans, to be verbally abused and tasered constantly. And it’s allowed because humanity has bought into the fear paradigms being foisted upon us.

Sell the fear, control the people. It’s how it is done. You can see it in every country. You can pick up any daily newspaper or listen to any TV news program and there the shills are, all ramping up the fear to keep us all quaking in our boots.

That is, if you buy into that nonsense.

Sadly, a great portion of the population does buy into because it is reinforced by their parents, peers, educators, and pastors. I’ve listened to many sermons given from the pulpit about this or that evil and it was all about the fear. Many times have I glanced at a front page of a newspaper in some city, only to see the latest fear being blasted in three inch letters. Remember after 9/11, how they even had coded fear alerts and how each darkened shade of amber color was supposed to keep us frightened about some terror attack that was coming at any moment, we’re sure of it! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

As long as humanity buys into these fear programs, believes them, and allows them to influence its behavior and critical thinking skills, will this planet remain in the bondage it has been in for so very long. It is our duty to step outside these fear paradigms, see them for what they are, and help those around us find their way out of slavery. We owe it to our children, our neighbors, and the world at large to understand the nature of fear, how it works, and why it is being used against us by the controllers.

Dealing with our mental fears by and large have to do with the issues of
Ignorance, and
Lack of Critical-Thinking as applied to the life experience

Until we start to use our mind to gain an education about the realities of life, how it works, and how we function as souls in bodies, will we always be slaves to the will of those who do understand these things. Therefore, getting an education is first and foremost in obtaining mental freedoms. This education cannot be found in high schools or colleges. These network controlled realities are designed to create unthinking-memory-bots who simply repeat what they’ve read in a text book. I know, I went to college. In only one class in all those years did the instructor try to get us to think critically about information and the how’s and why’s it was being presented to us. Bless his soul for that.

Learning and understanding erases ignorance, which then allows us to make informed choices. Once we see, know, and begin to understand how things work in the world—and this is done by paying attention and observing the world around us—can we then see and understand who and what we are. Why we do the things we do. What our motivations for doing them, and so on.
With critical thinking and education, we then begin to know things. And in this knowing, we can then erase uncertainty and eliminate doubt from our minds. Only then can we see how the world is presented to us and why it is presented in the way it is. Only then can we take those first steps toward real freedom: freedom of the mind, soul, and body. Only then can our inner divinity—so long held in bondage under slave conditions—find expression in the world. Our world. The world that matters to us.

For this is a great truth. My world is not your world and your world is vastly different from a fisherman in the South Pacific. We each live in our own world, yet we share the planet and it resources as a family. We can share our worlds with others via the mediums found in the world today; the very same mediums that enslave us can also set us free.

The moment we start thinking outside the programmable box, we start to see how our minds function from ego, vanity, and self-interest and these very same vices are used by the controllers. For example, how we perceive ourselves is linked to our self-image and self-esteem. Look at the covers of women’s magazines and you can see how they use fear of failure keyed to a woman’s self-esteem and self-image to sell the magazine. You can see it on every single cover on every single woman’s magazine in existence. Over and over again, fear keyed to self-image. Fear keyed to self-esteem. So, you have to buy the issue, because you are afraid. The woman doesn’t realize she’s buying or reading the magazine because of fear, because most people hardly ever take the time to observe their thinking and feeling states. They simply waddle through life, programmed from birth, by all the previous mentioned devices.

Once this is seen for what it truly is, can we then see how fear is used to sell practically everything in the world by the corporate media through magazines, televisions, and movies.
It explains why fads take over and clothing styles change. If you don’t wear the latest (and usually most ridiculous clothing articles) you’ll be outside your peer group; an outcast, different, and unaccepted and unapproved. There again, we have fears keyed to self-image and self-esteem. You’ll be the weirdo, the nerd, the emo, the-whatever-current-slur-of-the-decade. All this happens because of fear.

Once we see this, we can then see that our self-image is based upon how we want others to see us, rather than the reality of the situation. As long as our self-esteem needs approval from others to maintain its sense of serenity and feelings of well-being, will we be eternally little better than slaves to popular opinion. How many parents have heard their daughters go into total fits because they didn’t have the latest purse, or shoes, or pants, or haircut that was all the rage. Did any of these parents sit down with their children and explain to them the slavery paradigms being employed by ad agencies serving the dark side? Of course not. Because they themselves are slaves, too. The latest neat car, the latest correct this or that, fitting in with community. You can see it at parks all the time. The men dress and wear the latest carbon-copy junk straight out of whatever is being pushed on them. Currently, it’s these terribly ugly plaid clothes. But, there they are, all wearing the same ball caps, the same shorts, the same shoes, and all looking and dressing like the obedient droids they have been their whole lives. It’s fear that keeps them in slavery. Always has, always will. And it’s a fear of the mind alone; therefore it’s a mental fear.

We have to make those inroads towards self-understanding so that we can truly see how much of our character and self-image is controlled from the outside, by fear paradigms sold to us and reinforced by whatever our peer group happens to be. Fortunately, most people reading this article are well beyond the herd mentality and are taking those steps toward freedom from all fears.

Once we make these initial steps, we then find all the other fears that have been controlling our thinking and feeling states. It takes self-observation. The what’s and why’s of our daily life. Then we begin to see the masks we create for the benefit of others. We all know this occurs because we have, in the past, seen behavior changes in others when certain people come into the room. They change. They present themselves differently; they present a different persona for that person to relate to—a mask, if you will—that shields and acts as an acted out barrier between the real person and the world in which they relate. And why? For fear of rejection. It’s why people create, use, and assume masks to be deployed in the world. To gain acceptance and approval by others—especially as it relates to their perceived peer group. Because they are afraid of being themselves wherever they are and wherever they go, for fear that the real them will be rejected. This means they are basing their self-esteem and self-image upon what others think. Then, they ruggedly proclaim their individuality, once they’ve created a peer-group-approval-identification-mindset. This then becomes a kind of badge which all others must accept as “being who they are.” In short, once this fear is assuaged by whatever peer group identification takes place, then the new “I am accepted, therefore I must be loved” persona becomes their mask which they then present to the world. And these masks have names like: yuppie, Goth, Emo, Surfer, Businessman/woman, Soccer Mom, Cop, Fireman, and so on down line. As the age of the person changes, so then do their peer-group-evaluation-masks. Goth girl becomes college chick becomes expecting mother becomes soccer mom.

Between the ages of 21 and 52, a person’s profession becomes part and parcel of their peer group identification. How very often do we hear in the world when two people meet, the first words being, “so…what do you do for a living?” Then comes the fateful words of masking. “I AM a fill-in-the-blank.” This key phrase reveals a mask identification. Rather than answer with the correct and free reality of “well, I dig ditches in Dunkirk as a means of employment,” the enslaved always use their profession or current occupation as an identity of how they see themselves or how they project onto to others how they want to be seen!

This can especially be seen in the dating world. Very few people remain who they are at all times, damn what other people think. The people who function that way stand firm in their self-esteem and could care less what others think of them. Think what you want, I live in my world, you live in yours.

I actually know surfers who refuse to wear thermal booties in frigid waters—50 degrees or less; your feet turn purple in under 10 minutes without them, all feeling is gone—because they are afraid of being perceived as a “kook,” as someone uncool. For them, surfing is about image, rather than interacting with a living and breathing ocean. They have to have the coolest board, the hottest wetsuit, and make sure they look at all times like the media-whores who pose in surfer magazines. They’d rather freeze; have their feet cut up on sharp barnacles and rocks, because it’s so very important to them that others see them in the “correct and cool” light. If you say so, dude…

Every mental slavery we have comes down to issues of security, self-image, self-esteem, and doubt. The only way to know this is by taking those steps toward seeing who we are and what we do and mainly, the why behind our actions. Until those steps are taken, we are little better than programmable droids. It’s a sad state of affairs, really, for this day and age. We have all this advancement in all these fields, and then we look at the internal human condition and it’s a seething sea of fears, insecurities, doubts, and negative self-images; a literal cauldron of boiling soup, easily misled and played upon by the controllers.

The media-whores who allow them selves to be used by the Dark Side to keep us in slavery very often know what they are doing. Pay close attention to the people on these TV shows; you can see, with the right eyes, exactly what is behind the scripted verbiage being deployed as weapons against our collective psyche. I’ve met and have interacted with them on countless occasions in my life, and believe when I tell you, they know exactly what they are doing.

Security is by and large, a big seller for fear because in our deepest nature, we all want security for our home and family and the people we love. Anything that threatens that is something to be feared. The reality of the situation is, no one is safe. Ever. At any time, fate can bring to our door whatever it’s going to bring: hurricanes, tornadoes, home intruders, earthquakes, bombs from planes, illness, you name it—it’s possible. Most of the time, we simply have little forewarning of what is coming. Yet, we allow our minds to run rampant with fear about this or that perceived threat, which usually never comes at all. It’s the unseen threat that usually deals us the blow. Once we can see this, we can then observe our behaviors and closely watch them for any kind of action built upon fear. Again, as before, we can take those small steps toward becoming free of fear and seeing life as it really is and was meant to be: lived one day at time. Yesterday is gone, who knows what tomorrow may bring. Sure, take steps to have some extra food and water on hand; that’s just good planning, and it assures all in your domicile of living beyond any immediate emergency of the moment. That’s just common sense. Like so many preventative actions; like having band-aids on hand in case of a cut. This shows responsibility. The fears of security run deeper than being a good provider or parent. They have to do with implied fears given over by others of threats that may or may not exist in reality. Careful and prudent thinking will expose the validity or lie of any situation by any honest thinker. And even if the threat has some basis in reality, is there really anything YOU can do about it? If so, then act responsibly. Either way, remain calm and centered and keep fear from controlling your thinking.

One of the interesting aspects regarding fears is their destructive influence upon the reality that even if a threat is valid, being flattened by fear won’t in any way help the situation or the person deal with the event. Sure, if someone throws a rock at you and you see it out of the corner of your eye and you react, as any creature would, this is simply doing and dealing with a REAL threat you can see coming. The main problem with fears of the mind and their ruination of our life path has to do with self-esteem and self-worth perceptions of how we see ourselves.
It is in these domains of self-understanding that humanity has yet to make any real inroads. In the main, most of our self-esteem and self-images have been pressed upon us by those in whom we have placed trust in the past, starting with our parents and home life, whatever it may have been. From there, peers we esteem and their statements regarding us—how we look, act, and especially, their perceptions regarding our feeling states, mental states, goals, and plans—influence us in the extreme, often for life. These wounding impressions create self-destructive mental images that lead to aberrant behavior patterns and cycles that very often ruin what would have been, very useful and constructive lives. This is especially so when the soul in question is targeted by the dark side to ruin any potential they might have in this life by concerted efforts by that group to stunt their growth in every department.

What follows from these dark foundations are the tragedies of failed relationships, lack of focus and direction, and self-destructive behaviors that we see all around us. Because no one is taught to be their own leader, teacher, and advisor and to rely on their best and highest self-esteem as a divine soul as a birthright of existence, that so many listen to and believe the varying slanders, lies, attacks, and malicious efforts by others, who very often themselves are just as screwed up as anyone else as regards their own self-image.

And on it goes, parent to child, parent to child, parent to child, until someone in the chain breaks the cycle and decides to be themselves. They realize that listening to the negative slanders of others is destroying them. They learn that even if a miter of the criticism is accurate, it in no wise means they are a fecundated soul. It merely means that there is always room for improvement and herein lies the key to it all.

Once we decide that our self-image and self-esteem are built upon how we decide we see ourselves, only then can we discern the flaws in our character and make those changes necessary without the critique of others affecting us. Once we start forward in this self-realization, we easily see when someone is being helpful, or just attacking our character so they themselves can feel better about themselves by hurting and slandering another. This then shows to us the nature of disconnected souls in existence. Those people who exist in misery will only feel happy when others are miserable, too. They project their unhappiness, their pain, their low self-esteem upon any soul around them who has their mind, body, and spirit on the path of true freedom and self-awareness. For those traveling upon this path, this disconnected humanity is like a seething ocean of colliding pain and confusion, never looking up from the ground to see the beautiful sky that is always present within their hearts.

All the motivations for hatred, anger, contempt, and malice become visible for what they truly are: disconnected souls, lost in darkness, hating the light that radiates from souls who are on the road of freedom from all fears. You see it in schoolyards, when a handsome child is attacked by others who feel they are less attractive. You see it in all ages, professions, and cultures: Judgment, hatred, projection, low self-esteem, and a negative self-image. From these corruptions, the frequency of fear has control at every turn of the person, group, family, community, and world.

And these fears are used by the controllers to keep the world down, under the boot, and to make sure that any soul that is born is kept from blooming whenever possible. I’ve seen this over and over and over—the concerted efforts by others to push their will upon another they hate. They use word-play, character assassination, doubt, guilt—any device and every device at hand to keep the soul bewildered, low, and feeling hopeless; about themselves, their life, and who they could be.

To this day, people I have never met still try to enforce their will upon me, usually with trickery and deception. It amazes to no end. For this is what hatred does. It makes monsters out of people.

It is our divine right to follow our impulses to a spiritual life that leads to freedom as much as it is the right—by virtue of freewill—for those following the dark side to choose theirs. On the one hand, we leave them free to be whatever they want to be. Yet, on the other, they are constantly seeking out new ways to create hate-laws, attack souls through concerted efforts, and to manipulate anyone who is breaking free from the prison of fear, lies, and illusions that is keeping this planet in a state of perpetual slavery. They want to paint it black, black as night; the sun, blotted out from the sky—just like the song says. And woe to anyone who figures out how this mess works, because they will find themselves under continuous assault by those darksiders who will use every angle to get into their mind and hearts, so as to destroy their self-image and road to freedom.

The person seeking freedom from fear must remain vigilant for any and all attacks, for they come not single spies, but in battalions. But know this…

There are realities beyond this visual physical domain that stand untouched by the machinations of those who ply dark wares on unwary souls. These domains have the spiritual energy, inhabitants, and helpers who are always there, eager to aid those who are making straight the winding road of lies. From the first moment anyone takes their life in hand and seeks to understand themselves, their relationship with the divine—and the hows and whys of the mechanics of existence—they are at once aided.

This aid is equal only and slightly ahead of where you are as a growing, learning, loving, and knowing soul. Be more, do more, learn more, love more, and this spiritual domain will increase more in your perceptual world and existence. As you free yourself from fear, doubt, guilt, and lies you will find that, yay, there are new aspects of mind, body, and spirit beyond any of your wildest imaginations. The spiritual scriptures of the past become, for you, real. Because you are living your version of them, in the eternal now. Instead of reading of past heroes and saints, you find that little by little, their stories are becoming your facts.

You get constant affirmations and newfound encouragements that help you find the energy, courage, and determination to keep going forward, regardless of the tremendous buildup of attacks on every aspect of your daily life: income, family, friends, you name it. This then becomes your new standard of self-esteem and self-image against which all other values are measured by. For you are finding and solving the ancient riddles of existence: the meaning life, relationships, love, work, value, family, goals and you see that they have nothing to do with seeking satisfaction of your desires, lusts, ambitions, ego, and vanities but every thing to do with those things that are and always have been, eternal: trust, honesty, courage, love, character, compassion, tolerance, gratitude, and sincerity.

As you grow farther away from the slaveries of the mind, emotions, and body, you find that these qualities then become part and parcel of your self and who you are. You also find that you are tested on these qualities under the oddest of circumstances. Sometimes you fail, most of the time you succeed; each time you grow stronger in each virtue than before to the point where, come one fine day, you look at the old you of five, ten, or twenty years ago and it seems as though that person were someone else: lost, confused, and manipulated at every turn of your life.

Of course, many people are even beyond the realities as given forth in this small treatise. They are the great unknown, for the dark side makes sure their names are never known, nor can the public see or know of their existence. For when you do reach a point of divinity that moves you beyond the physical limitations, very often, as in times past, your life is taken from you lest your example be emulated by others searching for freedom.

This is why the world is filled with so many false prophets and pretenders to the great truths. They all have one thing in common among them, they are slaves to their ego and seek only to serve the vanities and desires of the masses, hence their massive followings, book sales, and exposure by the media machine.

For as you free yourself from fear and from the false images projected upon you by others, you find that the last battle in the war is your own ego. It is here that you will finally rise or fall, depending. If you are seeking true freedom from fear, you’ll find that the great architect of all your life’s miseries was truly your subjection to the satanic quality of self vanity: the ego.
Humility then becomes your watchword. You know clearly by the degrees of reality you’ve discerned and made your own, that ego is the ultimate illusion. It is the rock that breaks you or upon which you step on and rise above. You find that it becomes your duty to seek out your ego and remove its power over you in exactly the same fashion that fears were overcome; little by little, until none remained.

You also see that the dark side will know that you are struggling with each step upon the spiritual path as given over by the likes of Christ, and lesser prophets in the past, and they will try to assail your new perceptions and attainments in precisely the same and in equal measure that you are at. However, you’ll see these manipulations for the feeble attempts that they are; and once seen, as with anything, their power over you comes to an end for good and all. As they say, being aware of the problem is half the battle. And so it is.

Life becomes an endless onion, one layer of reality at a time, peeling away to the wonderment and amazement of you, the person becoming free from all fear and on every level. For you, the words love, truth, honesty, trust, and sincerity start to become very precious commodities. You see how valuable truth is, in a world full of deception and lies. You see how dogma, superstition, ignorance, and fear are keeping the world in a continual state of slavery and your heart is both filled with abounding compassion and love, and yet is torn by the blind slaveries of all you see around you.

Yet, you remember that even where you might be in your perceptions, that you are still but scratching the surface of truth, reality, love, and all the other endless facets of life that exists in the here and now, and beyond.

Keeping your eyes firmly on the goal of freedom, keeping your hands open for others, and moving forward, always forward, until you are done. This then becomes your motivation for being, your purpose for living. Freedom for ALL.

God Bless you always in your quest for freedom.

Detoxing vaccinated and poisoned children

Protect Us From Compulsory Vaccination, Drugging

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Gas demand has dropped 28% since january, but gas prices have gone up nearly 60% in the same period. We are back to the same pattern as last year, where gas is going up about 10 cents a week again. So much for the "law" of supply and demand determining prices.



By Don Bradley, May 2009

Having been a student of dietetics since I was about 17, it’s been an interesting ride to see how much the public’s perception has changed over the years. Until the 1990s, about as high-frequency as you could get was being vegetarian; as far as mainstream health was concerned. Even mention of that word, prior to that time, usually led to weird questions and vague inferences as to being some kind of nutcase. The usual rap from just about anyone was how necessary eating dead animals was to our survival and all the rest of that claptrap. This still goes on today, for one of my sons was told by his school teacher recently that if people were to go vegetarian they would weaken and die, and the economy would collapse because of all the dairy and animal farms. See how the programming works and at a young age? My son just openly laughed in class, being better informed upon the issue.
In the 1980s, there were very few healthful stores about, and those were usually small little out of the way places, with sawdust on the floor and with most of the health-food packages covered with a layer of dust. Usually, they were run by older women and ex-hippies, with long grey hair. Nothing was corporatized in those days. When a label said organic, it usually meant it was grown nearby and you could believe it, too.
Now, the whole health food thing is a big corporate industry. Most organic labels and small producers of healthy products have been bought out by the likes of Colgate, General Mills, Monsanto, and all the usual killers who have been GMOing our food and giving us chemicals instead of nutrition since the 1950s. Very often, while visiting a health food store, it’s a veritable sea of differing labels and stuff. And very, very expensive. A one pound bag of flax ten years ago was two bucks. Now, it’s forty dollars and still rising. To eat well, to avoid the chemical-agro industry requires a budgetary expenditure usually four to six times what is required in a usual chain grocery store, where all the foods are processed and all the vegetables are irradiated and have been genetically modified.
Even so, with a small budget, there are still ways to do the best we can and generally give our bodies the things it needs to stay healthy. Of course, if you have the money and can afford the very best, than you can probably do much better than the average person. You’ll have all the necessary organic supplements, you’ll have non-GMO food, and you can assure you and yours a healthy lifestyle that will provide for the very best of what your body needs.
I base the following on careful observation of what I’ve observed over the years, especially as it relates to diet. It seems that for most, diet is all about losing weight. Hmm…well that’s incorrect. Diet is about what we put into our bodies and when we should put it in there. Losing weight is about reversing a trend toward obesity because the person made and has continued to make, extremely poor life choices as regards to their diet.
If you are overweight and generally obese, these words will mean very little to you. You serve your stomach, gluttony, and are a slave to sweeteners, chemically modified foods, and have been hypnotized by network advertising to such an extreme, that you take little responsibility for reversing any trend toward a healthy diet until something severe happens in your life path, like diabetes, etc., And any fleeting thought of making a real change in your diet is instantly forgotten when a milkshake appears on the horizon. So be it. You have the freewill to be that, if you want. Go ahead, have another candy bar.
However, many people want freedom. In every sense of the word. That usually means that at one point in our life path, we must take stock of our diet and see if changes are necessary so that we can have a better functioning body that will do what we need it to do, so we can move to more important things. If you are such a person, than possibly you already know much of what you are reading and are about to read.
It’s been said many times, and by moi, that we must really take the time to listen to our bodies. When we are under emotional and mental stress (usually based on fear issues and thought forms,) it shows up in the body. If we have poor diet choices, it shows up in the body. If we are functioning against the higher potentials of this life wave, it shows up in the body. Everything devolves down to a physical issue, if ignored or suppressed.
Our first step and the easiest one, is to change our food choices and to do it slowly. I say this because radical changes will often lead to boomerang results, which will often—especially if you are weak in regards to being the master of your body—lead to you failing in your quest for a better diet and doing even more damage than was done previously. This is especially true if you are responsible for a group of people, such as your family, who have been for years, accustomed to having the old poisonous foods and regularly. Introduce changes firmly, but s l o w l y. If you want a total rebellion and reaction in your home, make sweeping changes overnight and you’ll have a full-scale revolt on your hands and a house full of pissed-off people. Modern processed foods are made to be addictive on purpose with additives that clearly create addictive personalities out of people. FACT. Many have made their changes early on, and their family is already on a healthy course. Well done. This article is like preaching to the choir for you.
By far, the hardest part of changing the diet in a home is when your spouse or significant other is totally enslaved by the chemical/agro food chain and has informed you that he/she likes things just the way they are…or else! This is still solvable, but you have to solve the problem correctly by making little changes here and there, and slowly—and this works best while eating dinner as a family—by educating the assemblage as to the food they are enjoying is thus and so, and for thus and so reasons. And golly, it tastes great! Then you have agreement. Children are most receptible to change, especially if they have been raised in a loving and encouraging home, devoid of television, fear, and anger.
What follows is what has worked for me. I paid close attention to my sons and gently made those changes, little by little, which would allow their bodies and especially their minds, to understand why these changes were occurring and so that there would be little addiction reaction by their various systems. Tell a kid no more soda and his body has a total fit. This is so, because colas are filled with many different kinds of addictive substances which causes withdrawal symptoms, the least of which is caffeine.
1. Get your family on water and make that your first and number one priority. That means you have to make a plan and stick with it at all hazards. Obviously, distilled water is the best, because most bottled water comes straight from municipal water supplies and is often so loaded with fluoride and other heavy metals that giving them that stuff is nearly as harmful as letting them drink a half dozen sugar drinks a day. And by the way, all those colas have fluoride in them. That’s a fact. The beverage makers use muni-water just like Arrowhead and Sparkletts water companies. And in the state of California, all bottled water sold in stores (except for distilled) has fluoride in it, as required by law. If it’s bottled in California, it has fluoride. Water is the number one cleanser of the body of any and all pollutions. It rinses, washes, energizes, hydrates, and animates everything that your body needs. Consider it the primary building block of any good diet. It all starts with water and goes uphill from there. Making diet changes and leaving water out of the equation is like building a house on sand. One day, the whole mess will come crashing down, taking you with it. You know the drill, about six to eight glasses a day. Start throwing out the sodas and please, stop buying energy drinks, by and large the worst liquids a person can drink. Do some online reading about them and it reads like nutritional horror stories. Energy drinks are poison. As are soft drinks, especially if in daily use. Bless your water before drinking and bless your food, every time you prepare a meal.
The boys and I were at a surfing competition among high schools a few months ago at Surfer’s Point in Ventura, just to see what all the blather was about, and a major beverage company had these little pretty blonds and brunettes in skimpy bikinis walking around offering free cans of RED BULL. Eventually, they got around to us and as she lifted the can, all I could see was this black energy field around the can. “No thanks.”
2. Next, start slowly having vegetarian or vegan only days. Here and there, but at least twice a week. Increase this every few weeks until you are at least at a place where you are serving vege-meals five days week. Sure, you can still have your meat days, but get to a place where they are requested. Usually and within a very short time, the bodies of your household will be responding to the new healthy paradigms and the old cravings will have gone by then. Mostly, after that point, it will be psychological cravings of gluttony that fuels the obesity fires so rampant in the western world, especially in America. Twenty years ago, at the beach, about one out of ten people was obese. Nowadays, it’s more like nine out of ten. At the beach, there are no lies, especially as regards to nutrition. You see it all there: the spotty skin, the sagging arms, the huge guts, everything.
3. While you are doing step number one, slowly stop buying sugar treats. Boxes of cookies and all that, flat-out have to go, except as the occasional treat. As well, make it so that within 45 days, your house is cola free and stick to it. You’ll notice that the sleep patterns in your home will become normalized and that as you reduce processed sugary foods, the glassy-eyes of your family will also vanish. Moods will become better. In point of fact, you’ll see a great many changes, all for the better. The thing is, avoid being fanatical about it. Your family wants some ice cream? Go ahead. Having it once in awhile is fine. Like with any sugar treat. But having every day and several times a day and you’ll be fat and diabetic, with terrible health very quickly. If your hubby or wife has to have a hamburger, be happy to make them one; hey, it’s all about freewill, you know. But if you do things right, explaining things correctly as you go without being dictatorial or strident like some martinet, than you’ll have agreement and cooperation with your suggested changes. Be smart about it, and do it with love, rather than with the whip.
4. Throw out all pill-based vitamins and minerals. Your body simply was never designed to process inorganic minerals. There it is. At best—AT BEST—your body will only process about 4% of them, the rest either clogging the lining of your colon, or toxifying your system. The body then becomes so polluted with these harmful inorganics, that they end up in your sweat, breath, and skin. You can really smell this foul toxic discharge any place on the body where moisture from glands collects: under the arms, between the legs, like that. Ever notice how senior citizens—all on various pill-based vitamins and minerals—smell like vitamins? This is so, because their bodies, at their advanced age, can no longer process out all those toxic metals and minerals and their sweat glands and lunges and skin are petrifying with the overload and it becomes their body odor. If you can smell vitamins on a person—like with alcoholics—it means their body has reached a total saturation point of toxicity and is now bleeding out the harmful substances through the lungs and skin. Notice how you can’t find this information on the internet? Notice how not one health food magazine or guru talks about this? Why? You can see it and smell it on people, when they breathe; the room fills with the odor. Once the body reaches toxification of anything, it ends up in our breath and sweat.
The solution is to make the change over to colloidal vitamins and minerals. This is so, because our bodies were designed to get vitamins and minerals from our food supply, mainly from fruits and vegetables. Plants take minerals from the earth through the uptake system of their roots. This then puts the mineral in suspension of colloid, which our body was designed to absorb and receive. Chelated vitamins are also good, and it’s best to have both and mix them up. Colloidal in the morning; chelated in the evening. Then, your body has and gets everything it needs to stay healthy, for all the systems that make up our personal biosphere. The reason we no longer get it in our food supply is because the big agro farms and even many organic producers only add NPK as minerals for plants to grow in. Sure, it makes the plants look great, but they are nutritionally devoid of the necessary minerals our bodies need to stay healthy and strong. Our family has been on Colloidal vitamins and minerals since 1995 and we rarely, if ever, get sick. Check it out.
5. Start making fruit shakes or smoothies on a daily basis. This is where you can go raw and vegan, and where you can provide the best nutrition your body needs. One of these babies, if made correctly, can supply your body with all manner of goodness. There are dozens of smoothie recipes out there, but while you are doing so, have fun with it. Some days are GREEN, which means leafy green smoothies with varying organic additions which will override the sometimes bitter taste of going green. Make other days strawberry days, or blueberry days; like that. Add flax, vegan protein powder, and whatever you feel guided to give your family. It will be different things on different days. Just listen. You’ll know. If done right, smoothies will become an often looked-for treat that everyone will want to have. After a few months of this new addition to the family diet, sodas and other nasty things will be looked upon with abhorrence; as well they should be. This is where you get the best vitamins and the best fuel for your body. It means the body gets what it was designed to get: Raw Food. Pay attention as you drink these things and you’ll get total affirmation responses from your body on every level. This lets you know it is happy that you’ve finally found the right gasoline for its various engines of being. Well done.
6. Stop using processed mixes and packaged dinner preps and move toward making everything in your kitchen from scratch. The big lie is that it takes more time. WRONG. It takes about the same time to make something from scratch as it does to pull it out of a box and all the stuff with it. The reason for going with scratch ingredients is so that the food you eat is additive free on every level. The additives put into food are designed to be addictive and destructive at the same time. FACT. Most food additives kill cells and create colon problems that can take up to seven years to fix, depending. This is a deal-breaker, friends. You will taste the difference right off. Why make Uncle Ben’s pre-made nasty rice, when you can pull out of bag of organic rice and boil some water? Do a kinesiology test of the two preparations and you’ll see which is better.
7. Cooking oils. Throw them out. All of them. All processed cooking oils do one thing and one thing at their very best or worst, as it really is. They slowly erode the myelin sheath around your nervous system. Want Parkinson’s and short-term memory loss at an early age? Do you like have increasingly poor motor skills? Like blurred vision do you? The reason ALL OF THESE so-called vegetable and canola oils are so bad is because they are made of short-chain fatty acids, which are poisons to the nervous system and the colon. The solution is olive oil. For use on the stove, get extra-light—which adds no extra taste to the meal—and for all other items such as baked breads or anywhere in your recipe that requires cooking oil, use olive oil instead. And get the good kind. Hand and cold-pressed olive oils, when frozen, create clear beautiful forms. Chemically processed olive oils look like an oil smudge when frozen and are cloudy; that’s how you test them. Olive oil comes from trees and is a long-chain fatty acid, which is the kind the body wants and needs. The switch over to olive oils also means you will no longer have liver problems and stones, btw, an added benefit, wouldn’t you agree? Olive oil has dozens of benefits beyond what has been mentioned. Check it out.
8. Throw your microwave oven into the trash. NOW. Irradiating your food is the absolute worst thing you can do to yourself. In short, you kill the spiritual life out of it, making it dead. DOA. No longer alive. Get a table top oven and start using it, if needs be. Learn to cook, if you have yet to make the transition to totally raw. It takes time to get to that place, especially if you have a family on your hands. Learn to use the oven under your stovetop. And save your family’s life in the process. BTW, if you are in a restaurant and get a baked potato, inquire if the potato is cooked in a microwave. Most restaurants use them for those kinds of preparations because they cook the potato fast. FYI.
9. It will come to pass that dairy is one of the last thresholds which ultimately must be crossed. At the very least, and if you can afford it, get dairy that is organic and free of hormones. You’ll know when this transition is necessary. In our family, we’ve pretty much switched away from all dairy. In the main. Distilled water works just as good in recipes as milk does, and very often, much better. The thing is to listen. When your body is ready and you’ve made many of the changes listed above, you’ll soon find that dairy is lowering your etheric frequency, especially during certain lunar cycles. Menstruating women are more attune to lunar cycles than men and will notice this need for change usually sooner than men. You’ll know. Trust in that knowing. Pray for guidance and direction in all dietary changes, and listen well.
10. As your body gets clear of its lifetime of toxins, start instituting annual and semi-annual colon cleanses and other detoxification protocols. Get your liver and kidneys back into shape. It will do little good to do it if your diet is still full of processed sugars and poisons, but once you get clear of these toxins, you’ll see and feel the need to do a full body flush. Get a good colon cleanse and get the past behind you once and for all and be free. The past is gone; time to let it go and release all those years of ignorance and self-destruction.
11. Obviously, throw out iodized salt and fluoridated toothpaste. Get plain table salt or sea salt. The good sea salt is not white (which means it was processed, which at the end of the day, is simply table salt again), but is slightly off-color, which means it has all 92 minerals that are present in ocean water. The problem with sea-salts is that again, the body prefers mineral in colloidal suspension, over any other form. Really, plain table salt is fine. Cook with that and be wary of the sea-salt propaganda going around. I’ve looked into it and it’s mostly nonsense. It’s your call, of course. But if your recipe calls for salt, then plain table salt (sodium chloride) is all you need to add and your body will do fine with it. Your body reacts to inorganic iodized salt as it would any toxin. In fact, do a taste test. Plain salt tastes like plain salt. Iodized salt actually will numb the tongue. As for fluoridation, avoid it at all costs. Some people will even tell you that its better to use just plain baking soda for toothpaste, but kids may rebel at the horrific taste of that stuff. At the very least, get fluoride-free toothpaste and go from there.
12. Check all your bathroom supplies for any ingredients which have aluminum in them and trash them at once and while you are at it, throw out all your aluminum and Teflon cookware. Get stainless steel and stop poisoning your body. Look…bird owners will tell you that using Teflon cookware will kill your pet birds. If it’s doing that to those sensitive little angels, imagine what it’s doing to you. Check it out; it’s a real nightmare.
13. While you are at it, start switching over to chemical free skin and body lotions. Your body wasn’t meant to have a 40 item list of unpronounceable chemicals slathered all over it on a daily basis. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs everything and in the body it goes. I made the switch over to chemical free skin lotions last year (have to, spend a lot of time in the sun and water) and my skin immediately responded by becoming tight again and all sagging disappeared—everywhere, within one month. It’s amazing how much chemicals are sold to women for “youthful skin” and they are actually toxifying it! The best one I’ve found (so far) is Desert Essence. No chemicals at all and organic to boot. Yay! The last two items may not seem like nutrition items at all but think about it: you are putting these things in your body. That means your body is absorbing it, like food, and has to process what it absorbs, right? It’s impossible to make food changes, but keep poisoning our bodies with chemicals which still harm it and think we are going forward. Anything that goes in or on the body has to be looked at.
14. If you drink or do drugs daily, well…’nuff said.
15. If you can, and have the space and live in a house, plant a garden. Get seeds and start planting as your particular seasons warrant. You can actually buy minerals online that you can mix into the earth so you can have the best vegetables ever. Every single day, go out and bless your plants, and give them a bit of love. All that loving affection will make those vegetables the best and brightest they can be. Lucky you, if you can have a vegetable garden.
16. When you go shopping, say a prayer: guide me to what me and my family need most this week. Please. Then be attentive, stay in the moment, stop day-dreaming and focus. See what shakes out.
Well, this is a good start, and obviously more can be said about the varying things regarding nutrition, but already this article is getting long and I’ve learned to keep things short and to the point. However, remember this and always: keep things in balance. The highest frequency foods are fruit. Next comes tree branch foods, like olives, grapes, etc. From there its bush type foods, then foods just above the ground; then ground based foods, legumes next, and finally tubes, like potatoes. The body needs them all to be in balance. Each food group, according to what I’ve observed has different spiritual actions to different parts of the body. I’m not referring to that load of horse-dung called the four food groups put out by the FDA which is an ongoing load of nonsense, but by the spiritual caliber and energetic action each food type I’ve listed above in this paragraph by brightness. Fruits carry the largest amount of sun energy and brightness, decreasing as the vegetable gets nearer to the ground. Meat and some dairy are literally dead material very often energized with fear because of the circumstances in which the animal was slaughtered, but that’s another article for another day. Your body needs all types of vegetables, not just fruit. Fruit energetically affects the region of between the knees and the navel, whereas peas and ground based vegetables work nearer to the throat and head. You can see the effects of meals on any body, any where, within a few minutes after consuming. Same with liquids, pills, or whatever goes on or in the body. It’s visible. Fifty pages could be written about this easily, with detail, and by food article.
Trust your own perceptions, do your own thinking and research. Double check everything. Learn, know, be, observe, like that. What was written in this article was how I got my nutrition world on track and I did it by listening mainly to what my body was saying to me. Some years, it was complete vegetarian. Some, not. Some are blends. Some are vegan. Pay attention and your body and your prayers will provide you with all the guidance you need to get healthy and provide a healthy home for your loved ones. Once you get the basic and honest nutrition education, it’s easy.
Be wary of the big agro companies and their propaganda organs. If it’s an advertisement on TV, that should be enough to send you in the opposite direction for the truth of things. It’s a good rule to follow. Corporations, the big pharmaceutical companies, and the like, want a sick and a weak population that is easily programmed, hypnotized, and obedient. And the food these monsters make available to the masses is mainly, poisonous to the body.
You can do it. It’s in your hands, and while we still have the freewill and choice to make the change. One day, only the elite will have access to organic and healthy foods. The rest of us will be given whatever version of soylent green they intend for us to consume.
God bless you and yours, and I wish you the very best on your journey to good health.